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Off to a Better Place
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"Roses are Red, Violets are Blue"

Whatever you were doing mere moments before, whether you were fighting an epic battle or simply sitting on your couch and eating Cheetos, each and every one of you suddenly felt a sharp pain course through your body. It felt as if every fiber, every nerve of your being was being ripped apart by some unknown force. It was almost like a burning sensation, to some it might have even been the worst pain you’d ever experienced. Perhaps some of you were able to endure this longer than others were, but eventually, even the strongest of you gave in and passed out from the sheer pain alone.

You awake after an unspecified amount of time (how would you know, you’d been knocked out!) to what appears to be the interior of a military transport aircraft. Upon further inspection, you’ll notice that a projector is hanging from the ceiling and facing toward the cockpit, where a projector screen is hanging right next to the door.

“Oh great! You’re awake!” Comes the voice of a man in purple armor seated on the far left corner closest to the cockpit. “I’m Frank DuFresne, but you guys can just call me Doc.” He said in a rather cheerful tone of voice. The man appeared to be holding a pistol of some sort. Due to his helmet, you couldn't see his face at all, though judging by his cheery tone and demeanor, he was most definitely smiling.

“How ‘bout you start by telling me where the fuck I am and why I'm on some fuckin military jet? Did Trevor put you up to this?” Came the voice of an older, overweight male seated on the opposite end closest to the exit of the plane. Doc simply shook his head and remained in his seat.

“Sorry sir, but I don't know who Trevor is. All I know is that you're supposed to be delivered to Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha. You guys are the new recruits, aren't you?” Doc inquired as he looked over at the male, almost sounding surprised that he didn't know where he was or where he was going.

“New recruits? The hell are you on about!?” The man asked with a brow raised in question, sounding confused yet annoyed at the same time. Doc simply chuckled in response.

“Oh, now don't be silly! For the Red and Blue teams!” Doc exclaimed, his cheerful demeanor now returning as he looked to the rest of the group. “You guys do know what I’m talking about… right?” He asked, sounding a bit more unsure now after a brief moment of silence. Michael simply rolled his eyes and scoffed, muttering something under his breath before turning to look out the window.

Whether you didn't answer or you told him “no”, Doc would rub the side of his head for a moment and shake his head. “Oh… well, I was supposed to show you this video anyways.” Doc said before pulling a remote out of a drawer beside his seat. After pressing the “power” and “play” buttons on said remote, the projector near the cockpit would suddenly flash to life, and on the screen would be what appeared to be a normal looking man sitting at a desk.

“Yoyoyo dudes, dudettes, and dudeorinos! It's me, Vic, your local guideorino and best friendo! You lucky dudes and dudettes have been recruited to join the Red and Blue teams at Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha. Now don't you worry your pretty little faces, ‘cuz it ain't that hard, my homies. All you gotta do is kill the enemy!” Vic stated completely nonchalantly in an awfully cheery demeanor. “Anyways, I gots to get off the video now cause this cameras about to be in camerita heaven if I don't get new batteritas, but if any of y'all got any questions hit me up at 555-VICK. See you guys later!” With that, the projector would abruptly shut off, causing Doc to turn and look at all of you exquisitely.

“So… do you guys have any questions?”

“Yeah, I got one. Why the fuck were we enlisted in the army? I didn't sign up for any of this bullshit!” Michael asked angrily to Doc, who simply shrugged in response.

“I have no idea, sir. Maybe you just don't remember signing up?” Doc asked in an attempt to help out.

“Yeah, cause I’d forget to sign up for an army with a buncha little army men that look like something from a game my fuckin' son plays.” He said in a clearly sarcastic tone before standing up and taking a parachute off the nearby wall.

“U-uh… sir… I wouldn't recommend that you do tha--” But it was too late, as the man had already pressed the button to open the exit at the opposite end of the plane. However, instead of the door opening like doors usually do, Michael would shoot back a bit and fall to the floor, almost as if he’d been shocked by something. “Sorry for sounding like a jerk here, but I did try to warn you.” Doc said with a shrug.

Looks like you'd be stuck here for a bit. Perhaps you could mingle with your new teammates, or you could ask Doc whatever questions you may have.

