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Realistic or Modern Crime Solvers; High School Detectives!

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Wesley McMillian, self described junior detective, stood just inside the gate separating the school area from the sports fields. His sneakered foot bounced on the grass in a display of impatience. Now, as any good detective, Wes was usually very patient. However, in light of recent events, the boy found himself losing that good quality of his. It was barely half past 5 so of course no one was showing up yet. Even so, Wes couldn't wait to get started on cracking his first big case! With another glance at his watch, he sighed. That was until people would start to show up.

Tuesday, October 15th, time unknown, a bunch of painting were stolen from the art room. It must have happened after the school day had ended considering they were only discovered to be missing the next morning. From what Wes could gather the last person in the art room was the teacher, Mrs. Gelman, an older woman with a gentle demeanor. However, what was suspicious was that all of paintings but one were taken. A painting by a student that went by Sarah Rockman. Of course Wes questioned her intensely but she seemed to have no idea what happened either. Other than that, the only clue left was an open window. No footprints, nothing left at the scene. Maybe some fingerprints but obviously Wes couldn't dust for them. All he could hope was that some fresh eyes would help in his investigation.

Earlier that day...
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Isamine Fijuki’s morning had been hellish. She’d woken up much too early that morning, and no matter how much tossing and turning she did to get comfortable, she couldn’t find herself drifting off. So, instead of laying there, staring at the ceiling until her alarm went off, she sprung into action that morning. She hopped out of bed with very little enthusiasm, only to slip on her hardwood floor the moment she made contact. With a very loud ‘thud!’ to the floor, she surely was awake now. Cautiously, she pulled herself from the ground, and hurriedly rummaged through her closet for something suitable to wear. After doing so, she checked on her gerbil, Bartholomew, gave him a kiss goodbye, and exited her room to find something to eat in the kitchen.

Slipping down the hallway and past her father’s bedroom with ease, Isamine sneakily crept down the stairs and into the kitchen. If she was lucky, she could find something to whip up before her father woke up.

No frozen waffles. No eggs. No bacon. Nothing. To her horror, her refrigerator was empty, excluding the large package of frozen hotdogs in the freezer and something that looked reminiscent of a 2008 Christmas fruitcake. Slamming the door to the refrigerator behind her, she muttered under her breath to herself, “what kind of nightmare am I living in?” At this point, she didn’t even care to look in the pantry, as she’d already done so yesterday, only to be greeted by stale cheese puff and coffee-flavored liquor (because her father enjoyed only the finer things in life).

Giving up on her attempt that she would find anything edible at all in her kitchen, she settled for sitting at the island and checking her phone, which she had left downstairs yesterday because she was too lazy to go upstairs and charge it. With the 15% left on her phone, she decided to check Stonewell High’s webpage to see if there were any new updates on whether or not the gardening club would be getting the fertilizer they would most definitely be needing if they wanted to keep the club up and running.

Instead of being greeted with an announcement about the gardening club’s fertilizer problem, she found herself staring face to face with an article labeled: ART THEIF WANTED — SEE PAGE 3 FOR DETAILS. Curiousity got the better of her in that moment, and as she scrolled down to page three, she noticed a very familiar face next to the article. Sarah Rockman. Someone who seemed much more passionate about their own club than she was. Of course, holding a conversation wasn’t the easiest with her, as she always seemed to be in a rush. Other than that, she seemed to be a fairly good student. But why was she on one of the front page articles of the school website?

Reading deeper into the article, she realized that Sarah wasn’t the culprit, but a victim, of some sort. Someone had broken into the art club and had stolen each and every painting there, excluding one that just so happened to be painted by Sarah herself. Isa did her best to remember if she had seen Sarah lingering around the art room after the clubs had ended for the day, but could only recall seeing Mrs. Gelman lock up for the rest of the night. If the door was locked, then how was someone able to break in?

Isa scrolled through the article for what seemed like hours, until she was snapped out of her trance by a cold hand being placed on her shoulder. The blonde nearly jumped three feet in the air and off of her chair because of this, only to hear a familiar voice ask, “What are you doing up this early, Isa?”

“Oh, nothing. I’m just checking to see if there’s any news on whether the fertilizer from the gardening club is going to be sent out or not.” The girl shrugged, glancing up at her father as she lied smoothly. She didn’t want him to worry about petty things such as a few stolen pieces of artwork, especially when he was awake this early to head off to work.

“Let me guess,” her father tapped his chin as he stepped behind the kitchen island, seemingly deep in thought, “you came downstairs looking for something to eat, only to see that I haven’t gone to the store yet, and decided to play on your phone until it’s time to go to school?”

“Low blow, but basically, yeah.” Isa smiled, feigning fake offense.

Her father nodded, chuckling, and then proceeded to glance down at his watch for a moment, before looking up at his daughter, and then at his watch again. “If I were you, kiddo, I would head out. School starts in 15.”

Checking the time on her phone to see for herself, the blonde girl smiled at her father with large, gray puppy dog eyes. “Wouldn’t a very respectable and loving father love to drive his very grateful teenage daughter to school?”


“Wow, there goes your dad-of-the-year award.”

“...Just get in the car.”
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Damian woke to the sound of his alarm yelling at him to wake up, which he obliged to it and rose from his bed, yawning with a hand cupped over his mouth Damian turned the alarm off and pulled on an undershirt and pants, stopping to take a look around his room decorated from floor to ceiling with trophies, photographs, and other football related things.

He scoffed to himself at the sight and mocked it in his low, bassy voice "I oughta redecorate in here, the whole football niche is a bit overdone in here, huh..." chuckling and shaking his head he picked up his phone from the bedside table and walked downstairs, past the picture's of his family lined up next to each other, Damian was taller by far than anyone in his family, towering over everyone in the photos.

tossing an egg and cheese English-muffin into the microwave to cook he sat down at the table looking at his phone for any kind of news about the football team, maybe this week's game was canceled after the slight storm they had last night, but probably not. After scrolling for a moment he came across something abnormal, tapping it to see more Damian thought "Art thief? there's a thief round' school? I'd better see what the deal is..."

reading through it more he found it was Wes' doing, The school's very own 'Detective'. Damian had seen him running around the school solving such exhilarating cases like 'Who put their gum in the water fountain?' 'Which student took two cookies instead of one?' and 'Who took my lunch from the fridge, for the last time, I know it was you, JEREMY!' but this here seemed like an honest mystery worth attention, For some reason, it interested Damian more than most things do.

