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Hey guys! I'm coming back from a hiatus, but I'm really excited to come back and do some rp! So, some things about me are that I'm a 24 year old girl (as of 2022) that's both attending college and working a part time job. As such I won't be able to post every day. Also, I'd like someone who helps build the story with me instead of having me do all the heavy lifting. If that doesn't deter you, then let's talk shop :3

Wanna... check out my roleplay ideas? *wiggles eyebrows*

We got all kinds of topics here! We got your romance, your platonic wholesome friendships, high stakes action adventure! *slaps the top of Neko's head* This baby can fit not only existential dread but so many ideas for your roleplaying entertainment! Not limited to playing one gender (not that that's a bad thing ofc!), can double, play multiple people, ghost-friendly annnnnd sometimes pulls out really funny jokes! What's not to like? So, choose Neko as your roleplay partner today! Interested parties can contact me through either PMs or by commenting on this thread. Also! Check back whenever since I usually add new prompts whenever I bump the thread. Even if I haven't bumped in awhile, please go ahead and shoot me a message or something! Pretty much always looking for rp partners if I'm not full up (which is rare lol). I am not at all limited to these ideas as well so if you wanna hit me up with an idea of your own, then go for it!

Muse A is a simple farmer with their father. They lead a quiet life until bandits kidnap him and most of their cattle. In their desperation, they turn to an unlikely ally, Muse B, a local hoodlum from town that has their own beef (hah) with the bandit group as their former leader.
Being saddled with a baby was the last thing Muse A expected, but one simply couldn't let a random kid roam around the subway alone. After contacting the police, Muse B is assigned to help watch the child with Muse A until the parents can be found. Hijinks ensue.
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Heya! I've got an endless surplus of ideas and could be of some entertainment, only short term tho because my autistic brain likes to jump around so much ;-;
Ya just sound like someone I'd get along with tbh

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