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Llen would hold her hands up, a little worried about the gun still being pointed at her. Earlier, Megumin had dropped a grenade which could have killed herself as well as everyone nearby if she didn't thankfully kick it into the air.

Llen still had the cyborg and armored blue soldier to worry about. Llen still had her grenades on her belt, and her two pistols. There was also her knife-

Knife... That's it!

Llen slowly stepped forward, not moving her eyes off of the cyborg's gun, before she would get extremely close, the gun touching her head.
Was she wanting to die? No. Was she trying to psyche them out?

If the cyborg pulled the trigger, Llen would use both hands to push the barrel up to shoot the ceiling if it fired, before she pulled the gun off to the side, aiming to knee the cyborg in the stomach. She may be small, but she knows enough from her experience to be able to disarm an armed enemy.

Engaging: Cyborg person (@Riven)
"It seems this one doesn't seem to understand that the fight is over..", the operator speaks in a tone of disappointment. The frame brings the sights of his rifle up closer to his faceplate, nodding to the words in his mind. A sigh can be heard from the voice as what can be assumed as a shrug. "I tried Umbra.", the operator speaks, "It's up to you."

The warframe could be imagined that it had a facial expression of glaring, as of being not entertained to her "challenge" to touch herself to his weapon. With what could be shown of a body movement of a shrug, the warframe tightened its grip on its weapon, before. CLICK!

No, he didn't pull the trigger. And No, he wasn't out of ammo. The sound, was the sound of the safety being turned on as the opponent could see his other hand had moved from holding the weapon, to moving his hand in an up and down motion, as if a signal to stand down. There was no point in this fight, if she chose to resist however, he had no problem obliging in responding with violence, but if there's always another way, there's always another way.

With that, he slowly moved back to give his opponent some space before slowly bringing it down to his chest. Will she accept the notion?

> Action with @Illiyasviel Von Einzbern
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Snake snuck around in the blue base, remaining crouched or prone, sticking to the shadows and making no noise. He stole a few grenades and some ammo from the armory, and now made his way deeper into the base, a Magnum raised in his signature “knife-gun” stance.


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Celty would have clicked her tongue in annoyance as the blue managed to roll out of the way of fire, when her senses screamed at her mind. An armored hand reached to grab her rifle from behind, but before that could happen, she jerked her arms back in an attempt to hit their throat with the butt of her rifle. In hopes that it would stun them for at least a second, she'd then turn around and aim at their head before pulling the trigger. She's sure she'd be able to handle this on her own, but it would be nice every now and then to get some help.

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"There's an armor in the base. You can get an a little utility belt and pack it with Grenades and stuff" Rex recommend to Lucky @PopcornPie


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"Sounds good. Might have to wrap it around meself twice, though." Lucky smiled a bit, then glanced at the Blue invaders. This was war...it would be okay to occasionally chuck a rock at them, right?



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Red Team

Odessa's response was twofold, first she rolled out of the way of the upcoming solider, second she would charge at Tex shooting at her with her assault rifle, then once she was distacted, she would sweep her legs and hopefully down her.

Blue Team

Karma would shoot as many shots as she could, hoping the cripple the enemy's advance. First, she would shoot Lobo in the knees, assuming she can get that far, but other than that specific target, most of the other targets would be randomized.

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Narancia Ghirga

With the dead sprint Narancia had been in when the hooded girl gave him the directions, he wasn’t able to hear the last part of whatever she said. Only gave a quick wave of acknowledgement and spiting out “You said down the hall? thanks!” As he ran off in the proper direction. Just as she said, the garage was exactly down the hall from where they were. Hurriedly, Narancia bolted to the entrance and went on in, hopeful to find any sort of getaway vehicle that’d fit the memo. He didn’t care if it was a unicycle for God’s sake, as long as it had wheels and could go fast, Narancia would be happy to drive it out of there. Unfortunately it seemed fate wasn’t smiling upon him that day, as he was only greeted by despairingly complete utter emptiness as there wasn’t a single vehicle in the garage for him to use. Understandably considering how much his plan relied on having a way to get out of there, Narancia was a tad pissed.


With ‘a tad’ greatly downplaying his pure burning fury. Nonetheless, he needed to think up of a plan B fast. The worst that could happen would be to stay stuck there, waiting for the Blue or Red guys to come in on him in such a defenseless position. He’d be toast! But besides that there was only one and honestly suicidal option left to do, walk out of the garage on his own two feet.

Firstly, from the sound of it, there were without a single doubt on his mind snipers set up over on the Blue team. He could even hear the foreboding gunfire booming from the outside world, taunting his lack of options. Having a car would have made things in the very least easier to manage, having some sort of blockade from any potential bullets aimed at the gangster. Now though, he might as well wear a sign saying ‘shoot me I’m a dumbass!’. He’d need something, anything to make charging out there less dangerous.