He was snapped out of his haze by the Microwave beeping furiously at him to take the food out, Damian once more followed the orders of the machine and place the steaming hot English-muffin on a paper plate, looking at the clock on the microwave he noticed that the requested time of arrival wasn't too far off, shrugging he thought he might as well go to the little meeting, it was on his normal jogging course anyway, plus the email said he wasn't bringing cupcakes, which Damian could supply due to baking some for his mother's birthday the other night.

grabbing the medium-sized tray of cupcakes that used to read 'Happy birthday Mom!' and were now taken down to 'appy birth o' from the fridge he began his walk to school, Tray of cupcakes in one hand, English-muffin in the other, Maybe this would be a good distraction from all the stress of football.

"I ain't too smart, but maybe they'll need some muscle in the job, and I don't think Wes is really qualified for fighting an art thief. might as well help em' out... After all, he got my lunch back from Jeremy, so I owe him one."

Damian kept his jog as he approached the destination pretty quickly, not living too far off jogging was usually how he got to school. and it was good for him, let the blood flow, and aired off the hot English-muffin


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Zane was sleeping soundly on his nice, comfy bed until the sound of the blaring alarm nearly scared him to death and back. “T'is too early for this.” he mumbled dramatically. He rolled over and finally gave in to the morning. Zane put on his long sleeved shirt, and pants, and also grabbed a light jacket just in case. Zane was starving and needed some food in his stomach. He rushed downstairs to be greeted by his loving mother making toast with butter for him. Just the way he liked it.

He smiled at her and went over to pull up a stool to eat on the counter.

“Thank you, mama.” Zane said.

“No problem sweetie, did you do your homework?” ‘Mama’ replied.

After she asked the question Zane was stuck in the middle of telling the truth or lying..

“Of course.” He said confidently

“Good. Anything exciting going on at school?”

Zane shrugged his shoulders and started looking at the Stonewell high web page and started to browse it. He came across...
“ART THEIF WANTED” Zane looked shocked. Zane’s closest friend was in art club and he knew that his friend cared a lot about his work. He continued to read on and saw a picture of Sarah Rockman. A member of the art and the only member’s painting who didn’t get stolen!

Sarah was a cool girl in Zane’s book. They didn’t really interact with each other since it is sort of difficult to have a conversation with that girl. Always seems... rushed? When Zane finished reading the article, it said the authors name at the bottom of the screen. ‘Wesley McMillian.’ The junior detective of our school. Or.. sophomore detective. This is like, the first actual case of our school! Wesley can’t figure it out himself.. maybe Zane can help? Zane was reluctant because what if he’s not useful? What if he just slows the case down? He knew he had to make a decision at one point. He was leaning toward yes because his best friend.. who helped him out. He deserves the artwork back!

While deep in his thoughts, his mother interrupted and said,

“School starts in 10 minutes honey. Are you ready?”

Zane went to the coat racked and reached for his heavy school bag with all the text books he uses. He nearly dropped it on his foot and struggled to keep the bag in the air.

Zane realised he forgot to brush his teeth. He quickly shook off that thought and replied with a sigh,


He glanced over to his dad watching TV on the couch.

“Bye dad..” Zane spoke quietly.

Zane’s dad just gave him a slight wave, but didn’t even look at Zane while doing it. It wasn’t even a wave, it was more of his hand just.. flopping in Zane’s direction.

Zane rolled his eyes and headed out for the car. His mom following.

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Viola had been in such a foul mood since the art teacher told them that all the art work had been taken. She was waiting to see if the school was going to do anything about it, but it really didn't seem like it. She didn't both with telling her parents since it's not like they could do anything about it, and she didn't want to bother her siblings about it either, but they could tell she was bummed out about something.

Viola sighed as she felt herself being nudged as she laid in her bed. "Uhh...wha?" She turned to look at the fuzzy resemblance of her two younger sisters eyeing her. "What do you want?" She groaned confused as to why they were in her room. "We made breakfast for you!" They both chimed simultaneously. She briefly wondered if they rehearsed that stuff or if it was a twin thing. Either way it wasn't something she wanted to deal with this morning. She glanced at her clock and noticed they'd woken her up a good hour before she normally get's up.

"Do I have to?" She whined putting her face back into her pillow. "B-but we made it for you?" Viola didn't have to be able to see them to know the look that was on their faces right now. Just the tone of their sad voice gave it away. She knew they were just trying to cheer her up, and she couldn't fault them for that. She sighed before sitting up and reaching for her glasses, to finally get a good look at them.

"Thank you." She yawned with a soft smile leaning over to give both of them a hug. "Now go brush your teeth and get ready for school." She chimed ruffling their hair before they scurried out her door. She stretched herself out knowing she wasn't going to be able to just lay back down now, and made her way to the kitchen to see what they'd made. It was weird being the oldest one in the house now since her two older brothers were away at college. They didn't go very far so they still visit a lot, but they live on campus rather then here. She mostly did the cooking in the house a long with some of the chores , so she was curious and praying they didn't burn anything in the process. To her surprise not only had they cooked, but they'd cleaned up after themselves already. On the counter was a plate with four strips of bacon, two fried eggs, and a piece of toast. They arranged it to sort of look like a smiley face which was sweet. She almost didn't want to eat it because it was so cute. Instead she snapped a quick picture with her phone and then dug in.

Once she was done she continued onto her normal routine to get ready and dressed for the day. Since she had the extra time from being woken up early she even decided to check her e-mail on her tablet. She was confused to see the E-mail from Wes, but a part of her was glad she did. It was nice that someone seemed to care. That coupled with her sisters kind gesture put her in a much better mood. "Come on girl's let's go I gotta drop ya'll off." She called out her door to where ever they were in the house. Immediately you heard a rush of footsteps racing towards the front door causing Viola to giggle a bit. She smiled and grabbed her bags, and looped her camera around her neck before heading out the door herself. Thankfully she'd gotten her licence over the summer, since she was 16 now, to drive them all to school. Her older brother had always drove them to school until now, and she wasn't about to start riding the bus again. they piled into her little Ford Escort , and she dropped them off before heading to school herself.
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Wesley yawned, pausing in bringing a hot cup of coffee to his lips. He didn't usually like to drink it as hot as it was now but after the night that he had, Wes definitely felt like he needed it. The boy winced at the scolding temperature and the bitter taste before setting the mug down on the table, sighing. He was out late last night, first investigating the crime scene before being caught by the cops and then being questioned himself. While Wes had a reputation at the school for being his meddlesome self, it usually didn't involve the police being involved. Though it did leave most to wonder who exactly was looking into the missing painting. Especially with most of the art club students themselves and their parents demanding results.