Cast List
Kameron Esters- Kameron Esters- as Captain Falcon (F-Zero) [Blue Team]
Chungchangching Chungchangching as Vitan (OC) [Blue Team] and Slamacow (Minecraft) [Blue Team]
2Bornot2B 2Bornot2B as Gripen (Girly Air Force) [Blue Team] and Shalltear Bloodfallen (Overlord) [Red Team]
DerpyCarp DerpyCarp as Lealan Deathweed (Starbound OC) [Solo Team]
Benedict Cucumberpatch Benedict Cucumberpatch as Sir Benedict Cucumberpatch (Classified) [Blue Team]
PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss as Karma Darkon (OC) [Blue Team] and Odessa (OC) [Red Team]
Dylan.thomas7 Dylan.thomas7 as Goro Majima (Yakuza) [Red Team]
Shooting Star Asuka Shooting Star Asuka as Kohirumaki Karen (Gun Gale Online) [Red Team]
Sir Skrubbins Sir Skrubbins as Heavy (Team Fortress 2) [Red Team]
JRay JRay as Rex Salazar (Generator Rex) [Red Team] and Sora (Kingdom Hearts) [Red Team]
Topless Topless as Baby Bonnie Hood (Darkstalkers) [Solo Team]
FactionParadox FactionParadox as Saburo Kusanagi (OC) [Blue Team]
Hahli Nuva Hahli Nuva as Achilles (SMITE) [Solo Team]
darkred darkred as Aloy (Horizon Dawn Zero) [Blue Team] and Maya "Echo" Visari (Killzone Shadowfall) [Solo Team]
ConnorOfficials ConnorOfficials as Lilith (OC) [Blue Team]
GeorgeTownRaja GeorgeTownRaja as Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece) [Solo Team]
Nothing Nothing as Akechi Touma and Saiki Kusuo (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.) [Blue Team]
Superwholock Superwholock as Nero (Devil May Cry) [Red Team] and Salem Jay Nilson (Devil May Cry OC) [Red Team]
SheepKing SheepKing as Narancia Ghirga (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) [Red Team]
Tamotsu Tamotsu as Fernando "Slayer" Duran (Rise of Incarnates) [Solo Team]
Meraki Meraki as Celty Sturluson (Durarara!!) [Solo Team]
animegirl20 animegirl20 as Amy Rose (Sonic X) [Red Team]
Riven Riven as Umbra (Warframe) [Blue Team]
Dragonlord318 Dragonlord318 as Logan (X-Men Origins) [Red Team]
Sayo-Nara Sayo-Nara as Lana the Braixen (Pokemon OC) [Red Team]
BoltBeam BoltBeam as Red Riding Hood (Mary Skelter Nightmares) [Red Team]
Veradana Veradana as Myrtle Ryder (OC) [Blue Team]
Marksman Marksman as Actus-199 (Warhammer 40k OC) [Red Team]
DanGriin DanGriin as Jun Hyuga (Fate OC) [Blue Team]
The Explorer The Explorer as Seiryo Teshigahara (OC) [Solo Team]
Jeremiah Jeremiah as Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes) and Miss Pauling (Team Fortress 2) [Solo Team]
ManyFaces ManyFaces as Lobo (DC Comics) [Solo Team]
Caffeine Freak Caffeine Freak as Biggie Cheese (Barnyard) [Red Team]
FoolsErin FoolsErin as Double Trouble (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) [Solo Team]
Ferociousfeind Ferociousfeind as Pearl Pygmy (Splatoon 2) [Blue Team]
QizPizza QizPizza as Gabrielle Akimoto (OC) [Solo Team]
jigglesworth jigglesworth as Captain John Price (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare) [Blue Team]
PopcornPie PopcornPie as Lucky (Whacked!) [Solo Team]
RedLight RedLight as Marcus Silver Pete Amsterdam Indigo Nautilus Tesla (OC) [Blue Team] and Kylo Ren (Star Wars) [Red Team]
FactionGuerrilla FactionGuerrilla as Kassandra (Assassin's Creed: Odyssey) [Blue Team]
Venom Snake Venom Snake as Snake (Metal Gear Solid/Crysis OC) [Solo Team]
Maxiliase Maxiliase as Tony Montana (Scarface) [Red Team]
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W-what happened to his Duck Dynasty?!

The puny red rabbit looked like a lost doll, but playing with him was no fun. It was telling that his first words upon coming to, and realizing his situation, was a loud "Which one of you FUCKERS-"

Thankfully, the rabbit was interrupted from his cursing tirade by the in-flight movie, which he reluctantly watched with gritted teeth. "You...you just WAIT until I can undo this bloody seatbelt, you innie-dick!" He snapped, fiddling uselessly at the button with his taped-over stumps. "Nobody knocks Lucky out, and lives to talk about it over a drink!" Lucky's hardened gaze switched to every one of his cabinmates. Oh, the things he was gonna do to all of them. "I'll show you what a battlefield really fucking looks like!"


Saiki knew that accepting that invitation to... Whatever it had been called... Was the worst decision in his life. He just knew, somehow, it was their fault he was here. Multiverse, whatever. He didn't give a fuck about that. Sure, he'd saved his own planet numerous times, but that didn't mean he gave a fuck about the people in it - much less did he give a fuck about the multiverse, about people he didn't even know.

Suddenly, a gripping, chilling fear grasped his heart, and he turned - and sure enough, Akechi was there next to him, looking around in a sort of excited interest. Of course - she wasn't scared at all. He let out a sigh. At least he could protect her - she wasn't still back at that facility.

"There are a lot of people here," Akechi noted, turning towards Saiki. "Can we talk to one of them, Kusuo? We should get to know them, since we're all in the same situation!"

Saiki sighed and stood up along with her, following her to stand next to someone else nearby.

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Sir Benedict Cucumberpatch
Benedict sat there and watched the presentation....after all it is rude to talk during a presentation. Every once in a while Josh would try to whisper to Benedict only to be whacked with a rolled up newspaper. He took notes and studied, after all...Benedict was in the 500th cavalry bomb fighter squadron battalion fighter gang....he served and served WELL. After the presentation Benedict stood up and clapped, what a breathtaking display no? Such vision, such brilliance! Afterwards Benedict nodded to Josh....they knew what to do. It was time for a hearty military feast. Josh pulled out a tiny plastic chair and tables...like ones a toddler would use, and they sat down. Benedict opened the silver platter, revealing a very very very small steamed carrot. “AH! JOSH! A FEAST OF KINGS INDEED!” He would say before the two split the carrot, and guzzled it down with some champagne.
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Lealan jerks up. Did the Teleporter mess up again? She looks around at the others in the cabin, listening to the exposition being given by the purple one. Once he and the video is done, she walks up to him and gets close, gazing into her reflection in his visor. "Purple one, What is YOUR job here? Will you be joining us in the killing?" She looks almost innocent, a light smile on her face.
thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore


Never bring a wrench to a gun fight
There was a mysterious ghost like figure with long hair witch covered up one of her eyes, she looked pretty relaxed despite not knowing where she is or how she got here. "How did they get me here anyway, they better not have use any vacuum cleaners." she said followed by a nervous grown.

