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“No, but I’d say that you’re a fucking dumbass, seeing as Bigfoot isn’t fucking real,” Tucker said, clearly not impressed by the girl’s story in the slightest. He then turned to face Lucky as he spoke to him, confused. “The fuck are you on about? I didn’t stun you at all! Why the fuck would I wanna stun a shitty fuckin’ rabbit anyways?” Tucker asked. It was then that Lana shook his hand, which Tucker would not show any resistance in returning. “Sup, name’s Tucker. And, before you get any ideas, I’m not a furry.” Tucker said, before ultimately turning away from Lana after the aforementioned handshake. When Umbra, thankfully, decided to not murder the child in cold blood, Tucker took the latter’s sniper rifle away from her upon it being passed to him. “Right.... just like, don’t get any ideas. If you really have to, just like... shoot her in the foot or something.” Just when Tucker said this, though, the little girl appeared to have broken out of the hold. But, it seemed like Umbra had it handled. With a slight nod, Tucker turned back to face Tex. “Yo, Tex! How’s it going on your end?” He called out.

“Just.... peachy!” Tex exclaimed as they managed to catch the rifle with both hands, before swinging it back up towards Celty’s face with enough force to potentially crack her helmet. Then, once Odessa charged at her, Tex merely ducked out of the line of fire, and when met with the leg sweep, Tex merely jumped over it, aiming to kick Odessa in the nose while mid-air.

Tucker merely nodded in response to all this, before turning to face Lucky, who had been brought into a huddle by Rex.
“Uhhh.... okay. Well, I’m gonna go and head deeper into the base now. You guys have fun.” He said as he just kinda... walked past the huddled group and went deeper into the Red Base.

Meanwhile, Price would notice that the Red Base only had one floor, and he would immediately notice the commotion with Tex, Umbra, Odessa, Celty, and the rest. He could either aid his team in the fight, or he could sneak into the rest of Red Base. Also, all Narancia could find was a silver plate marked “Grif”. But... it was still better than nothing, right?

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Upon seeing Lealan draw her gun, Michael immediately ducked behind a corner to evade the gunfire, narrowly missing the bullets of the pistol. Also, Red Riding Hood would find no trouble finding the armory, though if she wanted to find some info, she could always try one of the bedrooms. The bedrooms in question were marked Church’s Room, Tucker’s Room, and Caboose’s Room.

Caboose, meanwhile, was thankfully saved from turning into shredded chunks of skin and blue metal by All Might, albeit at the sacrifice of particular pieces of All Might that once were not punctured with bullet holes. Michael scoffed from his corner, which was adjacent from All Might’s, glanced over to the hero as he did his best to avoid any stray gunfire that came his way.

“Hey, yo, big guy!” Michael shouted towards All Might to get the man’s attention. “You got a plan to get past the bigger guy with the guns!? Cus right now, we’re about to be turned into that asshat’s next meal if we don’t think of some shit, and fast!” The man shouted, having to due to the abundance of gunfire. Thank God, at the very least, the crazy plant chick who’d started all this crap had left.

Meanwhile, as Majima entered, he would of course notice all this chaos transpiring before him. Surely the man could think of something to do.

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Karma’s shots towards Lobo would have been able to hit, assuming he didn’t move out of the way, of course. However, all her other shots towards the unidentified Reds missed.

“Ah, dammit!” Sarge shouted as Kassandra’s shot hit him directly in the side of the head. Though, due to the fact that he was still wearing a helmet, it didn’t do any lasting damage. He was still dazed for a moment, however, as he recoiled from the shot in question.

“Holy shit! Snipers!” Simmons shouted, which prompted Grif to look up as well. Sarge, who had recovered from the shock of the shot, managed to turn the warthog around and aim it in the direction of the canyons. Not before her shot managed to hit Simmons in the shoulder, which happened to be one of the weaker areas of his armor. “Ow! Shit!” He shouted, gripping his shoulder in pain.

“Grif! If there was any time for you to not be a complete waste of both space and oxygen, now is that time!” Sarge shouted.

“R-right!” Grif shouted, before aiming the turret on the back of the Warthog upwards towards the top of Red Base and shooting in her direction.

