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-Shujinko Kanou-

"Chelsea Market"=Shujinko Kanou
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"Chelsea Market"=Venus Aeon Di Lamia
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>Blake needed to go to her friends and you let her do. However, you decided to follow her because of how worried you are. You eventually find her sobbing with her friends. You could not help but shed a tear.



Weiss Schnee and Yang Xiao Long
Excess Express
#99D5FF and #FAC51C = Speech
(Blake has joined the server) (Yang's soul has left the server)

As Weiss and Yang continued to cry into each other's bodies, hugging, Blake eventually joined in on the tear session, likewise sobbing with the remains of a fractured team. They did not pay attention to Hiryu, who had walked in on them, presumably trying to get some food. Neither of them said anything, for they were still letting everything they've thought about their deceased leader out.

Not a single word was said.

They kept crying to each other, to Blake, until finally, things started to slow down. Their tears were not as intense as before, but they were still there. Weiss and Yang, meanwhile, were starting to think of other things than just Ruby. Just now, Yang was starting to remember that she had asked Blake for some ice cream.

However, she thought it would be best if she let her emotions run their course first.

thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore (GM), TheElenaFisher TheElenaFisher (Blake), Thepotatogod Thepotatogod (Hiryu)
ʙʟᴀᴋᴇ ʙᴇʟʟᴀᴅᴏɴɴᴀ
━━━━━━━ ● ━━━━━━━
Eventually, Weiss and Yang's tears slowed down in intensity. The entire crying session seemed to have helped the two. For Blake? Maybe this crying session was just what she needed to get closer to the end of the depression stage. Of course, she'd still need to deal with the thoughts, but one step at a time.

Blake kept crying for a few more minutes and wiped her tears away, looking over as she felt like someone was watching them to see Shujinko and Venus there. Getting up, she held out both hands to Weiss and Yang. "L-Let's go get that ice cream..." Ice cream would definitely help them, it did usually help when people were sad, so it could end up helping them.

But right now, she had to try to push what remained of her grief and sadness over Ruby away for the both of them so they could get through all of this together. It's what she would've done.

marc122 marc122 , Topless Topless

-Shujinko Kanou-

"Chelsea Market"=Shujinko Kanou
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"Chelsea Market"=Venus Aeon Di Lamia
"Light Blue Bold Text"=Choice

>"You know Shujinko, when something weighs in heavily, you have two options; hold on and feel pain for the rest of your life, or let go and be on a long walk to relief. I'd say the latter is better. It's actually less painful to let go instead of holding on. Like you. You chose to let go. And right now, you're walking a long path towards relief. So, shall we get ice cream?"

>You nodded. Once the remains of Team RWBY went in, you followed.



Bring out the Apple Cider~!!!

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, (Megumin, VV)

-Art Credits--
Chiaki Morisawa Fanart [スタろぐ④] by ますぎ, minimally tweaked

Fire Flames Texture by arundel
Golden Floral Pattern from PNGkit,
original artist PaperElement?

Divider Set #02 by NorasFed, edited by me​

With assistance from the kind match flame, gone had been the bruise on the pyromancer's cheek, physical pain slowly wilting too, yet, nothing could fix the emotional damage as easily. Understandably, he was still upset, or at least, he knew he was upset, despite the emotion not coming out properly enough to be actually felt. It was as if, the path that funnelled feeling into the outside had been overwhelmed and clogged; Everything was kept tightly packed inside and very little truly found its way proper. It was more a feeling of... hollowness. As if the world had been painted gray together with him, if only because he had become emotionally colorblind.
There was no good or bad, no right or wrong here, there was just... e x i s t i n g

An existence that, which by itself also brought more pain.

He didn't feel like joining the others yet, didn't think he was ready. It was if he was glitching out, in discordance with the rest of the Universe, disharmonizing completely with the Concepts that made up everything. A piece that did not fit anywhere. It was in moments like these that he truly felt like the Anomaly he supposedly was. Estranged from the rest of the world.
And sadly, Sage wasn't new to this state of being. It had just been a rather long time since he had last dwelled in it.

When things had started to change, when the environment and people began to shun him way back in his childhood, this was exactly what it felt, day-after-day, with the utmost fear of his Abilities put into him. Of complying with the prophecy. With the belief that no matter what happened he deserved it as a punishment for existing altogether. There was nothing to hope for back then, contained to Temple grounds until more or less twelve. Since his emotions were so dangerous, the younger he had shut them all down, believing it to be the best course of action; Becoming unable to as much as think for himself in the process. Merely an entrapped thing, following given instructions...

How had he even lived like this for years? When and why had it gone from craving Death on a daily-basis to holding so dearly onto Life?

Eventually, before there could be any more throwbacks to the past, an unusual blob of green seemed to stop nearby, just by the corner of his gaze. The young man had raised his head up, slowly, gradually, an action that came robbed of any energy or motivation. And what he saw was, a weird big lizard creature? His tired mind didn't know how to take it at first, just exchanging a few apparent indifferent blinks with the unexpected being. But then he'd start trying to piece it together...

"...Did our Sun Deity send you...?"

