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Realistic or Modern Falling. Fading Away

Noah gave a small shrug as he thought about "Honestly? I'm not sure, maybe two? How many do you want?" He asked her smiling softly

Max rolled her eyes playfully at Vinnie and smiled some. Her smile faded though once Rick was out of sight and sighed softly "He is depressed and tired. He's upset with himself for relapsing and fucking his liver worse." She said quietly
It took Ricky a week and a half before he was well enough to join back on the tour again and he was glad max now had another girl around to give her space from the rest of them and more glad that her and Carmen had actually hit it off really well.

Carmen frowned a little, sitting with Noah while he had his head between his knees, rubbing his back in slow circles to try and soothe him best she could. “Slow your breathing honey it’s not helping to hyperventilate. “
Max sat with Ricky in the green room smiling some as she cuddled into him. "I gotta go get ready soon, how are you feeling?" She asked as she nuzzled her face into his neck gently. Things had been going okay recently, Ricky was physically better and she had made friends with Carmen which was really nice. Talitha was sweet and all, but the two of them just didn't really click.

Noah took deep slow breaths to try and get his nerves down. He had been having terrible anxiety the past few days and was thanking his lucky stars that Carmen was there helping him calm down.
Carmen frowned and got him to touch his fingertips as well but this made the sixth panic attack in the past two and a half days and she was worried about him, glancing up when Nick was bringing him some cold water in a bowl and she mouthed a thank you, gently splashing it against his face to try and help him reset.

Ricky frowned some and shook his head. “The more you ask that the less the answer changes.” He mumbled, closing his eyes and yawning a little. “Where you going after our set?” He asked her
Max gave a small frown and sighed softly "No idea, might go hang out with Carmen if Noah is feeling alright." She said while tracing small patterns on his chest when she noticed him start to twitch, she'd figured out that it helped him relax a bit and started to do it more frequently when she was near him.

Noah grunted softly when the cold water hit his face shutting his eyes tightly. After a few more minutes his breathing was starting to regulate again. He gave her a small smile as he got back to normal and hugged her close to him "Thank you.."
She frowned a little and just held him a little tighter. “Always honey… come on. I need you to eat something before the show.” She told him, getting up off the floor of the back room of the bus and going to find him the leftover subway sandwich from earlier.

He nodded and smiled tiredly at her. “Good. Cause I did not sleep well last night so I’m gonna hit the showers and go straight to bed.” He told her, kissing the top of her head.
Noah took the sandwich and ate as much as he could for her before putting it to the side. He got up slowly and sighed heavily "Alright lets get this show done." He muttered before sighing heavily

Max nodded softly and smiled a bit "Alright, well I'm gonna go get ready." She murmured before kissing him lovingly and getting up
She frowned and set it back in the fridge, worried sick about him. She headed inside after a little while as well, finding them almost ready to go on, wandering over to Noah and lifting the ski mask up just enough to give him a kiss. “I love you. I’ll see you later alright?” She murmured, going to get some emails sorted through while they played, waiting for max to be done so they could go get drinks.

Ricky watched her go, eventually pulling himself up enough to go get ready for the show, looking forward to going home in a couple of weeks. They’d been lucky so far with maxs social media postings. No one had really come after her yet but there were some more starting to work out she was legitimately his girlfriend and he was starting to be flooded with questions asking about where his ex had gone
Max went through the set like normal having a fun time up there with the guys. Once she had finished the last song she went to find Carmen and smiled wide "Hey! Let me get out of this outfit and we can head out." She said happily before heading to the green room.

Noah was on the bus by the end of the show just trying to keep it together. He knew Carmen had plans with Max and he wanted her to go out and have a good time. He eventually ended up at the Motionless bus to get in a few games with Vinny and Ryan to help distract him a bit before they would hit the road.
She hadn’t even heard max, she’d been calling Noah for the past twenty minutes having no idea where he’d gone. Nobody could get ahold of him and she was stressed. All she could think about was when she would get phone calls from the cops to come pick him up because he’d been found wandering the streets and screaming at people that he was gonna be a prophet. By the time max came back she still hadn’t heard from him and was trying not to panic knowing it wouldn’t help the situation. “I can’t… I don’t know where he’s gone. He came off stage and he said he was going to the bathroom and he never came back and he’s not on the bus… he’s just gone!”

Ricky finally made it back into the bus and frowned at the levels of noise happening, poking his head in to find Noah chilling with them but headed straight to his own bunk to put his headphones on and go to sleep.
Max frowned deeply and gave a small nod "Hey hey, its okay. We'll find him alright? I'll go ask the guys if they have seen him." She said before going to the bus real quick. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw him in the lounge area and shook her head some "Noah you better answer your phone, Carmen is freaking out because she can't find you!" She scolded him.

Noah looked up when he heard Max and went wide eyed checking his phone. It was in power saving mode because it was nearly dead so he didn't even feel it go off. He quickly said goodbye and ran out with her biting his lip hard when he saw Carmen "Hey....sorry I uh...I went to grab some air and then got caught up playing some games."
Carmen glared at him and shkkk her head, walking off. “A text would have sufficed…. I’m going to fucking strangle you one of these days Noah.” She muttered, going to get her stuff from the bus.

