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Realistic or Modern Falling. Fading Away

She nodded and sighed a little, watching him tiredly. “What did Matt want?” She asked him, pouring another glass of wine and frowning once she was half full and noticed the bottle was now empty

He chuckled and shook his head. “You don’t believe me huh? Alright detective.” He teased a little, nodding some. “It might not be a bad idea but at the same time there’s not a huge amount of free time when we’re doing shows. It’s something g to think about at least…. You wanna go get breakfast?”
Noah sighed some when she mentioned Matt and followed her to the kitchen "They added a new date to the tour, so I only get a week home now instead of two.'" He said noticing the bottle was gone "There is another one if you want." He murmured

Max smiled softly at him and nodded "I know but maybe like on the bus or when you're in the dressing rooms." She said before getting up "Yeah breakfast sounds good, you mind if I shower?"
She shook her head and smiled, a heck of a lot more relaxed now. “Don’t tempt me. Cause we will end up with a repeat of New Year’s Eve.” She smiled, reminding him of the night they’d tried to go out to meet up with friends but her pre drinking had gotten a little out of hand and before they could even leave the house she had been throwing up for the rest of the night. She sighed a little when he mentioned the tour though and shook her head. “Well then maybe I just come stay with you for the whole week… we use this as a trial of if we want to move back in again.” She suggested.

He smiled and nodded. “You don’t need my permission to shower beautiful.” He chuckled. “I’m gonna do a little unpacking while you do that though.” He murmured, kissing her cheek and got up to go grab one of his suitcases from the hallway, waiting patiently for her to be ready to go
Noah gave her a small smile and nodded "I think we could make that work, and if you aren't ready thats okay. But you're more than welcome to make a drawer for yourself if you decide you want to take some time." He said before getting up to go grab the pizza once he heard the knock at the door.

Max laughed lightly and smiled at him before going to get a shower. She came out a little later with her hair up and makeup gone, feeling very refreshed. She went over to him as he made his coffee and snaked her arms around his waist pressing her face to his back "Mmm couldn't wait for breakfast needed coffee now?"
She smiled and shook her head. “I’ve already done that. I found a drawer you weren’t using.” She told him, going to get him a drink and a couple glasses, taking them to the lounge and getting comfy, settling on some Naruto while she waited for him to bring the food through, frowning when she heard him almost arguing with the pizza guy for a minute before he finally shut the door. “What was all that about?” She asked

He shook his head, resting a hand on her arm and smiled. “No. Needed something to keep me going with a fucked up sleep schedule.” He mumbled, yawning a little and moved her to be at his side instead, kissing her head. “I love you.” He murmured happily. “Oh so Vinnys probably gonna text you and ask if he can join us at the movies tomorrow. You gotta tell him no. I just want a few days with just you and no one else.” He told her.
Noah came back with the pizza and shook his head some "Why can't people just take No for an answer? Guy recognised me and asked for a photo but I declined. He got all pissy about it." He muttered before sitting down with her.

Max smiled and pecked his cheek "I love you too." She murmured before laughing a bit and nodding "Okay, I'll make sure to tell him no." She said before going to put her shoes on.
She frowned and sighed a little, “I’ve had enough of people. I say we go missing on purpose for a while.” She sighed, enjoying the rest of the evening with him in the quiet, ending up falling asleep against him later.

He smiled and shook his head, finishing up his coffee and went to get shoes to go get breakfast with her, taking his keys and sighing a little.
The first two months of tour had been something else for Max. She knew it was going to be different, but Ricky's struggles had really been worse than she had known. He'd been trying to hide it from her but she knew he had relapsed again. She was doing her best to be there for him, but now he was angrier, and a little less pleasant to be around.

Noah was happy on tour, he talked with Carmen just about daily and the shows had been great too. Everyone was getting along thankfully as well but he did miss Carmen dearly and something right then was telling him to call her. He pulled up facetime on his phone and smiled when she answered "Hey beautiful, how are you today?"
He groaned a little as he moved out of front of the bud, going to sit on the couch, rubbing at his face a little and feeling nauseous. It was gone midday and he wasn’t sure where max was right now or what she was doing but all he could focus on was feeling sick, looking up when he felt hee hand on his shoulder. “Hey, what have you been up to?” He smiled a little, trying as hard as he could to not be snappy with her. None of this was her fault.

She was laid up in bed, feeling rough as hell and frowned some, “hold on.” She mumbled, propping up the phone so he could see her still but she didn’t have to hold it. “Hey… I feel like someone is using my body as a punching bag.” She mumbled, closing her eyes. “What time is it for you?” She mumbled.
Max found Ricky sitting on the bus and frowned softly "Hey, just chatting with Justin and Ryan in catering. Brought you a sandwich." She said softly handing him the plate frowning as he looked at it in a bit of disgust "Babe you gotta eat something, it'll make you feel better."