Coming from a world built on Creationism rather than Evolution, Sage didn't know what a dinosaur was, since they had never even existed for him. The closest thing it could be associated with was a Dragon, The Golden Dragon, creator of the world's Sun. Add that to the fact he had heard from Hershel that there were different types of Dragons in the cleric's homeworld and all he could conclude was that, this weird Dragon had been sent to comfort him... By order of the Deity of the Sun, Courage and Hope. It was acting as an emissary or even acolyte, to restore his resolve quicker. And it decided to be doing so byyyyyy offering him a piece of broccoli?

For a moment, the two would only look at each other, curiously, expectantly. The pyromancer's gaze alternated between the bipedal Dragon and the vegetable offering as if wondering what to do with it, until! He could no longer hold a bout of soft laughter that went on for a while.

"So even They are bothered by all the sugar I've been eating~?!", somehow the notion that the Deities didn't approve of the disruption to his balanced diet was incredibly humorous, Gods could be really petty at times, couldn't them?, "Thank you", he let out in gratitude, accepting the broccoli with a nod and proceeding to nibble on it delicately.

That's when Alexis showed up, just as he was about done with the vegetable.
She was rather pushy, which might have been a problem if the kitsune had tried this any sooner. Kneeling down in front of him, the other fire Magic user was realistically straight-forward, saying that he stunk, true but 'ouch', and they needed a bath after going through the sewer which again was completely fair. He had not only gone through the sewage, but lost his footing and getting soaked head-to-toe on it... Twice!

"Y-yeah...", he had scratched at his cheek with awkwardness, "You're absolutely right... And I'm sure it would make us both good too... To clean-up Mind, Body and even Spirit wise."

Sage let the woman guide him, one of her tails wrapped around his wrist as if she had been leading him by the hand, mindlessly following her pace. As they moved on, he thought about how to go about it, deciding that his clothes needed as much as a wash as he did. Maybe he would do the shower portion nearly fully-clothed, wash his hair and then enter the tub afterwards properly? Did they even have the appropriate time to such a thorough clean though? Perhaps it would be for the best to only do the shower to spend as less time possible away from the mission? Whichever it was... He hadn't exactly been paying attention with, everything else.

Unfortunately, Alexis had a completely different, if not opposite idea.

The confusion started when he had been placed right before the tub, a rather big one must he add, easily enough for both of them. Still, the young man wouldn't come to realize the true meaning of things until a bit later, naivety and overall lack of socialization leaving a gap when it came to most subjects. Sure, this was skipping a step in the bath, at least by the Oriental traditions the Phoenix Clan went by, but it wasn't entirely bad. Weird, but not bad, as long as he still got to get his attire clean too... So he simply stood there, watching her fill the tub that apparently had no hot water and then warm it up herself, which he was rather thankful for letting out an approving nod.

And then it proceeded to get... weirder...

"Uhh, A-Alexis? What are you-", she- Was she getting naked in front of him????????!!!

He could only freeze on the spot, all mental faculties had shut down with a single word echoing repeatedly: 'no'. No, NO, just- just no! Absolutely positively NO. Not only were the implications of everything incredibly, extremely MORALLY WRONG, but Sage had no previous experience with the subject, on either side of the scale. It was one thing to see himself naked, it was a different one to see another dude naked, and it was even worse to see A WOMAN NAKED, EVEN MORE, AN OLDER MARRIED WOMAN DEITY!! THERE WAS SO MUCH WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE!! BY THE SPEAR OF ENDS AND BEGINNINGS WHAT WAS SHE EVEN THINKING RIGHT NOW???!!!

In hindsight, he should have turned away, he should have just turned away and left knowing what was about to happen. But he didn't, instead, the Descendant had attempted to avert his gaze back towards the exit, trying to get his mind out of... this whole disaster of a situation and it turned out to not be enough. He had been too polite and stuck around on respect for the kitsune's efforts, perhaps also because he was bond to listen to her by the Hierarchy of Magic. The moment the flock of fox tails had stopped blocking the inappropriate vision, Sage felt himself go beet red with embarrassment.

For an instant, his mind threw him back to the dinner-date with Gabriela. That night he had set the menu on fire every time she was a little more forward with what she was saying. That night, he had been wearing the armlet the whole time, his Magic had been under restraint.
Right now, it was not...

With a glow of his fire-orange eyes, like a sudden flash, the entirety of the bathroom was caught in flames.

Firstly, anything that was immediately behind him, then everything else in a circular radius. Several objects had spontaneously combusted all around, not the tall proud flames of anger or pride, but milder, chaotically dancing ones of confusion and internal turmoil. Depending on whether there was a door separating stalls and the rest of the bathroom, and whether said door was closed or not, the fire invaded even the very entrance of everything, most likely able to be noticed from outside. Embarrassment quickly replaced with dread as the pyromancer slowly realized what he had done, trying to bolt for the exit to get some water to put it out but then, he was blocked by somebody else...

"An eggplant??", apparently the Sun Deity acolyte thought this was a good moment for a salad, "I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to eat in the bathroom of all places... They're huge thieves of good energy, after all, it's going to ruin it.", luckily for the archmage, he was too simple-minded to get the innuendo.