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As Price entered the main floor of the Red Base, he might've noticed that Benedict had already beaten him to it, sitting on the ground once again playing a board game with his imaginary compatriots......this time, it was the infamous......Yahtzee. Benedict was sitting perfectly still, not moving a muscle as if he was waiting for something
"Ah....if we can't find the other die, then...no one can complete their turn.....we must wait." He would say before sitting perfectly still, not moving for minutes on end before Josh started choking.
"HONK HONK HO-" Josh would honk before coughing up the other die.
"Ah! The other die! Gentlemen....let's continue our game." Benedict would say before picking up the dice and slapping Josh with a wad of money.
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"Shitty!?" Lucky pouted. "Someone paralysed me, laddie, and then I blacked out!" Christ, when was Lucky ever going to meet someone willing to take responsibility for his kidnapping?! That being said, he was quite surprised when Tucker decided to accept Lana's friendship. "...You don't really want to fight, do you, laddie?...You know what? You can just go get whatever you want. Let's just end this shitshow already." Why should he care about protecting any of this? He was mentally neutered because of these people.



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"I don't trust 'im, not really." Lucky shrugged. "But the sooner he gets whatever the fuck he wants, the sooner the war thing can be over, and we can start trying to rebuild our roles in society. Surely, you don't think these people deserve our labor." His eyes hardened at Tucker. "That goes for you, too, Laddie in Blue. In case you haven't heard, we were fucking abducted. I am to assume that you were, as well. Thanks to whoever sent all of us 'soldiers', including yourself, we're gonna have nothing to go back to. How can you fight for that?" So Tucker didn't know exactly how these "recruits" came here? Just how much was being hidden?

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I don’t know how I got here but whatever
Back at the blue base Lilith finally woke up from her nap being the lazy slacker that she is “*Yawn*, How long was I out for?” She floated through the ceiling and got to the roof to see all the chaos happening. “Oh boy... Welp, time to actually get something done.“

Lilith gotten over to the red base and snuck inside, making sure nobody noticed her, she was surprised to find Benedict playing Yahtzee inside.

“Oh hey, didn’t expect to see you here.”

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Can't Run No More
“The hell are you on about, man? I volunteered. Chicks love soldiers.” Tucker, who was already walking in the other direction, said to Lucky. It was then that Luffy himself began speaking, which just.... perplexed him. “What the fuck are you talking about!? Bossing who around? I was literally walking in the other fuckin’ direction when you guys called me back here!” Tucker shouted, genuinely unsure of what the straw hat boy meant when he was saying the blue guy was “interrupting” him.

Meanwhile, it appeared that despite being good at being sneaky, Benedict and Lilith’s talking had indeed alerted their presence to a Red Team member.

“Oh hi there!!!” Donut, who seemingly appeared out of literally nowhere, exclaimed with a happy wave.

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Lucky was now more confused than angry. "Laddie...were you told we were coming here? How often do you get new recruits?" It was now that Lucky realized how unbelievable the story was. "If we 'volunteered', then why didn't we get any armor? And wouldn't I remember signing anything? Because I don't." Fear started to bubble inside again. What if he did volunteer for this without knowing? What if that chain letter was the real deal after all?


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Snake readied his magnum, and aimed, he didn’t want to kill anyone yet, he had no reason, so he aimed for the joint at the knee, where it was exposed. Snake had a view from the side. In one hand the magnum, and in the other a stole smoke grenade. He pulled the pin and dropped it, then fired the magnum with utmost precision at church’s knee. He didn’t take the time to check and see if the round hit, and ducked back behind cover as the smoke grenade went off. Concealing him as he got back in a prone position, laying flat to blend in nearly perfectly, not moving an inch so as to not be seen.


