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Fandom From Eye To Eye We Meet - 1x1 Pokemon RP


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Since the age of 20, Beatty Davenport had been on their journey, to become a pokemon master like their late father. Their mom had given them their starter pokemon, a Umbreon named Ashper, and while on his pokemon journey, they had caught a Meowth, which they named Pasher and Mareep named Esper. They always wondered what else they can catch in the future, they always wanted to catch a eevee, so after their journey, they can surprise their mom with one of her favorite pokemon.

But now, Beatty was stuck in a battle with a enemy, their Meowth and Mareep being defeated as their Umbreon was the last one standing. They had forgotten to buy potions at the pokeshop while they was in town and they couldn’t go back now. They now bit their lip, wondering what to do as he watched his Umbreon, and the trainer with their Meowstic.

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Hiruka was far from a battle-hardened trainer- in fact, despite knowing how they worked, she had never actively participated in one by choice. But something was leading her towards the battle at that moment. A fresh adult, she was used to this by now- the pain she felt when there was a Pokemon suffering nearby. She trekked towards it, seeing the very mismatched battle before her.

It was a trainer’s battle, but something felt strange about it. She shook her head, walking towards the one whose Umbreon seemed to be suffering quite a bit. She dug through her bag, holding out some medicine to them. “Here. Use this. Your friend needs it.”

A soft smile fell on her face, but in a way, it seemed more like a grimace. The sooner the Umbreon was healthy, the easier her pain would fade- that was what she knew to be true, and it made her feel selfish for helping for such an unfair reason. Still, she did hope good things were in store for the strange trainer and their Umbreon- even if, in that moment, it was hard to express.
Beatty shifted their gaze to look at her. They smiled a bit, thanking them as they handed their Umbreon the potion. As a few seconds passed by, the Umbreon seem to be back to normal. The other trainer looked a bit shocked, about to speak up before Beatty’s Umbreon had defeated their Meowstic. The trainer yelled before they had run off to the pokemon center.

Beatty snickered a bit before they turned around to look at the new stranger. ‘Thank you for the potion, I don’t think I would’ve be able to beat him without that’ They laughed as their Umbreon made a small cooing sound,rubbing against their hand.

‘But who are you? I’m Beatty and this is Ashper.’ They petted their Pokemon’s head as the Umbreon sat down, looking up at Hiruka
"It's no problem. I always carry quite a few anyway." She replied, smiling as she felt a sense of relief wash over her as the battle ended. The opposing trainer fled, and she watched them run off. Something about them seemed to irk Hiruka, and she couldn't explain it. Hopefully losing this battle would help fix whatever it was.

Returning her attention to Beatty, she crouched down as the Umbreon looked up at her, opting to give them a better view and strain their neck less. She moved to pet their back gently, as if trying to relax them further after their hard work. "I'm Hiruka. And..." She moved her free hand to lift off her sunhat, revealing a Pokemon that had been curled up underneath it- a Flebebe with a white flower, just nuzzling into her hair. "This is Flo. It's nice to meet you both."

The Flabebe in her hair reacted with a startled expression when it noticed the hat had been removed. It looked around for a moment, staring at the other trainer and their Umbreon, before staring down at Hiruka's scalp again. Since Hiruka seemed not worried, Flabebe opted not to worry either, simply returning to nesting in her hair. Hiruka couldn't help but giggle with a smile as she noticed it, before turning her head upward to look at Beatty properly. "So, what led to that strange scene? It didn't feel like a normal battle by any means."
Ashper made a small purring noise, rubbing against her hand as he made a small coo sound. Beatty smiled as they looked at the Flebebe. ‘It’s nice to meet yall two as well and that’s a cute Flebebe you have’

The Umbreon nodded towards the Flebebe before he lied down at Beatty’s leg as it lied its head down, Beatty smiled,placing their jacket over the pokemon as they letted it sleep before they shifted back to look at Hiruka.