Noah frowned softly at how pale she looked "Its a little past three. We're about to do sound check soon." He explained "You look really pale...you sure you don't need to go to the doctor or something?"
He sighed heavily and rubbed at his face. “I know I know but I just… I can’t.” He muttered, “sorry.” He mumbled, getting up and walking towards his bunk to grab his computer, bringing it back with him to try and do some work. “Any bands you wanna catch today?” He asked her quietly. “I’ll go with you if you want.” Just trying to distract from his current problems.

She nodded slowly and frowned. “I think my period should be due soon. Probably being a little bitch aga- … Babe I gotta go, I’ll call you back in a bit alright?” She mumbled, hanging up and quickly going to the bathroom but soon called Jolly’s girlfriend Sara for help, starting to panic. “Hey Sara… do not. I repeat do not tell anybody but I think I might have been pregnant…. And I don’t think I am anymore.” She told her shakily not wanting to say the word out loud because it would make it seem real.
Max sighed heavily and sat down beside him giving a small nod "I'd love to catch Bad Omens again, they put on such a good show." She said giving him a small smile but it soon faded when he just nodded and grumbled a response "So how has the vlogging been?" She asked softly. She'd bought him a nice camera before they left hoping he would try out the vlogging thing.

Sara frowned deeply as she listened to her friend "Oh Carmen....oh sweetheart okay, give me just a few minutes and we'll go the to hospital. You need to be looked at to make sure everything is okay." She said softly "Listen, put on a few pads and some of Noah's shorts, I'll be there as soon as possible."
She just nodded and frowned, throwing her current stuff in the trash and changed, texting Noah to let him know she was alright but they needed to talk later, waiting til Sara arrived and went with her to get checked out, letting the whole process wash over her until she was just waiting to be allowed to leave and she finally called Noah back, sniffling a little and thanking Sara when she brought her a bottle of water. “Hey…. Hey I uh…. God I don’t wanna be doing this over the phone…. Noah I lost a baby.” She whimpered, finally admitting it to herself out loud and started to cry. “I didn’t even know. I don’t… I’m sorry.” She whimpered.

He shrugged a little, pulling her in close and kissed her head. “When I can I do… I’ll get better with it.” He mumbled frowning “You know I love you don’t you? I don’t…. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I don’t want you to think that it’s you.” He told her gently.
Max gave a small nod and sighed softly "I love you and I know you're struggling. I know you aren't doing this on purpose, I just want you to be okay." She said softly before kissing him gently "You don't have to bottle this up, you can talk to me."

Noah felt the world stop around him and he stood stuck in place in the backstage area "Shit uh....hey listen its okay, don't be sorry about anything." He said softly before gulping some "Are you okay? Do I need to come home? Did you go to the doctor's?"
Carmen frowned and shook her head "I got... got Sara with me right now... They've given me some meds... I just... I didn't even know." She whimpered shaking some "Don't come home.... I don't... I don't want people to be mad at you." She told him quietly but at the same time wanting nothing more than to have him there but not wanting him to have to cancel shows.

Ricky nodded slowly "There isn't even anything to talk about though... Just... nothing." He mumbled not explaining it very well but just feeling empty.
Noah frowned deeply and shook his head "I don't care about that right now,I care about if you're okay." He said softly before biting his lip to think "Okay how about this, you stay with Sara tonight and how about I get you a flight tomorrow to come with us." He said hoping she would say yes so that he could be with her.

Max rubbed his back some and gave a small nod before kissing his cheek "Alright babe." She said softly before leaning into him some "I love you." She murmured glancing at the bus door as it opened and Vinny came in to tell him that their meet and greets would be starting soon.
She frowned but nodded "Yeah... Yeah that's a better idea." She mumbled, "I gotta go, they're bringing my forms in... I'll see you tomorrow alright?" She mumbled, hanging up and signing everything, explaining to Sara what theplan was and leaving to go home with her, making sure her bag was packed and she was ready to go for tomorrow. She met him at the airport, having only brought a carry on with her, not wanting to wait at baggage claim and spotted him easily in the crowd, going straight over and holding onto him tightly, already crying again with her face buried into his chest.

