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Off to a Better Place

By the time Lucky entered his cabin, Jason was already in bed scrolling through his phone with a burger in hand. He'd taken off his usual outfit in favor of a green shirt and some blue sweatpants, having gotten a shower as well, so he looked pretty nice anyways. As Lucky spoke to him, he barely lifted his head from the small screen of his phone to glance down at Lucky. "Look, I don't mind you when you're not in the process of getting us killed. You're alright to be around otherwise." He said flatly with a shrug, before taking a large chomp out of his burger. He then watched as Lucky produced a gallon of some purple stuff and started talking about how it might make him immortal. "Uhh... I think that's just purple Kool-Aid without the label..." Jason said, shrugging slightly.

Meanwhile, if Lucky were to turn on the TV, he would not see his beloved Duck Dynasty. Rather, he would find... this...

Micah snickered as he watched the video play on the TV, before glancing over to Arthur. "Looks like they got you and Dutch down, Black Lung..." The former Van Der Linde Gang member said with a smirk, before taking a drag from his cigar.

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Back in Ben's cabin, if they left the TV playing long enough, he would find this playing after the Super Mario Brothers Super Show ended...

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"I have a name, you know." Was all Byakuya said in response to Rex as he greeted him. Meanwhile, Rex would basically find any food he was looking for in the fridge and freezer, as well as the various cabinets that were around the cabin. And yes, that included pizza. Frozen pizza that would have to go in the oven, of course, but pizza nonetheless.

JRay JRay

Corvo Attano

Ripped from the warm confines of reality. Thrust into the cold, deathly ambience. The unending loneliness. The barren Void. What does he want, now? was all Corvo Attano could wonder. Pitch black rock formed a path before him, which he mindlessly traversed. "I don't have time to play your games, Outsider." Every time this happened, it was never for something good. Corvo's remark was answered with chuckling. As Corvo reached the end of the swiftly made path, he appeared.

"And so it happens again, old friend. I did hint at this last time we met. If you were any the wiser, you should have seen this coming." The Outsider vanished, appearing behind Corvo alongside three people, to which he recognized immediately. They were frozen in place; a still image of them reuniting with each other on the train. "Don't look so downtrodden, Corvo. I can count your allies from the dusty cliff among the newly dispersed crowd, all bound to be fighting the same threat that vies to rule the multiverse. Though if you ask me, this 'threat' is aiming too high up." The Outsider sat floating in the air, lazily putting his hands behind his head.

Corvo walked around the figures. Kassandra, Aloy, Price... The thought of coming across them once again had crossed his mind more than once, but he never considered it to be this soon. The figures then dissipated into a cloud of smoke. "Blood Gulch was certainly interesting. I'm entertained at the idea of what you four will do, this time. I'll make sure to stop by, old friend." Before Corvo could say anything his vision went white. The Outsider had sent him back.


As Price and Pennington made their entrance, the soldier would be met with a familiar mask. "Captain Price?" So the black-eyed bastard wasn't messing with me. Corvo removed his mask. "And here I thought Blood Gulch would be the last of these bizarre ventures. Glad to see someone I fought alongside, again."

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"...Um, likewise, I guess." Lucky muttered, curling up in front of the TV. Yet he protectively held his purple stuff. "No! This stuff heals deadly wounds! They filmed the whole thing. When one of the juvenile scientists was hit by a bus, just a few drops of this very purple stuff saved him from succumbing to his fractured ribcage!" The amazing, almost spiritual benefits of purple stuff would be the hill he died on.

The cartoon playing was interesting, to say the least. It depicted two men, a blonde named Arthur and a mustached man named Dutch, fighting the hands of time. They began in western times, and left everyone and everything they loved behind, to pursue one more score. It wasn't long before their comfortable western lives had literally crumbled away behind them, and they were alone in the outer-space-dominated future with a single horse, their last look at those rolling frontiers they loved. Then the two men were rescued from outer space and brought to the new Earth, where they were petrified to see how much their beloved lands had changed. They would no longer be able to survive as cowboys, so they needed to fight their restrictive moral compasses to become soccer players instead. They called to each other with pure pain and anguish, Arthur especially. Dutch was his only source of hope, and his motivation as they continued to press on. Each was the other's only reminder of the people they loved back in their original time. They had to make their late friends and family proud, by getting that one last score, of which their profession as soccer players was an attempt at satisfying. But the scores they made on the field didn't matter. They were just hollow victories. If they wanted to do their parents proud, they wouldn't make some temporary score that would be set back down to zero come the next game.

