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Once she had told them, she looked to see Yang’s reaction. And it meant nothing good for the two women. Just then, she heard Lucky who had probably heard her thanks to his rabbit ears, Megumin and someone else coming in as well, finding out what happened. Weiss then lead her away and once she looked back, through her tears, she saw that the four had began to brutalize her.

Yang had held in that anger ever since Ruby died and now… it was being released. And it was definitely terrifying.

Immediately, she looked back at Weiss and hugged her, crying, trying to ignore the sounds of what was happening. Eventually… it stops and the PA system went off, telling them that their rooms were ready. The three went to the cabins after stopping to get the ice cream, Blake hearing gunshots from where they had came, finding that the three of them were selected to be put in one room together. Shortly thereafter, a canon went off. Why that happened, only the staff knew.

Getting inside the room, Blake sat down at the only bed that wasn’t taken and began to eat her ice cream a bit faster than one would normally eat ice cream. Hopefully, the cold would end up starting to numb the pain she was feeling.

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Price began to explain the situation, saying that there were four people who had disappeared, most likely taken. And since they hadn’t stopped, they were somewhere on this train. As expected, there were no bodies to look at but sadly, no leads yet. Good thing she was there, alongside Kassandra and Aloy, they could get this done.

Right as she was about to ask him a question, a loud voice told them that their rooms were ready. As much as she didn’t like to cut a conversation short, it seems like they’d have to and continue it tomorrow. “
We can start the investigation and continue this conversation tomorrow, Price.” Following Kassandra, they reached where the rooms were and read who were in each rooms and thankfully, her, Kassandra, and Aloy were all in one room.

But then, Kassandra saw a familiar name on the list and from the sound of it, he seemed to be someone that she trusted. This Corvo was probably the other male that she trusted alongside Price, which was good, another competent person. With that, she and Kassandra went in their room after Aloy went in.

Ciri chose to go to the only remaining bed, sitting down on it. She then looked towards the box with the moving pictures, remembering from a world she had gone to that called those contraptions called TV’s. On it was a… weird program and Kassandra seemed to agree that it was weird as well.

That was… weird.

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Snake looked over at his sneaking suit and his under suit, where the left hand was mangled from where she chomped on it.
“Didn’t even know about that. Was talking about something else.”
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Weiss Schnee and Yang Xiao Long
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(Did we have CRTs in Remnant?) (I don't know, see for yourself.)

How many times have I snapped at people?

Two, and it hadn't even been five minutes before I yelled again.

The first time, it was because Rex actually thought that fucker Penguin was right to take away my baby sister away, and the second time, it was because someone did not respect the emotional space of one of my teammates! It's not even fair; it has been a while since we buried her right next to our mom, and already are people acting like it's been long enough?! I still haven't even gotten over the time our supermom died, but at least people don't bring her up, no?


God, why, of all things, it had to be my own sister, whom people are bringing up? Don't they know that all those long years of taking good care of her had gone down the drain?! Don't

On one hand, if anyone's the kind to use Ruby for your needless arguments, they had it coming. On the other hand...um. This. Is something I really gotta ask.

Am I alienating myself in the process?

I don't know; it's reasonable enough that all we ask for is some space, so we can recover in due time. But I also want to be able to talk to people, so I can at least have more things to focus on rather than having to constantly deal with those...those...thoughts. I mean...sure. I probably could have communicated myself better when I yelled at Lucky and Rex...but honestly. Was that even an option for me?

I don't think so. In fact, I don't think that was even possible considering how...how much was still inside me around that time.

But I still think that fucker COBBLEPOT STARTED IT ALL!!




You know what? I'm just gonna focus on something else.

— — — — —​

"...If you don't mind," Yang said, after a while of deafening silence, "I'll be seeing what's on TV lately."

Weiss didn't do so much as to nod, seeing what had happened earlier between the elder sister and...let's say a certain someone was involved. As she continued licking her ice cream. Yang stood up, then stretched, before grabbing the remote from the nightstand and then turning the TV on with it.

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In the past, Alexis always bathed her children herself—all nine of them. Every day that she was home, she would make sure that all of her children’s tails were properly groomed and their bodies free from any trace of dirt. She only stopped doing so when one of hers specifically wanted to take their own showers. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be hard to see why Alexis didn’t think much of Sage joining her in a tub. For a mother to give a child a bath was a natural thing to do. Of course, there was also the strange acknowledgement that Sage wasn’t exactly a toddler, so Alexis withheld from scrubbing the boy down.