Some words you just read.
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Blue Team, Fireteam Does It Matter Anymore?
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Apparently, Price's intel on a top floor was incorrect. Tex didn't seem to know there was a single floor either, considering he didn't tell Price otherwise. Still, he can find whatever he needs. Walking down the rampart would have John be met with... he's not really sure. Tex is fighting some of the Reds, Tucker is chatting with Blues and getting increasingly exhasperated, "Sir" Benedict was playing with his imaginary friends it looked like, and another Blue Team member walked up casually and started chatting. This is the state of affairs, huh? As he reached the only floor there, sniper shots rang out from the roof. Kassandra must have found her mark. Not like it matters she's making noise on the roof, though she might have to expect some company. Another Red came by, this one in armor like the others, and began chatting with Benedict and the other one. He could tell he was Red because of his pink armor.

John considered aiding Tex with the Reds, but he looked like he had it covered pretty well. Benedict and the other Blue were occupying the pink guy, and the others were talking with Tucker. Price fixed his boonie, and began walking quickly passed the commotion, further into Red Base. It's not like he has any better options. Maybe the Reds will be too occupied to notice?


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Odessa & Karma

Odessa was taken aback a bit but that was enough to get a boot to the face which broke her nose and sent her staggering back. Blood tickled down her nose as she reset it then tilts her head back to stop the blood flowing, all while holding her hand up.

“Hold up, hold up, I’d rather not fight! What are you here for?”

She wasn’t a coward, she just didn’t want to have to fight for some idiots in Red armor.

Meanwhile with Karma, she would switch her target from the advancing reds onto the advancing warthog and would shoot away at the tires before reloading. Personally she thought this entire fight was completely pointless But whatever; she had a job and she will do it!



I don’t know how I got here but whatever
Lilith shot back in a panic and fell, she’d never thought that someone would sneak up and scare her since she likes to do it, Lilith got back up looking somewhat annoyed.
“Jesus man do not do that, you almost scared me back to life again!”



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Narancia Ghirga

All of his hard searching would only leave Narancia ownership of a plate that was as sliver as a new set of cutlery. As a flurry of questions such as ‘Why the fuck is there a dinner plate in the damn garage?’ and ‘The hell kinda budget do these guys have if they can’t even afford to have a table in the garage?’ flooded the teenagers mind as he brought the object closer to his eyes for a more closer examination. Besides the obvious, there wasn’t all that much noteworthy of it. Edged into it was one of the army guy’s names, to be more exact the one orange wearing person with the absolutely revolting room. At least he wouldn’t feel bad about potentially destroying the dinner plate, serves the guy right for not knowing how to use a damn air freshener.

But...could he actually do this? With Aerosmith getting out of here would have been pretty much an absolute breeze. His range would have certainly taken care of any snipers and made them into a bunch of red organ filled goo when his stand was through with them. Now though, he had no power to rely on, only a bedsheet filled with crap, his own intuition, and a dinner plate. What matter matters worse was of his own lack of information concerning who the bastard or bastards were. For all Narancia knew he was going to be blindly running like a chicken from a trained assassin or professional with the absolute bare minimum of defense he could have.

Oh god he couldn’t do this. Drums banged from Narancia’s cavity, rigging in his ears as a slick nervous sweat pooled on his brow. Just simply looking at the garage’s door made breathing into the most difficult task he’d ever done and yet, the gangster would mumble to himself, desperately searching for a single solution to his woes. “Maybe I could go to the dining hall? Yeah there’s a bunch of tables there, I could grab one and use it as a shield. Fuck, no I can’t, there was a fight going on in there too...S-shit!”

Freedom was so close he could almost taste it on his own pink fleshy tongue yet the possibility of death loomed even closer, acting as a watchdog ready to tear into his flesh and bones at any single misstep Narancia had the chance of making.

He hadn’t even realized that at some point during this time he went from standing on his own two feet to now curling himself in a tight curled position by the door, hyperventilating. The moment he did, Narancia forced himself to slow down, taking elongated, deep breathes. If he was going to do this, he needed to be in the right state of mind. Every limb shook as he pulled himself from the floor, the bedsheet bag and dinner plate put into the grip of his hands. Narancia gave himself three seconds to prepare. Three seconds to come to terms with the absolute batshit crazy thing he was going to do.


He stared at the door, a spark of fire forming in his eyes.


He got into a sprinter’s position.


He opened the garage door and took off.

