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Fandom Danganronpa RP Partner Search

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I'm the guy you call "forced diversity"

1. First things first: Triggers. I cannot deal with suicidal ideations or actions (including cutting, even if it's not intended to end in death), depression, eating disorders or homophobia, transphobia, acephobia... Basically any sort of discrimination against LGBT+. Even if it's just for plot or for a passing moment, please don't. I'd rather go for unrealistic levels of acceptance than have to deal with that - I RP to escape from reality, okay?

2. My starters tend to be much longer than most of the rest of my RP posts, as I'm usually wanting to set up the situation for the RP. Please do not get scared off by a long starter.

3. OOC-chatter isn't a necessity for me, but if you're interested in it let me know because I would prefer it to be in a separate chat.

4. I only intend to RP via PMs - the idea of RPing on a forum that others can see doesn't sit well with me.

5. Please only respond if you're interested in the ships I've listed below - don't ask me if I want to do an OC/Canon RP, or if I want to do a Canon/Canon that isn't listed.

6. Please let me know if you need a break from the RP for whatever reason. No one likes to be ghosted.

7. No smut!

8. Ideally the RP would be set in some sort of Non-Despair AU, but short one-off RPs set in canon are fine too so long as they don't last long enough to deal with any murder/deaths/etc. (so set an RP in THH between cases 2 and 3 for instance)

9. Just to prove that you have indeed read every single one of these rules, let me know when you ask to RP with me (either in this thread or via PM) the answer to this question: Who's your favorite V3 character?


(More stars (*) means I'm more likely to agree to RP it. If it has no stars at all then you'll have to have a good plot in mind to convince me or I simply won't be interested for the time being)
(I'm willing to play whoever in each ship, as I've never RPed for this fandom before)

Kokichi/Kiibo (**********)
Kaito/Shuichi (*******)
Hajime/Fuyuhiko (**)
Makoto/Byakuya (****)
Hajime/Nagito (*******)
Tenko/Kaede (*)
Kiibo/Shuichi (*)
Hajime/Imposter Byakuya
Nekomaru/Kazuichi (***)
Maki/Kaede (**)
Gundham/Kazuichi (******)​
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I'm the guy you call "forced diversity"
hey id be down for a rantaro / suichi
but ive never done a danganronpa rp before
my favorite v3 is probably kokichi.
DM me with your plot idea and I can consider it, but since Rantaro/Shuichi isn't one of my main cravings I can't promise anything ^^;

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