It had been a surprise to discover that not only the bipedal Dragon could talk, but that Megumin seemed to know it as well, since they were talking to each other with a certain familiarity in the tone. Having gotten absolutely side-tracked, the matter of the fire in the bathroom had been forgotten by complete...

"Ah, Megumin! Have you also been visited by this little guy? It's weird that an outsider would be aided by one of our Deities but, I can see why you would need it... Why we all could use it...", he had trailed off a bit, growing mildly upset at remembering stuff, then made a conscious effort to bounce back, "It just needs someone to explain it that food shouldn't come in the bathroom, it's the prime way to get either physically or spiritually sick! Bathrooms are like sponges for energy!"

As he waited for a reply, one of the most urgent matters would come back to mind... Alexis, who was still trying to convince him to join her in the tub. Ho boooy, this was going to be tough. With a deep breath, Sage would turn back around, --he really did not remember what he had been about to run off for at this point--, and a speck of defiance would rise out of nowhere.
Like sure, he was getting into the bath, but he was going to do it according to plan!

As such, he took off his jacket, placing the objects from the pockets by a safe spot in the ground. He hoped that the communicators they had been given at the start were water-proof because, well, his cellphone wasn't. After being in the rain, soaked into sewage twice and dealing with extreme temperatures over and over again, the device was dead as doornails. Really, it was a wonder that the battery hadn't exploded yet. The young man grimaced slightly at the thought of probably never getting a new one, considering how hard it had been to convince his non-materialistic Clan that he needed an object that stood for the opposite of it the first time around. It was also a shame that with it gone he had lost Lucy's number too... Deep down, he still wanted to catch up and apologise to her.

Deciding that his wallet could use a bath too, and had nothing that was going to be ruined by the water inside, the pyromancer had taken off his shoes and socks and then taking both jacket and wallet with him, proceeded to enter the tub... with the rest of his clothes on. He was still noticeably embarrassed, wavering gaze focusing more on the wall beside them than anything, flushed like a tomato and trying to keep it under wraps. Going for the shampoo which weirdly had a scent of mushrooms, 'huh fancy', Sage had not dared to direct a single word at the naked Kitsune at the opposite side, resisting the urge to hide under the water so much that only the top of his hair would be able to be seen.

That would probably make it all worse.
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Orbeck of Vinheim
status: who is toffee? And questions about the Starbound plant girl.
Condition: normal​
After confirming that lobo was infact killed, the trio started talking about more things related to blood gulch. Like toffee for example. Guessing they didn't realize that lobo was jailed at MPF before that attack by Ganon. Yes he did over heard parts of red Hood's explanation over where he was and his involvement in those events. But besides that, doesn't seem as if anyone really knows what toffee really wants.

As Lealan handed Orbeck another one of those stim packs, he was reminded of a few of his pondering thoughts on what exactly this "Floran" is.

"I hope I don't seem... intrusive when I ask this, but, is it safe to assume that "florans" don't usually have robotic... augmentations?"

PopcornPie PopcornPie DerpyCarp DerpyCarp JRay JRay


Lealan tenses at Orbeck question. "Ah. Well, no. Most Florans are 100% naturally plants. I am an experiment of the Apex. the fourth official attempt at a functional Fatal Circuit, I believe. The bastards decided after removing my brain to operate their robot, that they would turn my body into a second weapon using a rare and extinct Metal, called Impervnium. Their experiments got de-funded after they were done, so they put me back together hoping to salvage something from it, and I lost myself to the savage programing and killed them all." Lealan frowns. "I ended up ruining that planet. I don't know how long I was rampaging on it for, but Eventually I was taken in by a group of Pirates, and eventually made my way to Earth. The rest is history..."
"So, Orbeck, your time to share, who are you? Where are you from?"

L Laix_Lake PopcornPie PopcornPie JRay JRay
ʙʟᴀᴋᴇ ʙᴇʟʟᴀᴅᴏɴɴᴀ
━━━━━━━ ● ━━━━━━━
Then... her mind had finally realized what happened back in the showers. It wasn't that she was trying to get her to feel better and take her mind off of things. No, it was worse...

Far worse.

Immediately, she took the hat off and threw in against the wall, dropping to her knees and crying. As she was still close to Weiss and Yang, she had to tell them. Blake whispered in their ears exactly what had happened back in the bathroom, even right before she got into the shower.

marc122 marc122


Off to a Better Place

After a good bit of time to yourselves and some well earned rest, everyone in the train would hear the intercom spring to life with a rather pleasant sound.

After the sound played, a high-pitched voice began to speak over the intercom. It was so loud and shrill that those of you with more sensitive hearing could swear that you could feel your ears ringing as it spoke to you all, especially combined with the already loud nature of the P.A. system. "PASSENGERS, PLEASE BEGIN MAKING YOUR WAY TO YOUR CARTS NOW! NEW PASSENGERS, YOUR CABIN ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN POSTED ONTO THE WALL. THANK YOU!" With that, the system would shut off, and one by one you would began to make your way towards the train cart to the right, which was where the cabins were. As you entered the cart, you found a sheet on the wall, which listed your cabins.