The blonde rubbed his tired eyes and downed the rest of his coffee. He barely tasted it at this point and his mouth burned. He would definitely feel that for the rest of the day. However, glancing at the clock, Wes felt a panic that was much more effective at waking him back up than his coffee. It was already that late!? He quickly snatched his backpack that was leaning haphazardly halfway off of the table before rushing out the door. Bear snorted, looking up from his bed before laying back down at his best friend's panic.

Wes grabbed his skateboard, easily laying the wheels down and kicking it forward in the same motion as he made his way into the school. His muddy sneakers had made their imprints on the black board but Wes's mind wasn't on that. He had sent an email out yesterday morning for help on the case, to anyone who would listen. So basically to the entire student body. That, combined with the news paper article that the newspaper club had asked him to write, should get the word out. He still didn't know why they had asked him though. Maybe because he seemed to know the most, or seemed the most interested in the case.

Wow his mind was wandering. The sleepy fog had clouded him more than he had thought.

In any case, he rolled into the parking lot of the school and passed by a parked Ford Escort on the way there, almost slamming into one of the doors. Instead he pressed a hand on the door to steady himself before waving apologetically at the occupants with a small, embarrassed laugh. "Oops," he chuckled and moved away while pulling out his phone. He pressed on Jordan's contact info and went to call her to see if she was already at school herself.
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Jeremy woke up to the sound of his siblings fighting downstairs, like usual it was probably over something like fiid or who got to use the Xbox first, he sighed and walked down to the kitchen which was bustling with his family.

"Morning guys, how's it goin?" the boy asked casually

As per usual there was no response to this as Jeremy dug through the fridge and grabbed a paper bag of food marked 'Jeremy' and walked out the door, being around his family for too long would give him a headache and he didn't feel like dealing with that today.

As he walked and checked his phone something caught his eye in the form of an email talking about an art thief, a small bead of sweat rolled down his face as he read the message, he didn't know to much about Wes, but he did know about the time Wes had returned the 'stolen' lunch back to Damian

"Psh yeah right it was stolen! We got the same thing from subway and didn't mark them!" Jeremy scoffed as he walked

looking up to see Damian jogging Jeremy took a turn and walked a different path to school, he didn't want to deal with that either.

Finely arriving at school he walked passed Viola and shot her a wink abd finger guns from afar, perhaps too far considering he was in a crowd abd Viola couldn't in fact see him at all, so Jeremy frowned at his failed attempt and walked into school.

Unlike normal he walked on over to the 'Cool kids' and gave a wave before stopping in their circle

"What up, fellas! Anything coooool going on 'up in here' ?"

Quickly being blown off the group of them walked away, leaving Jeremy confused and a bit embarrassed to what had just transpired.

Flipping out his phone to see the unknown number from earlier had still blocked him after the events of the other night.

"oh uh... I may have messed up big time... This blows..." he grumbled as he made his way to class

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Steve Freeling awoke to the sound of his elder sister going on a rampage. The shock jolted him enough that his head hit the ceiling. His blue eyes clammed up from the pain. Oh, the joys of sleeping on the top bunk...
"I told you I ain't got no clean clothes! And you just wanna see somebody naked!"
"Rachel, who do you think wants to see you naked?" It was their mother Linda.
She's making more excuses? Ugh. Not again. Right as Steve thought this, his twin sister woke up on the bottom bunk.
"Rachel's at it again?"
"Yep. She's got another Tetsuo Shima rampage going on."
"What's it about this time?"
"The fact that she's completely abandoned hygiene."
Chris simply looked disgusted.
"Fuck you!" they heard from downstairs.
"Dummkopf. I bet she's gonna beg for McDonald's or Zaxby's later, too, even after pulling this crap." Steve looked more annoyed than ever.
Chris's brown eyes widened in shock. "Did she really say...? Y'know, Steve, we really shouldn't call her names like that... Even if she is annoying. She clearly needs help."
"Rachel, if you cuss in this house, you're gonna end up someplace you don't wanna be." It was Steve and Chris's father Ezekiel, known to most as Zeek.
Steve smirked. "Dad would be the one to say that, huh?"
"Yeah." With that, the twins shared a good laugh.
"I'm gonna go ahead and wake Keith so we can get out of this nut house. Hurry up and get ready." Steve quickly dressed while saying this before opening the door and walking across the hall. He opened the door to their younger brother's bedroom.
"Keith? It's time to get up, little brother."
"Huh? Ah, crap. Is Rachel pitching another fit?"
With that, Steve went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth, briefly checking his smartphone while waiting for his two siblings. Art thief, huh? This seems to be worth investigation. Who'd have guessed? Wes is onto an actual mystery this time. After the three siblings were ready for the day, they stealthily entered the kitchen where Rachel was still ranting, grabbed their lunches, and went out the door. Steve and Chris mounted their bikes and headed for the high school while Keith boarded the bus to the local middle school.
"So, Chris, did you get Wes's email?"
"About solving the art theft? Sure did. You're planning on joining him, right?"
"Good. I was planning on it, too."
With that, they headed to school where they saw a Ford Escort in the parking lot and Wes nearly colliding with it on his signature skateboard before heading to class.
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Atlas woke up to meet eyes with his cat, Ozzy. They both blinked a couple times before Atlas cracked a small smile and sat up, Ozzy clawing at his shirt in panic. He grabbed Ozzy and set him down on the bed before swinging his legs on the side of the bed, stretching his arms and letting out a gigantic roar of a yawn. He took a moment to sink in the feeling of being home alone for the first time in quite some time. Just the night before, his parents had decided to take a trip in an attempt to “spice things up”, or so his mom said.

