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Realistic or Modern Falling. Fading Away

She smiled a little and watched him. “You think you could sit through it? I know you heard one song but I don’t think you’ve listened to the album yet.” She murmured, heading down to the parking lot with him, tugging him along gently when she spotted a few girls in Bad Omens merch, clearly having come from the show to the hotel. She just hoped they hadn’t followed Noah.

He smiled tiredly and just pulled her in close. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you but I’m glad I did it.” He murmured, smiling at her and went to go get dressed, offering her some shorts and a T-shirt if she wanted it. “What time do you want me to take you home?” He asked her, not really wanting hee to leave but they both had work.
Noah gave a small nervous laugh and nodded some "Yeah....you got a point, maybe right now wouldn't be the best." He murmured. He sighed some when he saw the fans and just hoped they wouldn't be a bother to them.

Max smiled softly and took the t-shirt and shorts from him to get dress "Mmm whenever you're tired of me." She said softly before grabbing her phone and taking a selfie of herself in his mirror.
She nodded and got to her car with him, getting in and driving out of there to go get some food, pulling up to the drive-thru and giggled watching him squinting to try and read the menu. “You need me to read it for you, forgot your glasses?” She teased him.

Ricky nodded. “Well that’s gonna be a problem then. Cause it means we’re both gonna miss work. Probably for a few days. And you’re gonna run out of underwear.” He chuckled.
Noah kept squinting at the menu and groaned some "Yes....they're on the bus." He said chuckling some. Soon they got their food he dug into it groaning some "Damn this is such trash but so good." He muttered with a full mouth.

Max blushed deep red and laughed lightly "Mmm is that so?" She asked before kissing him gently again "I mean I don't see it as a problem, but I guess the guys might not like it." She said as she wrapped her arms around his neck "How about we get something to eat, and then you can take me back so you can get to the studio."
They are in the parking lot as was tradition for them before heading back to the hotel, leaning on him a little all the way up to the room and soon got herself snuggled under the sheets, melting into them more when she felt his arms go round her. “Noah… I love you.” She told him quietly, already half asleep.

He smiled some and nodded. “Sounds good to me. Where do you wanna go?” He asked her, going to hunt down his car keys and a hoodie
Noah crawled into bed with her once they got back and pulled her into his chest immediately "I love you too Carmen." He whispered quietly before he fell into a peaceful sleep.

Max smiled at him and went to grab her purse "Mmm a sub sandwich sounds really good." She murmured happily
He nodded and smiled, taking her hand as they left his apartment and walked down to his car, opening her door for her again.

Carmen woke up a little later than normal, sighing as she watched him brushing his teeth and frowned. “Do we need to leave to get you back to the bus already?” She pouted at him.
Max smiled happily and thanked him as he opened her door. She got in and held his hand as he started to drive "So how is the album coming along?"

Noah looked over at her and shook his head some "No, I just thought you would appreciate not having late night Mcdonald's breath in your face." He said giving a small laugh before he finished up and went back to lay with her.
She smiked a little and got herself curled up close to him, wanting to make up for all the months of sleeping in an empty bed, slowly moving to be laying on top of him and kissed up his chest and neck to his jaw. “Maybe after tour is over you and me can take a little vacation? Beach resort, where they put the little umbrellas in your cocktails.” She mumbled in between kisses.

He smiled some and shrugged. “It’s getting there. Bit by bit. Feel like nothing got done while I was away but we will make it work.” He smiled a little. “We get a small break once it’s done but only like a week. Then it’s straight out on the road.” He sighed some. “Gonna be gone for a couple months at least and that’s if they don’t add extra dates
Noah groaned softly and nodded as he let his hands just gently run up the sides of her body "Mmm yes, I like the sound of that." He said softly his breathing getting a bit heavier as she continued to kiss him "Listen...not that I am not enjoying this, because I very much am, but uh....we're gonna have a small situation if you keep this up."

Max gave a small nod "I can't wait to hear it, I know its going to be great." She said sweetly but pouted a bit when he said he'd be gone "Aw, I'm gonna miss you, what ever will I do without you?" She teased.
She smiled and pulled up a little. “I know…. That’s what I was hoping for.” She pointed out, starting to build up some friction against his sweats. “It’s been almost a year…. I think we’re long overdue.” She smiled.

Nick looked up from his phone when Noah got back to the bud a few hours later, “well someone looks relaxed.” He chuckled. “I take it that things went well?” He asked.

He smiled some. “It’s just a short stint for this one but maybe… if you’d like and you’re not sick of me by then… maybe you’d wanna come join us on the longer tour…. We always have a couple girls dancing.” He told her smiling a little
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Noah gave a huge cheeky grin and nodded happily "Yeah, we're gonna give it another go. Take it one day at a time." He explained before sitting on the little couch on the bus "I'm going to make sure I don't fuck this up this time."

Max looked at him a bit in shock "You'd really like for me to join you on tour?" She asked happily before nodding some "I'd love to dance for you guys, that sounds so fun."
He nodded and smiled. “Good. Cause I don’t wanna have to find out I wasted my time writing a best man speech over the years.” He chuckled, leaving him to it for now.

She texted him once she got home to let him know she could try and see him when he was in Nashville and in Chicago but other than that they would just have to be patient.