Blake Belladonna, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xiao Long

Sage Kaelber, Leonardo Watch, Alexis Kuroki

Orbeck, Snake, Lealan Deathweed

Arthur Morgan, Jason Todd, Micah Bell, Lucky

Megumin, Whisper the Wolf, Sonic the Hedgehog

Benedict Cucumberpatch, Delsausage Roweiner, Wade Wilson, DIb Membrane

Sora, Rex Salazar, Byakuya Togami

Gretar, Blazkowicz, Agent Penguin, Umbra

Ben Tennyson, Captain Falcon, Hiryu Kakogawa, Lilith

Aloy, Kassandra, Ciri

Captain John Price, Pennington, Corvo Attano

Jak/Mar, Zwei, Supergirl

Akari Kishiri, Lars Alexandersson, Benrey

After you found wherever you had been placed, you all made your way to your rooms so you could interact and prepare for a well-earned rest.

The cabins themselves were quite lovely. Each of them had the correct number of beds to accommodate the number of people you had in each room, with there being either two bunk beds or one bunk bed and an extra bed. There was a dresser for your clothes, a television set, a mini-fridge with food and drinks, and a button you could use to call room service. As you entered your cabins, a soothing melody began to play over the speakers to help calm your nerves while the sun began to set.

Better rest up while you can, because something told you that you had a long day ahead of you tomorrow...

Also, if you're wondering what happened to Shujinko and Venus, well... after what they pulled in the showers, staff caught wind of it, and the last thing you saw of them was them being loaded up into a cannon, and......

Bye bye!

Cast List
PolikShadowbliss as Supergirl (DC Comics) and Zwei (OC)
Kameron Esters- Kameron Esters- as Captain Falcon (F-Zero) and Lars Alexandersson (Tekken)
quadraxis201 as Akari "Paladin" Kishiri (Persona OC)
Necessity4Fun Necessity4Fun as Sage Kaelber (OC)
Virus as Blackhat (Villainous) and Spinel (Steven Universe)
GeorgeTownRaja as Tanjiro Kamado (Demon Slayer)
ConnorOfficials ConnorOfficials as Lilith (OC)
JRay JRay as Sora (Kingdom Hearts) and Rex Salazar (Generator Rex)
DrDapper as Carlo Thomson (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OC)
DerpyCarp DerpyCarp as Lealan Deathweed (Starbound OC)
Thepotatogod Thepotatogod as Hiryu Kokogawa (Kamen Rider Zi-O) and Whisper the Wolf (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Birb as Ike Plymont (OC)
2Bornot2B as Tanya Degurechaff (The Saga of Tanya the Evil)
darkred as Jak/Mar (Jak and Daxter) and Aloy (Horizon: Zero Dawn)
L Laix_Lake as Orbeck of Vinheim (Dark Souls III)
92MilesPrower 92MilesPrower as Deadpool (Marvel Comics) and Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Venom Snake Venom Snake as Venom Snake and Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
Crow Crow as Ben Tennyson (Ben 10) and The Agent (Club Penguin)
Smug as The Judge (OFF)
Yamperzzz as Tektite and Xenophon (OC)
Hahli Nuva as Jill Valentine (Resident Evil 3)
Meraki as Antoneva (Eternal City)
Chungchangching as Tandem (Climaxverse) and Cartoon Network-Tan (Channel-Tans)
PopcornPie PopcornPie as Megumin (Konosuba) and Lucky O'Chomper (WHACKED!)
Sir Skrubbins as Frank West (Dead Rising) and The Medic (Team Fortress 2)
TheElenaFisher TheElenaFisher as Blake Belladonna (RWBY) and Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon (The Witcher)
Benedict Cucumberpatch as Himself (Classified)
Topless Topless as Shujinko Kanaou and Venus Aelon Di Lamia (OC)
QizPizza as Delsausage Roweiner (inFAMOUS AU/TCS OC) and Alexis Kuroki (OC)
FactionGuerrilla as Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption II) and Kassandra (Assassin's Creed: Odyssey)
Riven Riven as Umbra (Warframe)
Sayo-Nara as Dib Membrane (Invader Zim)
Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505 as Gretar (For Honor OC) and Benrey (Half Life: But the AI is Self-Aware)
@FoolsErin as Bayonetta (Bayonetta) and Willow (Don't Starve)
@Frankie as Gilgamesh (The Unwritten) and Molly (Power Rangers OC)
StaidFoal StaidFoal as William Joseph Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein)
@jigglesworth as Captain John Price (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)
marc122 marc122 as Yang Xiao Long and Weiss Schnee (RWBY)

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Skeleton Boi
After a while, and a strange cannon noise being heard while walking around, he, and the others were called into their cabins. Once he managed to find the sleeping quarters, due to the hard to read list, it seemed like the perfect place to rest. Which is what he immediately did, which is going to the top part of the bunkbed and sleeping immediately...... so much for interacting. But after hearing the mentioning of food, he woke up immediately and slid of the side of the bed, landing face first into the ground. He quickly gotten up and did a thumbs up, showing that he wanted some food.
Crow Crow

After managing to reach his cabin, he entered to only be met with a clean room and two beds. Going to the extra single bed as he began to remove his red bandana, along with his weapons, before sitting on his bed, waiting for any conversation to take place.
@ Open for interaction


Off to a Better Place
As Ben turned on the television set, he was immediately met with a show, one which featured very familiar looking characters from a time that had long since past...