Stumbling downstairs with a dramatic flair, Atlas glanced over at the pair of shoes left in his pathway. He kicked them across the room and raised his arms up in silent victory before shuffling his way to the kitchen. He opened multiple cabinets, looking around for oatmeal. Once a few minutes passed, Atlas became frustrated and gave up on his search, serving himself some cereal instead.

Atlas started staring at his arms as he ate and frowned slightly. He felt a little more lanky than usual today. Maybe that’s just his brain being dramatic, as it usually does when he’s alone. If I don’t gain any weight sometime soon, I’m probably going to sacrifice myself to Ozzy for dinnertime.

As if on cue, Ozzy meows loudly and slides his way around the kitchen in an attempt to make his way towards Atlas. Atlas watches in amusement, having waxed the floors at night as a sudden urge due to boredom. At first, he wondered if he should’ve kept the floors as they were, but now as he watches Ozzy slip and slide, hissing at the air, he knows that he’s made the right decision.

“Need some help?” Atlas asks, acting like Ozzy’a going to suddenly stand upright and respond in English before turning into a regular cat once again.

Ozzy simply looks up and silently pleads with him. Atlas, having finished his cereal anyway, stands up and picks Ozzy up, holding him in one arm and his bowl in another. Maybe he is stronger than he originally thought. He drops Ozzy. Never mind.

Atlas makes his way back upstairs and slides into his closet, attempting to find the right outfit for the day. He could wear what he always does, some sort of dark outfit, or he could wear something lighter. Yeah, he’ll do that.

He slips on a white long sleeved shirt and denim overalls on top. Where are the socks? He crawls on the floor, could’ve sworn he took them out the drawer earlier. He finds them then grabs his hiking boots, too lazy to find any other shoes to slip on. He spends more than five minutes attempting to tie them, but it’s not like he minds. At least there’s something to entertain him somehow. Now peacefully sitting on the floor, Atlas begins to look through his phone to see if any exciting news has come up for once in his life. Instead of finding news about new events (that he doesn’t even go to), he finds an announcement about missing art. Atlas rolls his eyes and scrolls past before pausing and scrolling back up, suddenly interested in the topic. Need help? He could help.

Atlas then at that moment decides he could be the hero of the whole situation. Realistically, he could never find everything by himself, but this was an opportunity for him to be known as something other than that one kid who scowls at others when they glance at him. He wouldn’t be surprised if they created a rumor that he growls and hisses as well. Isn’t completely out of character, anyway. You know, if he was back in 4th grade. No, even in 4th grade he had much more dignity. It’s gone down quite a lot since then now that he thinks about it, but growling and hissing would be weird. Or maybe it’s not, considering who’s doing the growling and hissing. Each to their own.

Atlas finally gets up from the floor and walks to his bag, checking to see if everything is in it’s place before making his way to the door. He walks out of his home and locks everything up before beginning to walk slowly to school, pulling up his sleeves in an attempt to keep them from covering his hands.


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When Zane and his mom entered the car, he can tell that his mom looked.. nervous? She turned to look back at Zane in the back seat and asked,

“Did you bring the keys?”

Zane shook his head ‘No’.

“Are they insid-“

Before Zane could finish his question, his mom raced out of the car and ran back inside and started checking every drawer and cabinet in the house. Zane slowly got out of the car and went back inside to help looking.

Zane knew that his mom cared very much about his school reputation. She just wanted him to have a bright future. He could NOT get in trouble. Not once. Or else he would get grounded. His mom was strict, but she adored him. And Zane knew that.

Zane also looked everywhere. Just at a slower pace. His dad did not budge from the couch. He did not move a muscle. Which Zane expected.

At this point, his mom was in her bedroom, nearly ripping everything apart to find the damn keys!

Zane strolled through the kitchen and even looked in the fridge. And to his surprise-

“MOM! I FOUND THE KEYS!!” Zane yelled upstairs.

And with that statement, Zane’s mom came zooming downstairs. She was staring at Zane with the keys in his hands and the fridge open.

“Where were they?!?!” Zane’s mom asked anxiously.

“In the fridge... Wait, why were they in the frid-“

Once again before Zane can finish his sentence, his mom snatches the key from Zane’s hands and grabs Zane’s other hand and responds,


Zane listened and ran to the car in fear.

After a couple minutes pass by, they were at the school. It’s a good thing Zane lives only 2 minutes away from the school. He would probably be late everyday if he didn’t.

Zane got out of the car and walked towards the entrance.

“LOVE YOU, SWEETIE.” His mom yelled as he was walking away from the car.

Some other kids looked at him with a weird expression and Zane just ran to the entrance after that. Zane knew his mom loved him. She means well. Zane’s light jacket was basically over his rosy, red cheeks after that embarrassment. He pulled open the door, and headed towards his locker to get his stuff. He realised he forgot his phone on his night stand in his bedroom. He rolled his eyes and gathered his belongings from his locker.



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Viola was gathering her things in her bag while sitting in the car double checking that she had her homework for first period when she was startled by the sound of someone's hand hitting her car door. She quickly turned to see who it was, and noticed the blond boy already waving apologetically to her. She rolled down her window so that he could hear her, "Are you alright?" She asked concerned before finally getting out of her vehicle herself to check. She hoped since she was parked he couldn't have hit it too hard. She soon figured he was just fine since he'd already pulled out his phone to start talking to someone. She simply smiled with a shrug and made her way into the crowded halls of the school.

The school day progressed pretty normally as far as Viola was concerned. She was still a bummed about the art thief, but thanks to her siblings this morning, and the e-mail from Wes she was in lighter spirits. Students were still talking about it, which also ironically made her feel better, that this wasn't just a passing drama they'd all forget about in a day or two. The only class that was particularly depressing was Art. She didn't really have the muse to want to work on or create anything after what happened and she wasn't surprised that some of the others felt the same. Their teacher tried to give them reassurances, but looking around the class room you could tell the hope was rather bleak. She didn't know how useful she could be to an investigation, but she figured she'd try, so she set a reminder on her phone to go to the meeting place on time, which meant she'd have to quickly pick up and feed her siblings after school so she could be on her way.

