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Fandom Disaster in the Dreamscape


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Chapter 0


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In the great cosmos, the dreams of every being that walks the many universes are connected through a great realm known by many names - the Dream World, The Dream Realm, the Dreamlands, the Realm of Sleep, the Dreamscape, so on. Dreams of all kinds lurk, and dreams don't just become reality there, they are reality.

The Dreamscapers. You can call them what you wish - bogeymen, guardian angels, but just know that their goal is to protect people from nightmares. They were first formed by a collaboration between Nemurin, Princess Luna of Equestria, Darkrai and Silence Dogood, but it has grown over time into a wide council. There are times that they have failed, times where they are unsuccessful in fixing a nightmare before it ends, but this failure is part of a balance - a balance between pleasant dreams and nightmares, where one cannot precede over the other.

But one is preceding over the other. A strange beast set out on a quest to plunge the cosmos into nightmares, community by community, world by world. Some would stay awake to avoid these nightmares, while others would be dragged into them for a long, long time. The Dreamscapers had to grow and mobilize to deal with the growing nightmares, but it was no use - they had to tackle things from the source!

Chapter 0
The Nightmare cometh


The Headquarters of the Dreamscapers was a fine wooden cabin located within the forest biomes of the Gigantispore, a great dream behemoth. The inside of this wooden cabin painted a much different story than the outside, with walls, floors and ceilings made of pink, fluffy clouds and access to many rooms through stairs and doors, and needless to say, it looked much larger on the inside than the outside.

The living quarters consisted primarily of a fluffy cloud couch adorned with cloud pillows, in front of a cloud table that sat across a plasma TV that was not made of clouds, but rather, actual TV materials. The entire floor was basically a rug so a rug would've been pointless.

There was a rug under the table anyways. A cloud rug.

"Everyone~" a petite lass, body resting on a pillow as she hovered, addressed the group. This was Nemurin. Contrary to what you might think, Nemurin was the leader of the Dreamscapers. "I think we've all done a good job~. But I think as things stand right now, you all should opt to take just a bit of rest, something we haven't done for a while. Right now, we're on a bit of a wild goose chase... I on the other hand, will go take a stroll to patrol..."

"If that is your decision, Nemurin, I will respect it," a night blue Alicorn speaks, as she beat her wings, descending onto the fluffy floor. This was Princess Luna. In the world of the waking, she was the princess of the night that co-ruled Equestria with her sister, Princess Celestia. In this slumbering world, she was also second-in-command, this time to Nemurin.

"See you all later~" Nemurin declares as she flies out of the door, and out of Giore's biosphere, to head out into the Dreamscape.

Tapping her hooves on the floor, she turns to the others and suggests, "I would feel a bit easier patrolling the dreamscape than hanging around here to rest. If any of you are in agreement, you are free to accompany me on my patrols."


Someone was having a terrible dream.

"Everyone's... dead?"

Aboard a boat, the young one looks around at the fallen allies, their corpses floating on the ocean. He was clearly distraught as he begins to speak to the fallen, tears trickling down her eyes.

"Jean, what happened to experiencing a real pirate's life after the Sirens were gone for good? Eugen, wake up, this isn't like you... Zerstorer 46, I'm so sorry... I never gave you the name you so badly wanted..."

The scene before his eyes was a chaotic sky that served as a dye for an otherwise colourless sea, adorned with the enemies of humanity - the Sirens. Their sheer numbers were about to make him lose hope, until the two who remained shouted towards him.

"Nein, Kommandant! Don't lose hope!"

"Yes, otherwise all would've died in vain."

"Zerstorer 23, Ayanami, you're right. it's up to us three," the Commander wipes his tears on her sleeves, steeling his courage, "you've been fighting Sirens alongside my parents, and now you fight them alongside me. I will make sure I live long enough to have children and grandchildren who will do the same! Let's go!"

As they gained confidence and fought through the hordes, the Commander was ultimately stabbed by a black tentacle in the chest, falling with these last words.

"Don't bother with my fall - win at all costs..."


The Commander would awaken in a hospital bed, with Z23 and Ayanami greeting him with a hug.


As they formed a union with their hands, the Commander cheered, "well, this was a happier ending than expected. Though I have a lot of questions, starting with - how did you afford my medical fees?"


A bunch of fat, bald, ugly men walked in, grinning from ear to ear as two of them grabbed Z23 and Ayanami by the necks and slammed them into the walls.

"This- it's what I think it is, isn't it?"

As the big boys licked their lips, Z23 and Ayanami were visibly crying.

"Kommandant, we're sorry, we had to..."
"All we ask is... please don't look..."


Two of the big boys pin Commander to the ground, forcing his eyes open.


"Your screams only strengthen the atmosphere..."


"... fuck it, let's just move on."

One of them unzips their pants, and something pops out. This something was... the head of a night blue unicorn with wavy hair very much like the night sky? The unicorn spoke a few words at that very moment.

"Did I miss anything?"

"What in my surrogate grandmother's name just happened?"

The zip continued throughout the entire body until a costume resembling a human was left on the ground. The one who was in it all this time spread her wings majestically, as if the ugly bastard was a cocoon and she was a butterfly. Z23, whom this human was previously strangling, fell to the ground, unconscious.


"Who the fuck is that?"

"Doesn't matter, get her!"

She proceeded to fire magical beams from her horns to turn the other fat dudes into dust, allowing for the Commander to rise up, panting heavily due to a lot of weight previously dogpiling her.

"Wow, thanks, any longer and I would've been banned - from life," the Commander was grateful.

"No worries. These are but my duties," the unicorn - revealed to be an alicorn - replied.

"You were on time to stop this from becoming offbrand."

"Alright, now I am unaware of what you speak of."

"Yeah, just your standard Comiket fare."

"What is this 'Comiket' you speak of?"


The alicorn's horn glowed brightly, enveloping the entire place before the scenery shifted to the Commander wearing an apron while cooking pigs in a blanket in the kitchen, with Z23 and Ayanami waiting on a table nearby.

"May you have sweet dreams. Others are having terrifying nightmares and they need my help," the alicorn says, flying out of the window.

"Hmmm..." Commander ponders, switching the fire off as he looks to her various kitchen utensils. The grappling gun - alongside the safer lasso gun edition, sat alongside the various spatulas and egg cutters.

The Dreamscapers that agreed to follow Luna were currently waiting outside a steel door, one that would've been fitting if it were on a naval warship, that Luna had recently entered. This door was one of many across the dreamscape that lead to various dreams, each a different type of door to reflect the one having the dream. Barely under a minute later, its bolts were undone, the door flung open and Luna emerged from it.

"For every one nightmare we rid of, two more emerge in its place. It's like a hydra, except this problem will grow irregardless. The great nightmare-inflicting beast may have increasing power as it continues to spread throughout the cosmos, but if this is the least we can do for now, then we will do it."

"I'm sure you did a great job in there, Luna," a small woman complimented her pony colleague.

"Indeed Rem, I am confident that the young one will be happy in his dreams for the rest of the night."

"I beg to differ," Rem, as she was called, points to a redheaded young one with a lasso gun of some kind clinging onto Luna's tail. This lasso gun begins to disintegrate into dust.

"You should return to your dream, young one."

"I overheard your problems, I know there's something up."

"Then you should know that this isn't a simple feat," Luna iterates, "you should stay somewhere safe. As a leader in my own right, it is my duty to fight for my people and keep them as safe as possible, and my people include all who sleep."

"That's the worst way to convince me out of this," the redhead retorts, "because I'm a leader too. I lead the Ironblood and Sakura Empire, the good old Kriegsmarines and IJN. And back where I'm from, my subordinates are suffering from nightmares - some dragged into them, others repelled by them to the point of insomnia. In my world, the way it works is that I'm just a fleshy, squishy human who commands - a Commander, and my subordinates are KAN-SEN, and are the strength and power who would protect me. They say it's natural for them to fight and me to just command behind the scenes, for them to respect me despite them being the ones laying the fingers and not me, but... just for once... I want to do something for them... on this scale!"

"Should we heed her, Luna?" Rem asks.

"The young one might possess fighting ability, based on his words. It's not everyday that I hear about someone with those thoughts. I am nobled by them, however..."

"Then you'll hear it a few more times," the Commander replies, "because I know a few other leaders. Plus a few middle-class guys. They're from different worlds than me, but if-"

"These ones?" Luna asks, as her horn glows and sparks, causing a few doors to teleport and float in place. These doors varied in different ways, and could have easily been from different eras.