Natural bright sunlight filled Narancia’s vision when foot connected with dirt. Immediately he put the dinner plate in front of his head, the one and only thing protecting him from facing a quick end due to a headshot. Surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly, Narancia took off in the opposite direction of the Blue Team’s base, instead heading for back area of his own team’s base. The number one priority would be to avoid any sort of conflict for as long as possible so in his mind, it’d be better to get away from the situation as far as he possibly could. So there was Narancia Ghirga, running for his damn life with a plate held to his head. If the whole situation wasn’t as dire as it was, he would have laughed at how absolutely ridiculous he must’ve look. Instead Narancia focused only on the tip tap of his running legs and survival in of itself.

Snipers who might see his dumbass running out of there: @PolikShadowbliss @FactionGuerrilla @Chungchangching @darkred
Location: Red Base’s Garage—->In the process of going behind the base

Current Items:
On Hand-
1. Paper clip (1)
2. Throwing Knife (1)
3. Pistol (1)
4. Silver Plate (1)

Bedsheet Bag-
1. Assault rifle (1)
2. Pistol (1)
3. Ammo
4. Extra Ziplock bags (10)
5. Miscellaneous Food and Water


Devil's Advocate


As he watched the brawny blonde shield his fallen comrade, Lobo held his fire. If only because he had the desire to banter. He was on his own now and without his usual set of powers. Not that it mattered since he had the power of gun on his side. So he took his time watching All Might and Caboose with the former injured and the latter out cold.
"Alright, so yer the heroic type so ain't no point in reasonin' with ya is there blondie. So imma just turn ya to swiss cheese and take that soldiers head with or without yer permission."
He rose his guns up again. At first he aimed solely at All Might, then the human he'd ignored earlier decided to try and pop up to do what, boost the hero of the day's morale?
"As if I would bother eatin' a piece a' shit like you. I'm a bounty hunter, not a fraggin caveman!"
He shouted at Michael before firing one gun off at him while approaching the group.
He stopped dead in his tracks. He hadn't even heard the shot but he felt the sting. One bullet went and scraped his cheek while the other two lodged themselves within his trapezius. Normally he'd just regenerate the damage but he'd have to take the damage. Not that his body was taking things too well. His aim was weakened after the muscle was dug into. But he still stood tall and bleeding.
"The Main Man doesn't hold grudges. But ya just made this difficult!"
He said smiling, he did like a bit of a challenge. So with his weakend arm and good arm he fired the submachine guns once more. This time with far less accuracy but much more bullets being sent out. He wasn't the most balanced between guns due to his injury but he'd be damned if he went back empty handed.

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We can't change what's done. We can only move on.

  • Aloy’s eye through the sniper noted a giant machine like a giant heading right toward the other base.

    “We got company. Some sort of giant machine is moving away from the Red base. The 'Warthog', I think it was called." The turret was now aiming toward the canyons and shooting at the snipers on the canyon. Aloy lightly cursed under her breath and had to take a quick shot at the turret, aiming at the others taking control of the machine. She aimed at Simmons, Grif and Sarge and she felt the aim on her crosshairs right on the mark. She felt the recoil from the gun, pulling back lightly and bending down, marking again on the turret. “Shoot the gun on the machine!”

    Over on Kassandra’s end, the Greek had, in fact, found her mark just as Captain Price had predicted. The Spartan’s shots hit their marks three out of the four times she pulled her trigger, hitting two of the Red armors and (presumably) Kylo Ren. Unfortunately, she had no time to confirm just how much damage Kassandra had dealt to the last of the three hits, as the orange-clad man on the steel contraption quickly wheeled some device over to her. Before she could react, she found a hailstorm of those metal bullets being fired at her, and at an extremely fast rate. She cursed loudly as one such bullet grazed her arm, leaving a hot and sticky sensation where the bullet had nicked her.

