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  • You're walking in the woods
    There's no one around and your phone is dead
    From the corner of your eyes you spot him


    Also here take this
    There is a Random Blob Man!

    Hidin' around dat tree!

    Yes, he's a RandomBlobMan!

    And he done Blobbed me! =)


    (Re: Hotel California. Red shirt and lead vocalist have got it goin' on! Thanks for sharing that.) =)
    RandomBlobMan RandomBlobMan When my restless mind wants to chill out, this is one of my favorite places to go:

    Khruangbin @ Villain | Pitchfork Live

    Their albums sound just as good as this. =)
    Beautiful. Mhah.

    With Jaydude's fun Avatar: The Last Airbender game done, Psychie's new Exalted game full, and Purity's new forming Cyberpunk game not quite my thing, I feel... like there's a little hole in my life ("minus a game" if you will).

    But, hey! This is RP Nation! There might not be any new available games I'm into now, but that certainly won't be the case forever! Because RPN means gamin'! 8D

    world vr GIF
    I was listening to this today and I find it fitting. Perhaps you will too. =)

    Heya folks! To any fellow Aliens fans (the 1986 movie by James Cameron), there is a very special event going on. But Alien Theory can tell the tale better than I. "Let's rock!"

    Oh! Nichelle Nichols has joined Leonard Nimoy, Jimmy Doohan, and others. Thank you for changing the way many of us see the world and for bringing us all a bit closer together!

    A wonderful, unique lady who made the world a better place in many ways.
    In a very recent conversation about role-playing, I remarked that the second-most important thing is finding a great group of people to play alongside. I was asked what the most important thing was and I liked my reply so I thought I would share it here:

    "Ah! The most important aspect to me of roleplaying is obtaining and maintaining the spirit of friendship! I feel if I find a great group of people, but I lack that vital spirit of goodwill, camaraderie, and warmth, it is I who requires a change of heart.

    What this means to me is, I want everyone at the table, myself included, to have a great time. I want us to laugh, make memories, smile, and create a world of good times that all of us can enjoy together, not just for one evening or one campaign, but maybe for our entire lifetimes! I want our games to be something that we look forward to all of the time!

    Yes. Woe to the roleplayer who comes to the table thinking only of themselves and their pleasures, thinking that everyone else exists only to please and satisfy the one. Instead, I believe great memories shared are great memories multiplied. A genuine spirit of friendship starts with one person, one fired-up spirit, and it can become much brighter and warmer when shared among many. =)

    To me, this is the ultimate. =)"


    Honor and fun,
    Dann =)
    Happy Independence Day (U.S.A.) everybody! And if you don't celebrate it, well, have a good day too! 8D
    A storm moved in. Tornado warning came with it. I went from O.K. to Ow!

    When this happens, I can't think good. I'm going to rest. But while I do, an old favorite song popped in my head because I'm no less hyperactive and it does that.

    "If Language Were Liquid" by Suzanne Vega. She's pretty and creative and pretty creative. Heh! Resting now. Bye!
    Happy U.S. Memorial Day to everyone whether you served or not! Where would we be without our courageous military? =)
    Vangelis, 79, passed away. Talk about somebody who did what he loved and did it so very naturally! I knew he wrote for the movies, but I did not realize he was such a space buff! The theme for Carl Sagan's Cosmos is one I really enjoy - Vangelis wrote that! I am glad we live in a time where a guy like Vangelis, who was a master of the synthesizer, was born in an age where he could literally make his own. Thanks for the tunes, good sir! Your work has brought smiles to my life. =)

    Heya everybody! This excellent article describes why Escapism is such a good thing and why fantasy and sci-fi (and thus, roleplaying games) are so very good at delivering it. When I think of Sharseya and Robotech: Broadsword, I am vividly brought to times and places - each so very fun to be in.

    Escapism is a good and healing part of life and no one argues the point quite like The Professor!

    This is Luli Lee, a vocalist and bassist. What is she saying? I have no idea (unless the CC is an option on her videos). Her music takes me away. In the spirit of sharing goodness and warmth, here you go, RP Nation!

    I like this peaceful instrumental from Still Corners! Maybe you will too? =)

    This is "Welcome to Slow Air."
    Heya folks! Totally off-topic here.

    I don't know if this should go here, but I want everyone to know about this so... the site Crownkof.com is a scam. I was tired last night and made 2 purchases only to realize when I woke up that something was off. After a Google search of the site, there were enough posts out there to make me a believer. I do business through PayPal sometimes and after sending them screenshots, they immediately refunded my money.

    However, the next folks might not catch it in time and I don't want those folks to be you. Stay vigilant! 🙂
    Sure, DisneyGirl! It's bad enough they got me for a little while; I don't want them getting anybody else.

    I have to give credit to PayPal too. When I provided my evidence and my statement, I had my money back within minutes.
    What's Crownkof.com?
    Crownkof is posing as an online furniture store.

    I spotted another one (homesupply.com). Doing a Google search on either shows them both to be scams.
    Bad Guy.

    See that statement up there? Don't be like that Guy! Nobody likes a really Bad Guy.

    Instead, be like THIS Guy! =)

    "When you're down, there's just one way to go." I just love that line!

    Not to mention the perspective behind the saying, "c'est la vie." Sometimes I just have to look at the disappointments in life, say, "it ain't no thing but a chicken wing" and move on. Fussing just spreads negativity. =)

    "C'est la vie" by Robbie Nevil
    it ain't no thing but a chicken wing
    I thought it was "At least I have chicken"
    Mista Jenkins would heartily agree! =)

    "Leeroy Jenkins shout"
    Man, I love this song! "Conversation" by LP on her "Churches" album! I discovered it last night and it just makes me feel great! Especially after she just *opens up and goes* after singing "not a revelation." Wow!
    Heya RP Nation Sharkies! Looking for unobtrusive instrumental background music to create with? Try this on!

    "ADHD Relief Music: Deep Focus Music for Studying and Concentration, Study Music"
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