"Looks like them. That one's definitely a Zi-O door, very easy to tell. But yes, I'm confident that they'll be of great help in your quest to end nightmares. And stuff. How'd you know it was them?"

"I saw visions of them while entering your dream. Unfortunately, I could not gather everyone. So, to get this straight, you want to fight alongside us with these people?"

The Commander nods.

Luna looks to the others, "should we entertain this?"

"I'm always happy to have new allies if they can give us the upper hand," Rem says as she approached one of the doors - a metal door with a stylized W on it, split between a red right and a blue left. She places her hand on a scanner as it emitted a 'recognized' before the two halves of the door slid open, with smoke emerging from the inside as Rem entered.

(OoC Note: At this point, the 'Broski' characters could write themselves getting caught up in their nightmares while the Dreamscaper characters that agreed to follow Luna could enter these dream doors to access these nightmares and save them. Haaave fun!)

Crow Crow - Commander (Crimson Axis) (Azur Lane)
Flintstone Flintstone - Kaladin (The Stormlight Archive)
Thepotatogod Thepotatogod - Sougo Tokiwa & Woz (Kamen Rider Zi-O)

@Agent23 - Rick Sanchez (Rick & Morty) - Gigantispore (Original Character)
Celestial Speck Celestial Speck - Inokura 'Ino' Nanabi (Persona OC)
Crow Crow - Nemurin (Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku)
DanGriin DanGriin - Izuru Kamukura (Kamen Rider OC)
Dylan.thomas7 Dylan.thomas7 - David "Dave" Lister (Red Dwarf)
Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505 - The Player (SUPERHOT) & Jevil (Deltarune)
@LuckycoolHawk9 - Holden Matthews (Beyond) & Leo Howard (Original Character)
@Nocturne. - Mason "Dipper" Pines (Gravity Falls)
Nubby Nubs Nubby Nubs - Bismarck "Mad Clown" Nuberson (Original Character)
PopcornPie PopcornPie - Uriah (Original Character)
@Shooting Star Asuka - Darkrai (Pokemon)
@SilverDingo - Ariadne (Inception)
@themagnoliaofutah - The District Attorney (Who Killed Markiplier)
Thepotatogod Thepotatogod - Reed Boiyo (Original Character) & Lavenza (Persona 5)​


Dazed, confused, but chugging on.
Elsewhere in the dreamscape, an elegant kitsune charged headfirst into the line of duty. In her path laid a group of pale-skinned individuals, with piercing green eyes and pointy ears. The creatures were identical in everything from shape to height, all for one: The young, tan-skinned catgirl they were after. Severed locks of the catgirl's chocolate brown hair laid across her body, as did her maroon headpiece. Her eyes differed in color, but displayed the same amount of fear and resentment in her pursuers. "Join us, Catra..." The catgirl struggled to block out the clones' uniform chant. "JOIN US, CATRA. JOIN US..."

"Perhaps, instead, you folk ought to join the Devil."

The kitsune's call turned all their heads towards her, and she sprung into action. As she began with plumes of lavender fire, two of the six spots on her body began to glow. She opened a path to the catgirl, and she wrapped the young feline with her tails. "Catra, was it?"

Catra gazed at the vulpine with uncertain eyes. They seemed to fluctuate in hue and size as they studied their hero. Her fang-lined jaw hung agape, while her tail remained between her legs.

"Aw, has Horde Prime got your tongue?" The kitsune lifted Catra onto her back. "My name is Uriah, and you shall not be afraid of me." She galloped all over the Horde ship, but the Horde clones were hot on her silky tails. Spell number two, don't let her down.

Another pair of spots glowed, and Uriah saw a sharp increase in speed, while the world appeared to slow down around her. Unfortunately, more clones jumped down in front of her, grabbing her by the tails and throwing Catra forward. Her response was simple: As her third pair of spots glowed, the metal plating around them peeled from the walls, slamming into the clones with enough force to send them flying.

"Well?!" Catra spat, her ears folded. "Finish them with another spell!"

Uriah just stood there, panting with her head low. Her first pair of spots were fading, but all three were still glowing. "I have exhausted my magic...we must instead move while we're ahead." She reclaimed Catra, and used her sharp nose to navigate the shop. All around them, shadows threatened to construct the duo. Not that Uriah was afraid; These kinds of nightmares were common. Thus, even without the energy to use more spells, she found the exit.

"Thank you, Uriah..." Upon her dismount at the gates of Brightmoon, Catra awkwardly spoke to Uriah. "I thought that, after we defeated Horde Prime, I'd finally stop seeing those creeps."

"Trauma just works that way." Uriah cooed, petting Catra's shoulders with her tails. "Even after the treat has passed, you will feel the scars for quite some time. Even though this is the sad truth, you will not be left to heal alone." She licked Catra's head. "In daylight, you will have Adora. In moonlight, you will have me."

"...Nah, I won't have Adora." Catra moped, her eyes and ears falling towards the ground. "It's my fault that Horde Prime invaded in the first place. I helped Hordak build his portal."

"If she knows you are sorry, and if you work to make amends, I have faith in Adora's forgiveness. You are allowed to stay here, are you not?"

"I...don't think the Etherians like me."

"Do not be angry with them, they are just unsure of you. The first step to changing your public image is not them, but you. Treat them with kindness. Spread beauty and smiles to places where there are none. Stop others from falling down the same abyss you did." Uriah tilted her head to the Brightmoon gates. "If Adora could go from a Horde soldier to a beloved warrior, then that kind of change is within you, too."

Catra grew resentful. "Yeah, and it was her becoming such a beloved warrior that left me at the mercy of Shadow Weaver and Hordak, and forced to deal with every mess that fell off their plates. Do you have any idea how painful it is to see the only girl who supported you trashing your plans?!" Her tail bristled and spit shot from her mouth.

"Yet she still took you home with her." Uriah licked Catra's ruffled hair. "Even though the two of you were forced to be enemies, Adora still worried. She still worries about you now, Catra, and will continue to do so. Your friend found a safe, loving home, and she wants you to experience those loving arms, too."


Conclusion No. 1
--Reed Boiyo || Lavenza--
Interactions: Crow Crow Celestial Speck Celestial Speck

Within the comforts of the base's living room, a young man clad in black wearing a chestplate that appears to be a controller, wearing goggles over his eyes as well as shoulder pads sat upside down on the couch, his feet rested where his head would be while his head hands around the edge of the seat, taking a break as he tapped about with his Game Visionnaire. It doubles as a game console too. It was rad.

"Honestly, Boiyo..." A blonde little girl in a blue dress turned to the upside down gamer with a look of disdain on her face. "Do you have to adapt such a...Rude posture?" She asked, The man named Boiyo physically not reacting, still tapping away at his game, focused and on the zone, licking his lips with the tongue peeking out.

"Helps me focus." He says, noises from his game starting to leak out a bit. "If it bothers you that much, I can stop."

"That would be--"

"After I finish taking down this boss!" He cut off the girl, "I'm at the final phase, so yeah!" He chuckled.

"Of course you do." The girl sighs, and continues to sit cordially like a doll with a pouty "Hmpf!"

"Hey now, you don't have to be so cold about it, Lavy-chan!" Reed chuckles nervously, "It's not like the chief minds it if I game like this, right?" He asked, turning to Lavenza for a second, pronouncing the chan like a baka gaijin weeb that he is. By the time he looked back, his character already died. "Fuck!" He cussed, noticing that he lost. Just then

It was then that their leader spoke up, causing Reed to jolt in shock, letting go of the GV and dropping it onto his face, earning a slight giggle from the velvet room attendant.

Their leader, Nemurin, spoke about the others now being able to take a break while she's going out to patrol. Immediately after she left, resident pony Luna decides to go on patrol as well.

"Eh, I'm coming with." Reed rolled backwards, standing back up and reattaching his GV at his right arm. "It's gonna get boring quickly if I just sit here and wait. You coming with, Lavenza?" He asked the blonde loli, who shook her head.

"No thank you. I believe I have earned this rest for once." Lavenza says, "Although, if it comes to it, I shall accompany Inokura."

"Gee, you sure got attached to him quick." Reed raised his arms in an elbows up posture, looking at Ino. "What's up with him?"