After the kitsune entered the tub, there were several moments of silence before anything happened. She didn’t think too much of this, closing her eyes as she heated the water further so that she would get a good soak in. Alexis’s relaxation came to an abrupt pause when Sage set the entire bathroom stall on fire. The kitsune opened her eyes and gave a slightly tired look around the mild flames filling the room. A sigh escaped Alexis’s mouth as she suppressed the fires with a dismissive wave of her hand.

Who could blame her for being completely done with the situation? Just hours ago, she was fighting reality bending dream demons, wading through sewage, and seeing people's’ friends dying right in front of them. While Alexis doesn’t get sore in the way humans do, her body ached as the strain of expending immense quantities of Aether caught up to her. The kitsune’s Blood was abundant, which reduces the physical strain of magic, but everything has a limit. Right now, Alexis just wanted to wind down while she had the chance and recuperate.

It took quite a while for Sage to actually get into the tub, as he bantered with others right outside the stall for a little while. The time Sage spent avoiding the offer Alexis presented gave the kitsune the time to realize that the poor boy probably has never been in a situation such as this before. Alexis assumed that with the sheltered life Sage had, he’d probably never been given a bath by a mother-figure, much less see a woman naked before. It was no wonder why Sage had burst into flames!

Alexis felt stupid. Did she really drag this awkward, innocent boy into a bath with her? She did, and she began to despair at what Sage would do and what he would think. In her mind, the worst possible thing he could do was walk out and never talk to her again out of embarrassment. However, Alexis was very wrong, as she watched as the boy reluctantly stepped into the bath with all of his clothes still on. This was a purgatory of its own. Alexis didn’t even want or need to ask why the boy kept his clothes on. If Sage had stripped down as well, the situation would’ve been infinitely more questionable, but at the same time, with one person clothed and one naked in the bath, the atmosphere was immeasurably awkward.

Through the steamy air of the stall, Alexis sheepishly looked at Sage as he averted his gaze from her. Even with the steam clouding the confines of this room, Alexis saw the boy glow beet red and uncomfortably keep his mouth shut. There the two pyromancers sat in the bath for several minutes with no words exchanged between them, until Alexis decided to break the silence, “I’m sorry if I’m making you uncomfortable. I was a bit too keen on treating you like one of my children and I wasn’t really considering where you came from... This is just...awkward.”

The kitsune then self-consciously brought her tails to wrap around her private bits as she closed her eyes and focused on the warmth of the tub, trying to escape the awkwardness of the situation. Her meditation was soon interrupted by the PA system screeched to life. The piercing, high-pitched voice that came out over the speakers was not unlike Ciri’s scream back in the Tent of Telepathy, striking the strange overlap of where both her human ears and fox ears found the noise excessively bothersome. Alexis pressed her fox ears against her head and clutched her human ears with her hands to try and block out the painfully annoying sound, but the message was still transferred to her.

When relief came in the form of the speakers turning off, Alexis planted her hands on the edge of the tub and lifted herself out of the tub in one graceful motion. Once out of the tub, the kitsune turned her back to Sage as she unfurled her dripping wet tails and spread them out behind her like how a peacock would display its feathers. With her hands, she grabbed a towel and began drying off her body as her tails shook aggressively to dry themselves. It would take a while before Alexis found her fluffy appendages to be as dry as they could be without a blowdryer while in what was basically a bathroom-turned-sauna thanks to her and Sage. Not wanting to create clothes while the air was still so humid, Alexis settled for casting an illusion around herself to give the appearance of clothes until she could get to her cabin.

Now that Alexis was covered up in the eyes of Sage, she turned around to face him and sheepishly said, “I’m going to head to my cabin now. We can talk about this when you are done with your bath. Let me know if you need anything… Please...I encourage you to ask for help when you need it.”

Alexis exited the bathroom stall and shut the door behind her to allow Sage to have a little bit of private time by himself to process. Now would be a good time for him to have alone time. In the meanwhile, Alexis went straight for the sleeper cart. There, she found the listing for cabins, and was a bit surprised to see that they were organized by familiarity...which meant that Alexis was sharing a cabin with Sage and Leo. The kitsune bit her lit a little as she accepted the amount of awkwardness she would have to handle once Sage was done with his bath.