After a while Lilith started to get board so she decided to pull a prank on one of the other passengers.

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In the Thousand Sunny when it was raining that day, Sanji is preparing to cook dinner but something is missing.

There wasn't any food at all and it appears that Luffy must've eaten it knowing that the other crew of the Straw Hat Pirates might not be happy with it for being selfish. Sanji's face turns red.

"Luffy!" Sanji yelled angrily.

Zoro woked up out of his sleep as he had heard Sanji screaming. He wasn't happy about it.

"What's the matter now?" Zoro asked angrily as he went to the kitchen to see what it is going on.
"The food is gone!" Sanji complained.
"What?" Zoro asked curiously.

Luffy's other crew appears as they had overheard their conversation.

"You got to be kidding me..." Usopp muttered.
"It was you wasn't it?" Sanji asked angrily as he pointed at Zoro.
"Don't blame it on me!" Zoro said angrily.
"Who was it then?" Sanji asked.
"I'm pretty sure that it was Luffy who ate the food," Robin said calmly.
"Is that so?" Nami asked.
"That idiot!" Sanji said angrily.
"Where's Luffy?" Nami asked as she looked around for him.
"I want to kill him!" She said.
"There's no need to be violent, Nami," Sanji said as he is trying to calm her down.
"What are we supposed to eat now?" Usopp asked as his stomach was growling.
"What a terrible thing to do, indeed," Robin said even though she is not angry about it.
"That was supposed to be our dinner..." Chopper said as his stomach was growling as well.
"Let's go find him!" Sanji said as the Straw Hat Pirates went outside to find Luffy as he can be seen sleeping on top of the tower which is at the center of the ship.

Luffy is a man with black shaggy hair, round black eyes, and a slim muscular build.

He is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and he dreams to be King of the Pirates one day after he had made a promise to "Red-Haired" Shanks as a child. He ate the Gum-Gum Fruit which grants him the ability to turn into a rubber man which allows him to stretch his body.

The straw hat that Shanks has given to him has considered it as his treasure and anyone who touches it will make him angry. In his adventure, he met every person who has their motivations and they have agreed to join him on his quest while facing off against villains of different types.

Now, he has to deal with something that could bring him terrible consequences. He finally woke up out of his sleep when he heard one of his friends yelling at him.

"Huh?" Luffy asked curiously as he looked at the group who are angry.
"Get down there, Luffy!" Nami ordered.
"What's the problem?" Luffy asked.
"Don't be stupid!" Sanji said angrily.
"We're starving because of you!" Chopper said angrily.
"There's nowhere to hide, now get down from there!" Zoro said.
"Oh yeah, I ate it because I couldn't stand how delicious they were so I ate it anyway," Luffy explained as he remembered the reason for eating the food for selfish purposes.
"Why am I hearing this..." Usopp muttered.
"That's why being selfish isn't a good thing, you know!" Franky said angrily.
"I know, I apologize!" Luffy chuckled.
"If you do something good for us then you can have as much food as you like," Sanji said as he is trying to trick Luffy.
"Really?" Luffy asked in shock as he wasn't aware of Sanji's mischief.
"Yes, everything," Sanji said happily even though he isn't.
"Okay!" Luffy said as he jumped out of the tower to hear what Sanji has to say.
"You idiot!" Nami said angrily as she aggressively charged Luffy for eating the food without their permission.

Nami then strangled Luffy to the point where he was having trouble breathing and that the situation has gotten worse. The Straw Hat Pirates try to calm her down or else, Luffy might die from lack of oxygen.

"Nami, that's enough!" Zoro said in fear.
"I can't stand of his selfish behavior!" Nami said as she continues strangling Luffy.
"He is going to die!" Chopper said in fear.
"Perhaps, you're right..." Nami said as she stops strangling Luffy.
"Thank goodness..." Robin said in relief.
"I thought that I was going to die..." Luffy said as he got up after a fatal strangling by Nami.
"I'm sorry that I went too far..." Nami said sadly.
"At least we are halfway to the island, right?" Brook asked as he is trying to cheer his friends up.
"You're right," Sanji said.
"I can buy some things there." He said.
"But being selfish is cruel..." Nami said as she tries her best not to cry.
"Don't cry, Nami," Sanji said as he is trying to cheer her up.
"Looks like the captain wants us to die of hunger," Zoro said.
"From now on, foods will not be served to you!" Sanji said to Luffy.
"Why not?" Luffy complained.
"We haven't eaten anything!" Usopp said angrily.
"Maybe we just need to cool off a bit," Robin said.
"You're right," Nami said.
"Let's get back to work," Sanji said as Luffy's crew has gone about their day.
"You guys..." Luffy said as he tries to communicate with his crewmates but they won't listen.
"Ah!" Luffy has felt a sharp pain through his body which leads to him being paralyzed.
"Luffy!" Nami said in fear as she saw him lying on the ground.
"What's happening to him!?" Brook asked in fear.
"Don't worry, I'm going to see what is happening to you!" Chopper said as he is trying to figure out what is happening to Luffy despite being a doctor.
"I-I can't move..." Luffy said quietly as he couldn't move his body.
"Oh no, he's dying..." Chopper said as his voice has suddenly gone silent.



