Fandom Chaos Ensues

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  1. "Then you two shall do what they ask. Remember: protect the ecosystems be all life here on this planet," Trion informs.
  2. "Is that even possible to take the energy of the planet without disturbing anything? I mean the world needs the energy to survive too right?"
  3. "I do not know, but there has to be a chance," Trion says.
    Cheetor nods. This conclusion was plausible.
  4. "And if we accidentally kill this planet?"
  5. "Then the guilt shall kill me," Trion informs.
  6. "If the guilt kills you first I think that would be a better way than having that giant beast kill you, cause I have a feeling that may happen"
  7. "My primal powers would be able to subdue the beast," Trion says.
  8. "To be honest I'd rather die then let guilt eat at me for killing an entire planet with life"
  9. "Then what shall we do? Do you want us to leave & go back to our energy deprived world? Head to the colonies in hopes of them helping us?" Trion asks.
    He was running out of options.
  10. "I dont know. I'm starting to think our planet died because of us, we killed it so we suffer the consequences" He said.
  11. "If only the Matrix could provide the answers to our prayers," Trion's says.

    Cheetor was beginning to think this mission was a total waste.
  12. "Maybe we just find a new planet to inhabit" He suggested. "Somewhere unclaimed"
  13. "Where?" Trion asks.
    He pulls up a map of the Stars.
  14. "I dont know, when we came here I was just following your orders. I dont know anything about what planets are what" He shrugged
  15. "That's our problem. If we go to other species, they'll view it as a weakness," Trion says.
  16. "Since when did you care about looking weak?"
  17. "Since I left my home world and came to a planet where I could be over powered," Trion states.
  18. "Well you seemed pretty okay with pulling out a huge beast of a machine and holding him over your helm for a long period of time" Pilot crossed his arms.
  19. "That was only a small maximal. I know of other larger animals that could over power me," Trion says.

    (Should we are predacons?)
  20. "Like what?"

    (How would Predacons get there?)
  21. (Same predicaments)
  22. (Ooh what if Matriarch was leading the exploration team?)
  23. (Anyway, okay, so Predacons show. Should they be a bit more destructive then Trion and the gang?)

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