"Hmm...I'm not quite sure either." Lavenza shook her head, staring at Ino. "There's something about him that reminds me of someone..."

"Oooh, you have a crush on him or something, Lavy?" Reed turned back to Lavenza, sporting a smirk.

"Oh please...It's not as trivial as that." Lavenza shook her head, still staring at Ino.

"Well, have fun with that. Imma go with Twilight and do some more nightmare hunting." Reed nods, putting a hand on his waist, walking off.

As soon as Luna returned...

"I know, right? This is like some shitty indie game that's really promising they forgot to debug!" Reed ranted as Luna made her assessment, putting his hands in his pockets. "It's, quite frankly, really annoying." He sighed, soon noticing a red headed commander person holding a lasso gun wrapped around Twilight's tail. "Oh hey, I didn't know we can bring souvenirs." Reed says, pointing at the red-haired commander.

He, or she by the looks of it, had overheard their problems and decided to help out, despite Twilight's objections, directing them to several doors.

One door appear to be golden with many different kinds of clocks one its edges. A red digital label in front of it detailing a year. 2169. Behind it is a faint symbol of what seems to be the letters NXU stringed together with clock hands.

"Nice." Reed says, reading the 69 on the label. "I'm taking this one. Anyone wanna join me?" He asks, tapping the door to open it. The door opened up, widening as the red digits glowed and disappeared, the door showing what seems to be a quarry alongside some fog. He turned to the commander with a question. "Hey, quickie, you know this guy, right? What does he look like?" Reed asked, curious as to who he's looking for.

Sougo's Dream
[ 2 1 6 9 ]
The reign of Ohma Shocker

Flung a good 150 years into the future, Sougo had once again began to experience a dream so real, it imagined a future. In this future, however, unlike the one he saw with Kamen Rider Kikai at 2121, which is bad enough on its own, this one seems to be a world under an apocalypse. A world under the rule of an all powerful terrorist organization with an all powerful Rider.

This day was pure chaos, as if watching world war 2 unfold before you. People shooting from guns, rifles and even plasma based weapons fighting and losing against what seems to be masked bugmen with yellow scarves who simply ran up to them punch their guts out.

Fighting alongaide these masked bugmen are these strange sounding, high pitch grunting men clad in black skinsuits with a skeleton motif on it wearing comically large belts holsing knives, slaughtering those who tried to get away. For reasons unknown, they kept on yelling "EĒĒÉ"

Unlike the masked bugmen, these spandex clad mooks seem to come in swarms, their numbers are greater than the masked bugmen. Accompanying them in very little numbers are some bizarre looking monsters which are mostly humanoid with different animal heads.

Way past the horde of masked bugmen and mooks, three riders appear clad in red, white and grey to be in combat with a simple, black clad one. It's guise appearing similar to a the black one with pink highlights, except it takes a more golden and red take on the suit. It's face was pure black instead of white complimenting its red visor and golden clockhands.

". . ." This Rider didn't seem to speak, but instead breathed in long sighs as it glares upon the three weakened Riders. In his hand appears to be a a black greatsword with a golden quartz like blade, bearing thw Rider's head onto the slot where a Ridewatch can be placed. "...How weak." He scoffed, "Was my great grandfather's power...This inferior to mine?"

"He...He's strong...!" The man in the suit that's obviously the original that the gold and black one copied from groaned in pain, clutching his arm as he struggled to stand. "W...What is he? Why is he like me?! How is he stronger than me?!"

"Shocker Rider Ku-O..." An old man's voice spoke as, out of nowhere, appeared beside the Dark Rider. He appeared similar to the mooks, except over his ridiculous spandex, he's dressed in a brown coat. Unlike the other mooks, he spoke in a rather normal voice for a man in his 50s. "Do you like him, Sougo-kun? I modeled this one off of you."

"M...Mr. Shocker!" Sougo's eyes widened as he saw the familiar mook. This random Shocker Mook...They met once, in a few dreams as well. This mook told Sougo about his woes and Sougo to him. To think he was evil after all..."Why?! I thought you were going to retire!"

"That's Mr. Great Leader Shocker to you, Sougo." Mr. Shocker quickly corrected, "Yes, and you told me you're going to be King." Mr. Shocker said as he dusted his coat. "And here we are. With me and my newer and better Ohma Shocker at the top, the world under my very hands."He chuckled, cackling into his fellow mook's high pitched shrills, "And to think, all it took was a rebellious little teenager and your family heirloom! EÉÉÉ É É È È ÉÉ~!" The Shocker mook cackled in his high pitched shrill, gaining the rage if Sougo.

"What are you saying...?!" Geiz asked, getting alongside the white clad one known as Tsukuyomi.

"I'm saying that Shocker Rider Ku-O was none other than YOUR descendant, Sougo! Your great great grand kid, Tokiwa Ryugo!" Mr. Shocker pointed at Sougo, cackling louded. "The man you're trying to kill, the man you're desperately trying to stop is your own flesh and blood!"

"N-no...No way...!" Sougo gasped in fear, shocked by this revelation. Shaking his head as he shakily gripped his sword, soon clenching it tight. "SHOCKER!!" He roared in disbelief, judgement clouded in rage as he tried to attack dispite Geiz and Tsukuyomi's please.

Gripping his Jikan Girade, Sougo charged at the former Shocker mook turned Great Leader, raising his blade to kill him out of rage when Ku-O moved in and blocked his overhead strike, the teo Riders glaring at each other. One growling in rage while the other simply breathes. Swords clashed, sparks flying before Sougo jumped back, Ku-O lowering his blade.

"I...I don't want to hurt you, Ryugo!" Sougo pleaded, "Please...Just stop fighting for him! We can still end this peacefully!"

"Funny...You didn't seem to care before you knew who I am." Ryugo scoffs, raising his blade and running his hand through the edge, pointing the tip up to the sky. "Shows how much you don't really give a shit about the future, Mr.Time Traveller."

"Ryugo..." Sougo gulps, preparing to fight the man he now knew as his grandson, and knowing his dreams, this one may as well be the future he may hold.
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"Well, as a civilian, he looks like one of those barely-adult Japanese pretty boys you see in live action morning cartoons, hair's a bit on the light brown side" the Commander says to Reed, "in his super-suit, a.k.a. the Rider Armors, he's easy to recognise because he'll always have a clock for a face and have Japanese words imprinted on it, stomach area looks like the straps of my parents' watches, and there's a belt with two slots."

"He could easily look different - older, younger," Luna adds, "there are certainly many who see themselves differently from their true, physical selves."

"I'm sure the super-suit thing still applies. A bit too defining to change, even in a dream. I can't really picture anyone else having it. Then again, he has been called a king, so something that trademark-y could easily be an heirloom thing if he ever gets kids..."

Thepotatogod Thepotatogod


Off to a Better Place

Gosh, how did Luigi ever find himself in this situation? One minute, he had been at home watching the newest episode of "To Catch a Fungi" on his recently acquired flat screen television, and the next, he was standing outside of a steel door, literally quaking in fear of what could be on the other side. Mysterious steel doors were among the list of the many, many things that usually scared the younger Mario brother, after all.

"I-I-I don't know about-a this one... maybe we should turn back..." He said as he covered his face with his gloved palms. The chatters of his teeth no doubt echoed throughout the room in a manner that might have annoyed his fellow Dreamscapers, but then again, they were probably used to this behavior from the green bean by now. Moments later, the door flung open in a manner that made Luigi flench like a scared little girl, though as he peered at Luna behind squinting eyes, he was soon relieved to find that it was only Luna on the other side of the door. She then explained how dreams were like Hydra Heads or something, which was followed up by their next task: to help solve nightmares, which was a thing they usually already did anyways.

Without a moment of hesitation, Luigi booked it towards the first door he saw-- he was always terrible at making decisions. "H-hey! W-w-wait for meee!" Luigi shouted as he ran after Reed and into this newfound nightmare nightmare, closing his eyes and clenching his fists as he prepared himself for the worst...

So, Luigi apparently ran a few hundred years into the future, and immediately encountered spandex clad men and bug men. The bug men terrified him, to be sure, but he was more focused on the ridiculous looking spandex men, which far outnumbered the bug men. Then, some people just started ranting about something he literally had no idea about... like, at all.

All Luigi could really do here was stand there, confused as to everything that was going on around him.

"Uhhh.... so which-a guys are we supposed to fight?"