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Had he been sabotaged? Was there something wrong with his systems? He wasn't aware how long he had remained in the abyss of his own mind. All it could remember was being manually deactivated, and he wasn't the one that did it.

When the systems began to reboot, vision and feeling began to return to the Warframe. Umbra slowly rose its head to the sound of where the voice came from as it slowly began to regain awareness, hearing the announcements of killing the enemy and new recruits. With that, it tries to stand up, only to be restricted by straps as it falls back onto its seat.

It had absolutely no idea where it is, where it is going to, or anything about what is going on. Great. As far as it can recall, it remembers last fighting on Venus against the Corpus, trying to sabotage their new Jackal Warframe Hunter system, before suddenly being stunned and falling to the ground on its knees and completely blacking out.

The frame moved it's head around to see who else was there. It was certainly strange, humans, a man in purple armor, was it another fellow warframe? Another turn over reveals a.. red pobber? Strange, this one has longer ears than a usual pobber, and it talks??

Whatever the heck is going on, with how everyone is strapped in, he decides to leave himself strapped in as he notices of all things, it's Skiajati is missing. Fuck.

As it lies back against its seat and feels its scarf, its head continues to silently gaze around at the others in the room.

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An intimidating figure with the assurance of victory, donning his mask and singed robes, Kylo Ren continued his stride. Yet, even with such confident movements, Kylo Ren knew little of what'll happen to him next. But with a figure like his, his stride appears to be that of a man who had just gotten into a battle and won.


Kylo Ren suddenly awakens, in a new state, and in a new place, shockingly. Furious with what's happening, he glances at everyone, strangers, and begins demanding for answers. But before that, Kylo Ren attempts to leave his - comfortable - chair. Soon to commit who knows what? After all, he conquered most parts of the galaxy. Shouldn't destroying a seemingly weak aircraft be much more doable?

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The black queen chants the funeral march.
It had been a normal day at art college. Not that his art was particularly aesthetically pleasing, the 19 year old went for the dark and morbid side of life. Concrete jungles swallowing lives whole, his mother working to save the lives of children whilst leaving hers to fend for themselves, and fend he did. Life wasn't kind, it was a cruel fucker who would destroy you if you didn't stand up to it and tell it to back off. Opening the door to his apartment, his eyes soon adjusted to the light as he switched it on, the cream walls illuminated by a pale yellow lightbulb. It was a cheap place, 30 years old. Looked like it too, as if the house would have given up on itself years ago if it could. Saburo had... negotiated a fair price with the landlord using his powers, they had to be good for something other than making his family want to run as far away as possible from him.

The pain hit him like a tidal wave... Perhaps the 7-11 sushi had been out a little too long, but whatever it was, his insides burnt like the inferno his bastard father dwelled in, his intenstines seethed and hissed and coiled around each other like venoumous snakes. Gripping the countertop hard enough to start warping the metal, he gasped as it started to get worse. "What the hell..." He hissed, wondering what was happening. Was he ill? Grabbing a glass of water, he swallowed it down quick to try and do something. It soon overwhelmed the artist and he collapsed to the floor unconscious, the glass rolling away from him as everything went dark, his breathing laboured and shallow.

Waking up, he felt... weirdly fine? The pain that had once threatened to rip his insides apart was gone, he was in some sort of vehicle. A hellicopter. Military helicopter. How long had he been out for? Saburo was content to listen, hoping for some explanation about what just happened, why he passed out in his 1980's reject apartment and woke up in some odd place surrounded by equally confused people and beings since it was evident not everyone was human. He saw a man at the end of the helicopter holding some sort of remote in his hand. Was he their abductor? Were they his prisoner? Watching the video, the half-demon's irritation simply grew. The man was a babbling idiot, his words did nothing to clarify the situation or explain it, he either had some speech impediment or was just insane.

An older, overweight man did the talking for him. Let him ask the stupid questions, see if this "Doc" would give a straight answer to a straight question. No, he definitely hadn't signed up to be in any damn army program, especially not to be on some team in the middle of shit-arse nowhere. Watching as their irate companion got knocked to the ground, Saburo sighed. He wasn't getting out of here that way and he imagined the cockpit was sealed off to prevent them tampering with it. If the man in futuristic armour was a doctor, had he drugged them? There appeared to be some sort of forcefield on the doors, he doubted he could breach them. Standing up, he approached Doc with a look of irritation in his eye. "I haven't signed up for any military program, I think you've abducted us. Drugged us probably, so unless you want people to harm you, return us to where you took us from."


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Lucky thrashed his head up and down in agreement. "That lad has brains!" The rabbit guffawed, now trying to wriggle out from under his seatbelt. "If you don't turn this flying shitbucket around, so help me, as soon as these nubs are on the ground, I will riddle you full'a holes with me own bare teeth!" He finished with a snarl, putting his yellowed choppers on full display.