She parked her car feeling very weird about coming back to school after hours and it not be for an actual school function, and she hoped this didn't count as trespassing or soliciting or something. She walked slowly tugging a bit at the sleeves of her sweater making her way to the track-field as directed in the e-mail. She wondered how many people would show up. She figured enough people had to be affected by this and want to help out at least a little. Then again even if she didn't really know Wes, she like most at least knew his reputation of trying to solve mysteries and 'cases' around the school , and perhaps just saw this as him trying to play detective. She looked at her watch and noticed it was just a few minuets before 6 pm, so she looked around, "Hello? Wes?" she called out.
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Wes sighed a little when he reached Jordan's voice mail. She must be busy with something. It was just strange for it to be this early in the morning. Another mystery! He would just have to wait until the end of the school day to figure it out since Wes and Jordan didn't share any classes together. A real bummer, for sure but couldn't be helped.

The boy went about his day with half a brain. It certainly didn't help the matter that with how many times he was stopped in the hallway and asked about his investigation and email. His answer was always the same: That they would find out the details in the meeting. Of course that message lost it's cheeriness after the 10th time he was asked. Though looking at the bright side, it hopefully meant that a lot of people would be showing up. Perhaps the looks on their faces didn't really express that but, hey, what was a guy without his hope?

His classes went by slowly, with Wes glancing at the clock every ten seconds as if that would make the time pass by sooner. It only seemed to make it crawl even more of course. What was he to expect? A watched pot didn't boil after all.

At last, school ended at 3:30 and Wes took the time between the meeting to check the art room once more. He was greeted by the now familiar sight of Mrs. Gelman's weary face. She cracked into a small smile upon seeing the detective. "Mr. McMillian," she said with that small twinge of a German accent. "Here to scope for more clues?"

"You know me too well, Mrs. G," he chuckled. Even though Wes was much younger than the teacher, he still stood taller than her even if it was exactly by much. He stepped closer, highlighting this difference as he lazily glanced around the room.

"You might find yourself disappointed, dear," Mrs. Gelman sighed. Already the hints of tears showed around the corner of her eyes. Wes could only imagine how much the situation stressed the already sensitive teacher.

Instead of sharing in her despair, Wes grinned at her. "No need to worry, Mrs. G. We'll get this solved. You can trust me! I have a couple of fresh eyes coming in on the case soon, ya know?"

"Oh yes, I saw the email," Mrs. Gelman smiled, sitting down at her desk. "After 6, correct? You know just as well as I do that the school doesn't like the students staying on the school ground after dark."

"We won't stay long," Wes promised. "I made the time so that they could come after any clubs they might have. I just need to see who wants to help."

Mrs. Gelman tilted her head and pursed her lips in thought. "Why not just have them send an email back?" She reasoned. Wes did not have an answer and instead laughed sheepishly. Before he could respond, Mrs. Gelman continued. "In any case, if you need to investigate later on, then it would be frowned upon by the school," she emphasized, setting a key on the desk. "It would be especially bad if they saw you breaking into the school." The teacher looked at Wes with a small wink.

Wes smiled, slipping the key into his pocket. He returned her wink. "Gotcha, Mrs. G. I gotta get going soon though. See ya later. I'll let you know if I find anything!" He waved as he scampered out of the art room, heading towards the track field. There he waited and pondered for about 20 minutes until the first person showed up.

He blinked up with ruby eyes at the sound of an unknown voice before breaking into a grin. "Hey there!" He answered back, jogging over to meet her halfway. She looked like the shy type, making him wonder why she wanted to help him. Maybe she was one of the ones who had their paintings stolen? He thought that he might have recognized her from his previous investigations but couldn't be sure. "I'm the one and only great detective, Wes! Nice to meet you! What's your name?!" He shoot off in rapid succession.
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Damian walked the halls, as usual, waving to his peers and making short talk with the popular groups of students. He never made an attempt to be integrated into these groups, He supposed being the star quarterback just placed him high on the school's 'Food chain' of students, giving him a lot of, somewhat, unwarranted attention between classes.

half-way through the lunch period, Damian and two other "jocks" were in the prosses of retrieving a stolen book bag from some chump of a bully unlucky enough to make a move in front of Damian. tossing the bag back to Damian one of the jocks remarked: "Say, D? Ya' think this the chump who stole all them paintings er' what?"

Damian didn't have a chance to respond before the other jock slammed the first with his shoulder and booted the aforementioned bully into an open locker, slamming it behind him "Nyahaha! Take that ya' greedy lump of lard! and C'mon! ya' really think Damian gives two shits about some stupid art nerd's lost stuff!? Hah! fat chance!"

the second jock slammed Damian on the shoulder a few times before the two began to walk off, to the unpleasant slamming of the jailed bully "Welp, cya D, We're gonna go finish off lunch with the girls, Catch ya' around."

Damian nodded with a melancholy smirk before looking through the bag for any painting or evidence of left behind paint... Nothing. He tossed the book bag to the short first year watching from around the corner before walking off, mumbling to himself: "Yeah, Old Damian is too cool for an art nerd's stuff... What a jerk, I know those two helped that guy steal the bag and snitched on him to make themselves look better, Everyone's a hero." He grumbled cynically before shaking his head and smiling to himself, thinking of that Wes kid again.

"Heh, Now that kid is a 'hero' if we're going by doing good for the right reason... I never even asked for help and he jumped right to my side. Maybe all these chumps who look down on him for acting like a kid could learn a thing or two from the 'Pro Detective. I wasn't sure at first, But I think I will help him out when was that meeting again? well, I'll be there to help whenever it is."

Damian walked slowly over to the group of two people next to the track, He wasn't sure why, but he thought there'd be more people, But this many was good for the number of cupcakes he had, Calmly walking over and giving a warm smile to the two he spoke in his calm deep voice.

"Hey, I'm uh- I'm Damian, not sure if I'll bring much to the table, But I'm pretty strong and big... o-oh, and I can cook, I made these and brought them since you said there won't be cupcakes... Hehe..."

He rubbed the back of his neck halfheartedly as he held out the tray to the two. Damian wasn't ever great at introducing himself to others, but he tried his best, what helped was normally the other people he talked to were just as nervous talking to the massive football player, so it made for a neutral environment.


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After Zane was done with his last period, he had to go to the auditorium for the theatre club. The only part of the day Zane enjoyed. He felt like this day would never end. Like, ever. He was so bored in all of his classes especially math. Ugh. He hated math. When are we ever gonna use trigonometry? Math period was sleeping period to Zane.

