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Fandom Disaster in the Dreamscape

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Hahli Nuva

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"Young lady, this is a bar, not a fast food joint," Belmond laughs, "if you really want those, we can go some other time."

"Let's go MOS Burger!" Roa adds.

"MOS is nice, yes," Belmond nods.

Belmond looks to Louise, an intrigued expression decorating his face, "quite the trickster. I'd love to hear some tales of him. Who knows - maybe I could meet him some day and hear things from his perspective."

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Sougo was still outside Bar Deras.

He could feel being watched.

"Ka. Ka. Ka."

Thepotatogod Thepotatogod @TownOfUlthar


... BEAM!!!!"

Nemurin unleashed a powerful beam at the Nightmare Dopant. However, the Nightmare Dopant fired back with his own variation of Nemurin's signature move, releasing a giant laserbeam from his forehead. It was a beam-of-war.

"Looks like Oneiros did a number on you, you useless leader!" the Nightmare Dopant cackles. "You're not as strong as they say!"

"Oneiros? Hu izzat?"

"I said too much!"

As the Nightmare Dopant was slowly beginning to win the beam of war, a shadowy figure whizzed past all!

"An ally?" Snow White asked.

"An ally," that was all Nemurin said as she smiled.

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“MOS Burger? Never been there before. They any good?” Will asked, trying and failing to hide her grumbling stomach noises.

“Where are they? I’m so hungry I’d eat anything at this point.”

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"I suppose dead men tell no tales," Belmond made a light joke, "granted, you will be surprised at some prospects of death. Many have cheated death by living in the realm of dreams for eternity. Don't think I've met anyone who has recently, however...

... have I?"

"Yeah! It's great! You should try it when you have the chance!" Roa says to Will.

"They're... pretty far from here, is all I can say," Belmond responds, "you can walk around these lands for all of eternity and you won't find any kind of fast food."

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Kamen Rider Amino
Side: V

V nimbly dodged the tentacles of the kraken as it tried to strike her. Running the calculations in her head allowed her to accurately predict where they'd go. Leaping into the air and backflipping over an attack rush of tendrils, V landed and dusted off her armor. "Geez.... Izuru makes this look so much easier than it actually is" said V as she exhaled the air out of her non-existent lungs. Fighting was not her forte, as evidenced by the fact she'd been defending so far. Slapping her cheeks and tapping two fingers to her forehead, V analyzed the kraken body. It seemed to be made of material similar to the average dollar bill. However it had been compacted and strengthened by some kind of magic. Molded into the shape of a monster rather than being a monster in the first place. Pondering this for a moment almost got V hit in the face as she narrowly ducked under another tentacle. "Oh yeah.... not a back seat driver right now... materializing.... Attache Arrow!" cried V as her visor emitted an emerald light. Forming in the air in front of her was a strange bow-like weapon. Grabbing it with her left hand, V batted away another tentacle with the sharp edges of the weapon. Pulling out the key she used to transform, she inserted it into the weapon. Pulling back on the drawstring, a silver nozzle at the front began to glow with a white light.


"Heads up you two!" yelled V to the other people attacking the creature.


A large burst of white energy fired from the nozzle and rushed towards the krakens body with twice the speed of a bullet and thrice the amount of force...

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Side: Izuru

Izuru had left Bar Deras, having become bored with the waiting around they had been doing. With Mr Kitty at his side, Izuru wandered the streets of Ulthar. He and Mr Kitty had conversed on many topics such as philosophy and the type of milk they liked. Mr Kitty had even filled him in on aspects of the towns history. This was when Izuru had discovered something interesting. Apparently, the area had a problem with giant spiders and cat eating giant rodents. Smiling, Izuru picked up his cat friend and embraced him. Touching the ground, Izuru called to one of his many demonic servants for aid in his next endeavor. Out of sight from the commonfolk, a dark shadow covered the ground in front of Izuru. Emerging from the shadow was a massive swarm of flies, enough to drown a man. Buzzing around Izuru, the flies never came too close but remained abuzz. "Obey my summons, fly" said Izuru with a tone that only Nemurin and Nightmare Moon had ever heard. It was deep, venomous and colder than ice.

