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Realistic or Modern Falling. Fading Away

She smiled and nodded. “Good. Some people are starting to work out that we’re together again.” She told him yawning a little. “Did you hear about Ricky?”

He smiled and watched her go, talking to his mom a little until he told her he had to go and ended up falling asleep quicker than he had expected
Noah shook his head some "No, just heard he went to the hospital. Did you hear anything?" He asked quietly.

Max sighed heavily as she got to her hotel seeing Ryan in the hallway to his room as well "Ryan!" She called going over to him "He's awake. Doing okay so far, severe dehydration."
She nodded and frowned. “Really dehydrated. Chris reckons he’s got damage from all the drinking that’s starting to affect him.” She explained. “He’s not gonna be around at least the rest of the week. We’re gonna have to see about the rest of it apparently.” She told him, yawning some and stretching out but soon paused and frowned, rolling over carefully and swallowed a little. “Um…. Shit.” She muttered, getting up and seeing the small blood stain she’d left behind on the sheets, going to get herself cleaned up but panicking a little about the cleaners finding it.

He nodded and frowned “good. Logan says he might not finish the tour…. But if he wants to carry on he knows he’s got support.” He told her, “get some rest too. It’ll make you ill worrying too much.” He muttered, heading into his room and shutting the door
Max gave a small nod and sighed heavily "He said he won't quit, but after this he needs a break." She explained softly before going into her room to try to get some sleep

Noah frowned softly when he saw the bed and gave a small sigh. He called the front desk and asked if they could bring up some sheets for. He gave her a small smile as she came out "Hey I got some sheets coming up. Tomorrow we got the day off, you want to go get some clothes for you?"
She nodded slowly, going to hide in the bathroom when they brought the sheets in, not coming out until he promised they were gone, stepping out and just leaned into his chest, swallowing a little. “I just want this to be over.” She mumbled, going back to bed with him and just curled up to him as much as she could to go to sleep, holding his hand the whole time and only drifting off with the feeling of his thumb in circles on her palm.

Ricky was awake early the next morning, waiting patiently for her to arrive and smiled a little when she got in. “Morning… they said I can leave in a couple hours. Just gotta make sure I’m doing better.” He told her, reaching for her. “You and me. Hotel room. All day long baby.” He winked
Noah groaned softly as he woke up to his alarm the next morning and sighed softly seeing Carmen awake next to him "You okay?" He asked softly as he sat up and pulled her into him "Did you get any sleep at all last night?"

Max was up at the hospital first thing in the morning like she had promised. She smiled widely when she walked in and saw him awake "Hey, good morning, thats good to hear. Hopefully they'll go by fast." She murmured before pecking his lips. She gave a small laugh and shook her head some "Shouldn't you be taking it easy? I don't think us fooling around is doing that." She teased
She frowned a little and poured at him. “You’re unbelievable.” She mumbled. “It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you still haven’t asked me to be your Valentine.” She told him quietly, going all pouty with him and crossing hee arms over her chest.

He frowned and shook his head. “Get your mind out of the gutter miss ma’am… who said anything about fooling around?” He scoffed bud smiled at her a little and just fidgeted a little while he waited for any instructions at all
Noah rolled his eyes and laughed some before pulling her into will "Carmen Sanchez....love of my life....most beautiful woman I have ever seen, will you be my valentine?" He asked before peppering kisses all over her face

Max laughed lightly and smiled some before kissing his cheek "Don't worry, we'll be out soon enough." She murmured before taking his hand in hers "So when we get to the hotel, I'm thinking shower and then cuddles with TV?:
She smiled at him and cupped his face. “I don’t know. I’ll have to get back to you on that one.” She teased him, pecking his lips. “You wanna go get breakfast or stay in bed?” She asked

He nodded and smiled tiredly. “Yeah…. Sounds good to me.” He murmured, “You post that photo yet?” He asked, a little nervous about it all still.
Max smiled softly and nodded some showing the post to him with the caption 'Forever my valentine'. "Yeah, its been blowing up. People keep saying I'm crazy though and that I'm not actually your girlfriend." She muttered giving a small shrug. She looked up when the doctor came in with his discharge papers and thanked him.

Noah shrugged some "Mmm not sure, whatever you want. How are you feeling physically?" He asked softly
He smiled and winked at her. “My favourite stalker.” He mumbled, sitting up and signing everything, getting up carefully with hee to head back to the hotel, laying an arm around her shoulders while they walked.

She shrugged. “It’s like a period from hell but worse.” She mumbled frowning. “Right now it’s alright though.” She murmured. “Why don’t we go get breakfast then go get some clothes while it’s still early so it’s quieter.” She murmured
Max snapped a photo of him changing and laughed as he hid himself "Oh thats a keeper." She murmured before leaving with him. Max walked with him to the parking garage and kept an arm around his waist "We'll need to call Logan sometime to tell him about staying on the tour." She said softly to him.