Off to a Better Place
"Aww... you're so cute!" Doc exclaimed in response to the small rabbit as he watched it struggle against the restraints of his seat. The purple-armored soldier stood up and approached him, kneeling down in front of him as he continued to writhe in his seat. "You need a hand?" He asked, before reaching forward and undoing his seatbelt for him.

Meanwhile, Benedict and Josh had ended up pulling out their table and placing it right on top of the overweight male from earlier, who let out a loud grunt as it was slammed on top of his torso. This, of course, caused him to wake up from his temporary nap. And, like any rational man, he responded by letting out a loud scream.

"GAAAAH!! G-GET THE FUCK OFF ME!!!!" He shouted angrily as he quickly rose his arms up, pulling them back and then thrusting them forward in one push! This, of course, caused the table to flip over, freeing him from his captivity. Upon doing so, the man began to cough as he brushed himself off. "W-where the hell did you even pull that shit out from!? And what the fuck is a penguin doing here??" He asked through various breaths and pants, trying to catch his breath after his lungs were almost crushed by the weight of the aforementioned table.

"Killing anyone?" Doc asked as he turned to face Lealan. "Of course not! I'm just the medic!" He replied, somehow still in that same cheery voice from earlier. "In fact, I'm a pacifist. So even if I wasn't the medic, I still wouldn't be doing any fighting."

Meanwhile, Kylo Ren would have found it pretty easy to leave his chair.

When the teen had approached him, Doc glanced up to him from his position beside Lucky. He held up his arms defensively at his accusations, seemingly offended by the words he was saying.

"H-h-hey now! I didn't abduct anyone!" Doc exclaimed, seeming to take the man's threats to heart. "I'm just the medic for the Reds and Blues, like I said! I-I-I was sent by command! I was just told that you guys were the new recruits, and I was supposed to board the plane with you all! Honest!" He said as he slowly began to back away from him. It was clear that at the very least, he wanted no trouble. When Lucky spoke up again, Doc just shook his head. "I can't turn the plane around, Sir! It's remotely controlled! Plus, I don't even know how to fly one of these things at all!"

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Someone of no importance

Rex was awaken by the sound of a man getting shocked, he awaken to see he wasn't in the hallway of the foundation building, but instead watching a man being shocked to the ground.

“ugh, that looked like it hurt. This is definitely not providence.”

Rex tried to look around the airship they were on.

“ (Sigh.) This sucks, how did I even get on here anyway? All I remember was being in a hallway, Wait a minute. I remember feeling that strange pain in my body, it couldn’t be my Nanites. Well, whatever the case, maybe I can find someone or something who knows what’s going on here.“

Rex: (Open for interaction)

Sora’s side of the story:
Sora looked in awe as the overreactive man swore up a storm, lost his cool and preceded to shock himself.

“Geez.” Sora thought to himself, “I know he may not he may not be the nicest guy in the world, but before I do anything rash or stupid. I need to get a clue on what’s happening or why I’m here.”

Sora went to the purple man named Doc and decided to ask him a few questions.

“So you’re Doc right? Why was I chosen to be in a war, what am I fighting for, what do you guys want from me?”

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"That was rude," Akechi said to Benedict - she had been standing nearby when the table was pulled out. "If you were going to pull out random objects, you should at least not plop them down right on top of people! Right, Kusuo?"

Saiki nodded. "Yes, of course," he said in a deadpan tone. "That's pulling-random-objects-out-of-thin-air 101." He was being sarcastic, of course, because that was just his default state for every strange thing that happened around him.


Akechi seemed to think he was being serious, though. He sighed and chose to not correct her.



"Pacifist? That's a fancy word for PREY~" Lealan narrows her eyes, her innocent demeanor fading to that of a predator. A too wide grin showing on her face as her sharp, obsidian colored teeth show in her maw. She walks close, almost too close to Doc. "Ssssso you don't know how or why? Then why should we listen to you? What's sssssssssstopping us from ransacking whatever operation you are ssssssssending us to?"
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As though he had given himself an aneurysm-which, for him, was never out of the realm of plausibility-Lucky froze. His eyelid twitched, and his jaw fell. As softly as a passing breeze, he wheezed out a word.


On the inside, he was charging up.

"You fucking paralyzed me..."


"You kidnapped me..."


"...Stuck me in a war I want no fucking part in..."

"...think I'm..."

"....And now you have the gall to call me..."


Now it was on. Lucky pounced on Doc, but missed his target of Doc's head, instead falling on the floor. No matter. He simply began punching and kicking his shins.


The black queen chants the funeral march.
Watching as the table was placed on the unconscious man, he ignored the spectacle he made for the moment and continued to stare at Doc, his black eyes filled with distrust and irritation. "Shut up!" Saburo shouted to the overweight man, he was making an ass of himself and more importantly, his asinine behaviour was making it hard to think.

"We must have been unconscious when we were loaded on board. The last thing I remember was a sharp pain in my stomach which radiated outwards, it made me collapse. If you're a doctor, diagnose me. Go on, scan me." Saburo stated, believing his captors to already know that he isn't human. Hearing the shorter male with the spiky brown hair speak (Sora), he looked over at him momentarily before returning his attention to Doc. "I also want to know that. Considering I'm here, either you know about what I really am or your superiors have been "recruiting" anyone for their war. How long has it gone on for? Red and Blue Teams, why are we fighting one another as that man stated?" Perhaps this man was a pacifist, but Saburo wasn't.