In desperation, they turned to wildlife hunting, only to find that the animals had evolved beyond their simple cowboy hunting style. The boar they wanted outsmarted them, and tormented poor Arthur. Dutch realized this, realized that he had ruined their lives out of simple greed for fame and fortune. He knew it was his fault that his only friend was trampled by the boar. He could only respond with one word: "Wow." The rest of his scoldings were done within his head, so his best friend may not hear him, and doubt them both. He had to keep their spirits up. It was all they had.

To compensate for the failed boar hunt, Arthur had purchased a steak. As he cut the meat, he finally came to terms with the realization that he'd been running from all along: Life had changed. Nobody in this world worked hard for their blessings anymore. It was all readily available. Because of the ease of access, because there was no sense in going the extra mile, because modern society could never be impressed with any feats anymore, the two men would never see their one more score. If Arthur had not followed Dutch on on this adventure, he would still be living comfortably with his wife, his friends, his children, and all his hard work. Instead, the duo had sealed themselves into a fate of never mattering, dying as bodies without muscle, faces without names, necks without medals. Yet Dutch was fixated on his goal, bringing Arthur to snap. He told Dutch, "You call this a score!? We're worthless! You dragged us out into the sea, expecting us to become kings, but we are instead washed up! I followed you because I thought we would end up mattering, Dutch. I had faith in you, faith that, just this one time, you weren't just proposing some crazy, dead-ended scheme! I told Mary-Lou that I would come back as somebody...And I never did..." He sniffled, but his tears quickly turned hot and bitter as he went for his knife. He was sick of it. He was sick of Dutch never thinking with anything but his greed. "FUCK YOU, DUTCH, I'M GOING TO RIP YOUR FUCKIN' MOLE OFF!"

So Arthur did, and he prepared to rip off even more, but as he and Mick tussled, he looked into his friend's eyes, and realized that the fire never died. Dutch carried on. Even after he lost everything to his own scheme, he carried on. "I-I'm sorry, Arthur...I knew you would be happy if we were rich."

For the rest of the day, and well into the evening, the two men didn't speak to each other. Yet Dutch, unable to bear the weight any longer, snapped. "I'm sorry, Arthur. I didn't tell you this before we set off, but the time has come: My father died the day before we left it all behind. As he laid there, succumbing to pancreatic cancer because we couldn't afford to have the tumor removed, he looked me dead in the eyes and said, 'Don't give up, boy. This family is so close to climbin' out off this hole. Just one more score. One more score, and we'll be rich. Just one more score, and we can leave, get outta here and go around the world!'" He knelt down and gazed at Arthur with his eyes full of tears. "I thought about it all night long. I remembered how much my daddy liked you, and I figured that nothing would make him prouder than if both his son, and the son he never had, made that last score together. And now, we've left his wish behind..."

"We can't go around the world, Dutch..." Then Arthur collapsed. "Dutch...I didn't want to tell you this, but the boar's tusks had injected me with a dangerous venom, and it's been melting me from the inside ever since our fight." His eyes shone with a million tears. "I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to think it was your fault, Dutch. I don't think it's your fault at all. I was the one who angered that boar." He winced, his breaths becoming sharp. "Even if I wasn't...dying...Dutch, we still couldn't go around the world..."

"W-whaaa?! Why?!" Dutch screamed, his face red and wet.

"Because...Dutch...I never believed in a round Earth. I was always a flat earther."
After admitting that final secret, Arthur gave it one more, confident smile, then gave up his spirit as his body was reduced to nothing more than a round puddle. "I die flat...just like Earth..."

Dutch screamed at the sky, then collapsed before his friend, sobbing harshly. He was alone now, some lonely cowboy with nothing more than a hollow dream, and the spirit of his only faithful friend on his shoulders.