Entering the room, Alexis was greeted by a comfortably sized room with the sun slowly sliding down below the horizon. The first thing Alexis did was inspect all of the appliances of the room, as per her habit of making sure anywhere was fit for her children to live. The room was entirely satisfactory, but to her surprise, the dresser was filled with clothes that would fit her and Sage perfectly. How this happened was unclear, but she just assumed that it was magic. That meant that she would have no need to make her own clothes.

PIcking out a simple outfit for the night, Alexis went for a pair of running shorts, a plain white t-shirt, and black hoodie with the words “I’m a fox” and the image of a fox printed on the front (Image). Now that she was changed, Alexis simply waited for her cabin-mates to come. She grabbed a bottle of tea and a bag of beef jerky and made a little throne with her tails on her bed. Alexis munched away, watching the sunset and slowly slipping into a drowsy stupor.

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We can't change what's done. We can only move on.

  • “...I ain’t impressed one bit.” Was Arthur ‘s dissatisfied response towards both Micah and Lucky.


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While Kassandra may have thrown up Delsausage, she decided to throw him up on Lobo's remains. The chewed up irradiated hot dog mixed the blood of the Last Czarnian and created a brand new version of Delsausage, this time with a hotdog bun, insane muscles (even if it looks like Delsausage skipped out on leg day), and a rocket launcher strapped directly on his back. Though he was still the size of a regular hot dog, the rocket launcher just...fit. It basically no-clipped through the ground as Delsausage hopped around. However, Delsausage may not be the right name for him, now that he's been reborn. The hotdog roared with a manly roar as he flexed his almighty muscles and released just 0.000000000001% of his power and destroyed the entire world of Remnant and recreated it all at once. "AAAAARRRRRGGGGHGHHHHHH!!!! I ARISE AS...DELSLAUGHSAGE!!!"

Now, Delsausage flexed again and let out an unholy roar that rivaled that of an orcish horde. The sheer power radiating from the flex was enough to teleport Delslaughsage across universes and land him directly in Cabin 1-E, on top of Sonic's chilidog. With another roar, Delslaughsage asserted his dominance over the lesser sausage and just swallowed the chili dog right out of Sonic's hand. The hotdog then did a quintuple backflip through the wall and into Cabin 1-F. He landed on Dib's head with another powerful flex, shattering the boy's skull for a split second before healing it with his power. "DID YOU MISS ME??? BECAUSE I AM RIGHT HERE. YOU THOUGHT I WOULD DIE, FRACTIONGORILLA? YOU THOUGHT WRONG!!! MEME LORDS...ASSEMBLE!!!!!! HHHHNNNNNNGGGGGGAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!"

Then Delsausage cleared his throat and said calmly, "Sorry I didn't get back to you about the ghostbusting. I was preoccupied at that moment. Don't expect Qiz to manifest me into this RP consistently. He can only handle so much of my power at any given time. If he writes too many of my posts, he will die."


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"Nothing quite like corny humour," the Agent laughs lightly as he takes a bite of his fish dog before the screeching ramped up. "Sweet cheese! Is this the internet or cable?"

As Gretar switched the TV off, he shrugged.

"Eh, I'm sure whatever happened won't happen thrice. Let's test it."

He switched it back on.

It was catchy, tuny music.

"Ah, brings me back to an era lost to the sands of time... or as everyone calls it - the early 2010s."

He began to sway his head in the same way that the characters on the screen did.

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"It was damn impressive to me." Lucky rebutted. "The cinematography was amazing, and the actors were...Wait." Lucky's brow wrinkled at Arthur. "...They didn't get permission go use your likeness, did they?"

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Meanwhile, as Megumin struggled to come to terms with what the hell she had just seen, the channel displayed one of the most eerie network bumpers ever spawned:

It depicted some kind of bulbous, checker-shirted creature with a gigantic ear for a head, surrounded by monstrous black insects called "blowflies", one of which slammed its fangs against the camera. More of its kind was restrained by strings, even across the ear of the dancing ear-headed being, who seemed to wail in pain. Then the blowfly who attacked helped its chained-down brethren lift a hat off a decayed corpse, revealing an "M" that looked like it was made out of dead coral or petrified sponge. Up its side crawled a violet caterpillar with a human face who said...something to the viewer. The only nice thing about the horrific indent was the purple petunia growing out the other side of the "M".