After Theatre class, Zane was excited yet nervous to investigate the art theft case. Who would be there? Would they be nice? Will we ever solve this case? Would Zane be much help? So many questions were running through his brain. But Zane was determined to get the art work returned to it’s rightful owners!

Zane told his mom that theatre class was gonna be extra long for rehearsals and that he would walk home after since his mom works and his dad.. just doesn’t care. But the truth was, he was going to meet the other ‘detectives’ at the track. It was just a little before 6 PM and Zane was still backstage helping putting the props away for the teacher. Zane knew he had to hurry if he wanted to be on time to meet the others.

After he basically just threw the other chair to the side he waved goodbye to his wonderful teacher and ran to the track. When he got there, he was practically sweating. He was not very athletic, nor had much endurance. When he got there, he saw,

A blonde, orangish brown eyed boy. He was a tad bit taller than Zane. He seemed confident. Zane guessed that was Wes.

Zane also saw a shy looking, brunette girl with glasses.

Lastly, Zane saw a really tall, built, dark-blue haired male. He definitely intimidated Zane. A lot.

Zane took a deep breath and walked up to the group.

“Um.. Hi. Is this the group for uncovering the mystery of the stolen art? Sorry, I’m a little late. I’m Zane. I’m here to help as best as I can.. but don’t expect much..” Zane introduced

Zane eyed the cupcakes in the tall, built male.

“Oh, cupcakes?”

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The school day had gone much like any other for the twins as they were now walking towards the track where they saw the others. Same kind of lessons. Same clubs. Same T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers type of attire they always wore. Same Steve grousing about the fact that algebra had no practical use. It was even being followed up with a signature call from their dearest sister, like always.
"Look, Rachel. I'm telling you this for the one and only time. I'm not buying cigarettes for you." Steve attempted to reason with his older sister.
"But-" She was loud enough to be heard about six feet away.
"No. I am underage and I won't go to jail for you or anyone else."
"Then will Chr-?"
"Don't go there. Don't even think about it. Chris isn't going to jail for you, either. And we won't help you kill yourself, either!" Steve calmly overrode her, even with anger apparent on his face and his eyes bordering on crazed.
"You won't be helping me kill myself! Just get me some cigarettes!"
At that, Steve busted a gut laughing. "What are you, stupid? Those things damage the lungs, the teeth, the liver, the kidneys, and every other part of the human body, you dummkopf!"
Chris jolted for a moment at her twin's choice of words, eyes wide with shock.
"And there ain't no food in this house!"
"Because you eat it all and don't leave so much as a crumb for anyone else."
"It's always just enough for one per-"
"That's a crock of crap and you know it. No one has to be that greedy and selfish."
"And this nasty black stuff is on the flo-"
"That's because you won't wash your feet."
"Are you calling me dirty?"
"Yes, you are. You've completely abandoned hygiene. That's why we can't take you anywhere."
That was when they heard a primal roar come from the other end followed by the sound of a chair breaking against the wall.
The twins merely rolled their eyes before Steve said, "That chair's coming out of your pocket when Mom and Dad find out you broke it," after which he hung up.
"Don't you think maybe you were a little harsh, Steve?"
"No, I don't. It makes no sense whatsoever for a 28-year-old woman to behave that way. It's completely idiotic. I don't know about you, but I don't want a 54-year-old woman walking around in my house getting fat and smoking cigarettes when I'm 40 years old."
"Well, you're not wrong." That idea doesn't appeal to me, either.
"Hi there." Steve called out with a friendly smile as they joined the group. So far, it consisted of Wesley who called them all here, Viola who they both recognized from book club, the football player Damian, and Zane who Steve often saw going into the theater club room when he passed by there. "I'm Steve. Sorry if we kept you waiting. Is this all of us or are we waiting for a few more?"
"And I'm Chris. But I'm guessing somebody already knows us. Right?" She gave Viola a friendly smile as she said this.
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Atlas spent his day quietly per usual, just trying to get to his classes and keep from disturbing others. As he sits in quite honestly the worst class to exist, at least in his opinion, biology, he ends up opening up a book. As he reads, he can hear others talking amongst each other and can't help but to wonder if they're talking about him. Why would they, they don't even know who he is. Yet his brain can't help but focus on that one insecurity and he eventually looks up just to observe. He finds that watching people talking makes it easier to understand what they're saying, and apparently, it's very important that he knows their personal business.

The school day ends and Atlas has packed up and is ready to head back home. Yet there's something that keeps annoying him, something stuck in the back of his mind. Oh, shit, the meeting.

Atlas double checks and makes sure that his stuff is all in the place they are supposed to be in his bag, and he starts heading out, checking the email to see where exactly he's supposed to be. As he walks, he breathes in deeply and looks around. It's been a long time since Atlas has enjoyed his surroundings. It's always just been a rush to get to his destination, with no time to appreciate nature. This is probably the worst time for one to take their time, but Atlas assumed he wasn't missing out on anything too exciting. What are they going to say that's so important that wasn't already said in the email?

While enjoying nature, Atlas trips over a pebble, yes, a pebble, and curses under his breath, kicking it. He watches it silently and smirks to himself, satisfied by the distance. That may well be a personal record. One inch.

Atlas finally arrives and sees that everybody else seems to have been there longer than he has. A little embarrassed for having been late, he murmurs an apologetic, "Sorry I'm late," and makes his way to the cupcakes since that seems to be the only thing that's caught his attention amongst literally anything else that he could find entertaining.

He pauses for a moment before saying at an inappropriately large volume, "Oh, I'm Atlas."


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Luckily it didn't take long for Wes to pop up. He sure seemed energetic, which she supposed was a good thing. She smiled softly offering him a hand shake, "Nice to meet you, I'm Viola." she chimed sweetly. Not long after she heard another set of footsteps approach them and she was surprised to see it was one of the football players. She supposed that was a rather rude thought to have, but from what she usually saw in the hallways, she didn't take any of them as the type to care. She'd been called a art nerd or geek enough times to know they weren't her friends by a long shot. Then again she'd never seen him do anything mean now that she thought about it. Perhaps people aren't always like who they hang around? "Oo~ They look amazing. May I have one?" Her eyes widened with excitement since she had quite the sweet tooth. She supposed she shouldn't be surprised that everyone was sort of appearing now since the meeting time did say 6pm. She saw Zane walk up a bit shyly as well and introduce himself. "Nice to meet you Damien and Zane." She waved since Damien was holding cupcakes, and giving everyone handshakes seemed a bit much now with more and more people arriving. "I'm Viola, I'm part of the art club." She explained why she was here, "I'm not sure how much use I'll be either, but I want to try." It seemed they all were in the same boat of not really knowing how to help, but willing to try. She hoped Wes appreciated their effort and thoughts, even if they clearly weren't as experienced and confident in this as he was.

