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Realistic or Modern Falling. Fading Away

Noah leant on the counter and held the frozen peas to his groin "I thought it would be funny to prank you...didn't think you'd knee me so hard! I thought you saw the symbols on the mask and recognise it was mine." He said taking deep breaths to get through the pain.

Max smiled happily and nodded some "I can't wait." She said while she followed him backstage "So how can I get into crowd area? I want to see you front and center tonight."
She frowned and shook her head, turning to make sure dinner wasn’t burnt and turned the stove off to let it cool down. “You’re gonna be the death of me you know that right?” She sighed, “do that again when I have a knife in my hand and see how that works out for you. You got lucky.” She muttered, helping him up when he looked less green, putting the peas back in the freezer and handed him a bowl of food. “You want a beer?” She asked, getting herself a soda and went to sit down with him.

Ricky chuckled and shook his head. “I’ll get you sorted in a bit alright? You’re gonna need to hide your pass though, don’t want fans clocking it and tryna steal it.” He told her, taking her into the dressing room where Chris was with his girlfriend.
Noah chuckled softly and kissed her gently before he went to sit down. "Beer please." He said happily as he watched her come out and sighed happily "I have missed your cookin good lookin." He said sending her a wink and laughed lightly.

Max smiled happily and nodded "I'll guard it with my life." She said before going into the dressing room. She smiled and waved at Chris and his girlfriend seeing they were starting to set up for his makeup "So when do you get your makeup done?"
She handed him his drink and sat down opposite him. “Mmm you don’t need to suck up… I’d say we’re even.” She smiled. “I got some interviews tomorrow by the way. I’ve got Tara fielding press left and right that I only do music because it’s easy because of my father. I wanna get out there and clear the rumours up.” She muttered, taking his spare hand and fiddling with his fingers. “Why was Nick telling me about his best man speech yesterday by the way?” She giggled. “He knows we aren’t engaged doesn’t he?”

He smiled and shook his head. “I’m glad you think that we all have the privilege of getting ours done for us. Chris gets it caide he’s got lexi here.” He pointed out, going to get her a drink and glanced around. “Come on… let’s uh… I got somewhere I wanna show you.” He told her, taking her hand and heading out of there with her, walking round half the venue until they got to a small room with a lock on it, taking her inside and locking the door behind him. “They use this to store stage pieces sometimes… but we’ve waited way too long and we both know we’ll be too tired by the time we get home after the show.” He told her, pulling her in closer and kissing her deeply.
Noah nodded as he ate while listening to her. He chuckled some and shrugged at her questiom about Nick "Dude has been saying that since we met. Thinks we're going to eventually one day." He said giving her a small smile and squeezing her hand "But please don't think I'm trying to rush into that right this second."

Max laughed lightly and kissed him back just as deeply knowing he was completely right. By the time they were done she was panting softly and pulling her pants up quickly "Where is the restroom? Need to make sure my makeup isn't too smeared." She said laughing lightly before pecking his lips "Its a good thing your neck is covered through the show...I think I left a few marks."
She smiled and shook her head. “God his speech is gonna be longer than the ceremony at this rate.” She smiked. “You think you wanna do it on the beach? Or like a woods? We aren’t getting married in a church… I think we should have it small though. Like 50 people maximum. I don’t know if I actually want my parents there even…. Nick will obviously be best man…. Why are you looking at me like that?” She smiked, blushing a little “I’ve had 13 years to think about this yknow.”

He chuckled and shook his head. “You’re all good. Worth the wait though.” He murmured, kissing her once more and double checking they were both sorted before heading back to the dressing room to start getting ready finally, turning to ask her a question at one point only to find her chatting to Ryan halfway across the room -and he shook his head, getting a little pouty when she didn’t come back over to him for almost 20 minutes.
Noah looked at her a bit shocked and confused. He had never known she had actually been thinking about this with him for years now. He chuckled and smiled at her giving a small shrug "Whatever you want babe, I'm good with. All I ask is that I get to choose the cake flavor." He said giving her a cheeky grin.

Max saw how pouty he was and smiled going over to him "Oh don't pout, I'm here for you." She murmured as she sat in his lap and kissed him gently "Can I do some of your makeup? Put a little somethin?" She asked giving him puppy dog eyes.
She smiled and shook her head. “Uh uh, that’s a joint choice that one.” She told him, finishing up dinner and took his bowl to put in the dishwasher once he was done too, moving to sit in his lap, resting her head against his shoulder and just held onto him, enjoying that he was finally home. “I’m gonna go to bed in a minute. I’ve just been extra tired lately.” She mumbled, kissing his cheek. “But tomorrow. That ass is mine.” She told him smiling.