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  • Vitan Armerstrannie
    Let me guess: Dimension bullshit, weird fucking people, dangerous tasks and stress-inducing drama. Yep, it’s that time of the year again. Now, Can I adapt to this world long enough to get home? Yes. But am I gonna? Fuck no. I’m gonna complain and complaining takes way less effort. I groaned, sinking myself into my chair before spotting a blocky man sitting right next to me. He was minding his own business until I took a closer look at him. Despite my experience with weird shit that gets thrown at my face every day. I've never seen a person made of blocks before. Vitan has to ask this man one thing!

    "Hey. block dude. How does your dick look like?"

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a spandex-clad males with a red and gold helmet wakes up abruptly and begins to looks around frantically "Hey! Hey! Hey!" The man immediately calms down and slumps abit in his seat "Uggghhh what hit me..?" The man looks around and notices he's not where he was supposed to be "Whoa, where the track go?" He asks rubbing his helmet. This was Captain Falcon. One of the best racers in the galaxy, an expert bounty hunter, and a master fighter. "I know I didn't take the Falcon Flyer out for a sky gaze. I was in the Blue Falcon infact. It was the Grand Priiiix...And then... Ah geez! Imma loose the race! I was in first place too!" Captain Falcon kicks the dirt in frustration. "Well isn't this just my day!" he puts his hands on his hips as he tries to calm himself over his misfortune. He looks around and is immediately taken aback in his seat from all the assortment of strange looking individuals "I got abducted again...Oh space gods please, no! This can't be it...This can't, CAN'T be it!" Captain calcon looks to the screen explaning the whole ordeal "These crazies want us to kill a team? Is this some twisted sport?! What kind of sicko does this!!?!? Forget this, I'm out! I can't even handle killing a rat much less an intelligent lifeorm! I am so absolutely DONE with this! I usually don't like quiting but I'm quitting now! NO regets! I am loosing ALL my cool! RIGHT now!" Captain falcon tries to unbuckle himself from his seat
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The fog of haze that eclipsed the entirety of Jun's brain slowly lifted as he awoke to the sound of people yelling. The instant his vision cleared, the danger sensors in his brain went on high alert. He didn't remember booking a flight, nor did he recall enlisting in a military operation. As a freelance Mage Killer, Jun wasn't one to work so readily with governmental or militant bodies. This could only mean one thing, he had been kidnapped. Jun quickly attempted to pump mana into his legs so he could get up and attempt to take the combat medic hostage. Unfortunately, he couldn't feel any magical energy moving inside of him. There was nothing around him either. No mana, no Od either. Without those, he couldn't perform even rudimentary magecraft. Okay, guess I may have to do this analog pondered Jun as he tried to get up. Undoing the seatbelt attached to his waist, Jun got up and looked around. An odd selection of people and creatures were gathered here. Having been around strange occurrences his entire life, this didn't faze him too much. Taking a deep breath, Jun tried to recall what his last memory was. It took a bit but eventually the synapses in his brain connected and he remembered. I was talking to Lord Zelretch... he was talking to me about different dimensi- THATS IT... No wonder I can't use magecraft... I must be in a world without mana. In that case, I'll have to be careful..... or not.... I honestly don't care at this point thought Jun as he wandered over to the medic. "One question. Is there any way to contact command? I'd just like to check the terms of my enlistment once more. I wouldn't want them holding out on payments to my family members back home?" said Jun with a curious look on his face.

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Narancia Ghirga

“Mista! Giorno! We’re taking off! Hurry up and get on!”

Venice Italy, 2001.
A team of six began their way to the island Sardinia in search of answers within an unknown past. As they all board the borrowed aircraft, the only thing clouding their minds is anticipation for what’s to come and who may come soon after. Among the group is a certain Narancia Ghirga, a seventeen year old of a somewhat short stature and an indomitable will. As the last members of his team finally hopped on, he stood on standby himself, controlling a much smaller plane closer to a toy than vehicle, surveying the area around them. After the close call they’d just experienced there was no such thing as being too cautious. Any wrong step could spell death for any of them, and Narancia was no different. He’d already been forced to duke it out with two of the boss’s Unità Speciale, nearly losing his life in the process. The last thing he needed was to actually go and lose it due to some miscalculation. So far though, everything seemed to going just fine. They finally took off without trouble and were currently traveling to quote his leader, “A few thousand to ten thousand meters at the speed of around eight hundred kilometers per hour.” There was absolutely no way that anything would be able to keep up of them. Of course on this, dare I say bizarre adventure, things couldn’t exactly be that easy.