The flies began to quickly cluster together, the mass of flapping wings repulsive to all who viewed it. Soon the formless grouping of flies began to merge into a new shape. Fusing and blending into a single entity, it soon formed into its true form. Standing before Izuru, with its head hung low was a massive fly. Giant eyes as red as blood, a necklace of skulls around its neck along with a body that was somehow both carapace and fur. "Lord Amareus....did you have need of my services?" said the fly as it raised its head to look at Izuru. "Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies.... I need you to track down some vermin for me.... they have committed an offense that I must punish them for" said Izuru as his normally gold eyes turned scarlet. Beelzebub flinched a little but remained where he was and listened intently to what Izuru had to say. Eventually, Beelzebub understood what to look for and agreed to the search. "My swarm will locate these creatures for you, Lord Amareus... they cannot run from your judgement for much longer" said Beelzebub as he then turned back into the swarm of flies and separated in all directions.

In the reflection of a puddle, Izuru saw his face change into something more nightmarish...

Crow Crow


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"The Zoog may eat our young, but we in turn eat the Zoog. They are our natural enemies," Mr Kitty says to Izuru in a friendly tone, "the true evil are the ones who kill us for the sake of sport, for the sake of sadism. Centuries ago, there was an old couple who once killed our brethren, night by night, to satisfy themselves. One night, my brethren banded together to transform these sinners into bones. Ever since then, this town has had a law against killing cats.

Careful about the Zoog, by the way, they're smart, crafty, and are able to recruit allies that could potentially rival some of you and your group. Kill too many and something bigger could come your way."

By the side, the flies were consuming the corpses of a pair of rodentoid creatures - presumably a couple of Zoog that had snuck in from the nearests forests, however near they were

"They've come a long, long way," Mr Kitty nears the dead bodies, "save some for me, will you?"

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Will stood up, sighing as she cleared her throat.

“Alright. I’m heading out to Mos Burger. I guess I’ll see you guys later.”

Will left the bar, walking out into the unknown as she pulled her pink hood over her head.

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Louise shifted, a hint of a smile on her tired face. "It's more likely than not." Glancing at Rem, she winked, and continued, " They... they say there's a mansion, somewhere in the... the California countryside, where the dead... they don't really die. I actually visited there once, for a party... but I wouldn't recommend going there. Ever. "
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Conclusion No. 1
--Sougo Tokiwa || Reed Boiyo--
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"Suppose I never got around to drinking booze." Reed simply shrugged, hearing that they should either drink at the bar in front of them or just venture out into the unknown. While Reed entered, Sougo followed, but was soon stopped by some bizarre noises.

They sound like...Crows?

The king of time glanced around, looking for the source of the noise.


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"See you arou- wait, I just said you won't find it no matter how far you walk! Strange girl."

As Will left, Reed entered.

"Welcome to Bar Deras. Anything in particular you desire?"

Rem smiled back at Louise.

"You can count on her word for that. Speaking of staying at places, is there a good place to stay here?"

"If your stay is temporary, I'd be happy to let you and your team rest here. I've done some renovations on this place just for situations like this," Belmond suggests.

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The Town of Ulthar. Despite it being day and cheery-looking all around, a dark, sinister aura filled the air.

Maybe it was just Izuru sending his Demon Lord underling out to wreak havoc.

"Beelzebub? Don't make me laugh," the same voice echoed, this time heard by Izuru and Will as well. "Fitting that the lord of the flies would be reduced to doing such menial tasks."

Sougo would've sworn he saw something.


When he looked again, that someone was gone.


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He looks at the person."I found this by wondering around. I lost my friends. " He just rambles on about everything that happened.


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"You will not find your friends here," the old man says, "if you have no other purpose for being here, it is best to head back where you came from. Unless you would like to hear about the teachings of this temple?"



Conclusion No. 1
--Sougo Tokiwa--
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Sougo watched as Izuru summoned some sort of demonic fly, which was soon sent out in search of something. He wasn't entirely sure what he's looking for, but hopefully, they'll find it. Sougo, however, was more interested in the peculiar figure stalking in the shadows. He felt as if he saw him before, though he couldn't put a figure where.

"...I think I should look for it." Sougo mumbled to himself, soon rushing towards the direction where he last saw the figure.

--Reed Boiyo--
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"Woah, hey, girl." Reed jolted as he narrowly avoided bumping into Will, his attention soon grabbed by the bartender. "Hi, yes, I was wondering if I can have 1 cup of beer, please!" Reed casually said, soon sitting down on one of the stools. Truly a first time move if he didn't name what kind of booze he wants. "I am totally not a minor!" He added, digging his grave even deeper.

--Woz || Lavenza--
Crow Crow @Spongegang

Woz and Lavenza nodded as they soon went in the strange, oceanic dream. There, they learnt something about their enemy: Oneiros, revealed to be the one that injured Nemurin. Soon, it left, only to be interrupted by a floating mass of darkness.