Thepotatogod Thepotatogod Crow Crow

Nubby Nubs

New Member
"H-How did I ever get into this tangled mess!?" Thought the Fool. But he already knew why,it was his own idiocy that got him tangled up in this mess. He had mostly kept to himself in the meeting,sitting on the "floor" like a fool would do. He was still.....recovering on the fact he got sucked off by a book. And by that he meant his soul,but with a sigh he got up from his lovely time with the floor and followed the rest of the ragtag team of oddities. The steel door that they had entered looked pretty strange,then again,everything else was also complete bonkers. He listened to the strange horse explain to the cowardly man about the task at had,which was to apparently take out nightmares. Once more the Clown internally questioned how he got mixed up with this. "Bah that's in the past. Besides,wasn't the green bean's name luigi,right?" He pondered,he did feel a bit of pity for the man. They Were going to fight literal nightmares,so being a tad bit frightened was understandable.

Once the Fool had bothered to come back to "reality" He quickly noticed that the rest had already entered the doors,he quickly dove into the doors to rejoin the group.

What appeared within the portal definitely surprised the Fool,he saw a city with the most advanced looking architecture he had ever seen. But what REALLY got his attention was the men with spandex,though to be fair he was also wearing spandex. But in his defense he was going for an aesthetic! These guys just looked......very stupid,and not in a funny way. He quickly noticed a few of them changeing their course to charge at him,"Oh? Jealous are we? Well perhaps a bit fire could cure that!" He suddenly grabbed a bottle of oil from his back pouch,and then begun to chug it all in but mere seconds. He threw the bottle at one of them,missing entirely. But quickly mad up for it by breathing a flame large enough to engulf the four chargers into crispy meat.

Crow Crow
Thepotatogod Thepotatogod
thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore
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Conclusion No. 1
--Reed Boiyo--
Interaction: thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore

"Alright, so he looks like a japanese Power Ranger. Got it." Reed nods, soon facing the door once more. His body glowed bright neon pink, soon turning into a cluster of pixels.

Reed Boiyo, Luigi & The Fool in...
Ohma Shocker's Reign

Luckily, the two appeared right at the fight between Sougo and Ryugo, both of them clashing swords with one another while the other two seemed to surround another one of those luchador guys except in a coat.

"I have no idea." Reed shook his head, soon he shouted, "Hey, which one of you guys is Zi-O?"


Both of the clashing Riders turned to Reed. Unfortunately for them, they looked too similar. One of them is light black, silver and has pink japanese leter eye things while the other one was mostly black, red and gold, with red japenese letter eye things. Seeing his chance, however, the dark one kicked the pink eyed one towards Reed and Luigi, landing in front of them.

"Hi! Are you Zi-O?"

"Yeah...That would be me." The pink eyed one said, still laying on the ground. "...Do I know you?"

"Oh, some red haired german dude sent us to get you." Reed explained, Sougo soon getting up in a crouch. "He said you could help us."

"Wait wait wait...T-the Commander of the Crimson Axis did?" Zi-O asked, pointing at both Reed and Luigi. "I-In my sleep? How?!" Just as he asked that, a laser beam was fired, shooting right past Zi-O and hitting Reed, knocking him back. However, there wasn't a hole in his chest or anything. In fact, there wasn't a wound but a smoking chared part of his shirt.

"Long story, but we'll explain later." Reed groaned as he dusted his chest, his chestplate's green bar depleting a bit. He walked over to Zi-O and Luigi, facing the black version of him holding a clock themed blaster. "Guess that means this guy's the source of your nightmare, right?"

Jikan Girade! JYU!

"Yeah, I guess you could say that..." Zi-O nodded, turning back to the black Zi-O, now weilding a similar looking gun., "Be careful though! He's crazy strong!"

"Seeking help from complete weaklings are we, Sougo?" The black Zi-O growled, "Then I'll call for help as well. Riders! Combatants!" He raised his hand, and suddenly, more of the black spandex clad luchadors appeared as well as the yellow scarved bugmen, surrounding the black Zi-O.

They all did a salute, raising their left arms up as if hailing Hitler. The footmen soon reverted into their slouched posture, raising their blades while the Shocker Riders took on a fighting stance as they prepared to face Sougo and the others.

"Here they come!" Reed drew his Master Gamer Sword, preparing to take on the horde of Shocker Luchadors alongside a few Karate Bugmen.

Some of the Shocker combatants charged at Luigi, yelling their favorite letter as they attempt to pounce on the green plumber!

Interaction: Nubby Nubs Nubby Nubs

"EEE! EEE! EEEEEEE!!!" The three Shocker Grunts shrilled in pain as they run around, trying to put out the flames on their own. However, one remained, his arms crossed as a pair of large bug eyes stared onto The Fool.

Mixed in with the grunts was a Shocker Rider! A tougher variant of the normal Shocker Combatant. The Rider clenched his fist, approaching the Fool, rushing at the dream clown as he attempts to punch his face!

Just as the others entered the Zi-O door, another door suddenly appeared. It appeared to be some sort of elevator door with a logo of a green minimalistic looking clock on the doors. Inside was...A living room.

Gee, whoever's having a nightmare here is clearly a pushover.

Woz' Dream

Within this odd little clockshop full of...Clocks, there is a dining room for its residents. The 9-5 DO also acts as an apartment complex after all.

Within the dining room is a young man with brown hair, who had just entered the shop, yelling an 'I'm home.' in a rather sour tone, walking towards the dining room to see...An extravagant meal await him! A full course meal from a simple soup to an elegant cake desert! And what's this? The cake has something written on it--Happy 20th Birthday My Overlord!

"Woah...What's this all about?" The man whom the meal was prepared for was shocked to see such a meal arranged before him. He was clad in a pink poloshirt and brown slacks. Out of the kitchen stepped out...A man clad in a brown coat and a grey scarf, which had a white apron atop his outfit, carrying an entire chicken.

"Ah, M'lord, you've arrived just in time!" The man greeted with a smile, carrying a plate of whole fried chicken. soon plopping it onto the table. "Please, have a seat. I have prepared quite a supper."

"W-wait a minute! Shouldn't we wait for Uncle first?" The man's lord politely declines, shaking his head. "Where is he, anyway?"

"Ah, Sir Junichiro is currently out doing a delivery for a customer." The man answered, "I was assuming he's be back in a few minutes, but I assumed wrong."

"I-I see..." The aforementioned Lord nodded as the man pulled out a chair for him to sit at like a servant.

If anyone enters this dream door, you'd be very, very confused.

Celestial Speck

I'm not a bad guy, I swear!
Thepotatogod Thepotatogod | Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505

Within the headquarters of the Dreamscapers, a boy slept a dream in which he experienced more than once already.

In a burning city filled with the darkness of night, living, almost organic shadows moved about wickedly. Buildings that once were of humans architecture now rose as devilish signs of fear and darkness. Strange and alien patterns to buildings, as the streets of what was once a proud and standing Japanese city, fell apart on itself, as a single boy stood atop a lone and tall building stood on his knees to watch the chaos.

This anomaly was unexplainable to him. He couldn't describe what he was seeing as he stood on the chaos of mass destruction that expanded across miles. The smell of flames entered his lungs. The shallow feeling of blood ran across his fingers as he held his blade.


That was his voice and he knew of that. He didn't know who 'everyone' was. Nor who 'he' was. Shadows crept closer regardless of his confusion. The sounds of something primordial being formed could be heard, as Inokura could hear the chaos and destruction speak.