What was a breath of fresh air was seeing the siblings walking up. Truth be told she heard them before she saw them as usual, but a having familiar faces around did help to calm her nerves. She smiled back and waved at both of them "Hey you guys! I'm glad you decided to come." She chimed as Atlas walked up, "Oh hey you aren't late really we're all just sort of introducing ourselves." He wasn't really a stranger either since she recognized him from art club. This seemed to be quite the interesting assortment of students, but she was happy so many cared. She was curious if anyone else would be joining them tonight, or even just along the way later.


Wes accepted Viola's hand, noting how small it felt in his own. Strangely soft too. Did she moisturize? He'd have to learn what brand she uses... However, he was distracted from thoughts of moisturizer by the approach of more people. First was Damian. He remembered him from the stolen lunch case. It was awesome to see him again since he seemed like a cool person to hang out with. Wes just didn't get much of an opportunity due to his busy schedule. Or at least, that's what he thought. But the cupcakes the jock brought caused the detective internally shudder. Because Wes didn't want to discourage any baked goods, the blonde slapped on a weak smile. Even so, memories of that past incident still haunted him... "Th-they look awesome," he chuckled. "Thanks for coming!" Wes added in a more genuine tone.

Luckily he was saved from that awkward situation with the arrival of more people. A guy he recognized from the theater club and a math class he shared, Zane. Next was a pair of twins that he didn't recognize which was a bit odd. Then again his memory wasn't always up to snuff for some things. "I know of one person that should be coming," Wes answered Steve, thinking of Jordan. "Otherwise we're gonna wait and see if anyone ends up being a bit late."

Another art student wandered into the group, introducing himself as Atlas. Wes remembered him from the art club's files. And now that he really recalled it, he remembered Viola's file as well. Glancing at his watch, it wasn't too late as it was currently 6:06. "No biggie!" He chimed with another grin. Wes just hoped Jordan was okay... He hadn't heard from her yet.

"In any case, it looks like we have two art club students so far. Two insiders! That's awesome! Do you guys have anyone in mind that might have a grudge against the art club?"
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Atlas had already eaten two cupcakes, observing everyone. In this very moment, he misses his cat. Ozzy didn’t get fed last night because Atlas forgot, but it’s not like this doesn’t happen often. He dropped a cupcake and panicked silently, picking it back up quickly. When he stands up straight, he’s met with a question. He studies his cupcake and picks dirt off of it.

“I don’t really talk to anyone, so I personally wouldn’t know,” He says as he picks off dirt. He flicks it with the intention of flicking it across the room, but he ends up falling in his eye instead. He sets his cupcake down and begins rubbing his eye aggressively. “I tend to piss everyone off, though, so there could be at least a hundred people.”

His eye blinks rapidly and he eventually gets the dirt out his eye. He smiles to himself and looks over at Wes, satisfied. “Got the dirt out my eye.”

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Damian nodded to Violet about the cupcakes, happy that people thought the cupcakes were good, of course thinking they looked good and eating one on sight were two very different types of flattery, he watched as the boy who introduced himself as Atlas ate and talked. he was a bit confused at the approach of the twins but just shrugged it off and kept watching the slowly growing numbers.

"No sweat, Zane. I'm sure we can all play our parts, Right? We've all got something special we bring to the table, so don't bum yourselves out so fast, Alright?"

Damian was used to making slightly rallying speeches like this to bring up the morale of his teammates in football, the role was placed on his shoulders one dreary day in fall, so he just had to get used to it. He never claimed to be the best but he thought he wasn't half bad at it either.

After disregarding Wes's weird reaction to the cupcakes Damian spoke on how much he knew about the 'case' at hand, it wasn't much but he hoped he could help with this 'investigation' in any way he could.

"Hm... I don't think there is anyone with a 'Grudge' against that class, they're pretty harmless as a whole, never really making their presence too well known to everyone- Oh uh, No offense Viola, but you know what I mean right?"

Placing a hand on his chin he thought for a moment and shrugged woefully to the group, drawing a blank as to who would perform such a jerk move.

"Common bullies normally don't go for full-on major property theft, and I don't think the usual trouble makers would go this fat for their little practical jokes... but if it helps cross any names off I don't think anyone from the football team placed a finger on the paintings, They're too reckless to leave a clean scene and would have bragged to me about it if they had."

He kept thinking as the others conversed, chowing down on one of his cupcakes.... Huh, these were pretty good!


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Jeremy watched the group from afar via dollar store binoculars at the group of ''''''Ace Detectives''''' probably talking about clues, or how to effectively stuff him in a locker, all that was speculation, however, seeing as he couldn't, in fact, hear them, He'd forgotten to place the hidden speaker next to the meeting place cause he was busy playing D&D at Tabletop club.

Watching the group talk to each other he 'dubbed' their voices with mocking impressions of them all

"Hm, yep, Uh huh... Yeah there's 100% some crime that's gone down around the art studio, I can tell with my special C R I M E- S I G H T" Said Wes to the group

"Agreed, wherefore' art' crime amongst the... Uh- uhm..- the ilk of the school! Thou shalt pay for thine crimes, Jeremy!" Exclaimed Zane in a swooshy Shakespearian accent

He didn't know Atlas much at all so he just winced at him picking up the cupcake he dropped, he also didn't want to make fun of Chris cause she was cool, same was the case with Steve, He didn't know much about who he was or what he did

"Hmph, Don't worry about it ladies, I'll take care of any robbers, you can count on my giant huge- stupid jerk footballer face-! -To slam the thief in the stomach when we find him, come eat my yummy looking cupcakes!" thundered Damian in an exaggerated cool guy voice.

