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hiiii!! you can call me birb!! i'm 19, turning 20 in early june, and also use he/it pronouns!! i've been roleplaying for about seven years now. this is also my first time using a website like this in a long while!! i can't even remember the names of the old websites i use to use, but that was also a scary time for my unrestricted internet access so oh well!! either way, bear with me because i'm still getting use to this layout!! in more recent years i've been roleplaying on both amino and discord!! although it's been harder to find good roleplay partners on there, hence why i'm giving this a try!

i know this is a bit of a long shot, considering it's a niche fandom, but the brainrot is hitting HARD.. a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do, even if it falls on deaf ears i'm afraid. but i'm looking for someone to do a tiger & bunny roleplay with me (as in the anime, not bunny/tiger based ocs). i've been a fan since 2020 and i'm SUPER hyperfixated on it right now. it doesn't matter how many times i drift away from it, i always end up coming back LOL


i'm cool with both canon x canon and oc x canon!! in terms of canon shipping, i tend to lean more towards rare pairs/less popular ships in general, as i find it hard to enjoy more popular ships for some reason. that being said, i am open to almost any ship, with a few exceptions!! i'm also completely oc friendly and i'm totally down for including ocs!! i can play almost any character, but have the most experince with kotetsu, ryan and keith. though i've played most of the other heroes as well. i'm fine with doing a single or a double up with either oc/cc or cc/cc, whatever your in the mood for!

in terms of literacy, i'm able to write semi lit - novella!! however, i usually try to mirror your replies. you write sommething detailed? you'll get the same thing in return!! i do perfer advance lit. i also won't roleplay with asterisks ( * * ), one liners aren't preferred unless it's absolutely necessary, please discuss it with me beforehand!

if you are having trouble replying, just let me know!! i'll happily add onto my reply or give you some ideas to help out!!

when it comes to genres, i lean more towards romance, but i'm okay with platonic ships as well if that's what floats your boat! angst is one of my favs but i'll also do fluff or a mixture of both. also don't be shy when it comes to plots and development, add some drama!! maybe a plot twist!! go nuts!! any AUs are also welcomed but i try to stay away from fantasy.

i mostly roleplay on discord, as it's the easiest for me. so feel free to ask for my discord! i am also okay with on site roleplay as well as using tumblr or twitter!



- be 18 or older!! i MIGHT make an exception if your birthday is in one or two months. but for the most part, i perfer if my roleplay partner is also an adult. as that's what i'm most comfortable with
- i don't care too much about spelling or grammar, we all make mistakes, but PLEASE make sire your reply is readable.
- have common decency. this shouldn’t even be a requirement, it should just be common sense
- TALK TO ME!!! i love discussing headcanons and all that jazz!
- speaking of headcanons!! be headcanon friendly! i tend to keep and open mind when it comes to that kind of stuff so don't be scared to share!!

- harm/death of animals
- ddlg, etc. . .
- sh and s*icide described in graphic detail (brief mentions OK)
- detailed descriptions of bugs

!! i'm okay with blood/gore, but please discuss it with me first !!


[other rules and such can be discussed in pms!! feel free to reply here or message me! i’ll get back to you as soon as possible]

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