Once the movie was over, Lucky was in tears, his jaw agape. "T-that...that was the saddest movie I've ever..." He began to sob quietly, hugging the purple stuff.

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Orbeck of Vinheim
status: Roommates, and cooking?
Condition: normal​
"So, Orbeck, your time to share, who are you? Where are you from?"
so in exchange for talking about her life as an experiment went wrong, she wanted to hear about himself. Fair, If the topic was as sensitive ex he expected, then it would only be fair for him to ask. But before he could utter a word, a sound rang across the train. notifying them that they are to head to their rooms, which they apparently have for some reason.
"New Room!" Lealan picks out Snake and Orbeck among the group and forcefully grabs their arms, Dragging them to their collective room. Releasing Snake's hand only to open the door, the Floran drags the pair in and then maneuvers them toward the bunk bed, claiming the lone one for herself. "I call Dibs on this one, It'll get more sun." Lealan sits down and stares at the Solider and Sorcerer. "So who knows how to cook?"
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So along with Snake, Orbeck was dragged into one of the cabins before being popped right down on one of the beds, asking if either of them knows how to cook. As stated before, as an undead there is no need for him to eat, or drink. Maybe the occasional crab from the swamps that surrounded his former study, but besides that he lacks in most cooking skills. Sadly he is no Siegward when it comes to soup either.

So back to Lealan's previous question.
"I...never had the need for those sort of skills. " Getting himself back up from the bed he makes his way to the fridge, finding a massive amount of food, more than he knows what to make do with. From some of the more normal stuff like meats, vegetables, and grains. To more proceeded foods. There was also soda, the overly sweet liquid that he STILL is trying to wrap his head around. He grabs a few cans, one sprite, one Fanta, and one Pepsi. He has no idea what they taste like as he hands a can to his newfound room mates. he sat back down at the bed.

"Back to your previous question Lealan, I will repeat what I said at the airship...back then when I was still at the Vinheim dragon school, long before I even got involved with the multiverse...I was an assassin, a killer for hire, a sorcerer only in name... It was my only avenue for entry towards the school, working in a business that never agreed with me...the killings, the assassinations...I never realized what my actions entail." he took a sip of his can of Sprite, sort of smacking his tong over the limey flavor of the drink.

"By the time I was branded by the curse of the undead and exiled from the school, I obtained little to nothing for those efforts...It was only from the help of one unkindled that I was able to fulfill my goals of diving into the depths of groceries. It was near the end of that partnership where I was unexpectedly sent to gravity falls...which leads us to the present." getting back up again, he heads to the TV or the television as it is called. Again, it was odd how something like this can show moving images, one father another. He turns it on before sitting back down.

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You ain’t seen nothin yet!
Lilith was laying on one of the beds staring at the ceiling, soon enough she let out a short sigh and spoke up. "The fact that I have to share a room with the guy I saw naked really bites." After she said that she looks over to Falcon and then back at the ceiling. "No offence, I just can't get that image out of my head." She then overhears the tv playing and decides to see what it is. "What the..."

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deadpoolposttop.png & sonicposttop.png
"...Well all of that shit happened. I spent pretty much all of that time during that huge fight just drawing myself beheading Peach Cobbler Pothead and sleeping, cause there was all of this boring shit where the leader of the Teen Girl Squad died in the middle of battle along with some glowy red guy apparently showing up and basically ending the fight. What's that? What did Sonic do during the fight? Hell if I know, I was barely paying attention! Anyways, we're now on some sort of train, and wouldn't you know, THERE'S ANOTHER GODDAMN PENGUIN, WHY ARE THERE SO MANY FUCKING PENGUINS IN THIS ROLEPLAY?! ENOUGH WITH THE PENGUINS, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! So I took a shower, as did pretty much everyone else, and I saw Sonic come out and dry off. And boy, I gotta say..."