He chuckled a little and nodded. “I don’t see why not.” He murmured, kissing her nose then sat back a little and let her do whatever, relaxing underneath her touch, just wanting to get this show over and done with so they could go home and he could get some better sleep with her once more.
Noah chuckled and held her to him giving a small nod "Mmmm well this ass is definitely yours." He said before kissing her gently. "I'm gonna go take a shower and unpack."

Max smiled some as she took his makeup and started in on his face. She relaxed as she felt his hands go up and down her body in a comforting way. She'd missed this, missed his touch and just the calmness he brought her. Once she was done she leant down and pecked his lips gently "All done!"
Carmen shook her head. “Five more minutes.” She mumbled tiredly. “Then you can go do whatever.” She smiled, reaching up and cupping his cheek, making him wait just a few more minutes then finally got up and headed to his room to go to bed.

He smiled, watching her a little longer before finally getting up to go get ready, having their manager help max out with getting out to the pit
Noah sat with her for as long as she wanted before she got up to go to bed. He followed her up and popped his head into the room "Hey, goodnight, I love you." He said softly before going to the restroom to take a shower

Max smiled widely as she stood right infront of Ricky's mic stand. The show went on without a hitch and she was having a blast. The crowd was super into it and she thought it was adorable seeing all the squealing girls fawning for the guys. She was thankful that their fans didn't seem to be too crazy towards the guy's girlfriends. Though, Ricky still wanted them to be private about it all and she was completely fine with it. By the end of the show they were playing Enternally Yours and Chris was handing flowers to the crowd as per usual, she didn't expect Ricky to grab one though and get off stage once his guitar was off to hand her one directly.
She mumbled an i love you back incoherently before drifting off to sleep, waking up in the morning to Noah’s phone ringing over and over, groaning a little when she tried to wake him up but he wasn’t in bed and there was just a note that he’d gone to the gym so she picked up the phone, “hey Matt, Noah’s at the gym. You want me to get him to call you back?” She mumbled, rubbing at her face some and slowly pulling herself out of bed.

Ricky grabbed one out of Chris’s hands, grinning as he jumped down and reached over the barrier, handing it directly to max, winking at her and jokingly making the motion of ‘call me’ to her before heading backstage again
Noah groaned as he got home his muscles sore from his gym time. He gave a small smile seeing Carmen making coffee "Good morning babe, you sleep good?" He asked happily

Max blushed bright red as she took the rose from him. Once the crowd had died down she made her way backstage and wrapped her arms around Ricky's neck kissing him gently "You did amazing up there." She said happily
She nodded and frowned a little, a little stressed over the interviews she was going to be doing. “Yeah… like a log, hey Matt called you while you were gone. Wants you to call him back. Didn’t sound like good news.” She told him. “I gotta get going but I’ll catch up with you later okay?” She smiled, pecking his cheek and heading out to make sure she was on time.

He smiled, pulling her in close. “Mmm I had to look good for my girl. Let’s go home beautiful. My place or yours I don’t care. I just wanna sleep in a proper bed tonight.” He smiled wide.
Noah grabbed her hand before she left and pulled her in for a kiss "You'll do great, don't stress too much about those interviews." He said softly and smiled at her before letting her go while he went to call Matt. "Hey Carmen said you called, whats up?"

Max smiled happily at him "Your place, more spacious, plus my neighbors are shit." She murmured before pulling away and taking his hand in hers going to the bus so he could grab his things.
He frowned and sighed a little. “I got some news about the motionless tour…. I know we just got back yesterday but there’s been a last minute date added at the beginning. We leave in a week rather than two weeks.” He told him. “Sorry man.”

He grabbed his already packed bags and headed to her car, chucking them in the back and left to go back to his place. “We got two whole weeks of peace and quiet before the next one. You ready to join us?” He asked smiling.
Max smiled happily and nodded some "Yeah I already got the time off from work and everything." She said while starting up her car and driving them to his place.

Noah frowned a bit and sighed heavily "Really? Fuck that sucks. Alright, and this is what a six month tour?" He muttered
Matt frowned and sighed. “Yeah I mean… we got a break in the middle somewhere but it’s a long one.” He sighed some. “I gotta go, couldn’t get ahold of Jolly need to tell him but I’ll talk to you later.” He told him and hung up.

Carmen had one left, sending Noah a message around three in the afternoon asking if he wanted to come to hers or her go to his place for dinner but soon put her phone down when the zoom call came through.

He smiled and watched her happily. “You sure you’re gonna be alright with mostly a bunch of guys for that long?” He asked for the hundredth time just wanting to make sure she was gonna be comfortable. As they pulled up to his apartment he got out with her and handed her his key so he could carry his bags up the stairs and walked behind her, tired but content.
Noah sighed heavily and just went on with his day trying to figure out how to tell Carmen. When he got her text he smiled some and told her to just come back to his place and he would have dinner ready for them. By the time she came back he had dinner ordered and a pillow fort made in the living room so they could have a movie or anime night.