‘I was just trying to catch more pokemon to add to my team, I was about to catch a Dedenne then that trainer just came out of nowhere. I didn’t have time to protest before my Meowth died..’
they sighed, fixing their hair. Before they looked down at their Umbreon. ‘Im glad to have beated him with your help tho, if you hadn’t came around, I don’t know what would’ve happened..’
Flo noticed the way Ashper seemed to be enjoying himself as Hiruka pet him. It made the somewhat shy Flabebe giggle further, as if able to relate more easily. She seemed to be ignoring the conversation between the trainers, but did notice as Hiruka stiffened at the information of how this had all started. She tried her best to keep Hiruka at ease by continuing to show her affection quietly on top of her head. It seemed to work- because eventually, the stiffness faded.

"I see, so they were getting in the way... That's not normally common practice around here, is it?" She put a finger to her chin, contemplating it. She really couldn't imagine why someone would start a fight when another was already in the midst of something. And to top it off, losing a Pokemon in that way was horrifying to imagine- though losing a Pokemon in any capacity was horrible, no matter in what way it occurred, to Hiruka.

"I'm sorry to hear that happened. I'm glad I was able to notice what was going on in time... Though I wish I'd passed through sooner."
Beatty smiled as they shook their head. ‘Hey, it’s alright, it probably would’ve happened the same way as it did just now’ they sighed as they soon stretched.

‘I’m just glad Ashper is okay now, I wouldn’t want to watch him be defeated in battle..’ they hummed before they looked down at their Umbreon, crouching down as they petted him. They soon fixed the jacket over the pokemon.

They soon got up, fixing their belt as he looked at one of the empty pokeballs they had. ‘Hm, you seem to be traveling alone..’ They glanced at her as they grinned. ‘You wanna travel together? I might forget to buy potions again and you seem like to keep them in handle.. plus, you seem like a great person to get to know!’
Hiruka chuckled a bit. Beatty's response felt rather positive all points considered, and it seemed to relieve her in a way. The fact that the stranger was so relieved by their Pokemon's safety was endearing, because there were plenty out there that wouldn't care nearly as much- which was something that bothered her quite a bit to recall.

"I'm glad for it too. Ashper being hurt would be painful." She smiled to the Umbreon, watching Beatty join in crouching to pet him. She noticed as Flo decided to hop off her head for a change, floating down on the mild breeze to curl up next to him. She nuzzled Umbreon and the coat that was placed upon it. She wanted to show she was also happy- and it made Hiruka smile just watching.

"Flo's so timid usually... She must be really happy to see you okay too, huh?" Then, the stranger grinned towards her, asking a surprising question. Travel... together? She wasn't sure if it was the best idea. She wasn't really someone who liked battles herself, after all. Still, she smiled as they explained their reasoning. "True... I do always carry a lot of medicine. It's better safe than sorry, after all. I'd worry leaving you alone if you tend to forget it... For your Pokemon and yourself."

She seemed to mull it over just a bit longer before glancing to her Flabebe. The Pokemon looked back at her, giving a surprisingly at-ease smile. Seeing the trust Flo had in her and her judgement, she took a breath. Flo was approving the thoughts in her head, even without hearing them. So, she'd trust them too.

"Sure. It'll be nice to travel with someone else for a change... It's usually just me and the Pokemon."
Ashper looked towards Flo as he purred a bit, the Umbreon softly rubbing against her before he shifted a bit to make room under the coat. He soon lied his head down, watching the two humans.

Beatty smiled as they looked at the two pokemon. ‘Ashper usually isn’t so calm around other pokemon, but it seems like he likes Flo’ they scratched the back of their neck. ‘I would pick potions up, Ashper always nips me too but I always get focused on something else and just forget.’ They laughed a bit.

They soon nodded, their smile growing bigger as Ashper purred again, sitting up as his tail wagged a bit. Beatty laughed a bit at their Pokemon’s excitement as they looked at Flabebe, a soft gaze in their eyes as they held their hand out.

‘I will be glad to have yall to travel with..’

They soon looked back at Flabebe. ‘Is it alright if I pet her? I can back off if you or Flo don’t feel comfortable with that’
The Flabebe looked up at them curiously, noticing the way they held out their hand. She glanced to Hiruka, who smiled to her. It didn't seem dangerous to either of them- so Flo moved closer, nuzzling the outstretched hand with a curious smile.