Crow Crow Thepotatogod Thepotatogod Kameron Esters- Kameron Esters- ConnorOfficials ConnorOfficials

Much to Agent Penguin's pleasure, he would find that the fridge was fully stocked with all sorts of food! Waffles, frozen microwaveables (and yes, there was a microwave), soda, O.J., purple stuff, and Sunny D! Also, yes, he would indeed find the ingredients needed to make fish dogs.

Crow Crow Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505 StaidFoal StaidFoal Riven Riven


Hon Hon Hon Baguette
--Hiryu Kakogawa--
Interaction: thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore Kameron Esters- Kameron Esters- ConnorOfficials ConnorOfficials Crow Crow

And so, after WBY did their feels session, Hiryu went in the Express Store and got his meal. Afterwards, Hiryu would hear the announcement and proceeded to said Cabin Cart. Eventually, meeting up with Whisper, the pair would find their cabins. Whisper's grouped up with Megumin and Sonic while Hiryu's with Ben, The Cap, and Lilith, the Ghost. Which prompted Hiryu to question if ghosts sleep.

Hiryu would arrive at the cabin and he would be immediately be greeted by the fellow shapeshifter.

"'Eeeyyyy." He followed along with the greeting, soon setting himself atop one of the beds before spotting it to be bunk beds. "Dibs on top." Hiryu would say as he climbed on some ladders, ending up on the top bed.

Sometime after the TV was turned on, Another Ryuki would arrive with the dead looking Captain Falcon, sloppily dressed by the Another Rider itself.

"Oh hey, you dressed him." Hiryu would greet his underling as it practically tossed the Captain at the other top bunk before disappearing. "Bout time he disappeared...Guess that bath...Shower room had enough of its showerheads heated up." He said, now staring at the television. It seems to be playing an odd mix of anime and live action comedy called the Supah Mario Bruddahs Supah Show. "Huh. Mario." Hiryu would say, recalling the Cap's fascination with the name. "I wonder if he knows these guys."

--Whisper The Wolf--
Interaction: thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore 92MilesPrower 92MilesPrower PopcornPie PopcornPie

Yes, Whisper had indeed been fed with a Mushroom Crab, which was shared alongside the Wisps. Satisfied, she would bath in the baths where she would be bother no one, her mask was off for once as she dipped into the tub, her Wisp floating idly on the water.

Eventually, meeting up with Hiryu as per the announcement, the pair would find their cabins. Whisper's grouped up with Megumin and Sonic while Hiryu's with Ben, The Cap, and Lilith, the Ghost. Which prompted Hiryu to question if ghosts sleep.

Once she arrived at her cabin, all of the Wisps immediately began flying about as Whisper climbed onto the top bunk. As a sniper, tall places are comfortable.


Top-tier Avian Master
"I haven't seen that guy ever since he died," Ben says as the Koopa King appeared on screen, "wait, is this one of those meta-things or are they just acting as themselves?"

Crow Crow Thepotatogod Thepotatogod Kameron Esters- Kameron Esters- ConnorOfficials ConnorOfficials

"Let's see, I can flavour the fish dogs with lettuce, tomatoes, mayonaisse and mustard... huh, the usual Fluffy isn't here, so I think I'll use these salmon for the Fish Dogs instead."

(Note: There is an actual recipe)

The Agent prepared the meal as accorded, and it was quite the spread. Each roommate got a meal equipped with a fishdog - a hotdog bun sandwiching a fish - in this case, a salmon, with some lettuce, tomatoes, cheese by the side and some mustard drizzled on the piping hot fish. Sharing its plate was two steaming hot waffles stacked in overlap, syrup dribbled over them as a slab of butter danced on them. Finally, they would all have a glass filled with a drink of their choice. The Agent decided to mix two kinds of Sunny D for himself.

"Dinner. Is. Seeeeerved."

Crow Crow Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505 StaidFoal StaidFoal Riven Riven


Hon Hon Hon Baguette
--Hiryu Kakogawa--
Interaction: thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore Kameron Esters- Kameron Esters- ConnorOfficials ConnorOfficials Crow Crow

"You've met this guy?" Hiryu asked Ben as he talked about the turtle thing, and how he hasnt seen the guy since he d i e d. "Must be weird seeing him on TV now." He says, continuing watching the show. "I dunno which is which, but the acting could use some work." He says, critiquing the Mario and Luigi live action sequences. They seem to be simping over some blonde girl.