"I REALLY wanted to stick my hands in his fur, because GODDAMMIT HE WAS FLUFFY AS HELL! Well, what am I doing right now, exactly? Well..." Sonic was somewhat surprised to see an ice pop in the shape of his head, as shown by Megumin. Having recognized some Toads, he was now aware of the fact that he was in Mario's universe, despite it seeming a little... "flat" to say the least. "Huh, they make ice cream of me? This feels... weird, but it's pretty awesome! ...Just as long as it's not mushroom flavor, 'cause they probably have a lot of mushroom flavored things in this world, and I don't think it'd make for a good ice cream flavor." In the meantime, Deadpool overheard the commotion between Bionic Commando and That Old Man from Mortal Kombat Deception Who Was Suddenly Plot Relevant, seeing the latter get flattened to a pulp. Seeing as she was pretty much all but dead, Wade simply pulled out his handgun and shot at her body. "...Bang! ...Bang! ...Bang! And stay down!" He then looked at her weapons, seemingly interested at first, but then just casually tossed them both in a trash can. "*PFFFFFT* WHAT HUNKS OF JUNK! These things will end up being just novelties somewhere down the line, but good 'ol katanas are fucking timeless!" Stealing the communicator and teleporter from her corpse, Deadpool made his way to the list of cabin-mates, and then proceeded to head to his cabin, hopping on top of one of the bunk beds after quickly making some tacos. Stuffing his mouth, he pondered to himself, "Wait a minute, why was Delsausage on the list?! Isn't he supposed to be dead?!"

In his cabin, Sonic headed up to the top of the opposite bunk bed, and turned the TV on. "Otterly? *PFFFFFFT* Okay, that's kind of hilarious. And it's pronounced television, but everyone just calls it a TV. Anyways, what's on?" Turning the TV on, him, Megumin and Whisper were all graced with this very odd Mario cartoon:

Snacking on a homemade chili dog using the ingredients in the fridge, Sonic sat there confused. "Yeah... what I wanna know even more than whatever happened with Luigi is why they were even in that robot suit? And why were the arms plungers?"

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Kara Zor-El didn't bother waiting for the stupid mutt to reply, instead she walked over to the cabin she was assigned.

”How quaint, ” She muttered as she sat down on one of the beds and decided to turn on the TV.

Who knows what crazy shit this world has?

Meanwhile Zwei was zooming around the unresponsive person, poking him in several locations in several seconds as if examining something....

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darkred darkred


Lealan smiles appreciatively at Orbeck. "Thanks for sharing. And as per usual, the cooking falls upon Myself. Thankfully, I am a fantastic chef! Let's crack open that fridge, maybe I can find enough similar ingredients to make some Ultimate Juice!" Lealan hops off the bed and opens the Fridge, gazing upon the ingredients.
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  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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    Aloy rubbed the bottom of her eyes as she would nod at the others before heading off to her cabin for the night.

    "See you guys a bit later."

    Aloy blinked and walked inside the cabin. She was used to sharing a room with others during the Proving so she didn't mind that Kassandra and Ciri, her friends were all in the same room as her.

    Aloy's eyes grew wide as she wasn't used to all the luxuriates inside the room.

    A "refrigerator" with a huge snack area and room service and even more.

    Aloy's focus showed her the refrigerator, a cool box as she opened it to see what was inside.



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Ben thought that Albedo's Ben 10 Live stageplay was the most shameless of rips.

Was he wrong.

He could only look at his portrayal in disgust and genuine fright as he looks to the others in the room for intervals, ingraining their reactions in his head, changing the channel. Ben 10 Live pissed him off, The Ben 10 Show was outright harming passers-by near the set and on the set, but MeatCanyon's EASY DOWN BEN...

... it had the potential to break him, but fortunately, it did not.

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Off to a Better Place
"And you're sure that wasn't like... a sketch or something?" Jason would ask Lucky in regards to his words about the purple stuff, before sitting down and watching the movie with him. Once it was over, and Lucky began to sob, Jason merely furrowed his brows and paused for a long, long moment.


"...well, that was fucking stupid."