"Ew, where did they find it that awful thing?" Megumin was officially frightened into the bunk below Whisper, and she whimpered upon remembering that Whisper had claimed the top bunk. Well, at least the strangeness was over, right...?


The disembodied head of the singer, with an ugly autotuned voice droning about someplace called "Constantinople" had Megumin scrambling up the ladder. "Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Someone change it, please..."

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-Art Credits--
Chiaki Morisawa Fanart [スタろぐ④] by ますぎ, minimally tweaked

Fire Flames Texture by arundel
Golden Floral Pattern from PNGkit,
original artist PaperElement?

Divider Set #02 by NorasFed, edited by me​

'Spawn'? It took a bit, but once it had sank in that Megumin was somehow responsible for the appearance of the bipedal Dragon creature, she might have been able to notice him deflate just slightly in disappointment. Ooor maybe not, since the magical Missy had been focused on something else the entire exchange. Though, that also meant he now knew exactly who to ask a marker for, a next time.

"Oh. ...I uhh, kinda thought it had been sent by our Deity of Courage and Hope. 'Cause, well...", the pyromancer had brought his hand to the back of his head awkwardly, "Y-you know, we're sorta lacking one of those a bit right now.", still, as the other went on he couldn't help but let out a gentle smile, patting her in the shoulder since well, the hat was in the way of a hair ruffle. He didn't want to squish the hat, "I appreciate the intention though. Really, thank you for that", misunderstanding aside, it had been amusing and helpful nonetheless.

Then as he had been considering throwing his dead, sorta melted phone away after the bath, the mage had spoken up again, mentioning a 'Mei' that could fix it, before heading off to deal with... a 'neat'? 'neet'? Other than a few throws of the term in the background, he didn't really know what it meant. Again, things that came with low to no socialization... And with the confusion set, this had been how Sage had left for the tub... The tub with Alexis in it.

If there was something that was palpable, it had been the awkward tension between them.

Nearly hugging his jacket to his chest with the arm it was half-hanging out of, the young man had tried working over the sheer disconcert he felt by focusing on the many tasks, which included washing his hair and then scrubbing the mess of sewage and soot out of the previously mentioned garment. Surely, everything that was once white would never return to be the same bright shade of white again... He'd be lucky if it ended up any sort of white ever again, actually. There was no hope in cleaning his clothes that much without the appropriate wash methods, it was most likely that the white would become shades of light-grey from here on.

The pyromancer sighed, feeling rather bad for putting the items under so much abuse, some of, which he was convinced could have been avoided had he just been a little more careful. It was one thing to utilize an object properly and see it to its natural end, but it was another completely different to be reckless with and force an earlier demise upon it. In a way, it was disrespectful. Inconsiderate towards Nature, that had provided the materials to create the object with, then towards the people that had put it together. Every object created came embed with the work, time and lifeforce of every person that worked on it, at every step of the process. It had its own history before even getting to you, the least you could do was cherish and respect it. In-between musings of purpose and wastefulness, his mind would travel back to the bowl he had left outside of the sewer manhole... Another example of poor thinking of his part. He could only hope that whoever found it treated it well, though, it was more likely it would just get thrown out in the trash can right beside it. Cue a new sigh...

Was it weird to care for objects similarly than people? The idea of 'replaceable' just didn't really make sense to him, well, at least in the way others might take it as; With that mentality of nonchalantly buying another object after the original was broken. Sometimes in huuuge packs of items that they didn't even need. When it came to the Descendant himself, he had a limited amount of possessions that easily fit into a travelling bag, the strictly necessary and not much beyond it. So of course, every loss was strong... People, things, he had a tendency to be attached to them all the same. If anything, the non-materialism of his raising had only reinforced this movement.

...It wasn't inherently wrong to think like this, was it?

"I’m sorry if I’m making you uncomfortable.", Alexis would finally speak up, causing him to flinch ever so slightly and lose the train of thought in the spot. The embarrassed young man would only spare a glance of acknowledgement in her direction before inevitably averting his eyes again, "I was a bit too keen on treating you like one of my children and I wasn’t really considering where you came from... This is just...awkward."