Max went to unlock the door and nodded some "I know, but I'll be alright. It'll be nice to get away from all those girls." She said as they got inside "Come on, lets get to bed." She murmured taking his hand and going towards his bedroom.
He smiled and shook his head. “I’m gonna shower real quick. Five minutes. Promise.” He murmured, kissing her gently and headed into his bathroom to just get cleaned up and went to lay down with her right away, pulling her in close. “Mmm I love you.” He told her quietly, closing his eyes to try and get sleep.

Carmen arrived as soon as she could, walking in and almost slamming the door behind her, throwing her bag to the floor and furiously trying to kick her shoes off, the whole time sobbing until she saw Noah’s face poking around the corner.
Max smiled happily as she cuddled into him once he was in bed "I love you too." She said softly before falling asleep with him.

Noah poked his head around the corner when he heard her come in and frowned once he saw her face. He rushed over and cupped her cheeks making her look at him "Hey. Hey whats wrong? What happened? Are you okay?"
She just shook her head, finally getting her shoes off and went straight to the kitchen, pulling out a bottle of wine from the fridge and finding the largest glass she could, hee hands shaking while she poured and let Noah take over so she wouldn’t spill it everywhere, taking large gulps of it before finally sitting down and looked over at him. “I’m so sick and tired of it. Every goddamn interview is the same. This last guy takes the fucking cake though.” She whimpered, slowly calming down, feeling his thumbs on her cheeks wiping the tears off. “He was so rude and talked like I was a child playing dress up. He said those words. Asked if I was done yet playing pretend as a musician and what my next venture would be.” She told him, pouring another glass of wine, reaching under her shirt to in lip hee bra and take it off as well just tired now.

He lay awake most of the night, just watching her and trying to sleep when he could. He’d been struggling more this tour than he had felt comfortable telling her about. Not when he was hundreds of miles away and all it would do was make her worry but even now he was finding it hard to fight off the cravings. By the morning he’d managed no more than three hours of sleep and glanced down when he felt hee starting to stir, smiling a little while he traced patterns on her arm gently. “Morning sleepyhead.” He murmured. “You know that you talk in your sleep? A lot.” He smiled, leaning down and kissing her forehead.
Noah frowned deeply as he listened to her tell him about the interview. He knew it was hard for her with everyone knowing who her father was, to get out of that light is tough, but it still didn't give them to right to treat her that way by any means. "Who was it? What was his name and who did he work for?" He asked her seriously.

Max woke up the next morning and smiled widely as she saw Ricky "Is that so? You watching me sleep now?" She asked as she cupped his cheeks "You didn't sleep did you? Whats wrong?" She asked softly seeing the terrible bags under his eyes. It looked as though he was wearing his stage makeup still with how bad they were.
She frowned, shaking her head “I don’t want people to think I’m a spoilt brat…. I just… I’m very aware of the privilege I have experienced as a kid and now as an adult but my career is mine and mine alone. He didn’t help me with that. For gods sakes if I had asked for his help I’d be headlining lollapalooza already.” She muttered, lifting her feet into his lap and sighed when he asked again. “Some guy called Josh. Works for NME.” She mumbled. “He kept pushing the question about who the album was written about too. I have two songs I wrote about us…. The rest is all past relationships and he was insinuating that you were abusive. I told him it was almost the opposite but I don’t think he was listening.” She muttered, “what’s for dinner?” She asked him quietly, getting up to go grab a hoodie off his coat rack and put it on for comfort.

He shook his head and frowned. “I’m fine. Just can’t get my head quiet enough to sleep. It’s always like this after tour though.” He mumbled, rubbing at his face, “we got sent a text last night by the way. There’s been an extra date added. We don’t have two weeks at home now we got one.” He sighed a little, still keeping her close to him, pulling her to straddle his hips and rubbed her shoulders gently.
Noah frowned and made a mental note of the guys name and publication before looking at his phone "Well delivery says its on its way with our favorite pizza and cheesey bread combo. And I put out your lactose pills too so it shouldn't hurt your stomach too much." He murmured as he started to massage her feet when she sat down again "Oh and you pick either a movie or anime to watch too."

Max smiled down at him and ran her hands up his chest "Mmm I don't believe you fully but okay." She murmured before giving a small frown "Oh well that sucks, but atleast we won't have to leave one another." She said before leaning down and kissing him gently "You know I was thinking, you mentioned before how you really liked videography. Why not get a camera and start vlogging like backstage on tour?"

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