"What in the world..." Woz was about to question it when his attention soon turned to the Kraken. Let's take care of that first, shall we?


Woz pulled out the lever on his belt, just as V swoop in and prepared a shotgun-like suitcase. Woz would soon slam the lever back in, activating a finisher.


Woz would seemingly rise in the air, a swirling mass of stars gathering on his heel as he flips towards the money kraken, his body shooting towards it in a flying kick motion!


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Belmond gave Reed Boiyo a skeptical look, but decides to comply.

"Here you go," he says with a light smile, handing Reed his beer, winking, "certain rules don't apply when you're in the dream world.

By the way, I've been meaning to ask - where are you all from? For you all to appear at the same time... here even."

"Here even? You mean this town doesn't get visitors?" Rem asks.

"Not too often, let alone this many at a time. I myself don't really belong here."

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Sougo would be lead to lightly forested areas in the outskirts of the town.

"Looking for me?"

It was Professor Shinigami, staring Sougo down from a tree before he jumps and lands on the grass.

"So, what's the plan, King of the most pointless, futile construct in the human psyche?"

Thepotatogod Thepotatogod


Conclusion No. 1
--Sougo Tokiwa--
Crow Crow

"You! " Sougo glanced up, taking note of the familiar figure. "So you really ARE here!" He exclaims as the figure jumped down. The one who turned Luna into Nightmare Moon...Professor Shinigami. The caped nightmare bringer then asked what Sougo was planning to do.

"I could ask you the same thing, Professor." Sougo responded, approaching Shinigami. "I thought you would've tried to get rid of us the moment we got to this town while we were unconscious...But you didn't." Sougo states taking out his driver. "Then again, I don't get how this dream world works." He sheepily chuckled, scratching the back of his head. "So I want to ask you a couple of things. Things like, who sent the Nightmare Dopant, who do you work for, cliched stuff like that."

--Reed Boiyo--
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"Thanks! I was a bit worried that I was gonna get booted for being 17 for an entire decade cuz of stasis or some shit." Reed chuckled, recieving his well earned booze. It was then that the Bartender asked of their origins. "Does a Post-Apocalyptic wasteland count? Cuz that's where I lived before moving to the dream world." He revealed oh so casually, as if it's a normal thing to say.

"What's up with this town, anyway? Looks like something out of an RPG." Reed then asks, taking a sip of his beer. "Also, how many cats are there in this place? Could've sworn I counted at least 50 outside, I think."


writer of angst
"It's more cats than I've seen at my aunt Edna's house. And that's... saying a lot," Louise joked . She seemed slightly more relaxed than before, a little more rested - or maybe the alcohol was just helping to steady her nerves.
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"Needless to say, the Nightmare Dopant is under my command. He was promised many great things, and you could be too if you joined me! But I assume you don't want to do that," Professor Shinigami cackles as he spins his pole, transforming it into a scythe as he assumes his combat stance, "any more answers for your questions and you will need to wring them out of me, the same way I will wring your life out of you - as but a mere warning for Ayanokouji Rem!"

Thepotatogod Thepotatogod

"It is a bit eerie, but I do like cats. The people who live here have a close affinity to cats, and the cats here are able to speak the tongue of men," Belmond would say.

"Some of them make good friends!" Roa would add, "but some are a bit mean."

"Quite the range of personality, they're like humans in the shape of cats. Truth be told, I lost count after counting up to a hundred and fifty of them. All in all, there are more cats than humans living here, so that's a good basis to start with if you want to do a personal estimation."

Belmond looks towards Reed.

"So you do live in the Dream World. I assume a good number of you do?"

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Will scoffed as she brushed past Reed. She was hungry and she didn’t have time for-

Why did she hear a Boss Voiceover? The Heart sent bolts of energy crackling through her veins, energizing her in case of an emergency.

“Who’s there?! Answer me!”

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Conclusion No. 1
--Sougo Tokiwa--
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"I figured as much. You really hate Ayano-chan, don't you?" Sougo sighs, putting the driver on his waist. "Guess I'll just have to beat you then!" He proclaimed, taking out a large ridewatch with a black and gold body and silver center, showing Zi-O's face.


Sougo tapped the Ridewatch's button, soon twisting the crown on the side of the Ridewatch, reeling the silver face to the side, revealing another Zi-O face, engraved in gold over the black body. He'd then place them on both of the Driver's slots, soon pressing the top, tilting it to the side. Two silver spinning clock constructs appeared behind Sougo, peering over him like eyes as Sougo lowered his stance, moving his arm in front of him, raising it to the side.