"Shut up..." The boy clutched his sword in his hand and swung in the air, nowhere closer to hitting anything- yet something shined within him, as azure-colored flames surrounded his sword, and destroyed dozens of the approaching shadows. "Shut up! You don't know ANYTHING about fate! You're all just trying to ~̴̡̧̡̨̨̡̨̭̥̱̥̹͓͇̟͉̫̣̮̹͕̞̠̗̠͓̰̖̔̀̉͆͛͒͒̚͝ḑ̵̧̱̤͈͙̲̺̖͙̳͎̙̘̜͉̲̘̩̪͍̣͉̳̞͉̳͕̣̤̼̊̈̂͂̀̌̏͐͌͊̑̌̇̀͌͂͑̈́̓̇̉̕͘͜͠͠j̴̡̢̯͎͆̆͌̄͛̀̐̌̋̄̈́̓͋͒͋͆̌̽͆̀͂̌̌͂̓̚͝͠͠ͅi̴̧̧̡̡̧̨̛͚̭̝̘̩̠̙̙͔̞̫͚͍̮̰͋͌̓̌̊̀͛̑͊̈̊̑̀̀͒̔̌̓̉̉̓͆̊͊͘͘̚͜͜b̷̢̥͉͕̗̤̳͒̑̓̿̍̄͗̔̆̈́́̉͂̆̾͛́͒̇̓̑̓̕͘f̵̨͙̯̹̤̥̦̞̻̪͋̀̎̎͐́̿̔͐̍̌͌͌̎̋̓̆͒͌̋̕͝͝͝͝͠͝s̴͔̞̱͖̪͕͍͈͇̀͒̽̀͂̎̀͐̔̂̾̇͘͝͝â̶̡̨̧̖̙̻͖̦̮͚̥̮̰̮̺̳͖̣͙͓͍̹͙̒̕͜͜͜ͅḟ̴̡̡̧̨̬̝̳̳͙͚̱̗̘͓̜̗̱̞̼̲̙͚̙̝̯̞̳̼̗̈̌̓̄̅̌̏̋͊̈́̍̄̿̓̒̉͑̈͘͘̕̚͜͜͠͝͝ͅg̶̡̛͉̞̳̯̣̼̙̲͚̹̱̣̞̦̭̮͓̜̝̯̜͍͎̀͑́̇̇̈̅̍͂͛̈́̈́͊̀͂͒̿̀̆͆̒͛̈́͆̀̈͗̌͝͠͝ͅĕ̴̡̩̹̠͓̝̙̼̬̤̯͎̙̜̙͕̒͂̈́̑̄͐͂̀͌̐͌̆̉̿̽̋͘̕͘͝r̸̨̢̛̻̤̞̥̬͚̯̲̮͖̝͎̦̫̖͓̗͇̬̺̱̦͂́̇͑́̈́̉̅͊͑̉̓̍́̆͐͜ͅw̶͓͔͓̐̈̓̃̈́̍̀́̀͛̉̉̉̍̑̏͆̒̆̍̚͘̕̕͘͝͝͝ͅ!"

The flames spread about violently around him. He attacked and slashed. The reality he so dearly hoped was fake broke apart with each swing, each yell of rage, each Shadow killed. Yet, even with the enemies he made his life's purpose to kill fell around him, even if he knew this world in which he failed was fake, even if he had hope his friends were safe, he knew that one thing was right: He wasn't going home today.

As the cruel, white moon loomed over his head as his mind shattered and lost track of the past, a man fighting to change destiny knew was caught up on it again.

In a private room in the headquarters, the eyes of a boy shot themselves open, as he stared at the dark ceiling of his room.

Inokura Nanabi gently but surely forced his yet tired and still booting-up body to sit down on his decent-sized bed in his room. The curtains were closed. The door was locked- and all was quiet. Normally, you, the reader would expect some manner of introduction to the one you are currently reading about, that being the generic-looking teen whose name was revealed just about now. And while an introduction to one of the protagonists perhaps would be useful to familiarize himself with him, it's unfortunate to say there isn't much to work with.

"...That dream again...Ugh, why can't it go further back?"

...Because Inokura Nanabi is a man who knows barely anything about himself, either.

Well, at least he doesn't know most things. He knows for a fact he is definitely a boy around his late teens. He likes the colors blue and white, with a hint of red sometimes. He enjoys listening to music greatly and even carries with him small headphones to do so as well. He has insomnia and some trouble sleeping and often dreams in his nights of sleep. He was maybe a student once if his knowledge of basic academics says anything, and...

...Oh, and he's part of a supernatural organization living inside a 'dreaming realm' to fight and destroy nightmares plaguing people across the dimensions. Right.

... "...Hmph, I'm late again..."

Inokura doesn't quite understand what happened, or why he's here to the fullest. Yet...At the same time, he doesn't feel completely fazed despite the complete alien circumstances that would lead to most people be confused to hell and back. Despite his aforementioned amnesia and lack of any notable memories of his past, Inokura joined the Dreamscapers either out of a lack of choice given he didn't have a single idea where to go, as well as something about showing potential...

As he got himself up and changed from his pajamas, his mind drifted back to the dream he had. While it was a dream, it was also a reality that Inokura experienced- at least partially. It was the farthest back he remembers of his own past without having to have his head hurt, or only catch small, almost worthless glimpses of memories that should be there, but at the same time, that wasn't 'his' reality. Or 'his' world- no, that was the 'reality' he experienced when he first entered the dream. Before he was saved by two Dreamscapers.

A nightmare. The concept isn't unheard of to him, but apparently, whatever that scene depicted, it was used to try and break him before he fought back against it...For a bit. Things were hazy- he knew he fought against some of them, those shadowy nightmares, but memories of that occurrence are hazy, too. His memories became more stable when he found himself in a field with the disappearing bodies of the things and the nightmare cracking itself apart before he was saved and led to the HQ by two people he's...

...Friends with?

...Lavenza and Jevil were...Something else. He felt like it was easy to approach himself to the former, while in contrast, he didn't feel motivated to get much closer to Jevil. Lavenza was a small and polite girl with an air of extreme familiarity to her that almost felt comforting to the insomniac despite the fact he knew nothing of her. While Jevil...Well, he was also small, maybe even shorter then Lavenza herself, but compared to the girl, the Jester was a chaotic entity he felt surely glad that was on their side. Powerful like Lavenza, using powers that dwarfed the simple ability of his sword and sniper rifle. Two people that deserved the title of 'Protector of Dreams', unlike...Him.

He isn't sure why he's here. Right now, he has a feeling they went on patrol while he was here snoozing again, right? At least some of them...

"...Hah, damn it." Clutching the door handle that led to the other side strongly, the boy bit his lips. "At this rate, I won't be able to keep up with everyone...To be able to save them as they did to..."


The door opened itself gently, as Ino revealed himself with his usual attire, usual weapons crudely on his body, (his sword on his hip, and his sniper rifle on his back) and usual slightly tired, but neutral expression on his face, as he slowly stepped into the living quarters after a small amount of walking on his part- and to his not!surprise, only a handful of people were still there. Some he recognized, some he didn't get quite close enough yet but was decently acquainted with to know their names. But regardless, Ino once more overslept and missed an opportunity to patrol.

...This feels like the set up for an ironic joke.

The man living inside a dream to protect them against nightmares oversleeps and dreams in this very same realm, missing the opportunity to...Protect it. Yeah, it sure felt ironic, but at this point...? While he did go on a few patrols, and this wasn't a common occurrence, it still was...

"...Good morning, everyone." He greeted politely regardless, this was his fault for sleeping for so long. Suck it up, Nanabi. "I...Hope I didn't miss much. Sorry, I overslept again...Hahaha..."

This was going to suck.


Kamen Rider Amino
Izuru was very confused as he stared at the building in front of him. The sign read "9-5 DO", which seemed oddly familiar to him when he thought about it for a few seconds. As if on cue, a bright light shone from his chest area as if white seemed to be white particles of data flew from out of his torso. They swirled around Izuru before gathering on the spot next to him and solidifying into a more humanoid form. The humanoid form then began to take a more recognizable feminine shape. Silver hair, green eyes, pale skin and a cheerful smile. Standing at 5'1 next to Izuru was his partner, V. "WOWZA!!! This is the Clock Shop 9-5 DO!" said V excitedly as she bounced up and down in her heeled shoes. Izuru was more than a little confused, had they been here before? Izuru didn't recall ever visiting a clock shop like this in their travels. Plus this was a dream within the Dreamscape, how could she know where this was?

"Hey V.... how do you know what this place is?" asked Izuru as he scratched the side of his head with his pointer finger. V placed her hands on her hips and did a little twirl before what looked to be a projection appeared in front of them. Black and silver armor with pink highlights, a helmet with a clock-face. Pointing his right hand in the air. V then pulled out a weird looking book and flipped through its pages. "According to my database, this is the home of Kamen Rider Zi-O. Tokiwa Sougo was supposedly an ordinary High School student who was destined to become the evil and tyrannical overlord known as Ohma Zi-O. However after bonding with his friends and collecting the powers of every other Kamen Rider, he decided to use that power to reconstruct his timeline. I know this because the Zi-O, Geiz, Woz and Tsukuyomi Tiles provided by Tsukasa-san and Stephen-san held data on these Riders" said V as she closed the book abruptly before it vanished. "Okay...so how did WE end up here?" asked Izuru as he poked her forehead.

