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Chapter Fourteen: Stoking the Fires of Preparation


Dannigan's Lady
This, but with blue eyes

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Bren could only watch in surprised silence as the cavern suddenly emptied of Thri-kreen. "Well," he said, letting out a long breath. "At least we didn't have to fight them. Stay alert, friends, in case they return when they think we aren't expecting them." He turned to Nivirea, explaining, "We had thought to talk to them, if it could be done without bloodshed. Based on what we know of their usual habitat, they aren't native here, anymore than we are, and that means they aren't likely to be Loviatar's allies, so we'd hoped to at least have neutrality between us, if not alliance. Ah, if we do meet again, bear in mind that they are not at all friendly to elves, so it would be best to avoid any mention of them." He smiled wryly. "I would have said, it might also be best to avoid any action they might consider hostile, but if they run instead of fight, it might not be a bad thing. I do appreciate your trying to show us where they all were, since they'd moved after Oreleth left to make her report."

He glanced around at the empty cavern. "Well, friends? If we're all ready to depart in any case, shall we continue?"


Princess Psychie
Oreleth gives Brendoran a nod. "Very well. Let us go." She lowers her bow, but keeps an arrow in hand, just in case.


Kaerri's Man. =)
"I'm glad there wasn't any bloodshed," Bria grinned, "but I'm still curious as to why the Thri-kreen fled! The way they were described made them sound kind of, well, mean!"

Oscar stretched his tiny limbs. "May I propose a theory?"

"Yes, please."

"They believed we were SkySting, or rather, that which brought doom to the Ankheg."

"Yeah," Powerpaw snapped, "an' I bet all of dem skinny buggy-faces went down dese holes too!" The tunnel yawned wide revealing holes of many sizes burrowed into the walls, ceiling, and floors. Powerpaw knelt low and sniffed one. Then he made a blanching expression displaying his distaste for what he had detected. "Yuuugh! Dey definitely went down dese holes!" Even standing, your new noses also detected something foul and altogether insect-like.

Stepping past the holes proved to be an easy feat for the tunnel traveled onward, high and wide with green and yellow moss and lichen providing just enough luminesence for feline eyes to see.

But then came sounds from around a bend, clattering sounds like stones striking stones. The winding bend was only 40 feet ahead of you, curving to the right, and around it the sounds came and went.

For a moment, you paused and pausing you soon found yourselves looking at the other members of your fellowship.

What do the Wayward Wanderers do?


Luna's Concubine
Luna gives out a sigh. "Too bad that they scattered. If we were able to talk to them, we might have gotten a group of allies in this place. But all that is just water under the bridge. We need to move on."
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Dannigan's Lady
Bren glanced around at the rest of the party. "Otiorin, Oreleth, can you quickly --but quietly -- go look and see if you can see what that was?"


Princess Psychie
Nodding, Oreleth slips forward with her bow in hand. "I will move like a ghost through here. Be back soon." Glancing over at Otiorin, she waits for him to be ready to go before starting out.

Captain Hesperus

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Otiorin Taletreader

With a nod to the ranger, Otiorin retrieved his own shortbow and set off with Oreleth, his padded feet making little noise on the stone floor.


Kaerri's Man. =)
Fantasy coffin.jpg (Image credit: The spooky and talented Nick Egberts)
Soft yellow and green light illuminated the covern as they Wayward Wanderers planned their course of action. As Oreleth the Arcane Archer and Otiorin the Sorcerer/Rogue crept away from the fellowship, there was in each of them an instinctive temptation to drop to all fours, tail low, ears forward. But all such inclinations ceased as they rounded the corner and absorbed what their open eyes and ears told them.

There, about 40 feet ahead of them, lay a clearing some 40 feet in diameter riddled with bones like some macabre pool out of an undead nightmare. Most of the bones were discolored and damaged. Almost all showed signs of having been broken.

As Otiorin and Oreleth peered, they saw the pool of bones stopped at a wide, thick wall made of dark gray stone blocks like that of the wall of some ancient keep or small castle. Along this wall, wooden posts were driven into the niches between the blocks. The posts rose like strange, uncertainly-made stairs, up and up until the light ran out and neither Wayward Wanderer could see. The posts were a dangerous affair for the likes of elves and half-elves, but less so for naturally large and dextrous creatures like Felane.

But that was not all. For out in the pond of bones, four things floated eerilly above the bloodstained floor. They were coffins. Upright, chain-held, metal coffins. They looked to be about 8 feet in height and they roved aimlessly about the bones, sometimes bumping into them. This was the source of the clattering sound you had heard.

The tunnel ended here as had many lives before you had discovered this chilling place.

What do Oreleth and Otiorin do?
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.:|Nivirea - The (Felane) Sorceress |:.

"I am... going to follow them," said the young sorceress, somehow making it sound almost as if there was a question mark at the end. She did glance briefly at Bren, but otherwise spared not a moment before she started down the tunnel.
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