Skeleton Boi
After receiving the fishdog, he started to eat it without any drinks. It was actually pretty good, as he said while eating “This taste pretty good..... where did you learn to make this...” as he continued to eat the fishdog, before eventually finishing it. He eventually went back to the top of the bunk bed in order to finish the conversation there.
Crow Crow


"New Room!" Lealan picks out Snake and Orbeck among the group and forcefully grabs their arms, Dragging them to their collective room. Releasing Snake's hand only to open the door, the Floran drags the pair in and then maneuvers them toward the bunk bed, claiming the lone one for herself. "I call Dibs on this one, It'll get more sun." Lealan sits down and stares at the Solider and Sorcerer. "So who knows how to cook?"
Venom Snake Venom Snake L Laix_Lake
B.J. Blazkowicz

Soon enough, everybody was assigned and called to their cabins. How long has it been since we've found a place to rest? And in a proper bed, too? Just like Gretar, B.J. immediately lied on one of the bottom bunks, groaning as the mattress sunk slightly. Granted, it wasn't all that comfortable with the weapons and Nazi technology he had on him. To Agent Penguin, he gave a nod. "At this point, I'll take anything."

While waiting, Blazko began the slow process of removing his contraptions and guns, or else he'd wake up sore all over his body. Seeing as there was no space in the cabin that could fit everything on him (or he didn't notice one), he simply laid everything at the foot of his bed, on the floor. The Ram Shackles came off first, clattering against the ground. His shoulders felt light again. Then came the Constrictor Harness and Battle Walkers, which he carefully laid down.

Blazkowicz gladly took the fishdog as the Agent finished them. "Already looks better than what they had back in my world," he remarked, returning to the foot of his bunk. Fishdog in one hand, he put his stockpile of weapons in the pile, too. Two assault rifles, two shotguns, one Nazi laser weapon, one handgun, five hatchets, three grenades... "Yup, that's all of 'em." Now sitting on his bed, B.J. wolfed down the fishdog, it being the first decent meal he'd had in a while. "What he (Gretar) said. Thought my first proper meal would be with my wife, not in a bright... flat lookin' train fightin' to save the multiverse."

Crow Crow Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505 Riven Riven


Weiss Schnee and Yang Xiao Long
Excess Express
#99D5FF and #FAC51C = Speech
(...) (...)

By the time Blake stopped crying, Weiss had already stopped her crying just moments ago. Yang, however, was still down from the painful memory of Ruby that had resurfaced, but she wasn't willing to keep it weighing her down; she had to get her ice cream, just as she promised.

"A--Alright..." she responded, before standing up, grabbing her hand to help herself up. Weiss did the same thing, but just as they came out of the shop, closing the door Blake broke down crying on the spot, again, this time throwing Shujinko's hat down.

They knew exactly what was wrong. Their suspicions jumpstarted right away as they tried to process what had happened? Another Ruby flashback? An experience with Adam hallucinations?

No. Worse.

Weiss stepped back, her eyes widened in shock, as her mouth opened agape. Yang just...stood there. She looked Blake in the eye, immediately trusting of her distressing words. And then, she turned to face Shujinko. She stared at her for a little while.

Then, her hands shook. No, her entire body trembled. She hyperventilated, as she tried -- and ultimately failed -- to control the thoughts in her head. Her irises went red, except this time, that change stuck. Her brows furrowed.

And then, something within Yang broke.

"He--HEEEEEEeeeey..." Yang had suddenly snapped into a borderline psychotic trance, waving exaggeratedly towards Shinjinko as she slowly approached her with a painful, almost too happy look on her face, with raised brows and a forced smile where her jaw shook in place. But the eyes were still red.

"How ya doin'? How was my best friend, th--that--YOU...!!!" As her hair suddenly burst with flames, Yang paused for a bit, but the painful expression remained. Enough had happened. She wasn't going to let anything else happen to her team.

"...That I'm sure you took great care of?" Yang's furor stared Shujinko right in the eyes, as if to interrogate her. Meanwhile, all Weiss did was grab Blake's hand and get her somewhere in the dining car where the two hopefully wouldn't be affected. After a while of no response, finally, she spoke up again.

"Oh. You two had fun together?"

Yang raised her hand and started to reach for the top of Shujinko's head.

"That's good! Let me give you a pat on the--"

As soon as her hand made contact, suddenly, she screamed, all the while she grabbed all the hair she could in a single bunch and then viciously ripped it off, "HEAAAAD!"

Just like that, Yang dropped the friendly facade in a split second, revealing the fury that she worked so hard to hide, even as she approached her.

"Oh, you like that? You like headpats, huh? Ohhhh, if that's what you think you're getting, I'm gonna give you something even better!"

Yang grabbed Shujinko. Then, she erupted once again.


Yang hurled her through the paper door, causing it to break off and crumple up. As she went through the door frame, she shouted, activating Ember Celica in the process, while she picked up Shujinko by the neck and started punching the tar out of her face, firing a shell simultaneously.


Yang did not care one bit if blood splattered onto her; all it mattered was, she had to be gone. After she pummeled her, she threw her down onto the floor of the shop. Then, she picked her back up...then let out a pained scream, before throwing her out one of the windows. It was then, she climbed onto the display counter, then hopped over to where she had landed.