"Hehe, I showed up cause I'm probably the only one who knows how to drive, I also want my painting back cause it was super well made and pretty just like me- AHH THIS IDEA SUCKED BEING POPULAR ISNT WORTH THE COST OF ACTUAL JAIL TIME!"

he cut his viola impression off and put his hard on his head, thinking how dumb he was for falling for the person who texted him's lies, but he didn't want to jump out and confess tot eh crime, that'd be hyper stupid, He could still possibly get away with it.... possibly..... He returned to watching the group talk to make sure they didn't get any leads that brought them towards him.


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“No sweat Zane, I’m sure we can all play our parts, right? We’ve all got something special to bring to the table. So don’t bum yourself out so fast. Alright?” Damien encouraged.

Zane was not expecting that. This guy was so intimating that Zane thought he would never say those kind words. But those words worked. Zane felt encouraged to solve this case. Maybe his acting skills can come in handy? Or maybe he can design a ‘sneaking around school’ costume!

While more and more people joined the group, Zane felt even more confident. I mean, we were totally gonna solve this case with all of these people! Right? The more the merrier! Or.. could more people mean poor communication? Agh! His brain was just a mush with all the thoughts in his head right now.

Before Zane could think of anything to reply to Damien’s words, Wes asked,

“Do any of you guys have in mind someone who has a grudge against the art club?”

Zane thought, ‘well who would have a grudge against the art club of all clubs? The art club just does there own thing. They shouldn’t be bothered.’

Zane responded to Wes’s question,

“I mean, I don’t know who would have a grudge against the art club.. they really only do there own thing. They aren’t troublesome at all.”

Zane pondered this thought. Why would anyone have a reason? Zane has seen people have a grudge against the drama club because they haven’t gotten a part in the play.. ᴛʜᴏsᴇ ᴘᴏᴏʀ ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ. But why would anyone have a grudge against an art club?

Zane took a break of his thoughts to take one of Damien’s cupcakes.

‘MmMmm, pretty good.’ Zane thought to himself.

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Wes hummed in thought, rubbing his chin a typical detective pose. His ruby eyes looked up to the sky and watched the fluffy clouds go past. So it wasn't a grudge... He was just having a hard time figuring out why someone would take those paintings. It took a moment for a lightbulb go off in his head. Something so simple, the boy did a mental facepalm for not wondering it before: What were those paintings being used for? There was a school festival going on soon and those paintings were going to put up for auction to raise funds for the school. So maybe it was a plot against the school? "Maybe it's a plot against the auction instead?" The detective voiced his thoughts.
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"That's good. The more of us there are, the better the chance we have of catching this bastard," Steve replied to Wes's answer without a second thought.
"If it bleeds, we can kill it, right?"
This time, it was Steve's turn to jolt at his sister's choice of words, his eyes wide with shock, his pupils dilated, and his mouth agape. "Um... You know we're not actually gonna k-ki..."
She smirked. "Yes, I know. I was quoting Predator."
Steve facepalmed while busting a gut laughing. "And it was so frickin' obvious, too."
"Hm." The twins simply nodded in acknowledgement of Damian's words since there nothing else to be said.
This guy "tend(s) to piss everyone off?" He seems like a decent guy. Why would someone want to attack the art club? It doesn't make much sense. Steve had to wonder.
He seems a little awkward, but I'm not sure how he would "piss everyone off." He seems like a decent guy. Why someone would attack the art club is beyond me. Chris also couldn't help thinking this whole situation was very strange.
It was then that Wes made his suggestion about the auction.
"The auction, huh? It makes sense when you think about it." Steve went over the idea. Especially if they want the money for themself.
"Especially if the person who did this wants the money for themself." Chris agreed.
"Are you a mind-reader?" Steve smirked. "Because that's exactly what I was thinking."
"...great minds think alike?"
"Yeah, I buy that. There's one other thing, too..."
"And that is?"
"What's behind the fact that Sarah's painting is the only one they didn't steal?"
"Yeah, I was wondering about that, too."
"And what about the open window? Is there any sign of forced entry? Could a staff member have been involved?"
"Do you mean to say that it could have been an inside job?"
"We can't afford to rule anything out, can we?"
"In that case, what if it's someone from a rival school?"
"What would they do that for? In retaliation for that last ballgame they lost?"
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Atlas watched Jeremy for a second, noticing he’s deep in thought. He grabs another cupcake and starts licking off the icing while listening to the twins have a conversation of their own. Once they stop, he rolls his eyes and says, “You guys talk too much.”

He bites into the cupcake and begins to talk with his mouth full. “Maybe someone was just doing it because they were bored. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to come here just to make sure everyone didn’t figure out who it was. Just a thought.”

Once Atlas finishes his cupcake, he kneels down and looks down at the ground. “Anyone have a napkin? The icing is really annoying me.”


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Everyone seemed to really be getting into things, spitting out all these ideas of possibilities, and to be honest Viola wasn't sure what to make of it all. The problem was a lot of their ideas made sense , so it could be any one of those possibilities. She was a little relieved once the thought that it might not be an attack against the art club because of the art club. After all she couldn't really think of anything any of them could've done as a whole to piss anyone off. And even if Atlas did tend to piss people off like he said, why would everyone's work get taken and not just his? She pondered all their suggestions while nibbling on one of the cupcakes Damien had brought. Everything was being thrown out in the open so fast she didn't have the voice to interrupt, so she just watched and nodded until their was a break.

"She swears it wasn't her..." She mumbled a bit before clearing her throat trying to sound a bit louder so everyone could hear her, "But maybe someone did it for her? Or for her sake rather, cause I'd hope she wasn't actually involved." she explained. "If that's the case it could've been another teacher, rival school student, or regular student wanting only her work to be seen at the auction." She shrugged, "Wanting the would've made sense, but we can't raise the funds with no paintings. So no paintings mean no money for anyone." She reasoned hoping that made sense to the others. No paintings meant there'd be no money to even steal, unless they were going to sell them themselves, but who would want to buy their art for no reason?

She knew her suggestion widened the pool more then narrowing it, but it was still a possible motive she believed. She looked over at Atlas at his suggestion, "I guess that makes sense, but the cops are kinda involved would someone risk that for boredom alone?" Also the thought of the culprit being one of them to sabotage the whole thing was a scary thought. That didn't sound like boredom that just sounded evil.

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