Ricky frowned and shook his head "I uh... I'm not doing it today man... I'm gonna go take a walk." He muttered, squeezing Max's hand and got up to leave, not giving Vinny a chance to ask questions before he was out the door and walking away from the venue for now, ending up at a bar nearby and staring at the beer in front of him that he had ordered. He got back just before their set time, sober enough to play but having drunk enough that everyone could smell it on him, ignoring their questions and got on stage to play. He knew he was disappointing his friends. The ones he considered family but he didn't know how else to make it stop. The following morning he slept in again, only getting up when Max came and shook him awake, going to grab a quick shower and headed out to breakfast with everyone, staying quiet and opting to instead listen to Max chatting with Vinny most of the time. "Hey where's Noah?" He asked, seeing the rest of Bad Omens present except him
Noah was at the airport first thing in the morning waiting for her flight to get in. Once he saw her he immediately rushed to her flinging his arms around her body "I got you, don't worry I got you." He said quietly rubbing her back in soothing circles just standing with her until she pulled away. He noticed her lack of luggage and frowned some "Do we need to get you some clothes?"

Max was beyond upset with how the previous night had went. She was beyond worried about her boyfriend and didn't want to see him get to the point of where he had been. By breakfast that morning she just sat talking with Vinny not really even paying too much attention to Ricky because she could tell that if she did he'd get into a bad mood. She glanced over at him when he asked about Noah finally speaking to him "He's at the airport. His girlfriend flew in and she is going to join them for the rest of the tour."
She shook her head. “I got some essentials. I can pick stuff up later.” She mumbled, following him out to the taxi rank to get a cab back to the venue. “Are you doing okay?” She asked, looking up at him. They’d discussed kids previously and they both wanted them though they hadn’t got much further than that. On top of everything it had scared both of them that it had happened when he was so far away. “Are we meeting with the rest of them?” She mumbled.

He nodded slowly and frowned some. “Oh. I thought… never mind.” He mumbled, turning to look out the window and picked at his nails absentmindedly until their food arrived and he did his best to eat what he could but it wasn’t much still and until they were heading their separate ways for the rest of the day off he was keeping to himself, finally turning to max. “What do you wanna do?” He asked her, taking her hand while they walked down the street.
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Noah shook his head and took her hand in his as they started to walk "I'm uh....in shock but uh..I don't know what else to say about it honestly." He admitted before giving a small sigh "No, I'm taking you to IHOP and then we're going to the bus for the rest of the day."

Max gave a small shrug as they walked down the street together "I thought maybe we could go into town and do some window shopping, just walk around and take everything in." She murmured softly
She nodded a little, getting in the taxi with him and leaned up against him tiredly, letting him give directions and just playing with his fingers on the drive, not saying much but knowing she didn’t need to. Not after so long with him. “I was going through old photos the other day…. Look what I found.” She mumbled, pulling her phone out and showing him the pictures from when they very first started hanging out

Ricky nodded and smiled a little. “That sounds good to me, you need to go back to the bud first?” He asked her, lifting her hand to his face and kissing the back of it, “maybe Noah’s girl will wanna hang out, you can get away from all the guys for once.” He suggested. “Not that I want you to go away, just don’t want you to be sick of me.”
Noah looked over at her phone and groaned as he cringed at bit "Good god those are bad. I probably wouldn't have made it with you and Nick." He murmured frowning a bit when he saw how skinny he was in the last photo. He pulled her into him and sighed heavily kissing the top of her head "I love you beautiful."

Max gave a small laugh and nodded a bit "Yeah maybe." She said softly smiling a bit "Ya know I've been seeing a video of the show you gave me the rose circling around. Lots of people are wondering if we're together. You think maybe we could just finally post a photo together? Say fuck it?" She said hopefully.
She frowned some, “you weren’t well… but we weren’t gonna just get rid of you cause you were struggling…. I love you too.” She murmured, getting out with him once they arrived and walked into the ihop, keeping his hoodie on she’d pulled out of his closet before she’d left his apartment last night.

He frowned and shook his head some. “I don’t want to announce it. But if you want to post it on your socials then that’s fine. I don’t want to hide you but I also don’t want to send these people your way that get obsessive. I don’t want you getting hurt.” He sighed.
Noah held her close to him as they got to the restaurant. Once they were seated he gave her a soft smile "How was the flight by the way? Everything going okay physically for you?"

Max nodded some and gave a small sigh "I get what you're saying, but it seems like a lot of your fans are pretty chill thankfully. Not like the guys in Bad Omens have." She said before kissing his cheek gently
He frowned and sighed a little. “I just want to be careful…. After everythi-“ he cut himself off and stopped shaking his head. “I just want you safe.” He told her frowning. “So if you want to post something then I’m good with it but I can’t do it.” He told her, kissing her forehead before continuing to walk with her

She shrugged a little, “it wasn’t a bad flight. I just hate flying.” She sighed quietly, “how’s everything been going with the motionless guys? I know there was some friction last time with ghost.” She muttered, hearing the alarm go off on her phone and reached into her bag, taking a couple pills she’d been given. “Did you tell the others?” She asked curiously, leaning back and glancing over the menu but still feeling a little nauseous to think about food.

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