Notorious B.I.G.
Besides being the title of the late American rapper (personally Narancia was more of a Tupac or Snoop Dogg sort of guy) it was also the name of the thing currently attacking them. It could only be described as the grossed lump of old ground meat that attached itself to a Giorno Giovanna’s arm. Thanks to some quick gunfire, the thing was thankfully removed....with Giorno’s arm still attached to it. Quite revoltingly, the creature consumed the body part as the limbless boy explained what’d happened. That ‘close call’ from earlier, that was simply apart of a plan to get the thing onto the plane and as you can see, the plan had actually been quite successful. All of them stood frozen in fear and confusion, without a clue as to what the next course of action should or even could be. Well, all except for Narancia Ghirga himself. Seeing the mass of flesh lay limp on the carpeted floor led him to assume the best outcome of the situation. Maybe it’d already died? However, that flicker of hope wouldn’t exactly be the case as the thing already moved on to begin consuming his other friend. In a panic he’d rush to the other’s side, immediately gaining the attention of Notorious B.I.G. In a rash decision the teenager thought there’d be absolutely no way it’d even be able to catch up with his power. The miniature plane out on recon was quickly summon inside before letting out a generous splash of gunfire from above, hopping to splatter the mound of flesh with enough holes for it to be considered Swiss cheese and finally end the disgusting thing’s existence. That would soon be his mistake as the creature effortlessly lunged at the little toy in the air encasing it in bulbous quivering flesh. Narancia wouldn’t remember or even know of what happened next because before he knew it, his body came in contact with the ground as exhaustion overwhelmed him, causing the world around him to fade into an enclosing darkness.


If this was supposed to be heaven, Narancia wanted a fucking refund. Every bone in Narancia’s body felt like the heaviest lead out there as he forced himself to move from his current position and examine his surroundings. The stylish yet refined interior of the private plane was replaced with drab greys and greens alongside a cold, metallic, almost unforgiving atmosphere. Yet, the family rumbling of a aircraft in flight could be felt under the boy’s shoes as well. Confusion wracked his plane, searching for any sort of justification that’d explain why and how he was here to begin with. The last thing Narancia could remember was the bulbous writhing flesh of that thing coming for him. After that his memory simply came to a complete blank. Whatever had happened between now and then had simply been erased from his mind or not even there to begin with. There wasn’t any time to dwindle on unanswerable questions though, what mattered most at the moment was the concern of safety and the whereabouts of his team. Whatever else could wait for later. So Narancia let his eyes naturally wonder, looking for anything of which could be considered a threat or friend.

First, his eyes caught sight of a hideous fuchsia suit, the alarming color grabbing all attention for it to bathe in. The thing had a pistol in its grip immediately setting off all alarms in Narancia’s frantic mind. There definitely appeared to be someone underneath the metallic monstrosity as the thing introduced himself as Frank DuFresne. Definitely not Italian but one couldn’t be too sure. Most likely this was all connected back to Passione, maybe he was another member of the boss’s unit? Narancia certainly never heard of anyone with a wearable stand like his though, much less anyone in Unità Speciale like that. While the guy talked to another man on board, the teen soon discovered that he wasn’t the only one on board, in fact not by a long shot. There was a shit ton of people crowded onto the aircraft, all in different shapes, sizes, colors, etcetera etcetera. Most if not all of them certainly didn’t look to be anyone apart of the mafia business. In fact there appeared to be actual animals and children on board as well. His confidence in this whole situation being mafia related steadily dwindled at the mention of them being recruits for whatever Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha was along with some color coded teams. At this Narancia couldn’t help but stutter, “The hell? I’m too young to even be in the military!”

None of this made any sense, he certainly never remembered enlisting for anything like this. He didn’t remember enlisting into anything at all! Going into the military was at the absolute bottom of Narancia’s worries. He needed to get out of here, right now. Instinctively he went for the knife in his pocket, only to discover its absence. “Of course they’d get rid off any weapons on us,” Narancia absentmindedly mumbled to himself. Okay, no knife? No problem. His ability could wipe the floor easily, especially in an enclosed space like this. The asshole holding him captive would soon be nothing but a hole filled pile of meat on the floor when he was done with him. No sooner had the thought crossed his mind did Narancia strike a pose as he screamed out a confident,


There he stood, waiting for something to happen. Whatever results the boy expected certainly hadn’t arrived in due time as he once again bellowed the phrase again and again to no avail. He looked around the room confused, waiting for something to happen until eventually giving up with a final “DAMNIT!”. He looked quite close to attacking the purple armored man on the spot, weapon on hand or not. The only thing stopping him being the deadly device in his grip. Even Narancia wasn’t enough of a fool to go charging at someone who could blow his brains out in point blank range. Rather, Narancia finally tore himself from the seat, looking for anything that could be used as a weapon. The sooner he armed himself, the sooner he could threaten or injure the purple asshole.

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After Ren stood up, his fury continues to swell within him. He remains at his position, standing calmly yet menacing, staring at... Whoever this Doc-guy is. Then, Ren begins his 'move' by already using the force telekinetically, a possible feat due to his lineage and training, upon the aircraft they are all aboard in. However, yet again, catching him in shock... "The force...", Ren muttered. He attempted to use the force, but ending in failure again. This doesn't help with Ren's continuously-swelling anger. Thus, left with no other choice, he instead TRIES (GDI, Thatguy, 3rd revision...) takes hold of his lightsaber, which at the-- "What?!" Even Ren's only weapon is nowhere to be found. However, as much as he is unable to use the force and his lightsaber, lost, even a being of power shouldn't classify him less than any threat. Ren is still a cunning Supreme Leader. "It would be wise to explain everything to me, after then free me from this... Ship. I assure you, in return, no one shall be harmed.", Ren threatens the crowd, while his face perfectly forms his emotions. "I have an army... And the Knights of Ren... It wouldn't take long for them to find me! The force... My weapon... Whoever led this idiocy will be severely punished!" He declares out of boiling rage. Ren's reddened face makes out the color much more.