"It- It really is...", he had concurred with both low tone and gaze, erratically searching for what words to say back and failing miserably to find the right ones, "L-look, I-"


And with the loud voice, that made him wonder if the announcer was having a heart attack or something of the sort over how guttural and raspy it sounded, any sort of assembled mental preparation was gone.

Sage slumped back on the tub wall and sighed in defeat, unhappy with how the past hour or so had passed. He felt like hiding inside the water for the rest of time, let the remains of the catastrophic exchange swallow him whole so that he'd not have to deal with the fallout... While the Kitsune gradually left to re-dress herself, the pyromancer was silent, caught in between waves of crushing regret and guilt, but more than that dread. Especially when she had addressed him again and suggested talking about it. What? N-no! The last thing he wanted was to talk about... About this! Which he couldn't even name! Like ever!

As soon as Alexis had left, he had just sunk deeper into the tub, wanting to disappear. Her parting words had made it worse, because now his mind was alert for something about to come. Maybe it wouldn't be a lecture but, it would still be terrible and to his avoidant nature, that certainty of difficult times ahead and yet no certainty over the specifics was nothing short than torture. Everything was telling him to flee, as far away as possible and it was an incredibly unrealistic impulse... And he liked Alexis too. He enjoyed her company and felt rather safe with her around, she was somebody to keep him in line when he had no energy to do it himself, and the kinship thing they had going on being fellow fire-users was pretty nice too. He had kinda gotten in the habit of speaking for both of them sometimes even...

Yet one mistake and he was fearful of being about to see it crumble like a house of cards.
For someone that had never known stability; Where relationships with people were mutable in the blink of an eye, complicated situations like this just felt like a presage for the end. In his experience, the chances for making amends were always too slim. Way too rare. It was inevitable that things, ended, nothing was eternal in the mundane, physical life after all.
Living was naught other than transition after transition after transition... An endless sequences of ends and beginnings, creation and destruction, Life and Death. But... It didn't mean that he wanted them to end.

No matter how inevitable it truly was...

Time passed, definitely less time than his mind made it out to be, and it was more than obvious that he couldn't hide in the bathroom forever. Eventually, someone would realize he was missing, or staff would come to clean the mess they had made. Neither was wallowing in regret and dwelling with fatalistic mental images going to help anybody. So he was forced to exit the tub, sighing again. As expected, the white wasn't going to be white anymore, but at least it seemed to lighten the blood stain of the pant leg a bit, and there was no longer like, a thick layer of dried who knows what on top of practically everything.
Picking his belongings back up, still giving the dead cellphone a last look as he decided to not throw it away yet, Sage focused on making his heat aura warmer. He wasn't naked so a towel felt like a bit of a waste, plus he could just dry out like that! But not in the bathroom. Everyone's shenanigans, including his own, made the environment too humid for that to work. He just made sure to not be dripping water everywhere and kept it going to dry on the go, it would be quite thoughtless to give the train workers even more to do after both setting fire and soaking the previous room. Though he had taken the care to very gently wash and dry the armlet properly before leaving for good.

Finding the cabin list, the surprise was like a punch to the gut. Alexis and Leo had been paired with him... which, would be fine! If nothing of that mess with the bath had just happened! But it had! And now that it had, it was the very last thing that the pyromancer wanted to be thinking of. And that wasn't going to be easy now that they had to share a room... With hesitant, nervous steps towards the cabin location, the Descendant could only default to one option: Act as if it had never happened. He really had no other choice in the matter.
His avoidant nature was going to flash like crazy whether he liked it or not, and in between cutting off Alexis altogether or the bothering subject, he'd much rather cut the subject and preserve their friendship.

If the Kitsune had been expecting to be greeted with the sight of a closed-off nervous wreck, she'd probably be shocked to see the opposite.

"Oh hey, it's a bunk bed! First time seeing one live!", he had let out with the wonder of a child as soon as he had gotten in the room, "As much as I'd like to follow the trend and go 'I wanna go on top' or something, I'm actually used to sleeping on the ground so, bottom bed for me, please~!!", the young man had laughed softly at himself, hoping to lighten the mood a bit.
The tense lingering mood that he didn't want to acknowledge.