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As Orbeck turned on the television set, the following clip would play for the entire cabin to see:

L Laix_Lake Venom Snake Venom Snake DerpyCarp DerpyCarp

When Ben changed the channel, this cute little music video played instead:

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"Stupid?! That was a fucking masterpiece!" Lucky wiped his eyes. "W-when they went to space, knowing the world won't be the same when they come back, just to chase their dream...Just like me and the boys. And they never got to get that one last score together..." He wiped his nose with his ear. "My God, I knew Arthur didn't really lose faith in Dutch. But he died without seeing that last score Dutch promised. Just...Jesus Christ, it was so beautiful...And that mole was obviously a symbol of their hope!"

Around this time, Jason might've noticed that Lucky had drank a hearty gulp of the purple stuff, and might've put two and two together.

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Meanwhile, Megumin had also switched on her cabin's TV, only to discover this lovely...music video?

By the time it was over, she was feeling...quite nauseous from looking at all those ugly colors and figures.


Lealan shrugs at Snakes suggestion. "Yeah, that sounds fine. BUT food first!" She begins to grab ingredients and starts cooking up some things too eat. Some of the ingredients look normal, some of them, not so much, like the eyeball looking food, staring at Orbeck.
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We can't change what's done. We can only move on.

  • “We could use as many competent people in the multiverses as we can get,” The Spartan agreed to Ciri, though a loud noise above them cut their conversations short. As the even louder voice screeched about rooms, Kassandra placed her free hand over Ikaros’ sensitive ears, though the Golden Eagle clearly didn’t mind whether or not he had to listen. With that said, once the voice shut up Kassandra removed her hand from her bird’s ears to gesture for the rest of her “team”- if one could call it that- to follow. Within moments, she’d reached the list to find that the three ladies were all grouped up in one room, and Price was paired up with the penguin and...

    Corvo? I guess he is here after all.” She mused aloud with a glance at the old Brit, though this thought was pushed away when Aloy went indoors.

    “Well, if you do find Corvo, you’d better make sure he sticks around. We all need to be together if we’re going to get through this mess, trust me.” She felt a bit better knowing she potentially had everyone from Blood Gulch plus Ciri and a few other newcomers to trust, so to say she relaxed a bit was an understatement. With that, she strolled into the ladies’ room.

    Once more, the ancient Greek was confronted with more luxuries she didn’t have back in her world. She (somewhat) understood the dresser’s purpose within a couple moments, placing her Hephaestus Suit’s pieces in one drawer, her melee weapons in another, and her bow and quiver in a third. The Spear stayed with her, though, as always.

    The next object of interest was the miniature fridge. Ikaros hopped on top of it, peering down at the various bits of things inside it. In particular, he eyed what seemed to be a piece of fish. Whether Aloy or Ciri wanted to grab the food for him was up to them, but Kassandra certainly wasn’t going to push past the Nora just to feed Ikaros. Plus, she wasn’t even sure what half the contents were.

    Instead, she quietly observed the television set before flipping a switch. The object flickered to life, and just like all the other televisions in the rooms, it displayed something specific to the trio. Or more specifically, the Eagle Bearer:

    All the parody warranted was a silent “Uhhh...” in confusion. She could tell it was this world’s form of entertainment, but it sure as Hades went completely over her head.​
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Lealan turns back to look at Snake. "Well, how many alien plant cyborgs do you know? That's a factor. Also, I have a very active lifestyle, even after I retired." She grabs a purple fruit and tosses it into her mouth, crunching it as she cooks.
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Well.... he doesn’t feel sleepy now, so might as well watch something on the TV. Rolling off the top bunk and landing face first in the ground again, he quickly gotten back up and went to where the Tv is located. Picking up the control..... he randomly went through channels on the TV until he finally landed on something that reminded him of home.....
He stopped what he was doing and began watching it, while saying “Hey..... they have a channel about my clan, the Jormungandrs..... and they are doing the same things I do.... isn’t that great...” as he went back to watching the....... meme video....?
@ Crazy grandpa with a hammer watching some toons


Skeleton Boi
What the....... what the fuck was he watching right now. Apparently, the TV had a mind of its own and wanted him to watch its deepest and darkest desires, which is weird videos. Sighing, he said “I hate this channel..” as he pressed a button on his controller and instead went to a smash bro’s video.
At least this looks interesting to watch, as he began watching it.
@ Old grandpa is starting to hate TV now

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