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Fantasy Death of A Fragile Peace

The Suspicious Eye

Your Darling Devil

Do you want the power to grow 10 times stronger after every person you kill?

Do you want to crush other people's hopes and dreams with your might and intelligence?

Do you want to help your country become the literal center of the world?

Do you want to help me destroy every country that poses a threat to us?

Or do you want the power for yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these questions. Then you are ready to join the House of Lonanaeyal.

Hello, I am recruiting members for my country in a RP called
A Fragile Peace. My country is shown below, it is the House of Lonaneyal located in the land of Rohenwien. The element of power is Death and nobles have the ability to bless others to grow stronger after every death.

The House of Lonaneyal was started from a group of religious refugees who believed that Death was the answer to Life. They followed their beliefs to a new land deep in the middle of a mountain range and called it Rohenwien.

The religion grew, into a house, which grew into a profitable kingdom. The current head of the House of Lonaneyal is the All Father. (open to be played.) He was once a powerful and dangerous warrior of origins unknown. He lead the wars that made the House of Lonaneyal known.However, now in his age he has lost much of his edge and has a kind and peaceful demeanor (Mostly thanks to Rionah's mother). He has had many many wives and even more children most blessed with the ability of Death.

His current wife is a young redheaded woman. (Open to be played). Not much is known about her and her daughter. Although there is blatant distrust between them and the other members of the royal family.

There are many more characters and Many open positions. Also you are free to make your own character and own positions as well. Just ask me first. All I ask is that if you are not part of the church, please support my character. PM me or ask here if you have any questions, comments, ideas ect.

The pictures are not mandatory you are free to change the appearance and names, just not the positions.

That is all. I hope you guys join!!!

  • House of Lonaneyal

  • Continent: Aldar

    Homeland: Located in the valley of Rhorewien. Two large valley areas separated by a mountain range. Located next to the Eternal forest. It takes a two day walk for a traveler to climb up the mountain from the forest. Followed by another two day walk down the mountain.

    Royal Element: Death


    • Minerals & Water: Living in the two valleys surrounded by mountains. Allowing for hundreds of profitable mines and some of the purest water known in the world. The wealth of the Kingdom is much larger than it appears, hidden by funneling to the church. Trade is followed down the rivers, and to the ocean. It is extremely profitable and highly rare for others to obtain Rhorewien materials and or water.

    • Numbers & Health: Due to the pure air and high altitude, the birth rate is high. Those born have strong lungs and high endurance rates. Many of the people are soldiers and are elite and strong. Every year nearly thousands of young men and women join the army.

    • Natural Defense: Surrounded by mountains Lonaneyal has a perfect natural defense. It is self sustaining, having it's own water and food source. Although it does need things from outside trade, such as textiles and seeds, they are completely self sustaing.


    This kingdoms wasn't always as corruptible as it is now. It is no fault of the monarch's that run it. It is hidden deep beneath in the religion and in the King and Queen. The country has a cheerful and profitable exterior and a dark and deceptive interior. The kingdom is kind, but the castle, the church, and the army are cruel. It is full of deception and deceit and everyone is planning a takeover of some kind.


    Extremely large and powerful army. It is stacked around various soldiers in peak condition with a powerful buff. However, there are some limitations to this army as there are in any army. It is so very large, yet disorganized, tactics are somewhat lacking due to various reasons. (*cough cough*... king...) However, the princes and princesses have found a way to remedy the situation.

@Rantos @KroNicc115 @Penance @Peaceswore

I thought you guys might want to help me out. But you don't have too.



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The Suspicious Eye

Your Darling Devil
Mine's Suspicious @o@

Here's the CS

Character Sign Up Sheet

Name: ((Full name and title))

Appearance: (May be created using a picture, description, or both. I have no limits on art, anime, or realistic.))



House of Origin: ((You may make your own nations, but I will have a seperate sign up sheet for that.))





Themesong: (Optional)



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