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Realistic or Modern Falling. Fading Away

Max gave him a small smile "You uh...they found you passed out in your apartment. Most likely alcohol poisoning." She said softly giving his hand a squeeze

Noah made its way up to bed a few hours later and groaned as he collapsed into bed. He pulled her in close as he started to drift off.
She woke up early and watched him for a little before heading downstairs to make herself some breakfast, rubbing at her face a little. She was torn. On the one hand she wanted to keep trying and see this through, hoping it was just the stress of the album that was making him pull away but at the same time she wasn’t sure how much longer she could deal with it all.

He frowned and watched her, gripping at her hand some until Ryan came back in with a nurse and he watched her step away so they could check him over, his eyes never leaving her though
Noah woke up that morning feeling a little under the weather. His chest was aching a bit but hopefully it wasn't anything too serious and just a minor thing. He came down to see Carmen giving a small smile "Hey beautiful, 5 p.m. right?"

Max stepped away as the nurses came to check him over biting her lip hard. She stood with Ryan and gave a heavy sigh "I'm so worried about him." She whispered to him not taking her eyes off of Ricky.
She nodded and yawned a little “You want eggs and bacon?” She asked, stretching out a little and watching him grab his computer.

Ryan nodded slowly, watching Ricky trying to follow their instructions before falling asleep again. “I know they’re worried about his liver.” He mumbled.
Noah grabbed his computer and sat at the island giving a nod "Yeah that sounds good." He murmured before he started to work on a few riffs he had been thinking about and humming the melody of a song they were currently writing.

Max nodded and sighed heavily "I feel like I should have said something sooner. Maybe then we could have gotten him the help he needs." She said softly
She frowned a little but nodded. “Right…. You sleep okay? You were mumbling a lot in your dreams.” She told him frowning.

Rhan shook his head. “I don’t think that would have been any good. Cause you can’t help people that don’t want the help and he’s only just got to a point where he wants it.” He muttered
Noah nodded some and rubbed at his chest "Yeah, had some lyrics stuck in my head all night." He said while still staring at his computer

Max sighed heavily and gave a small nod "I just hope he makes it. Look if you need to go, I'll be here with him."
Ryan shook his head. “I’m not going anywhere but if you want a little time with him I can go get a drink.” He smiled at her, leaving her to it once they were allowed back in.

She frowned, watching him as she eventually set his plate in front of him. “What’s wrong?” She asked, grabbing some juice and taking a seat to eat breakfast and go over her schedule for getting g ready in her hesd
Max gave a small nod and thanked him before she went in to visit with him. She gave Ricky a small smile as she got inside the room and sat by his side "Hey handsome, they tell you anything?"

Noah gave a nod and smiled a bit as he looked at her "Yeah chest hurts a little, I'll be fine though. I think its just from the weather."
He nodded slowly and frowned. “Think I might have fucked my liver. I’m shocked.” He chuckled a little weakly. “But they said it should heal… they’re gonna ship me off to rehab. Won’t see you for a while.” He mumbled, resting his head back and watching hee.

She frowned but nodded. “Alright. Take it easy though.” She told him, getting up once she had eaten to go have a bath.
Max frowned a bit but nodded softly "Well as long as you get better, thats what matters. I'll be here for you when you get back. I mean...if you'd like that, I understand if you don't but if you did, I'd be here." She said softly starting to ramble a bit.

Noah gave a small nod and ate quietly while still working. By the end of the day he was up getting ready for the party sighing softly "Babe do I look okay?" He asked as turned to face her.
She nodded and smiled a little. “I’d be jealous of me.” She told him, pecking his cheek. “Taxi should be here in a couple minutes.” She told him, reaching up to wipe the lipstick off his face.

He smiled at her and nodded. “I’d like that a lot.” He assured her, giving her hand a squeeze, starting to drift off to sleep again
Noah chuckled softly and pulled her into him "And you look stunning as ever." He murmured before kissing her gently "I'm a lucky guy for sure."

Max smiled softly before turning to the door and seeing Ryan come back with drinks "They're sending him to Rehab. His liver is badly damaged but they're saying there is still hope for some recovery." She explained quietly
She nodded and smiled a little, stepping outside when she heard the taxi pull up, locking the front door and heading to the party, fiddling with her hands the whole way. Hee and Noah had come from very different backgrounds growing up and she always worried about how they would treat him.

He shook his head. “We are. Me and Chris are…. On that note let me give you my number for him cause Chris is… he’s got a lot on his plate. I need you to stop calling him.” He told her gently
Noah grabbed her hand and took it in his "Its gonna be alright." He said quietly trying to calm her down. His nerves were shot too at this point. It was always a 50/50 chance that her family would say some kind of crude remark towards him.

Max nodded and gave a small frown "Give him my apologies, I haven't meant to cause more stress on him." She explained before watching Ricky
She frowned but nodded and sighed a little. “I know I just…. It’s fine.” She mumbled, staying quiet the rest of the ride and just trying to relax, paying the taxi once they arrived and headed inside with him, immediately heading her dads partner laughing and internally groaning.