    “Ah, malaka!” The words escaped her lips before she promptly took cover by one of the pillars on top of the base, ignoring her bleeding arm as she immediately dropped the empty Sniper Rifle magazine. As the bullets kept flying, the brunette barely peeked her head out of cover and at the canyons, where the Blue Team snipers had perched up on. As Kassandra watched, she immediately recognized the glint of red hair that gave away her comrade’s location. Aloy was pointing her own rifle right at the metal contraption, obviously getting ready to fire her own sniper. If Aloy were the only one to fire, the Reds would surely turn their metal-spewing weapon on her. No, Kassandra would have to time this in synchronization to pull the Reds off their game and hopefully force them into a checkmate by firing from different angles.

    Here we go… The warrior thought to herself just before crouching down to reduce her body size and hopefully reduce the likelihood she’d get hit by the giant gun, all while jamming a brand new magazine extension into her futuristic weapon.

    Meanwhile, Aloy spent a little time once again taking her mark and blasting the crap out of the long gun turret.
    “We take out the gun, there’s no way to defend!”
    Aloy needed her full concentration on the sniper rifle.

    Kassandra, meanwhile, had watched Aloy’s sniper barrel peek out from the canyon, indicating she was about to fire. At the exact same time, the Ancient Greek peeked out from behind her cover, intuitively leaning the bipod onto the wall for support this time whilst still staying crouched. This way, only her head and upper torso were exposed to gunfire, if even that. The instant Aloy began firing upon the Warthog’s gun, Kassandra opened fire on Grif himself. As the redhead shot, so did Kassandra; by doing so, the two women fired in near-perfect synchronization, likely making it hard to target both at once.

    Whilst Aloy went for the turret, the Ancient Spartan looked to shoot at Grif’s hands to throw him off from using the giant weapon; to do so, the brown-eyed hero forced herself to slow down her firing this time, taking exactly a second in between shots to resettle her rifle and make absolutely sure she was true to her mark.

    As Kassandra was firing with Aloy, she did notice a giant smoke cloud envelop part of the field a distance away, and she swore she saw movement in the smoke and a flash of light indicating a futuristic weapon was fired, but she wasn’t too concerned with the guy who was probably hiding nearby. She’d find him later; for now, that contraption was too much of a threat to ignore.
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Snake got up and high tailed it to the canyon wall, crouching and moving along side it to avoid being seen by snipers on the same side, he holstered the magnum and kept moving towards red base. He couldn’t lie, to be young again, doing his work again, made him rich in adrenaline. He missed the sneaking around and Espionage, Sabotage, and all the other things he specialized in. As all the old memories of his CQC techniques and other more, childish methods from his youth came to him, he couldn’t help but smile. But with memories of his good days, came the memories of the Boss, and Operation Snake Eater. He immediately donned a more grim face, and almost stumbled before resuming his movement to red base, now going prone once more and crawling.
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Green Light
ACKCHYUALLY, despite being blinded by rage and resentment, while in a tantrum, Ren manages to spot a sniper that's about to take a shot... On him. Ren dodges the sh-- he barely dodges the shot, as it grazes his arm! He hisses in pain for a short while. He looks at her, staring. This has angered Ren even more. Who knows what Ren is thinking behind that mask of his. Probably talking shit about Kassandra's, the sniper, aim... But no, he's better than that.



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"I mean... probably. I don't really pay much attention during the meetings," Tucker replied to Lucky with a nonchalant shrug. "But you guys didn't get armor 'cus we didn't have anymore. And plus, I didn't sign shit either," Tucker then turned to face Luffy, groaning slightly. "Recruiting for this army, dumbass."

"We're here for intel," Tex said harshly as they watched Odessa, clearly not interested in playing any of these verbal Ring Around the Rosie games. They stepped forward, fist balled up as they did so. "And you have about ten seconds to get the hell out of my way, before I make you get out of the way." Tex threatened as they readied their fist.

"Oh, I'm sorry!!" Donut exclaimed, sounding genuinely upset that he had scared Lilith that much. "I was just REALLY excited to see new house guests! Sarge never lets us have guests, even though I think that it would personally be WONDERFUL to have guests more often!" Donut says, before pausing and gazing at Benedict and Lilith. After a few moments of silence, he continued. "So... what brings you to Red Base?"

Meanwhile, Price had several areas to choose from as he sneaked into Red Base. There was Sarge's Room, Grif's Room, Simmons' Room, the Garage, and the Armory. Also, as Narancia reached the back of the base, he would immediately find...