Noah nodded some and went to grab some clothes "Yeah that works, let me get dressed and we can head out." He murmured before going into the bathroom to get ready for the day. He came out a bit later and smiled widely "I never knew how much I'd miss the scent of your lotion." He said with a small laugh
She smiled a little,finishing getting herself together and shook her head. “As painful as it was, it gave both of us some time and space to grow…. Do not make the height joke I know is coming out of your mouth mister.” She smiled, taking her bag and heading out with him.

He nodded and smiled tiredly. “Already texted him this morning. We got a couple days while I make sure I can stand without passing out and then we’re gonna rent a car and meet them in Arizona.” He told her smiling a little.
Noah opened his mouth but quickly closed it and gave her a cheeky grin "You don't know that I was going to say that." He said as he fling his long arm around her shoulders as they started to head out.

Max gave a small smile and nodded some "Thats sounds good." She said softly before unlocking the car and getting in the drivers seat.
He smiled a little, getting in as well and leaned back, still worn out and picking at his nails as he sat in silence, all his nervous mannerisms playing on a loop the whole way to the hotel.

“Uh huh and if it want a height joke it was about to be something about you being well hung.” She pointed out, shaking her head. “You know what I missed though? That southern drawl you get when you’re relaxed. It’s not Georgia strong but it’s there and I missed it.” She smiked, reaching up to hold his hand.
Noah gave a small laugh and cleared his throat "Is that so? Well little lady, I can make sure this accent stays just for you." He said in an overdramatic southern accent laughing loudly at the look of pure horror she gave him.

Max took his hand in hers and squeezed it gently "Hey, its alright. We got some relaxing coming up in about ten minutes." She murmured giving him a smile
She shook her head and sighed a little dramatically. “And here I was thinking just how much you deserved a little treat tonight…. But only if you behaved the rest of the day.” She winked at him.

He frowned. “That’s not gonna change the fact that my liver is fucked though.” He mumbled, looking over at her as they pulled up to a light. “Meaning the meds last time didn’t do what they were supposed to…. And the worst part is I did it to myself.” He muttered.
Noah gasped and pouted doen at her giving his best puppy dog eyes "I promise to behave I swear." He said before giving a small laugh "So where to?"

Max gave a heavy sigh and nodded some "But we'll get through this and get it under control. Its just going to take some time."
She smiled a little and headed out the front door of the hotel. “Somewhere they do eggs benedict.” She said quietly, “you wanna be in LA permanently?” She asked him while they walked.

He frowned and shrugged a little “I’m just gonna keep ending up like yesterday until they find something that works though…. It’s why I wanna finish this tour… cause what if I can’t come back again?” He frowned.
Noah nodded and pulled out his phone to look at places around for them to eat "Yeah I think so, or somewhere right outside it ya know? Been better to me than other places." He said giving her a small smile "Would you be okay with that?"

Max nodded some and gave a heavy sigh not liking how negative about it all that he was being, but she also understood. She continued driving until they got to the hotel and quickly hurried inside with him when she noticed a few people wearing shirts from the previous night's show.
He headed straight up to their room with her, going to get into bed immediately, taking up the whole thing until she was nudging him and he moved to let her on as well.

She shrugged. “I’d like to live somewhere I don’t have to worry about my home burning down but the west coast is home.” She sighed a little, “but I’m not in any rush to move out of your apartment.” She told him, having a fairly good morning up until they walked into the cafe he had found and she saw the waitress turn around, sporting a large baby bump and Carmen had to turn around and walk straight back out
Max rolled her eyes some and nudged him to move over "Come on, let me in." She murmured moving to cuddling into him quickly "I love you handsome." She said while tracing circles on his torso.

Noah quickly followed her out and frowned deeply "Hey..hey slow down!" He called to her taking her hand in his "Lets go somewhere else." He murmured
She sighed and nodded, not saying anything else for a while and just stayed close to him until they found a new place to get breakfast, sitting with him and frowning “when does this part get better?” She mumbled

he hummed contentedly and spent only ten min hires relaxing with her before there was a banging on their door and he got up to answe it, Vinny nudging past him and going to plop onto the bed. “Dude… what do you want?” He asked raising an eyebrow as he watched him lean up against max. “God you’re like our annoying son.”
Noah gave a small sigh and squeezed her hand gently "Unfortunately only with time." He said softly giving her a sympathetic smile "But its alright, we're gonna get through this together."

Max raised an eyebrow at Vinny and gave a small laugh "Yes my child what is it you need?" She teased and laughed harder as Vinny balled up into the fetal position to act like a bored baby "Awww Rick can we keep him?" She asked giving big puppy dog eyes along with Vinny.
She nodded and gabe his hands a squeeze. “How many do we want when we can get to it?” She asked, tapping her feet on his shoes gently as well.

“No…. He’s expensive.” He chuckled. “Doesn’t even have his own damn car.” He muttered, going to use the restroom quickly.

Vinny sighed dramatically and shook his head. “You see how he bullies me?” He asked max, waiting til he was out of sight. “How’s he doing?”

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