"I--Imagine...a boot." She began. This time, she did not scream at all; instead, she was much quieter than before, down to straddling a line between whisper and her normal talking volume. "Stamping on a human face..."

And then, she raised her foot.


Yang repeatedly stomped on her head. Each time, it flattened, resembling its original face less as time went on.

Eventually, it was no more.

Yang stood, staring down at Shujinko, still heavily breathing. Then, she went into a coughing fit, which she covered with the help of her elbow. When it stopped, she looked at Weiss and Blake, who were now distanced away from her, who could see the blood over her clothes, on the bottom of her boot.

— — — — —

It did not matter whether Weiss and Yang covered their ears in response to the ear-piercing PA system; their Auras made sure that none of their hearing was affected by the waveforms.

All it mattered was, whether the dorms could give them a place to rest, after all that had happened.

Neither Weiss nor Yang said anything to each other, as they entered their dorms, which, coincidentally, were at the very front on the side they had entered from. They said nothing about the beds, about the furnishing, even as Weiss laid down on one of the beds. Not even a word was said on the new set of clothes Yang came out of the bathroom with, which...suspiciously looked very similar to what she had worn back at Beacon.

yang outfit.png

After all, something had happened to family, and Yang was sure Shujinko got the short end.

At least they got ice cream for each other, and Blake.

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"It's kinda weird how they're portraying themselves like that and the villain as likeable," Ben comments, "wonder who made this show."

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"Glad you liked 'em! just follow an old recipe - it's available to everyone in Club Penguin! After that it boils down to ingredient quality and how you cook it," the Agent says, "ingredient quality does include what fish you use."

The Agent turns to Blazkowicz, "well, we're gonna need all the proper meals we can get our flippers on for a task as big is that. Our muscles and brains crave atmosphere, even if they don't want to admit it."

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  • Suddenly, the bathroom caught fire! "Yiiiipes!" Megumin shrieked as the curtains burned away, revealing her little naked archmage body, which she struggled to cover quickly with a towel. Truth be told, she didn't have much issue bathing with friends...Except they weren't nearly as close to each other as she was with Kazuma and the party, so the instinct still came on sharp. She quickly rescued her clothes, not caring how wet she still was, and took a breath. While she managed to save the moment for herself, it was about to get purely ugly for Shujinko.

    She was washing Blake's back, which would've been seen as a kindly gesture...except for the face she was making. That was clearly a face of sexual satisfaction. Towards a woman who was goddamn mourning. WITH HER SELF-PROCLAIMED LOVER RIGHT THERE. Megumin's hands trembled. Even if Kazuma was quite the pervert, even he would put a friend's emotional welfare over his own desires. She reached for her staff. Oh, Shujinko made a BAD MOVE, pulling that shit after she got Explosion back. He deserved disintegration for taking advantage of poor Blake like that, and dressing it up as comfort!

    First, however, she needed to free poor Sage from the clutches of Vegan Velociraptor. "Oh, you ignorant reptile!" Megumin managed to suck VV back into the ToolGun. "You may come back out when you've learned to read the room! I'm sorry, Sage, it was my doing. I saw you were crying, so I thought I would spawn something to help you feel better, like a cat or a puppy." She picked up on the residual laughter in his voice, and chuckled herself. "It looks like that Velociraptor did manage to help you, in his own strange way." Then Sage revealed the battered remains of a cell phone, prompting a little sympathy. "Oh, dear, that was an important device, wasn't it? Keep it safe, if we find Mei, she might be able to fix it. Now, if you'll excuse me..." The flame in her eyes found an excuse to return, and her irises glowed brightly. "...I have a Mega-NEET to take down."

    Fortunately, she wasn't alone on that. Lucky had cornered the two perverts alongside herself and Yang, who looked ready to perform a deliberately amateur dissection. "You NEET!" Megumin snapped. "It's one thing to hit on somebody, it's another thing to hit on somebody while they're grieving! Do you even realize what Blake is going through?! Oh wait, you must know, because you weren't pulling this garbage before she was all distraught! I doubt that even Ganondorf himself would be so vile, taking advantage of girls when they're depressed and unwilling to react to very much. If it wouldn't destroy this train, I would blow you up right here, right now! Yang, I shall instead follow your lead." Her mind quickly hatched another idea, and Vegan Velociraptor was back on the train, confusedly awaiting command. "Where's Sage? What are we doing now?"

    When Megumin explained the situation to him, the herbivorous dromaeosaurid immediately turned back to their species' carnivorous behavior. "Damn you, you foul take-advantager!" He snarled. "There are two things on this earth I do not tolerate: Animal abuse and sexual abuse! I thought that after I dealt with the cows who'd raped George W. Sanchez, this kind of thing would stop." The memory squeezed tears out of his eyes. That poor little groundhog never saw it coming.
    He immediately whipped out a silver badge with two bright golden "V"s on it. "By the power vested in me by our prehistoric ancestors, I hereby declare you UNDER ARREST!"


