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Fandom Demon Slayer: Breath of Destruction

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So delighted to cause you dread
Ok so for starters the name's Frigid Laufeyson and its a pleasure to meet you. Ive been wanting to do a demon slayer rp for a while now but have yet to actually find one sooooo I've created this little blurb .... I want this to be an entirely member created rp which means everyone can chip in on what should happen, take control of various npc's, play up to 4 characters (maybe more if they are all different ranks), and help create story arcs. I encourage everyone who creates a character to also develop their own breathing style or blood demon art! though it's not required and the classics will always be a key factor, I just think it would be cool to have a variety of styles and give the rp a little color in what im hoping will be a dark and gruesome setting. Go crazy with the breathing styles as long as you can explain how it relates to one of the main four.

Ruin and destruction have ravanged the lands since the demon slayer corps was overrun and destroyed: Muzan(or a new demon king), along with a handful of the previous Hashira and demon slayer corps members he had taken under his control, destroyed the demon slayer headquarters and proceeded to hunt down and kill every demon slayer he could find. The few demon slayers who survived the purge went unground to avoid being killed. After 50 years a new group of demon slayers emerged from hiding to form a human restiance against the tyranny of the demons. With a new Demon slayer corp came new breathing techniques designed to be more brutal in the battle.

Arc 1: Training to be a Demon Slayer/To kill a demon slayer

Demon Slayer Corp Reforged
The Hashira: 4 dedicated demon slayers who rose above everyone with knowledge of the old ways and the determination to train and defend the human race from Demons.
I will allow 4 Hashira but they must have one of the four main styles listed below, the hashira will not be a vital part in this but they will be supporting characters who will help progress the story. These slots are really first come first serve
Water Hashira: Open
Flame Hashira: Open
Thunder Hashira: Open
Wind Hashira: Open

Masters: Demon slayers who are second only to the Hashira in both skill and raw power. Masters train Corps members and help them develop new breathing techniques.
the masters are a key part to the rp because they will be the ones to help you develop your breathing style. The number of spots will change as time goes on and more people join but for now there will be 5...I would prefer you not to play your own master to give more meat to the rp but if it is necessary for your characters backstory PM me and we can talk about options.
Breath of Water Master: Open
Breath of Flame Master: Open
Breath of Thunder Master: Open
Breath of Wind Master: Open
Open Breath Master: Open

Corps members: Brave men and women who have undergone rigorous training to master their respective breathing styles and save humans from the cruel demons. the goal from this rank is to kill as many demons as you possibly can and undergo a test to become a master. Majority of the Rp will take place at this stage
There is no limit on corps members

Initiates: men and woman ages 15 and up who have trained under a master and has begun to adopt a breathing style and create their own derivative. After training (we'll decide when the best time for the training arc to end) you will be tested on your abilities (kinda like the demon slayer entrance exam)

Trainee's : kids 12-15 who have yet to train under a master and are learning the basics of sword fighting and basic breathing styles. I want everyone in the demon slayer corp to start here (main characters). during this time you will pick your breath style from the main four and then think of a derivative along with various forms.

Breathing styles:
All new breathing styles derive from the main styles: Water, Thunder, Flame, and Wind

In example: ice breathing would derive from water, and Lava or Magma breathing would be from flame.

Members of the new demon slayer corp will learn one of the main four and then most branch off to create their own style but is not required
All new breath styles can have up to 10 forms but you can only preform all 10 at the rank of master (corps members usually can do 7 forms, Initiates get up to 5)

This whole section below is open for grabs and subject to change if you guys have any ideas!

For the villains of the Rp I will allow 1 demon king 3 upper moons and 3 lower moons
Demon King: Open
Upper Moon 1: Open
Upper Moon 2: Open
Upper Moon 3: Open
Lower Moon 1 Open
Lower Moon 2: Open
Lower Moon 3: Open

I encourage people to make demons who aren't one of the main 7 I have listed. You can make a new low-level demon with the goal of being strong and developing their blood demon art. DEMONS CAN USE BREATH STYLES.....Some demons use breath styles and blood demon arts paired together to create devastating destruction...take advantage of this!

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas, im all for it!!!!

Demon Slayer Corps Identification


Age( 12+):








Haori Color:

Nichirin Blade: (you can either find a picture or give a detailed description)

Breathing style:

Derived from: (put “Sun Breathing” if your breath style is one of the main 4)

Forms: (list up to 10 forms for your breathing style, members will not be able to use all forms until granted the rank of master so place a marker next to the forms your character can do such as an asterisk)

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I'm interested! I'm not sure what I want yet, but if I don't end up deciding on that open master spot, I'll take a Corps Member. If someone else wants the open breath master before I make up my mind, you can definitely give it to them 👍


So delighted to cause you dread
I added a simple CS skeleton so you guys can kinda work out your characters while I get an actual main page and CS up


So delighted to cause you dread
CS is up, kinda simple but I didn't wanna make it too complicated
Nobody Special Nobody Special marked marked Japanime Japanime


So delighted to cause you dread
so are we limited to the mentioned breathing forms?

Absolutely not!! The whole goal of the rp is for you to create and develop your own breathing style! You just have to list which on if the four it is derived from…if that makes sense. The only time you must use the main four is if you are applying for a Hashira or a Master position.

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