Ryan chuckled a little and shook his head. “Oooh someone’s in deep shit now.” He grinned, looking over when he came back on the bus. “Wow, you survived?” He chucked
Noah came back onto the bus and sighed some "Oh I'll get it later, you guys got a charger I could borrow?" He asked beforr grabbing the remote and starting to play again.

Max watched Noah go back and then looked back to Carmen "You still want to go out?" She asked softly not wanting her to think she had to go out if she wasn't feeling up to it.
“Oh yeah…. I need a drink.” She muttered, ordering the Uber and went to wait at the meeting point. “Ricks finally got his color back, he doing any better in his head?” She asked her.

Ryan nodded, reaching for one to let him plug his phone in. “You seen people are working out now that you two are back together?” He asked, chuckling a little. “I’m so glad I never had to deal with that shut, looks exhausting.”
Max gave a heavy sigh when she asked about Ricky "No, he still isn't doing great. Beating himself up still about everything. He's been getting some pressure too from fans about his ex, like its amy of their business." She muttered

Noah nodded some "Yeah its a reason why I stay off social media. Shit is too crazy with these fans." He muttered while turning his attention back to the game
Ryan nodded and frowned. “Ricks getting it too now with max posting hee things.” He muttered

Carmen nodded and sighed a little. “God the shit I get because people think I cheated on Noah is ridiculous. But at the end of the day he knows the truth.” She muttered. “He’s bren having panic attacks all week. They’re getting worse and I just wanna get home with him.”
Max sighed softly "Its not that bad with us thankfully, but they keep pressuring him to make some kind of statement about why they ended things. Truth is, I don't even know but it doesn't matter to me." She said giving a small shrug "I've been hearing Nick talk about them, does he have any medications that he takes?"

Noah shook his head a bit "Best thing to do is ignore it honestly. Ignore it and just be present in their relationship." He murmured glancing at his phone some "How long you guys got off after this tour?"
He shrugged. “Few weeks. He’s uh,.. ricks not gonna be on the next tour though. He’s going back to rehab.” He told him, not telling him much else for the rest of the night, eventually waving him off to his own bud and opening the door when max got back, chuckling seeing she was clearly tipsy. “Good time?”

She shook her head and frowned. “We’re working on that.” She told her, enjoying a break from the guys until they were heading back and Carmen was drunk as a skunk, managing to get on the bad omens bus with a little help and made her way to the back room, frowning at Noah. “Hey.” She grumbled, struggling to undo her dress.
Max spent the rest of the night just relaxing with Carmen for the first time in a few weeks. She came back to the bus and giggled at Ryan nodding some "Yeah I did." She said before going back to the bunk she shared with Ricky cuddling up close to him.

Noah chuckled when he saw Carmen come in drunk and smiled helpimg her get her dress off "Hey, you have a good time out?" He asked softly kissing her gently
She nodded, sleepy now and poured at him. “I wanna go to bed.” She mumbled, resting her forehead against his chest. “But you gotta carry me.” She slurred a little

Ricky grumbled a little, waking up for a minute but just pulled her in close and kissed her head, taking his headphones off now it was quiet and going back to sleep
Noah chuckled softly and gave a nod before he picked her up and taking her to bed. By the next morning he was already up and going. He had water and aspirin already out for Carmen just waiting for her to get up.

Max groaned softly as she woke up the next morning and curled into Ricky pouting a bit "Why did you let me go out?" She whined quietly while hiding her face in his side.
She grumbled quietly as she pulled herself out of bed, pulling one of his hoodies on and taking the aspirin he handed her, not saying a word, just looking up at him and headed out of the bus for a cigarette, waiting til he joined her and no one else was around before she spoke. “You scared the shit outta me last night.”

He chuckled quietly and kissed her head. “As much as I sympathise my love, I need you to go brush your teeth… and maybe shower before you come back.” He told her, looking a little strained as he watched her
Noah followed her out for a smoke and gave a heavy sigh "I know, I just got so distracted. I'm not trying to make excuses, I should have checked my phone." He said quietly before taking a drag.

Max nodded softly and got out of the bunk before securing the restroom to herself. It was another thirty minutes before she came out in some shorts and one of Ricky's shirts. She went back to their bunk and curled into him again "Better now?" She murmured
She frowned and shook her head "No because you don't know what it was like Noah.... Me and Nick and Vincent would be up all fucking night worrying about where you were and hoping that when the cops called it was because you had been picked up having an episode and not because you were dead.... Every fucking time that phone rang it made me want to throw up." She snapped a little. "And the way your panic attacks are going right now is worrying me that you are gonna spiral again. So pull last night's shit again and see what happens." she told him seriously, just looking genuinely scared for him

He nodded and pulled her in close, inhaling deeply "Much better." He murmured into her hair. "But we should get up and try to get some air before we gotta head out." He suggested, "Cause I don't want to be stuck on a bus without getting air first." He told her "And stretchign my enormously long legs." He chuckled a little, trying his absolute hardest to show her that he was okay even though it couldn't be further from the truth
Noah took a deep breath before he pulled her in close to him "I'm going to be okay, I won't get that bad again." He tried assuring her frowning deeply as she pulled away from him "Babe, I promise....I know its shit right now but I know I'm nowhere near that."

Max gave a small laugh and nodded "Yeah I think that would be good." She murmured before getting up and slipping her shoes on. As they stepped out she gave a small sigh seeing the circles under his eyes "How did you sleep?"

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