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Fantasy Camp on the Nile

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Action, Adventure, Super Powers, Supernatural


Maybe I want Happiness not Turds
Hello, you may have known this or not but you are a child of a god. Not just any god though but an Egyptian God. This is your formal invitation to join a camp that will hone your powers provided by your lineage. We ask that you attend the camp in the upcoming summer and meet more like your kind to make connections and friends.

So this is going to be something close to Percy Jackson but it's not, it's just inspired by. In this, you will be a child of an Egyptian god. So im just trying to see if there is any interest i might let some people do counselors as well depending on how much interest there is.


Ah, I see...
Im interested, is this offer still on the table? If so, I would love to reserve a oc that’s the son/daughter of Anubis.

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