Hiruka simply watched, enthralled by it all. Flo, who had been so timid usually, was starting to open up to those other than her. It made her wonder if fate had a hand in things- but surely that wasn't the case. It was coincidence, but an interesting one regardless.

"It looks like Flo feels rather at ease with you both. It's nice." She giggled, watching her partner making new friends. "Let's all get along from now on. I'm not much of a battler, though I know a bit. But I'm good when it comes to taking care of Pokemon regardless, so you can leave medicine and food to me if you need to."
‘I’m glad she feels comfortable with me, I will make sure to take care of her if something tries to attack her’

Beatty nodded. They got up as they picked their coat up. Ashper yawned, as he soon padded after his owner.

‘Alright, and you can leave battling to me, I have a few tricks and trips here and there with battling’ they hummed, their hands in their pockets as they stared at the sky.

‘So, when did you start your pokemon journey? And how did you meet Flo?’
They looked over at her as they hummed, Ashper looking around as it kept a close eye out for anything to pop out from somewhere.
As the coat was taken off Ashper, Flo took it as a signal to find her way back onto Hiruka's head, snuggling into her hair. Hiruka kept her hat off, using the string around her neck to let it fall against her back for the time being. She smiled with relief that Beatty was willing to deal with the battles in her stead.

After murmuring a thank you for it, she thoguht over the questions she was asked. "Flo and I met just recently. She was separated from her friends and being attacked by another Pokemon that was in the midst of confusion. After I helped out, she decided she wanted to be friends, because she felt safer with me than alone." She smiled, trying to gaze up at the Pokemon on her head- but unable with her bangs in the way.

"As for how i started my journey... Well, that just kind of happened naturally over time. I used to go on errands a lot that required going between towns through various routes... So I'd have a Pokemon with me. I've always gotten along well with them in general, so it was never an issue. That said, coming to Kalos was a pretty big step for me. I'm originally from pretty far away..."
‘Oh,’ Beatty frowned a bit. ‘That’s sad, I hope we can find her friends again but I’m glad she felt comfortable with you’ They smiled before they looked at her, their eyes wide a bit.

‘Far from here? Where were you before you came here?’ They smiled, seeming to be interested as they lowered their pace to walk beside her. Ashper walking in front of them still as he watched around.
‘Was the place you were from cool? Any pokemon that were amazing?’
"As long as she's happy, that's what matters... But I do agree that I hope to find her friends. It's probably lonely being separated, after all." She smiled a bit more easily, a hand moving to gently pat the Flabebe on her head. She noticed it curl up more comfortably, as if she were about to take a nap. "Oh? Feeling sleepy all the sudden?" She chuckled to herself, putting her hat on to let Flo relax more easily.

When Beatty began to slow down for her, she smiled. It was pretty rare she travelled with someone- so she'd always worried about whether she'd be able to keep up if she ever changed her mind about it. The fact that they were willing to match her pace meant a lot to her- though she wouldn't express that with words, just a smile.

"I'm originally from the Johto region... But I've traveled a lot since I became able to. I like exploring different regions to meet all the different Pokemon around and learn what their lives are like, you know?"
Beatty hummed, looking ahead as they soon whistled toward Ashper. The Umbreon glanced over at them before it slowed down, beginning to walk beside its owner. Beatty smiled, petting the pokemon before they looked around. ‘I will help her look for them, Ashper wouldn’t mind to help either..’ Ashper agreed with a purr as he softly trotted with them.

‘Oh, yea I get that. My mom told me a bit about the Johto region, that’s how she got Ashper from.. but then she came here and met my father then here I am’ they chuckled a bit before they sighed. ‘One day, I wanna go to the Johto region and find a eevee or Espeon for my mom, she always been a fan of them’

But my father is more of a Leafeon person’ They snickered, Ashper making a small puff with a bit of jealously on not being the favorite between the two parents.
Hiruka watched as Beatty had to remind Ashper not to run too far ahead. It was endearing, like watching a parent and their child- at least to Hiruka. But then again, Hiruka wasn't known to treat Pokemon much different than people half the time herself. That may have been the only reason she made such a comparison in her head, and she knew that.