"Henshin!" Sougo proclaimed, soon swinging his raised arm downwards, spinning the Driver a full 360 degrees, a clock chiming as the clocks spun as well, unveiling pink katakana visors that spell out 'RIDER'.


Golden ethereal clock straps emerged and surround the Kamen Rider as the pink katakanas pop out of their clocks, converging and colliding with each other as the rings change Sougo's appearance, shrouding him in armor as the two clocks combined into one, golden four handed clock with several others behind him.


The pink letters soon placed themselves onto Sougo's visor, completing the transformation.


From his belt emerged two swords, combining into one greatsword. With the face of his base form on the guard. Sougo grabbed the sword, holding it with two hands.

"I'll protect her and this world." Sougo raised the greatsword and pointed it at the scythewielding professor. "Because that's what Riders do!" He proclaimed, soon lunging towards the Shinigami, thrusting his blade at the villain.

--Reed Boiyo--
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"Well, it's only a temporary thing. I'll have to get back to my girls as soon as I'm done with this whole Dream Beast fiasco." Reed admitted, chuckling a bit. "Doubt you've heard of it, right m'friend?" He asked, raising a brow.


Top-tier Avian Master
"It's more complicated than 'hate'. In fact, she is more than welcome to be my ally if she finally sees the truths I see!"

As Sougo transforms into Zi-O II, Professor Shinigami starts off by charging forward, ready to slash his head.

"Your altruism is poison, and the only way to rid of poison is to bleed it out of your system! When I am done, you will embrace the true nature of humanity - the same true nature I awakened within that pony princess!"

Will would see their clash from a distance.

Thepotatogod Thepotatogod Hahli Nuva Hahli Nuva

"Dream... Beast? Ah, that one. I've heard about something giving everyone nightmares - their deepest, darkest nightmares. Some customers who pop by say it's a she without a face, others say it looks like a jellyfish," Belmond says.

"That's why I come here every time I sleep," Roa says, a bit saddened, "Bangiras will always protect me from it."

"That is true. Granted, I'm merely placing my bar in places that the this creature is unlikely to appear in. I heard rumours that the beast you speak of actively avoids this place."

"I made a drawing of what I remembered of her," Roa says, passing the drawing to Reed, "she's really scary..."

Crude. But don't tell her that.

"Those are stars, by the way."

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"WHAT THE-" the Nightmare Dopant was smacked backwards by the sudden Thunder Punch.


A streaming blaze incinerated the Nightmare Dopant.

"W! Don't you realise? You can't defeat me like that!"

"Then take it all in!"

"Why does it hurt?"

Meanwhile, the Money Kraken would be assaulted, and in grand tokusatsu fashion, it would explode into raining money.

"Arr arr arr arr arr!" Mr Krabs would swim around, collecting the money with a net. "All this money, all mine! You did a great job boyo!"

"I'll be back!" the Nightmare Dopant, screaming in pain, spinning, jumping and vanishing.

That was when a bright light engulfed all...

"Spongebob me boy! Where are you going?"

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Chapter 1b: Repaint the Memory New


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Chapter 1b
Repaint the Memory

When the flash of light was gone, they were back in the misty violet fields of the Dreamscape once more.

"Vat iz zis... vait, zis is not cheese, zis is sponge! Some kind of... Sponge... with pants..." the Commander picks Spongebob up and stretches the squarepants man around. He looks to his side to see the purple-furred fox. "Oh hey, Uriah. You're here."

Spongebob might note that this Commander had a similar accent to Hans, the giant hand who gave him his pants every opening.

It seemed that our crew was pulled from Mr Krabs' dream by a pair of young'ns.

"Sister, look, fellow dreamwalkers!"

"So it seems, Morphe, so it seems."

"Not all of us," the Commander speaks, "some of us are just here for the ride, lending a hand."

"Such a coincidence, not all of us either," the girl would respond.

"Huh, vhat zu you mean?" the Commanders nose then twitched. "Nein nein nein... I recognise ze smell of rice farmers* anyvhere..."

As for what she meant, three others would follow behind.

"I didn't know that we'd be seeing others here! Come on you two, let's say hi!"

"Do we really have to?" a winged lizard weakly flutters its wings to stay afloat as it protested. "All this moving around is making me beat, like we're running around in circles. How about you,


B. Djeeta?"

C. Surprise me, GM man dude guy woman!

(OoC Note: When you post, select one option between the three displayed and place it in a bracket, or integrate it into your actual post. Players who are playing characters not within this zone are free to vote too!)