Earlier that day, Izuru and V had been making improvements on ManaTek Generators. They were devices that used mana as clean and effective energy. They were supposed to convert negative energy into usable energy before expelling the negative energy back into the atmosphere. Although the two had hit a roadblock in their research. If the machines just pull from the universes mana, they could damage the atomsphere or even suck mana reserves dry. ManaTek was definitely the way of the future, it was just that Izuru wasn't finding the obvious answer to solve the problem. They were taking a break when he got called up by the President of the Rainbow Line. The bunny helmeted man had asked Izuru to help a railway worker of theirs out with a little problem. It would seem that a former member of the Shadow Line had learned how to sap the Imagination from children by inhabiting their dreams. The ToQger's were all meeting up for a summer trip since Right had long since moved away, the Rainbow Line didn't want to bother them. So Izuru took Nijino Akira into the Dreamscape via a Dimensional Wall where he and ToQ Rokugo were able to destroy the Shadow Line remnants just in time for Akira to join the now teenaged ToQgers. Izuru opted not to join them, he wanted to see them but knew that they'd fuss over what he'd become since they last met. Izuru had then left via another Dimensional Wall which turned black for some reason and had taken him here to this strange recreation of a Japanese Watch Shop. Seeing no other reason to delay finding answers any longer, Izuru opened the door and walked in.

"Does anyone have the time?" asked Izuru as he poked his head in the door

Thepotatogod Thepotatogod


Skeleton Boi
The Jester of Chaos and insanity:
It has been a month of waiting, a month of not using his powers, a month of not living life free and at its fullest potential. But now, he finally was given his first assignment, as he bounced around the room at his full demeanor while their leader (who is someone he didn’t expect when he first arrived) talked about relaxing a bit, to which he didn’t like, but as soon as she left, the pony creature went up and talked about them patrolling to which, he quickly raised his hand and said “Oh.... me.... me... time to add in the Wild-card to the playing field now...!” as he followed the others to where they apparently go through large doors, and he couldn’t help but show off his excitement, bouncing around in place.

Going to a door labeled 2169, he didn’t pay much attention as he jumped into the door, being launched straight into a nightmare. Arriving at the scene, as he was lead to the familiar sight of chaos, a war being fought with strange bugs and masked men, and regular old people with guns and such. Ahh.... what a wonderful Tuesday, am I right....? Still, he has a job to do, and says to the hostile force here
“HEY! look at me, a fresh card placed down onto the playing field!” as he waited for his next batch of........ players to join in on the fun.
Thepotatogod Thepotatogod

The slow-mo Crystal hacker:
The Player
Deciding to stay behind, was a Black but crystal humanoid, who is the most recent addition to the team, and he was currently sitting on the cloud-like couch, thinking about many things while sitting down. He was mostly thinking about the events that led up to him being in this unbelievable situation in the first place. The dream realm, where he somehow became a fighter against the nightmares himself, but from what he can currently gather, this was starting to become a losing fight and battle.

To answer that question, we have to go back to the past, about 10 hours ago:
It all started when he put the VR headset and loaded up the first piece of code and accessed the depths of his mind, his vision going dark as he finally entered the dream realm. He woke up the same, except that instead of being somewhere that was even related to his dreams, or at least similar to them, he was in a strange forest environment.

He didn’t know why he was here, but figured if he walked around a bit, the dream will finally end and he can think of another one, but it didn’t seem to end, as every step he took, brought him no closer to the end of the of the so called ‘dream’, and he felt like he was being watched, or something related to that, and at some parts would hurry his pace, before going to a full on sprint, hopefully escaping whatever was hunting him down in the forest.

Soon, he managed to find some sort of building, a place he could either find some form of civilization or at least use it as a form of shelter from the outside in case no one was inside and it’s currently abandoned. Except, as soon as he entered, he was met with a strange sight, and that’s when he was interacting with the dreamscrappers for the first time.

Those 10 past hours were honestly the strangest of his whole life, like meeting some sort of talking dream pony, some sort of little girl who was in charge of the group, and many other normal and strange beings and creatures here as well. It was until recently, that their leader left, and the pony creature whose name he forgotten had left, along with a few others to go on patrol to nightmares. But due to his thinking and his mind still not being ready to handle much more than the recent events, he decided to stay behind, and continued thinking.

If anyone wanted to speak to him, they were able to, but it would take a bit before they can get the attention of this man.

Nubby Nubs

New Member
Bismarck the Clown assumed the fist of the bugman would merely phase through him. However,once he felt the punch connected to his face. And he then remembered he was in a Nightmare and stuff Would hurt him. The Fool Bismarck was pushed by a feet or two by this punch,and fell onto the ground by it. He was only there for about a second as Bismarck immediately flip back onto his feet.

"O-oh so I guess it's gonna be like that mister bugman? Well then....Be Squashed!"

Bismarck brought out his trusty Dagger and with a whistle,summoned to illusionary clones of himself. And charged at the bugman,the trio switched between themselves as they charged.

Thepotatogod Thepotatogod


Off to a Better Place
Within moments, it had been made clear to Luigi who they needed to fight. Honestly, Luigi had no idea what a Kamen Rider even was. Or, well, he could deduce what the "Rider" part meant, but what was "Kamen"? Was it some kind of dessert? It did sound a bit like caramel. Did they ride on giant caramel waves? That sounded delicious, if not full of cholesterol. As his mind drifted off to think of the delectable waves of caramel he could be surfing on right now, he didn't even notice the armies of weird karate bug people charging at them from all corners!

So, when a group of shocker enemies appeared and tried to attack Luigi, the green bean himself was more than a little shocked by their presence. "Waaaa!! H-h-hey!!" He screamed out in total fear when they charged towards him. He wasn't prepared for such a frontal assault like this upfront. One of them managed to shove him, which caused him to tumble back a bit. He nearly lost his footing as well, but he managed to regain it before long. Standing up, Luigi would clench his fists, a newfound determination gleaming in his eyes. No one shoves The Green Thunder and gets away with it!

"Take-a this, you big-a bullies!" Luigi shouted, before flicking his hand outwards and shooting several balls of scorching hot, green flame towards his attackers!

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Conclusion No. 1

  • --Caroline and Justine--
    Interaction: Crow Crow Celestial Speck Celestial Speck

    "Hmm...How do you think we should share this one, Justine?" A blue clad little girl with buns on her hair dressed as a warden with a blue cap asked, seeing a large burger at the table in front of then. Who brought this burger here? No one knows. If there was a fridge, Lavenza probably took it out and decided to split it amongst herself. Literally. It wasn't long until they noticed Inokura finally arriving.

    "About time, Inma--" Caroline was about to say Inmate, however, due to the fact that this isn't the Velvet Roon, she coughed, trying to her mistake. "I-I mean, Inokura! You're late!!"

    "The leader had debriefed us to rest for today, however, Miss Luna had other plans and took a few people with hee for patrol." Justine, aka, the one with the braid said, taking out their trusty chainsaw. "And so we decided to stay behind and perform this 'break' ritual." Justine simply said as she gently cut the burger into two using the chainsaw...Without turning it on, of course..If they did, that would just be a mess. Unevenly cut was the resulting burger, but it was still cut nonetheless. Taking one half of the burger, Justine decided to partake on the meal.

    "Yeah, what she said. We're just sitting around for now. Unless you wanna go join the others on patrol then we'll come with." Caroline suggested, soon turning to the burger, visibly upset. "Hey, Justine, how come I get the smaller portion?!"

    "It isn't--it's simply the most optimal portion to give you, Caroline." Justine answered after gulping her first bite, soon digging in.

    It seems to be rather lively whenever these two show up.

Celestial Speck

I'm not a bad guy, I swear!

  • --Caroline and Justine--
    Interaction: Crow Crow Celestial Speck Celestial Speck

    "Hmm...How do you think we should share this one, Justine?" A blue clad little girl with buns on her hair dressed as a warden with a blue cap asked, seeing a large burger at the table in front of then. Who brought this burger here? No one knows. If there was a fridge, Lavenza probably took it out and decided to split it amongst herself. Literally. It wasn't long until they noticed Inokura finally arriving.