Ryan nodded. “You’re all good. Just going forw- Rick? Shit.” He muttered, going to press the call button when Ricky started seizing, stepping out with max again so the staff could help him.
Noah cringed a bit hearing her father's partner when they got inside "God her voice is awful." He muttered quietly to her while he followed her to find her dad.

Max frowned deeply and quickly left with Ryan when he started to seize letting the nurses help him. She took a deep breath to keep herself calm "Does he have any family we should call?"
She nodded in agreement, grabbing a couple glasses of champagne and handing one to Noah. “We only have to be here a little while.” She promised, mingling with people until she spotted her dad and excused herself from a conversation to go say hi.

One of his friends who had been talking with Carmen and Noah shook his head as she left. “You must be the influence Jack told me about. Getting all that awful tattoos all over. I just don’t understand you kids ruining your body like that. Especially when they don’t look good. At least Carmens are half decent artwork.” He told him.

Ryan shook his head. “None that he keeps in touch with.” He muttered, worrying about him and eventually sitting down to wait when it seemed to be taking forever until someone came out and let them know he was stable but visiting hours were over and they could comeback tomorrow.
Her father gave a small smile seeing her come over "Thank you for coming love." He murmured giving her a side hug "You look lovely. How have you been?" He asked trying to make small talk with her.

Noah frowned deeply and took a deep breath before sipping his drink "Well I didn't have the budget she did unfortunately." He muttered before excusing himself and leaving to find a quiet spot that he could stay alone in.

Max sighed heavily and thanked the nurses before leaving with Ryan "I'll be up here tomorrow before my shift." She told him before leaving to go home.
She smiled a little “Not bad, busy. Working on some new songs. Noah’s been busy with the new record as well. It’s coming along.” She told him. “Very different from fhe last two from the pieces I’ve heard.” She told him as her father was a big shot producer. It’s where the money had come from on top of her mother coming from old money and she had had a very privileged upbringing. She spoke with him for only a few more minutes before someone called him over and he excused himself so she went to find Noah, frowning at him sulking in a corner.

Ryan nodded and headed out to his car, sending Chris a message to let him know an updates, heading home to bed.

Ricky was awake and staring at the tv the following day, sore all over and feeling a little worse for wear still, smiling wide when he saw max come in though. “Hey. I can’t believe you’re even awake this early in the day.” He teased hee a little.
Noah waved some when he saw her come back over to him "Can we go?" He asked giving her big puppy dog eyes and pout to match. "They're already judging me.." he murmured giving a heavy sigh. He always felt out of place when it came to her family. He grew up the complete opposite of her, a normal middle class life, and while he knew she didn't care, her family sometimes made it hard for him to feel confident that she would be okay to be with a man of his status.

Max came in the next morning and smiled happily seeing Ricky awake "Hey handsome, oh for you I'll get up." She said sweetly before sitting by his side "Plus I got lots of coffee to help." She said showing him her travel mug. She leant over and placed a small kiss to his cheek happy to see that he seemed a bit more together now "How are you feeling?"
She frowned and shook her head. “Not yet. Just gotta wait for the cake then we can head out.” She promised, slipping her arm around his waist. “What happened?” She didn’t particularly want to think about the way her father hadn’t seen her in months and after only a couple minutes had left her to go speak to a friend instead.

He shrugged a little and shook his head. “Not great but better than yesterday. Less dead.” He smiled some. “They got me here til tonight then they’re shipping me off.” He told her quietly. “Ryan’s gone to mine to pack my stuff.” He sighed a little not wanting to leave her but he wanted to be better before asking her what he had been wanting to ask for a while now.
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Noah frowned deeply and pulled her in close to him "Your dad's friend made comments on how I was a bad influence and that my tattoos basically look like trash unlike yours." He muttered as he nuzzled her neck gently and taking a deep breath.

Max nodded and gave a small nod "Well you go and get better, and like I said yesterday, I'll be here waiting." She murmured while giving his hand a small squeeze.
Carmen frowned and watched him a little. “I can tell him to get fucked.” She mumbled. She knew he was in a precarious position at these gatherings seeing as most of the people had power in the record companies and she didn’t want Noah to get blacklisted. “You are a bad influence though. Always have been.” She teased.

He nodded a little and leaned back, smiling at her “You gotta work tonight?” He asked. “You know… I would never ask you to change your job. Not unless you wanted to.” He murmured.
Noah gasped as he pulled away from her a big smile on his face "What me? Never, I'm an angel." He teased before he finished off his drink.

Max smiled at him and gave a small nod "I took the night off but I start back tomorrow." She said softly before sipping her coffee "I thank you for that, because I actually do like my job. But I'm going to tell Mark I'm not going to do private rooms any longer, just not my thing anymore."

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