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*GM Note: This is a meta-joke, there is no rice farmer smell.
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writer of angst
Louise nudged the stalk of celery poking out of her drink, thoughtful. "...maybe... maybe we could, um, compile descriptions. Get the overall picture. Could help us find - and fight - this thing easier."
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The money kraken has been defeated, but everything gets swallowed in a bright light. Spongebob finds himself in a misty field, being picked up by some man and being stretched at degrees either mundane or insane, but the yellow sea sponge doesn't seem to mind. "Um...hi." Spongebob greeted with an awkward tone before the entire group are greeted by a pair of siblings, and blue haired girl, a small dragon, and someone else (C). "Say, um, would you mind telling me where am I? And where's Mr. Krabs?" Spongebob asked.

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Shooting Star Asuka

The Psychotic Waifu
"You're in the Dreamscape."
Darkrai replied, descending down as two black spikes extended down from his waist. He landed on the ground and crossed his arms as he directed his single blue eye towards a pair of siblings, a blue haired girl, a dragon, and someone else.

"You guys sure took your time to get here."

Topless Topless Crow Crow
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Will let her element flow freely, the familiar jolt of divine energy coursing through her veins.

The Heart began to glow, and in seconds her metamorphosis into Kandrakar’s Champion began.

“Guardian Unite!”

As her body changed, the magic of holy light enhanced her human abilities beyond a normal humans. The blessed armor she would receive looked impractical and ineffective in combat, but in truth that was merely a ruse to bring her enemies defenses down, and placate the snobby, unruly nobles that made up Kandrakar’s Council.

In reality, Will’s Guardian Armor was unbreakable.


With her transformation complete, Will charged forwards and leapt into the air, charging her fists up with Quintessence and slamming them down in the middle of the path where Zi-O II and Professor Shinigami were about to meet, pushing both fighters back as she landed with an Earth shaking boom.

“That’s enough! Both of you!”

Crow Crow Thepotatogod Thepotatogod
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Conclusion No. 1
--Reed Boiyo--
Crow Crow themagnoliaofutah themagnoliaofutah

"Giving everyone nightmares, huh?" Reed nodded, taking in that information about a giant jellyfish. "Sounds like we just found our main boss." He says as Roa, the woman next to the barkeep, shows him a drawing of this jellyfish. It's shit, but hey, it's a clue. "I can visualize it as an astral jellyfish looking motherfucker that some pretensious designer thought would make a great religious analogy." Reed says, analyzing the drawing. "Though, it looks oddly...Human for some reason. Like a Jellyfish waifu or something." Reed says, noticing some things else. "Also, are my ears broken, or did you just call this thing a she?" He asked Roa, raising a brow. "Because I can definitely see the resemblance based on your little sketch."

--Sougo Tokiwa--
Crow Crow Hahli Nuva Hahli Nuva

"Human nature isn't like that!" Sougo's greatsword clashed with Shinigami's scythe, attempting to parry the scythe's blade by swinging his greatsword with great force at an upwards motion.

In retaliation, Sougo activated his precognition, attempting to counter and punish Professor Shinigami's next move as he does it. However, his Future Vision didn't see Shinigami getting a chance of retaliation, instead, the appearance of a third party.

And such Sougo was pushed back where he started, greatsword in hand, he stared at the newcomer. It appears to be an orange haired woman, clad in pink(or is it magenta?). Exuding a magical aura of some kind.

"Who...Are you?" Sougo asked the obvious question, seeing as they're in the middle of a tense situation. Feeling as if Shinigami won't back down, Sougo once more activated his future vision, once confirmed that he'll strike, Sougo must react to move the woman out of harm's way.

--Woz || Lavenza--
Crow Crow @Purplefields

(I chooseth the FeMC--{[🅱]})

Woz and Lavenza didn't remember much after the flash of light. However, they did know that it took them somewhere. Somewhere that is very violet in color, filled with a bizarre mist.

"Friends of yours, Lavenza?" Woz asks, seeing some other people, claiming to be dreamwalkers.

"No." Lavenza shook her head. "They're not Dreamscapers, but they have familiar abilities."

"Hm." Woz simply crossed his arms, glancing at the twin Dreamwalkers as well as other people who were dragged into this mess. "I don't suppose we're owed an explanation?" Woz asks, his book tucked under his arm.

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