    "About time, Inma--" Caroline was about to say Inmate, however, due to the fact that this isn't the Velvet Roon, she coughed, trying to her mistake. "I-I mean, Inokura! You're late!!"

    "The leader had debriefed us to rest for today, however, Miss Luna had other plans and took a few people with hee for patrol." Justine, aka, the one with the braid said, taking out their trusty chainsaw. "And so we decided to stay behind and perform this 'break' ritual." Justine simply said as she gently cut the burger into two using the chainsaw...Without turning it on, of course..If they did, that would just be a mess. Unevenly cut was the resulting burger, but it was still cut nonetheless. Taking one half of the burger, Justine decided to partake on the meal.

    "Yeah, what she said. We're just sitting around for now. Unless you wanna go join the others on patrol then we'll come with." Caroline suggested, soon turning to the burger, visibly upset. "Hey, Justine, how come I get the smaller portion?!"

    "It isn't--it's simply the most optimal portion to give you, Caroline." Justine answered after gulping her first bite, soon digging in.

    It seems to be rather lively whenever these two show up.

  • The first person, or, er, a duo of people who seemingly noted his presence were two pairs of girls that while familiar, were completely different from the one he heard about. Caroline and Justine, from what he could understand in the little time he's been here, are also Lavenza. Just...Separated in body and spirit, from what he understood. The two girls were much more eccentric than their 'whole' counterpart. Caroline was more brash and rude, while Justine was calmer yet stricter, both wearing prison guard-like clothes in comparison to Lavenza's simple blue dress. It was hard to believe these two were the same person. Yet...

    ...For some reason, he found no reason to deny that. It simply was yet another thing Inokura Nanabi didn't think much on.

    What most caught his eye on them, however, was their eyepatches. Symbolism aside to represent how these two are 'separated' with each of their eyes being covered by an eyepatch, it wasn't that which made Ino find Caroline, Justine, and by extension Lavenza interesting.

    No, it was the small, golden 'V' symbol on the eyepatches that tugged his gut in a familiar manner. Even now he stared at them- before he shook his head, finally speaking.

    "Ah," The boy said, nodding. "I see...Sorry. Sleeping is hard for me. When I don't have insomnia, I feel like I'm sleeping for a thousand years, hah." A small joke to lighten up the mood. Although, it had a strong hint of truth into them. Regardless, the boy sighed when they said the others exited for patrol. "I see...That's unfortunate, but it's still my fault. I hope I'm not pushing you both back too hard, Justine-san, Caroline-san. I hope I can repay you both for saving me that one time."

    ...It was strange, too. He had a feeling Caroline and Justine had a sense of familiarity with him, as well. It felt odd for them not to go if he doesn't, and go if he does. Has he met them before? Probably not, but...

    He shook his head. Thinking too much hurts his head. Instead, he decided to simply look at the...Rather large burger in front of the two girls, and he smiled. Large foods like these feel nostalgic for him. Like one of those 'eat all you can' challenges. Normally, he'd try it out...But his Guts didn't feel strong enough yet. "...Do you girls want something to drink with that burger? I may not remember a lot about my past, but, you know, eating something this large might be a bit difficult without a proper drink in hand."


Off to a Better Place
"O-oh, uh... sorry!" Luigi exclaimed with a slight chuckle as he watched the spandex-clad man burn alive as he flailed about mindlessly. He hadn't meant to set the dude on fire, more so just... knock him back a bit. He then watched as the other mooks were promptly set on fire thanks to the first guy's sheer incompetence. Then, read complimented him, which made Luigi smile a bit. "O-oh uh... it was-a nothing, really!" He said in a shy tone towards Reed, closing his eyes as he sheepishly rubbed at the back of his neck, an awkward smile on his face all the while. "It was just all in-a days-a wor--"


In the midst of his nervous ramblings, Luigi hadn't even taken the time to notice the karate bug men falling upon him with their flying kicks of fury! The first one managed to land a head-on kick on the side of Luigi's face, which sent him falling to the ground and landing on his ass. He sat there for a moment, rubbing his cheek with a winced expression. "O-ow..." He muttered, before turning to look up at Reed. "You know, for incorporeal beings, these dudes sure pack-a punch!" Luigi would exclaim, before climbing back up to his feet and holding up his right hand.


With that one-worded exclamation, lightning bolts began to fizzle and writhe themselves around the younger Mario brother's hand, and after a few moments, two gigantic bolts of lightning rained down upon the attacking karate bugmen!

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Skeleton Boi
Hearing all this talk about him and being clown didn’t bother him much, in fact, he responded back and said “Oh, I am no clown, in fact I am a jester, the jester of chaos himself, Jevil.!” as he presented himself like a performer, waiting for their reactions. Of course, those reactions are what he expected from a couple of sharks, and he couldn’t wait, as all of his potential players for a game he is about to start. “Let’s start with a simple game to start...” he started, as one of the Shocker Grunts went into to get a sneak attack from the back of the jester.

“It’s just a small numbers game to begin with.” as the Shocker Grunt went in for a slash, only for Jevil to teleport them, while holding a customized scythe in his right hand. “Your health reaches 0...” as he did a horizontal slice with the Devilsknife, slicing them in half in a cartoonish way, as their body disappeared like dust.... before continuing with “You lose...!” as he began his first real attack, as he teleported around slowly, shooting five white spades with each teleport in a shotgun like blast:
and while it may not hurt much, but if enough of them got hit with enough attacks, they would definitely be left with at least a couple of major wounds to their body.
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Izuru looked at the man in the brown coat and was suddenly filled with memory upon memory. V had most likely decided to upload data from the Woz Tiles into Izuru's brain so that he'd have a better idea what he'd be dealing with. It was a strange feeling, like having his head cleansed with warm water. Within his mind, he saw images of Woz with others dressed like him, Woz offering a Driver to Sougo, Woz fumbling at the advent of Zi-O Gaim Form, Woz stealing power from another Woz and finally an image of Woz in a black room on a three legged stool with a book exactly like V had conjured. Izuru caught his breath and straightened his tie. He'd regretted aspects of wandering in here in his suit, namely that it was a little stuffy. Having God Powers meant that he could wear whatever he wanted and still blitz entire cities with minimum effort. Although he'd much rather change, so he clicked his fingers and his clothes changed instantly. His regular black jacket and beige chinos were much more comfortable. Clicking his neck, he stared at Woz with his vaguely reptilian eyes.

"Is your Waga Maou in?" asked Izuru as he dusted off his jacket

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Conclusion No. 1

  • --Caroline & Justine--
    Interaction: Celestial Speck Celestial Speck

    "Insomia, huh...What's that again?" Caroline turned to Justine, who swiftly answered.

    "It's the inability for humans to fall asleep."

    "Really? Never encountered that kind of problem with the Inmate before." Caroline raised a brow, surprised to hear such an affliction affected humans on a regular basis. It was then that Ino apologized for being like that. "It's fine. Your growth is what we wanna see firsthand after all." Caroline said before chowing down on her borgar.

    "It's within our best interests." Justine added before nibbling on hers. "Although we're no longer in the Velvet Room, our duties still remain."

    "Yeah, so be grateful!" Caroline added, soon, Ino asked if they wanted something to drink. "There should be something on the fridge." Caroline directed, "We also left you breakfast--can't start off the day without it, we hear!" She said. Though if you'd look inside the fridge, there are just water, Mt. Dew, Sprite Cranberry, Pepsi and of course, Bepis. There is a bowl of cereal there, too, complete with milk.

"Not another smegging adventure, man. My feet can't take it much longer, they're literally taking control of my body without my consent, LOOK!" and just as he said his feet did indeed have a mind of their own, forcing a already exhausted Lister to overpower each and every attempt of resistance his feet put up when he tried to walk, at one point his feet turned towards eachother and started stepping in a unknown, ancient and possibly Slavic language which the pair have made up called "foot morse code". Eventually, after a long and painful task of battling his own limbs to move, he managed to reach and sit on a rather comfortable chair located against one of the walls.


"You go off and do that other adventure and i'll sit here and drink me chilled Vindaloo sauce.” he says while occasionally taking sips from his glass and glimpsing over to the rest of the team leaving the cabin and following Luna. He shrugs as the last person leaves and picks up a book however mere moments into reading the book, he becomes frustrated and says “How can anyone have the patience to read something like this, absolute nutters, that’s who.” while slamming a 20 page length children book on the table and getting up from his chair. Standing up and performing a few stretches to help remove his back pain, he grabs his semi-trusted “piece of junk” Bazookoid.