As usual, Sage spent some time admiring the environment and applying Pa Kua principles to everything. He was still iffy about the presence of electronics in a resting space, though since it was a train, these rooms were most likely a mix of bedroom and living spaces so it was... understandable, even if bothersome. Wood for Family, blue for Spirituality, pastels for Creativity, ovals and circles for Friendship; Wood, Earth, Metal and Water, just about what one would expect of a bedroom/living area conjunction.
Soon going through the dresser, he was pleasantly surprised to find something like what he was used to wearing in the Temple, an Oriental-style collared pyjama, almost casting doubt on whether it was really a pyjama or just the first layer of typical monastery attire. The pattern was probably trying to say something, or being a bit too exact, but the possibility of it not being a coincidence had never passed by his one-track simple mind. He would change in the room if there was a way for Alexis to not see him do so, but if not, the Descendant would take his new clothes outside and change in the corridor as fast and alert as possible, only coming back with the task done.

Making a neat pile with his belongings by a corner, making sure to fold everything neatly, he had then put the armlet back on top of the sleeve, fire-orange eyes gradually fading into the more normal cappuccino brown as his Magic was once more restrained. The difference of sleeping outside for the first time, instead of his own room was that well, it wasn't fire-proofed, nor carved with the same Magic dampening Runes of the relic. Thus, it would be safer to wear it even to bed this time... With everything that had happened, it was best not to tempt fate.

"Maaaaan they have everything in here!", they really did, the fridge was packed to the brim with microwaveables, junk food and just overall snacks of all types, "I haven't even heard of some of these before!"

Seeing as the Kitsune had already gotten something to herself, Sage had asked Leo if he wanted anything, while scavenging the pile of snacks on top of the fridge for something a bit healthier in nature, like dried fruit chips. The healthiest thing he had eaten thus far had been Alexis' ramen after all and even that had been done with instant noodles rather than homemade ones due to the limited time, --well, unless the clump of broccoli counted?-- Have you ever read the amount of sodium written in the package of those things though?!
When it wasn't pure sugar it was pure salt with those industrialized meals!

For the remainder of the night, he tried making light talk with both of them, thwarting any attempt of dwelling into the bath fiasco by Alexis' with a quick and not at all discreet change of subject. Adapted to an early to bed and early to rise schedule all his life, however, it was most likely that the pyromancer had been the first one to hit the hay out of the three of them. Even despite having gotten knocked out not much earlier. It was interesting to sleep in an actual bed for once. Rather comfy, though maybe a bit too soft. It was weird, but a good kind of weird. The kind that he could probably get used to eventually in case it came to that.
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Orbeck of Vinheim
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"Hey, Locus deserved it!... Oh wait, you weren't here for that. Never mind!" Lealan turns back to the cooking, until a peculiar dish is passed onto the counter, from the cooked crab legs and claws sticking out, it could be assumed to be the Improvised crab dish for Orbeck. It also has some odd Fruit pieces native to Lealan's universe and kelp around the meat.
Orbeck starts snacking on the improvised crab dish, the odd looking fruit and kelp surrounding the dish was an interesting touch. Just need make certain he can finish this. Also, didn't he try to change the channel before hand? He could have sworn he did so a moment ago. He may not know every little thing when it comes to the intricacies, but he knows for certain that the remote is used for changing channels. So as he continued to eat, he changed the channel from the adventures of Stan Pines to...

To...this. What has he done to deserve such ridicule. With satire making fun of the sort of concepts that his world has to offer. What would Snake and Lealan think of this?
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Weiss Schnee and Yang Xiao Long
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#99D5FF and #FAC51C = Speech
(Women.) (Nora, what?!) (Wait--wh... How did you even get here?!)

When Yang turned the TV on, she wasn't quite expecting Roman to pop up on the screen. The music was the least of her worries; the biggest thing to her was that Roman was in her world. And it looked to be the same one as the one they had...until he met with a Nevermore.

Had someone made a show about them?

'...Roman?!' Yang stared at the telly in disbelief of what was happening on screen. By that time, she had already finished her ice cream, which helped her quite a bit in dampening the effects on her emotions. Just as Roman complained about the music, and his men complained that they did not go to the pet store after all -- complete with Roman rudely shouting back -- she was chuckling. She didn't care that she could recognize the old man from the Beacon fairgrounds from during the Vytal Festival; all she cared was, the henchmen did not get their pets.