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Aloy Prologue


Aloy was taking her precious time getting to enjoy the lands, exploring many things she'd never gotten to experience before. Animals, mechanized steel roamed these lands. Still nobody knew what to expect from this. But before Aloy could yell out anything to her tribe, she was gone. She appeared on some sort of mechanical transport device staring at others nearby.

The Nora tribeswoman frowned, staring at Doc as much as the "others" in the ship.

"War? I didn't sign up for a war!" Aloy spoke aloud at Doc.

Red, Blue. These terms were all fuzzy at first for her, but she picked up that Doc was some sort of medic or healer of the groups.

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Maya "Echo" Visari- Year 20XX?

Maya wasn't expecting to be snatched or even kidnapped being signed up for a battle that wasn't even her own. But she wasn't surprised considering the war back home, and throughout the multiverse it was common. She woke up on a military trasport, one less common than a Helghast ship this time. She gritted her teeth. She was a blissfully unprepared with nothing on her. It seemed like everyone's weapons were gone. She would have to be careful here.

The last multiverse adventure she was on, she was going through space, now? She's in the future fighting a battle she had little to no info on so far. She heard Doc speak about being a medic nearby along with many others.

"Red team? Blue team? Whose side do we fight for? Do we know?"

The assassin wouldn't stop asking questions until she understands what everyone was signed up to do.

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"Yes! I'm Doc!" The man in purple armor exclaimed cheerfully in response to Sora's question. He listened to his other questions eagerly, nodding along with them. When he asked the other questions, Doc answered them as best as he could. "I don't know why you were chosen specifically. As I said, I'm just the medic. Probably because someone in command liked you. You're fighting for the Reds and the Blues, two teams in Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha. You should figure out what team you're on when we arrive in a few hours." He said, though in response to Sora's third question, Doc simply shrugged. "That, I... also don't know. Sorry." He said, in a tone which... well, it at least sounded pretty darn genuine. After answering Sora, Doc's attention was caught by the weird plant lady yet again, and he was only getting increasingly creeped out by her.

"W-Well... I would highly advise against doing that, ma'am!" Doc exclaimed, although his tone of voice still made it clear that he was intimidated by her. "Because that's just plain not ni-- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Before Doc could finish his thought, he was interrupted by the rabbit, who had apparently taken to attacking him while his guard was down. Though, Doc had screamed before the attack was done, and had preemptively flinched as a result. Though, whenever the rabbit... thing inevitably was sent crashing to the floor, Doc just kinda stared at it as it began kicking and punching his shins. After a bit, Doc just kinda... stepped outta the way and moved onto the next person.

"Hey, why don't YOU shut the fuck up, ya pint sized prick!?"

Or at least he would have, had the overweight male not interrupted again. Clearing his throat, Doc turned to face the man whom the former was yelling at in a much more... polite tone. "Geez, it sounds like ya took a pretty bad fall," Doc said as he approached the man and raised what looked like a gun at him. Though, as it began to glow a bright shade of green...

...Nothing really happened. Other than a quiet, metallic whirring noise, of course. The teen's body would have been enveloped in a bright green grid. It scanned over his body for a few moments, before a loud beeping noise came from the device he held. Doc took a look at it once it did so. "...Huh. It says that you're perfectly healthy. I guess your injuries must have healed while you were sleeping," Doc replied, before moving onto answer his next statement. "Well, like I said to the kid with the wacky hair, I don't exactly know why you were chosen. All I know is that you're going to fight for the Red and Blue Teams. And uh... well, they're fighting because one team has a base on one end, and the other team has a base on the other, in a boxed canyon in the middle of nowhere. That's all there is to it, really."

When asked if there was a way to contact command, Doc simply nodded. "Yup! There's a phone over there!" Doc exclaimed happily, before pointing towards a phone near the front of the ship. "Just remember, call 555-VICK!" He said, which was in the same peppy and musical tone that the man on the screen had said earlier.

Narancia, meanwhile, found a paper clip on the floor during her search for a weapon. And also, despite his lineage and training, for whatever reason, Kylo Ren still found himself unable to use the force.

"Well, like I said earlier, you'll know who you're fighting for whenever we get to Blood Gulch." Doc replied to Maya, before turning to face Kylo Ren after he began threatening everyone. “I already have explained everything, Mister Ren! You’re just going to go and fight the Reds or Blues, depending on which team you’re on! I don’t know how or why you’re here, but you are!”

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Akechi had been leading Saiki around the small area, excitedly talking to him about the interesting people that were there. She did adore interesting people, after all.

At some point, though, while turning towards Saiki, her eyes went wide, and her face went pale. Saiki raised an eyebrow. "What's wro-"

He paused.

He shouldn't have to ask her that. He should... Be able to hear her thoughts. But he only realized just now... That he couldn't. He couldn't hear anyone's thoughts. His eyes went wide and his stomach felt like it had dropped. And normally he'd be absolutely elated at the thought of losing his powers, but... No. Not while they were about to go to a fucking war. Not while he was supposed to protect-

"Kusuo," Akechi said breathlessly. "Your limiters."

Saiki froze. He reached up, slowly, and touched only his hair.

It only took a moment before he stormed up to Doc. "Where are my limiters?" he demanded to know, voice shaking.


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