He pulls back the long barrel of the weapon, almost like a pump-action shotgun and says "Oh, who am I bloody kidding?! Sittin’ around while all they go on adventures and help people. It’s a dream world, I can probably just restore my energy another way” while walking outta the front door in his best posture.

Once Dave Lister arrived at the team’s location, he was greeted by a young redhead, Luna and Rem outside of the metal navy ship door, which resembled something similar to the doors on the Red Dwarf. Due to his late arrival he missed majority of what was discussed and was basically oblivious to the whole situation prior and present, so if there was anything resembling a plan or routine, he missed everything. Lister noticed there was 3 correctly opened doors, he popped his head though the golden door covered in clocks and admired the ridiculousness of what just played out in front of him, people dressed as bug and halloween skeleton costumes? Lister couldn’t hold back the laughter, questioning weather this was really a nightmare or a child’s cherished dream. After thinking for awhile, he came to the conclusion it was bring taken care of, “Occupied” he said out loud, leading him to once again put his head though another door, this time it was the the elevator door.

Once Lister’s head entered the elevator door he was met by Izuru and the residents of the dream, he noticed how this nightmare wasn’t a confusing mess of chaos. He looks towards Izuru and greets him by saying “Aye Up!” before pulling his head out of the door and walking though it. No surprise, Lister is extremely confused on the nature of this dream so he looks around before waiting to be greeted back by either Izuru or the residents of this dream.

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  • --Caroline & Justine--
    Interaction: Celestial Speck Celestial Speck

    "Insomia, huh...What's that again?" Caroline turned to Justine, who swiftly answered.

    "It's the inability for humans to fall asleep."

    "Really? Never encountered that kind of problem with the Inmate before." Caroline raised a brow, surprised to hear such an affliction affected humans on a regular basis. It was then that Ino apologized for being like that. "It's fine. Your growth is what we wanna see firsthand after all." Caroline said before chowing down on her borgar.

    "It's within our best interests." Justine added before nibbling on hers. "Although we're no longer in the Velvet Room, our duties still remain."

    "Yeah, so be grateful!" Caroline added, soon, Ino asked if they wanted something to drink. "There should be something on the fridge." Caroline directed, "We also left you breakfast--can't start off the day without it, we hear!" She said. Though if you'd look inside the fridge, there are just water, Mt. Dew, Sprite Cranberry, Pepsi and of course, Bepis. There is a bowl of cereal there, too, complete with milk.

"...Velvet...Room...?" That name, those words- it caused a slight shift on the boy. His eyes moved down to stare to the side, a strange glint of familiarity being shined on them as he heard that name, his voice mumbling it slowly once more under his breath, as if repeating it will make him remember more.


"...A-ah! Right! Breakfast! Sorry." His head soon bleed in apology to the twins after a moment, reality seemingly slapping him across the face to make him 'wake up.' "Thanks. It's not everyday I have someone prepare breakfast for me...I appreciate it."

Pulling out the bowl of cereal for himself, as well as a bottle of Pepsi, or was it Bepis? He wasn't sure, really. He liked Dr. Salt NEO more...It was also helpful in...

...Huh. Weird. He can't tell why it's useful, but it feels like it is.

Regardless, either the memory of the common soda drink not being as important to him as the name of the place the twins came from, or simply him not bothering, he placed the bottle of Pepsi in front of the two.

"...Here. I hope it's of you two's liking." A nod, as he grabbed a spoonful of his cereal, and with a small blush due to the sweet flavor of milk and cereal mixing together, the boy dug in. It wasn't much, but he felt as if eating together with friends, or what he considered to be it to be...Special.

"...Hey, Caroline, Justine? What's this...Velvet Room you two talked about? It sounds familiar."


Skeleton Boi
It seemed that these sharks didn’t have the right cards in the deck..... in fact.... it seemed like they don’t even have a winning deck other than the one who tried to play the card of surprise earlier, as the others simply fallen down like introducing actual fire to fire ants. This didn’t seem to peek his interest that much, and it seemed like a he wasn’t gonna have a fun game right now, especially his first deployment, but the a bug looking fello, probably summoned by him thinking about ants earlier, went forward to chop his head.

Of course, he didn’t react in time, or didn’t want too, because as soon as the hand connected with his head, it bounced around, as it was connected to a spring in the process: 8089A50C-AEB2-4BF3-8BF9-7AFD499DD0A4.jpeg
After his head stop and went back to its place, he shouted out in joy and said
“Finally....! Something that can actually survive one attack...!”as he started to jump around in excitement, except he went a bit too far, and instead teleported all around in place, as he prepared his next attack: 77B8B884-65FC-4785-9616-056477F2F9C1.gif
For his next attack, he yelled out to his new and much stronger opponent than those he knocked out earlier
“IT'S SO EXCITING... I CAN'T TAKE IT!” as he did one of the more harder to dodge moves. Teleporting rapidly around his bug-eyed opponent, each teleport had a white diamond shape symbol thrown at the enemy, and while it seemed easy at first, it was much harder. His repeated and quick use of teleporting not only made a lot of symbols were thrown at him, but his rapid teleporting also made it seem like there were actually more versions of him than there actually was, making it much harder to track the Jester himself.
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The Player
He has done a lot of thinking, but this probably won’t be good for his mind if he keeps thinking about the same events over and over again, so he decided to try and find the remote for the T.V., before finding it under the table, as he went back to the couch, and began using the remote, flipping through the channels until he found something interesting.

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the first clone felt the fist connect to his face,and with a puff,the clone had exploded into red dust. The other clone jumped onto the air and lunged at the shocker rider. While the real Bismarck grabbed a few extra knifes and threw 3 of them straight at the rider's legs,"i guess I'll just have to take bit by bit, now won't i?!"

Bismarck knew that was going to be a Looonngg mission. But he'll have to just endure the task beforehand with extreme prejudice!

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Luigi sighed and sagged forward when he found that his thunder attacks didn't work. "Oh... dang..." He grumbled, only to tilt his head upwards slightly as the two karate bugmen continued charging towards him. Without much time to think, let alone formulate a plan, Luigi's head snapped upwards to a nearby tree. "Well, here goes-a nothing!" He shouted, before leaping into the air. In doing so, his body disappeared into a never-ending spiral, and when Luigi reawoken, he had become one with the tree.


"I hope you big-a bullies are prepared for a ride!" The now sentient Luigi tree exclaimed, before the... leaf-stache he had reached downwards and grabbed his two foes. Without much hesitance, it pulled into a thin, almost rubber looking line, before snapping back forward and launching the two far into the distance!

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Conclusion No. 1

  • --Caroline & Justine--
    Interaction: Celestial Speck Celestial Speck

    The Twins glanced at each other when Ino brought up the Velvet Room. Should they even disclose what the room is to this Persona User? While he may not be a wildcard yet, they had a sneaking suspicion that he's already been there before.

    "Well...Long story short, it's kinda the place where we live." Caroline answered, "Though, usually, there's this old guy with a really long nose in there that we take care of."

    "The Velvet Room is a place that resides in the boundary between dream and reality. Mind and Matter." Justine expounded. "It is a place where those who are spiritually acquainted may see and enter."

    "People who get in there are usually contract holders to a cosmic sort of sense...But expounding on that is kinda something we're not allowed to tell anyone, right, Justine?" Caroline turned to her twin.

    "Yes. If we divulge anymore information, I fear we may receive punishment from our sisters." Justine nodded, choosing to not reveal the true nature of the Velvet Room regarding Fate and its Wildcards.


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"THEY'RE NOT POWER RANGERS THEY'RE- nevermind... huh, no one touched this one."

The Commander then looks to Luna, then to a currently unentered door with a design that paralleled a fantasy setting. He takes a peak inside, then quickly shuts it afterwards.

"Must be Kaladin's nightmare."

"I will aid him then," Luna says as she opens the door telekinetically, before walking into it. The Commander follows after.

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The Player would switch between a wide range of channels during his search.



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And now, this channel... the strange orange cartoony guy on the TV seemed to be interacting with The Player from behind the fourth wall known as glass.

"Hey, hey you! Are you tired? Bummed out? Need a vay-cay from the cray cray?"

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