A sandwich! Well wasn't this just his lucky day?

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Michael let out a sharp shout as Lobo began firing the bullets at a much higher frequency than before, ducking further behind the cover as he felt the bullets fly past him.

"Shit!! Whatever you're thinkin' of doin', big guy, you'd better decide fast!!" Michael shouted over to All Might.

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The Warthog was already stopped whenever Karma shot at the tires, but she had managed to flatten one nonetheless.

"Sir! The tire's been shot!" Simmons shouted.

"Thank you, Simmons, but I already noticed that!" Sarge retorted as he ducked out of the line of fire, seeing both Aloy and Kassandra ready their weapons. However, instead of going for the commander, Kassandra and Aloy went for perhaps the more obvious target, that being the turret.

"OW!! Son of a fucking bitch!!!" Grif shouted as he felt the sting of the bullets hit his hand, causing him to let go of the turret. The turret itself was fine, as it appeared to be invulnerable to Aloy's rounds. However, she had managed to get Grif to stop shooting, at least temporarily.

Better act fast.

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"OW!!!! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!?" Church shouted as he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his knee, courtesy of Snake's rounds. By the time Church managed to get into cover behind a rock and take aim, Snake had already thrown the smoke grenade. "Goddammit! Does anyone have a shot on whatever asshole just shot my fucking knee!?" Church shouted as he was unable to get a clear view on Snake. Those of you who decided to look for the shooter in question might have also noticed an injured Lealan running across Blood Gulch, desperately trying to return to safety. And, if you'd been paying attention, then you'd also know that she wasn't on your team OR at the briefing.

So ah, maybe it'd be a good idea to take them out too, if you felt so inclined.

@Chungchangching @PolikShadowbliss @Venom Snake @DerpyCarp @Canyons


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Snake smiled at the sound of church yelling, and was practically under him now. His smile grew devious as he got another idea. He unpinned a flash bang and cooked it just right before tossing it straight up and over, to land atleast near church. Hopefully the sound of a grenade landing would make him look at it, so it’d have maximum effect. He waited to hear it go off now before running like hell.


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"But if new recruits were comin', they would have made it inescapably known...And who the fuck recruits without ordering armor in advance?..." Suddenly, Lucky's expression turned determined, and almost spiteful, not towards Tucker or Tex, but whoever was pulling the strings.. "You know what? Fuck it. Fuck us being red, fuck you two being blue. I want to see whatever information you're looking for. Someone is pulling something they should be strangled for, Laddie." To solidify it, he actually stepped behind Tex. "Look at me nubs. Bare. A sign of peace. Consider me a prisoner if you wish. Just lead the way." Today, this shitshow was ending, even if it wasn't in the inferno he had daydreamed about. Someway, somehow, he was gonna get to the bottom of this. It was up to the others if they wanted to join the clue search.


Some words you just read.
captain price.jpg
Blue Team, Fireteam Boonie Hat

Price was... able to sneak passed everyone, somehow. He won't question it. Only thing that matters is that he can explore Red Base for the intel. He walked away from that commotion, and farther into the base. He came to a crossroads, having many places to go. The garage is interesting, but likely empty, considering the jeep that drove away at the beginning of the assault. Not like he's trying to escape anyways. Armory doesn't interest him, either. This isn't a demo op. That leaves the few rooms that exist in the base. Choosing between them is quite simple. Sarge's room. He's in charge of the Reds, he's more likely to have the intel they want. Not just the intel Tex wants, either, it may have information regarding Blood Gulch. If he can recover anything about the powers that be, that could be one step closer to getting out of here, and shutting down this PMC. For the sake of every poor soul in this canyon.

So, he goes into Sarge's room, keeping vigilant for any Reds and other hazards.


I don’t know how I got here but whatever
Lilith was sweating a bit from what Donut asked because she didn't want him to find out her plan, so she nonchalantly said,
"Oh well you know I was just wondering if you got any refreshments, and I just wanted to check up on my little Benedict buddy!"
Lilith tries to give him a pat on the head but her hand just ends up going through his hat.

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