He nodded and glanced over as he pulled into the parking lot. “You might be sick of me by the end of it in a small space together but they’re fun for the most part.” He told her, parking up and getting out with her to go get an early lunch.
Noah rolled his eyes and laughed a bit at his friend. He looked at his phone as it pinged and gave a small smile texting her that he could be patient and that he made it to the bus safely.

Max shrugged with a small smile "Well who knows. Maybe it'll bring us closer together." She murmured before getting out of the car with him.
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For the most part over the next couple months things were working out better than they had for the last two years for them but now he was coming home and she wasn’t sure whether they were ready to live together again or not. She’d been staying at his place the past few days, sorting his mail out for him so he could go through it easily and making sure the fridge was stocked properly and now she was just waiting for him to get home, trying to keep her eyes open after an awful nights sleep but ended up dozing off on the couch.

He smiled and shrugged a little. “Maybe.” He slung an arm around her shoulders as they walked, starting to go a little quiet as the cravings were creeping up on him, his fingers twitching at his side.
Noah got into his apartment smiling widely when he saw Carmen asleep on the couch. He went over to her after placing his bag down and gently shook her awake "Hey...I was wondering why you didn't answer my call." He teased as he continued to smile at her "You alright?"

Max saw his fingers twitching a bit and held the hand that was around her shoulder "They're going to be looking for a new manager soon at the club. I'm thinking about throwing my hat in the ring." She said trying to distract him a bit.
He glanced over at her and nodded. “That would be good. You still be dancing or just running the place?” He asked her, opening the door to subway and walked in behind her, still keeping close.

She frowned a little and rubbed at her face, stretching out before reaching up to him and tugging on him to lay on top of her, kissing him gently with a smile. “Welcome home.” She mumbled, still half asleep. “I just couldn’t sleep last night and I was watching tv and now you’re home.” She mumbled yawning.
Max shook her head some "No just running the place. Maybe dance every now and again, but definitely no more private dances." She said while looking up at the menu to decide what she wanted.

Noah moved to hover above her and smiled happily down at her "I see, well why don't we go nap in bed instead? Because I slept like shit too." He murmured before peppering kisses all over her face.
She smiled and nodded, letting him pull her up and held onto him while they shuffled through to his room where she’d already laid out some fresh clothes for him to change into. “I put them through the wash yesterday so they’d be fresh fresh.” She mumbled, going to crawl under his covers and wait for him to be changed.

He nodded slowly. “That sounds good…. You know if ever someone gets too much you just gotta call me right? Even if I can’t get there… I can be there on the phone… help calm you.” He told her.
Noah smiled widely as they got into the room "You are amazing." He said softly before kissing her cheek gently "I love you." He murmured before stripping down and placing the fresh clothes on.

Max smiled happily and leaned into him a bit "Mmm thank you, that means a lot." She said softly before pecking his cheek and going to order
He smiled and just watched her, unable to shake the feeling that things were just going too good for him at the minute.

Carmen smiled waiting for him and soon pulled him close to lay on her some, trailing her fingers up and down his back. “You smell like you now.” She murmured, kissing his head. “I missed you.” She hummed quietly until she had fallen back to sleep with him laying on top of her like a weighted blanket.
It was another three months before she was able to see him again because of the tour. Their last show was thankfully a home show and she was going to see them live for the first time.

Noah smiled widely and engulfed her like he used to keeping close to her "I missed you too." He said softly before he drifted off to sleep as well.
Carmen had only had a short nap, having already rested before, managing to expertly slide out from underneath Noah so she didn’t wake him though at the moment she wasn’t sure it was possible anyway, going to make them some dinner. It wasn’t til a little later on that she heard movement and smiled, but turned to see someone in a hoodie and ski mask right behind her, instinctually kicking him where it hurts and rushing to grab any kind of weapon before she heard Noah’s voice behind the mask.

Ricky had been doing a little better lately but he missed her a lot. He’d gotten nothing but shit from the others about how whipped he was but he couldn’t care less. So by the time he saw her car pulling into the back lot of the venue while he was on a break outside he was jumping back up to his feet to go see her, waiting impatiently for her to park and get out, soon pulling her into the tightest hug he could give without hurting her.
Noah woke up and smiled some as he heard Carmen cooking in the kitchen. He smirked a little to himself and threw on a hoodie plus the ski mask he'd been wearing through the tour thinking it might be a little funny to prank her. He was soon regretting it though when her knee came into contact with his groin and he was down to his own knees. "Its me! Fucking shit!" He yelled out as she ran off and he held himself in pain.

Max smiled widely when she saw him come over after she parked quickly hugging him just as tightly "Oh I have missed you so much." She said happily before pulling away to look at his face and soon place kisses all over it.
Carmen stared at him a little in shock before going to get some frozen peas out and pulled the ski mask off. “What the fuck were you thinking?!” She asked him, “here..” she helped him move to sit leaning up against the cupboards and passed him the frozen bag. “Oh honey…. Are you alright? No wait… why would you think that was a good idea?!”

He smiled wide and nodded, lifting her up and carrying towards the venue til he had to set her down again. “Soon as we’re finished I can come home with you.” He told her happily.

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