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  • Heya RP Nation!

    For the first time in the near-10 years that Kaerri and I have been on RP Nation, I am changing my name (and I don't imagine it'll change in the future)!

    I will always still answer to Dannigan or Dann and I'll leave a little something in my signature to that effect.

    Hope you're having a wonderful day, RP Nation! 8D

    Honor and fun,
    Purr =)
    Say what you want about Furries - this Gintan furry-dude can MOVE! You go boy! I wonder if any of my players wonder why I sometimes include dance as part of a few of my NPCs' backgrounds?

    It's because when you free your soul to dance, you have the power to really express yourself! 8D

    And one more! Check these sweet moves!
    Sweet! He's not showing off but staying with the groove, he's got terrific balance and control, and I really like it when he steps up about the 2:10 mark on. That's a lot of practice that guy is putting in (which is the only way I know to get any good at dancing or roleplaying or anything)!

    Thanks for sharing, Daisie! That was cool! =)
    Where would we be without beautiful, inspiring music? =)

    "妖精の死" "Sky Garden" if my translator is correct.
    (artist - Arai Akino from Record of Lodoss War)
    Happy New Year, RP Nation! May 2024 be kind, fun, and full of good things for you and yours! =)
    I just love Guy Sclander's Great GM channel! THIS - especially Step 2 - is really good stuff and I love the way he puts things. His editing "goblin" is nothing less than fantastic without being obtrusive too! =)

    "[ALL] Roleplaying versus Acting"
    Howdy Dann! how are you doing on this lovely morning-evening-night-whatever your timezone might be. :) I have an interesting fact about lobsters, would you like to hear it?
    Everybody get outta the way! It's the Spiny Lobster Choo-choo Traaain!

    By "genetic" field, I take it you mean Earth's magnetic field? The same way foxes in North America hunt?

    Fox Dives Headfirst Into Snow | North America
    oy, whoops. yup, magnetic field. COVID brain fog is real. i slept until one in the afternoon, and then took another nap, and I'm still so tired.

    but yes, hurrah for the lobster train! Choo Choo! The official term is called queuing, but I prefer the lobster train.

    ooh, the fox thing is very neat, I didn't know about that. That is a very big jump, I see my dogs pull similar stunts off of furniture, albeit with much less grace and for much lower stakes. still, floof missile.
    Floof Missile +5! Always on target for cuteness! 8D

    Small Dog GIF by MOODMAN
    This song just (continues to) make me feel good! Maybe you'll feel the same too, RP Nation? Here's hoping! =)

    "Washed Out - Amor Fati [OFFICIAL VIDEO]"

    [Verse 1]
    "Don't try to find words now, you'll fall
    Let go, reach out
    The choice is yours to find

    Inside you've got the light to guide
    Your fate decides the roads you're going to find"

    (The following is an annotation from Genius.com.)

    The term “amor fati” (lat. for love of fate or love of one’s fate) is a concept popularized by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. It can be described as an “uncompromising acceptance of reality per se, a state of mind in which one sees everything that happens in one’s life, including suffering and loss, as good or at least necessary, in that they are among the facts of one’s life and existence. They are always necessarily there whether one likes them or not.

    Nietzsche himself put it like that: “I want to learn more and more to see as beautiful what is necessary in things; then I shall be one of those who makes things beautiful. Amor fati
    I really like this cover by Brothertiger of Filter's huge hit, "Take a Picture." Maybe it'll lighten your day too, RP Nation? =)

    "Take a Picture" by Brothertiger.
    I just love this! Hooray to one of America's founding fathers for having said it!

    “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”
    – John Adams, 1773 (summation in the Boston Massacre case)
    there is a hamlet refrence in coalition wars one and the urge to have ellis be that pretentious bastard with a copy of hamlet on their shelf that they read for fun- fdkubefbdskjim a theatre kidjvhsb

    anyway, sorry to bother you if you dont want to be messaged on your profile, feel free to delete this should you want to. my brain is going

    It was a freeze-frame from the squirrel gif, but it didn't save right, so all you get is an instant of squirrel. it's not my house (would be weird if there was snow in May where im at). You are right, I should eat, I'm gonna take lunch now, so thank you very much for the reminder, and thank you for always being so thoughtful! YOU are ALSO TERRIFIC! you are TERIFFICkER! (thats not a word but it is now!)

    Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well. Hamlet was always one of my favorite shows, and Shakespeare has always meant a lot to the family, as my mom's grandpa learned English by comparing a Yiddish and an English copy of either Hamlet or King Lear. and it's a classic theatre geek move, to as soon as a scull is seen, pick it up and at least recite the first line of the soliloquy.

    anyway, thank you for letting me be exited on your page! Im gonna go eat now. :~D
    Happy nomming, Alex! =)

    Food Eating GIF
    bunnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰
    Want a little peace and happiness with nature from one of my favorite YouTubers? Here you go!
    Ghan Ghan Thank you for all of what you do! Where would we be without you, Ghan? You rock!

    Like this! =)

    "Trans Siberian Orchestra hall of the mountain king"
    This is Arai Akino. You might remember her voice from the song Adesso e Fortuna from Record of Lodoss War? I don't know the name of this tune, but I find it enchanting! It just takes me away! Enjoy, you and everyone!

    "妖精の死" - by Arai Akino
    Ahh, the warm and satisfying feeling of being caught up in all of the wonderful games I am part of! 8D

    (Insert self-hug here!)
    Monsters Inc Hug GIF
    RP Nation! Kaerri has done it! She has found my owner's manual! (I seriously am deeply familiar with all of these. I get many of them within a handful of hours on a fun day.) =)

    THIS, I tell you! THIS! 8D

    Everyone have a good day today! And if it is not a good day, then *make it a good day!* =)
    Is it ever a good day when the next school semester just started
    Happy New Year wherever you are and whomever you are! May 2023 be good to you and yours! =)
    Merry Christmas everyone! Whatever you do or don't celebrate, have a safe and great time willya? =)
    As a human being with ADHD, this article is right on the money. Hooray for ADD/ADHD awareness! And it's on BBC, a global network! Woo! =)

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