'I mean, who wouldn't want someone like Zwei?'

Then, she saw Ruby on screen.

Immediately, the laughter stopped, and Yang was left wide-eyed. It was at this moment, Weiss, who wasn't paying attention to the TV, took notice of the reaction. Before she could ask, Yang quickly turned the TV off, dropping her remote on the carpet, and started to pray.

"It's just a show, Yang," she said to herself, closing her eyes, head bowed against her raised, clasped hands. "Nothing's going to happen to you, a show can't possibly harm you, it's just...a show."

She took a few deep breaths, then picked the remote back up from the ground and turned the TV back on. Apparently, she hadn't missed much; the focus was still firmly on Roman and the old man. Then the focus shifted to one of the henchmen and...a bastardized parody of Ruby?

Yang did all she could to stop the flashbacks; she pretended that everyone on the show weren't real people, and were instead characters the writers of the show came up with. It helped that several of the characters on screen were wildly different from the ones she saw back on Remnant; "Ruby" was a rude, depraved individual, who happened to be aware of the fourth wall.

Yet, she had the nagging feeling that she could still see the stark resemblances. Different or otherwise, "Ruby" still had the familiar red-hooded cloak and black-and-red hair. She even had the same rose emblem. And then, when she saw her Crescent Rose to be same as her own, dead Ruby's, and her whole outfit to be the exact same as the one she had worn during her time at Beacon...she couldn't take it.

Unsurprisingly, she tried to change the channel.

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Sonic was too mesmerized by what was on the TV to even notice that Delslausage ate one of his chili dogs, trying to process and understand what was on the screen. “Oooookay, this is starting to get a bit too uncomfortable for me... Wait, what happened to my other chili dog? Eh, I probably only made one the entire time, I’m pretty tired after all...” He then changed the channel, this time to something that was a bit familiar yet strange to him:

“...yeah, maybe we’ve watched enough TV for tonight...” Weirded out, he shut it off and went to bed after dealing with his plate. In Deadpool’s room, he witnessed the return of the king himself, now even stronger than ever. ”HOLY SHIT, YOU’RE ALIVE! And that’s completely understandable, the health of the author always comes first. After all, there is such a thing as a lethal dose of shitposting... I think.” Hearing Mr. Monopoly start counting, Deadpool quickly fell asleep, snoring loudly, with the numbers being counted off representing Wolverine corpses being thrown over a fence in his mind.

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As her fear melted, Megumin found herself nodding along to the poppy song Sonic and his friends danced to. "I had no idea you were so talented, Sonic!" She joked. "I, on the other hand...heheh, I can't even foxtrot." The somewhat sly giggling continued when he turned the TV off in a huff.

The archmage, however, was not satisfied. Television was such a perculiar thing...if she turned it on again, what new thing would she discover? Would it be something about herself? Another glimpse into the habitat of another crime against nature? She needed to sleep...But she needed to satisfy her curiosity before it ate her up..."Whisper? Do you want to watch one more...television thing?"

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"Wait...So if that was you, Arthur, could that mean that there's a show about me lyin' around somewhere?" Lucky started to flip through channels, looking for even a caricature of himself.

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Snake finished his food and drink quickly. Putting all his gear back on. “Thanks for the grub Lealan. I’m gonna take a look around, see what all is here. If I find a piano I’ll let you know.”
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Lealan cleans up the cooking area, scarfing down her Spicy Ribs and Ultimate Juice. Somehow keeping it from splattering everywhere. She watches the odd cartoon on the TV while licking her fingers clean of sauce. "Ah, that burns so good. And yeah. Go ahead!"
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What had came onto the TV when Yang turned it on and what had made her stop laughing at whatever came on... it wasn't good. Whoever was in charge of airing what was on the TV had to be a terrible person to show Ruby on there. But why was there a show about them on the TV?

After she had been done praying and turned the TV on and to something else, it was another program probably aimed to hurt them even more and remind them. Since Blake had finished her ice cream, cone and all, she got up and hugged Yang, grabbing the remote and turning the TV off for her. Despite the most recent event having happened in the bathroom, she had to make sure Yang was okay.


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