"I've heard there's a fairy type Eevee evolution, too, isn't there?" She mused, pondering the topic Beatty had brought up. "I'd love to see that one someday. I've seen Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Umbreon and Espeon easily by visiting the theater in Ecruteak City back home, but I've never seen... Sylveon, I think I heard it was called? I think it'd be nice to meet one."

She watched Ashper huff a bit and giggled. She moved to pet him gently, smiling quietly. "Come now, silly. You're just as wonderful, you know?"
Yea, Sylveons are pretty. I always wanted to see a Glaceon tho, they are just so pretty as being able to make things with ice looks so cool’ Beatty chuckled a bit as they smiled as Ashlee’s jealously. They playfully rolled their eyes.

Ashper looked at her, nodding as he soon rubbed against her hand, purring. Beatty sighed, softly kicking a rock as they walked. ‘He gets jealous easily’
"Glaceon are more common in... Sinnoh or Unova, I think, right? Same with Leafeon. At the very least... I think that's where the person was from that I first heard of them from." She seemed to be struggling to recall the exact information- she was never very good with geography to begin with, honestly, so she decided that was the culprit to her confusion. Shaking it off, she smiled to Ashper once again.

"I mean, it just shows he cares a lot about how others perceive him, right? Especially you and your family. I don't think that's such a bad thing... It's normal, isn't it? To want to be seen as special by someone special to you."
‘Yea I think they are, but people sometimes say they are rare to find in the wild then more on people letting you watch over them’ Beatty shrugged as they kick the rock away. They watched it fly off into the bushes as they sighed. They soon looked up. ‘Yea, it’s just a bit funny on how he can get jealous easily but I understand he cares about me and my family’ They grinned.

Ashper purred as he made a small sound. Beatty petted him before they stretched slightly. ‘We should get to the next town quickly, it’s turning night soon’
"True, but I think a lot of evolved Pokemon are more rare depending on where you are. For example, a lot of Eevee evolutions are rare to find in the wild since they often only happen around certain terrain or evolutionary stones, right? And there are some Pokemon who only can evolve during certain weather or celestial events, like full moons..."

She seemed to ponder quietly after speaking. The surreal fact was that Pokemon varied quite a bit in so many aspects. The way they grew was so complex- it made them so interesting to her! She couldn't help deep diving into the topic in her head for a moment, before finally shaking it off- though being careful not to actually shake her head too much, as it would bother Flo.

"I see, so there's a town nearby? I'm honestly bad with directions unless I'm in a forest... as weird as that probably sounds."
‘Yea. I know some pokemon evolve during the night or during the day, I knew like rockruffs from the Aloha region can evolve during the time of day, if I remember correctly’ Beatty shrugged as Ashper yawned. They laughed a bit. They soon looked into their bag, getting out a pokeball and letted Ashper rested in it till they got to the town.

‘I think there is, don’t worry, I know the way so just follow me!’ They grinned as they walked through the forest, after some bits. They walked into the city, sighing as the light breeze of the night brush over them. ‘I can go get some food for us for tonight and then for tomorrows travel if you want to go get a hotel house for us to stay at’
"That's true too. I've also heard rumors that in some places, Ursaring can evolve under a full moon even further- though I haven't seen it, yet. And there are those that say that Clefairy, which normally only evolve with a moon stone, often evolve in the wild using aid from the full moon, too... Though that's quite a questionable story, from the sound of it."

Hiruka laughed a bit to herself as she thought over the many myths she'd heard over the years, the many stories of where Pokemon came from or how they evolved. To her, it was exciting- but at the same time, it was too confusing a topic to wrap her head around. Science was like that for her, after all.

When they entered the city and Beatty offered to split up so they could find food while she found a hotel for them, she frowned slightly. "I don't think splitting up is the smartest plan. I get lost too easily, and if there's more than one hotel in the area, it'd be hard to find which one I booked after, right?"

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