    After Yang made the first move, the archmage clobbered Shujinko with her boots, while Vegan Velociraptor plugged her with bullets made from soybeans. Once in a while, he would slap Shujinko with his tail, and rake her with his claws. Only when he got tired did he stop. "Okay, I think she's gotten enough. Let's just put her in the brig where she-"

    Then Yang stomped her head flat.

    Megumin grinned with satisfaction, while the velociraptor grimaced. "Umm...I think I need to go wash my eyes." Vegan Velociraptor departed for the bathroom, but stuck around to watch Shujinko and Venus be blasted away. "An outro fit for a true villain."

    "Indeed." Megumin snickered, folding her arms.
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--Hiryu Kakogawa(Past)--
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Before the cabin announcements, Hiryu managed to witness an incredibly painful beatdown of Shujinko Kanaou. Orchestrated by none other than the blonde dragon herself, Yang Xiao Long. He doesn't know the details, but apparently, Shujinko did something to Blake in the baths. Megumin and some green lizard joined in, the green lizard shooting her with some beans.

Hiryu...May have seen this happen while he was taking a shower. He didn't stare considering he would be labeled a perv, but he did see Shujinko and Blake together.

Letting out a rather audible gulp, Hiryu continued to drink on the Mushroom Shake he bought as he watched WBY leave. A lesson now learnt: don't ever, and I mean EVER talk to them. Period. If he does, Yang will hunt him down and castrate him. A fate much worse than Shujinko.

After WBY, Megumin and Co. had left, Hiryu approached Shujinko's beaten down body, crouching and placing his shake on her hand.

"You get what you deserve, I guess." Hiryu would've said, shrugging before throwing a right hook towards her flat face. He then stood up, rubbing his wrist as he left.

--Hiryu Kakogawa(Present)-->
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"Sounds like a rather interesting set of people." Hiryu commented, glancing at Ben. "Hey, wanna hear something completely violent?" He asked, recalling what happened before he went into the cabin.


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As Rex listened to Lealan’s backstory he felt sorry for his friend. Rex may have forgotten who he was at one point and Lucky lost his house and parents, but to be experimented on and destroy an entire planet was another sad story. Rex was going to say something but was cut off by the announcer saying their cabins were ready, the locations and the pairings were posted on the board. Unfortunately, Lucky wasn’t like his name states. “(Man I really hope he doesn’t get himself killed again!)” Rex thought.

“*Sigh.* Great.” The boy said sarcastically... oh yeah, Sora’s here. He was there feeling depressed just sitting in a random room reflecting on his past, how much he couldn’t do and how much of a jerk he was, going against his entire character/being.

Rex finds the room, to see the blond haired man from Gravity Falls. “Oh hey. How ya doing?” He greets. Rex looks around to room to see what movies, drinks, and food they have. “I wonder if there’s any pizza and soda here. Probably watch a movie and then relax for a bit.”

Just while Rex was planning how to spend his time, Sora finally shows up. “..hey.”

“Oh. Hey Sora. What’s good?” He didn’t answer which left Rex confused. “Hey, what’s wrong? You’re usually the happy go lucky guy.”

Sora lays on one of the beds and gets comfortable. “C’mon, cheer up. We’re gonna have fun. Don’t you like that?”

“I failed Rex.”


“I said I failed. I acted like a jerk to someone, and I failed to-“ Before Sora can finish, Rex covers his mouth and tells him something important.

“I know you’re gonna say something.. the little girl. But just be cautious where you say things about her. Yang, freaks out whenever someone mentions her and almost beat me and Lucky to a pulp!”

He lets go and let’s Sora finish. “Thanks. But, I failed to.. y’know, and I acted like a type of person I hate. The one with no sympathy. A woman named Ciri called me out when Lealan and me got in an argument. She blew a fuse when I was geeking out at the others heroes, like she was offended. I didn’t mean to start anything, I was just being myself. Then it got worst, Ciri left when me and Lealan insulted her, then other people told me how I haven’t seen as much danger as them or what they’ve been through and told me to apologize. I did earlier, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.”

“That feeling of turning into someone you’re not. Someone who you’ve been fighting for what feels like your whole life? I know that feeling. I know I messed up back with interrupting..” He paused making hand gestures which Sora understood what he was talking about. “I didn’t know what came over me, but I know I didn’t have any right to act the way I did there and I’m sorry.”

Sora’s frown started to turn upside down. He wasn’t the only one who was having a bad day, Rex seemed like he was genuinely sorry.

“Look, what you did there was pretty awful. But you made up for it right?”

“Well Lucky kinda did for both of us. I almost said something, but Yang would have beaten us if we’d gone any further.”

“I can see that.”

“Listen. We can’t changed what happened. You do what you can and move on, and if something bad happens? Oh well, now you’ll know next time.”

“Hmm. That’s actually good advice, sounds like something I would say. Where’d you hear that?”

“You might be surprised.” The boys continue to talk about what troubled them, what mistakes they made and forgive each other; also promising to be mindful, to never stray from who they are, and to keep Ruby’s promise to do good.

“What are we doing. Being sad for? Didn’t you say we were gonna have fun?”

“Oh yeah, I did say that. Now, where’s the food?”

“Don’t forget the movie.”

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