“, maybe a barrier will work?”

The gangster absentmindedly mumbled to himself. In theory since this was where all the car stuff was stored, there was a small likelihood of there being some sort of scrap metal or something like that. If he was out of all options, Narancia could always use a table, as ineffective as it would be. Hurriedly, Narancia searched for something big and wide enough to act as a shield from the snipers

Interacted with: @Dylan.thomas7 @BoltBeam
Mentioned: @thatguyinthestore
Location: Red Base’s Garage

Current Items:
On Hand-
1. Paper clip (1)
2. Throwing Knife (1)
3. Pistol (1)

Bedsheet Bag-
1. Assault rifle (1)
2. Pistol (1)
3. Ammo
4. Extra Ziplock bags (10)
5. Miscellaneous Food and Water

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Megumin | Red Team

Megumin spaced out as they babbled between each other, letting her arms fall as Lucky wiggled out and left her alone. She finally snapped back to reality, perking her head up at Rex who decided that they were partners. "I have a name, not just wizard girl!" she cried. She wasn't against partnering up, though, since there was really not much else for her to do. Striking a cool pose, she introduced herself to Rex. "I am Megumin! My calling is that of an arch wizard, one who controls explosion magic, the strongest of all offensive magic!" After five seconds, she drooped her head and muttered, "Or at least formally, before I was cast into this place and stripped of everything I stood for..."

Megumin picked up her bag of grenades, using both her hands to hold it against her chest. Rex was older and seemed more mature; much more than Kazuma. Then again, she wasn't one to judge her possible allies. Getting teammates that wanted her on their side was a godsend.

@thatguyinthestore @JRay @PopcornPie @Blue_Team_B @RedTeamDefenders​

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Lucky was quite a bit swayed by Megumin's bout of self-pity. "If it makes you feel any better, you still have your fighting spirit." He joked weakly. Seriously, were not for these peoples' protection, he would have been a goner by now. "I think Doc has poisoned me heart. The real me wouldn't have even let you touch me, Lassie."




Aloy stared at Church and frowned. She would let her actions dictate her words for now as she readied her new sniper rifle, watching over the canyon for those who stuck out like a sore thumb so far. She bent over, the ammo already inside the canister. She was glad she stocked up on ammo as she looked through the crosshairs, she stood up, crosshairs aimed. Soon as someone got close, she aimed at the Red team, on occasion checking the location of Red team B and C. If they made it through the canyon the first time, they had to come back to the bases. She'd pick off the Reds as they went "home."



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Toshinori "All Might" Yagi
Location: Blue Base | Interacting With: Lealan, Michael, Lobo, Caboose, Red Team | Status: Injured

Once he managed to get Lealan off of him, All Might quickly jumped up to his feet, a pained grunt and a bit of blood escaping past his tightly grit teeth. A hand instinctively braced near where the small knife was still buried in his side, but he knew better than to remove it just yet. That would only result in him losing more blood, something he couldn’t afford right now.

Unfortunately, though Lealan seemed to finally be down for the count, he couldn’t let himself relax just yet. Yet another of the mercenaries working with the Reds burst in, this one appearing far more intimidating – especially considering he had a pair of sub-machine guns aimed at both the injured hero and the unconscious Caboose.

All Might cursed internally. He remembered this one from the ship. He’d immediately pegged the Czarnian as a natural villain type, and the alien’s apparent blood-lust seemed to prove that initial assessment correct. Once the massive bounty hunter opened fire, any sane person would attempt to dive out of the way, saving themselves from being turned into swiss cheese.

All Might, however, had never been in danger of being considered a sane person when it came to situations like this. True to his nature as a hero, instead of rolling away to save himself, he instinctively dove across the hall towards where Caboose lay in the line of fire. He felt the white-hot sting of a bullet or two burying themselves into the back of his shoulder. Ignoring the added pain of the gunshot wounds, he wrapped a strong arm around Caboose’s trunk, rolling with the unconscious soldier out of the path of the gunfire.

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Megumin | Red Team

Upon looking around, Megumin noticed another person; the kid who almost killed his teammate. Not a moment later, she approached Luffy and asked, "Have you considered using Explosion instead of that?"

@GeorgeTownRaja @Blue_Team_B @RedTeamDefenders​

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"Explosion, you say?" Luffy asked curiously. "I'm not too familiar with these types of weapons but I am trying to figure out how to use it properly." He said. "I'm Luffy by the way!" He introduced himself happily.



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"Ah, Luffy. You again. So you weren't the one shot in the main hall, either..." Lucky's brow was as wrinkled as leather. It wasn't anyone he cared about, it seemed. If Lealan was dead, someone would have told him, right? "I guess it was just a misfire, but it scared the living shit outta me...'Cause I'm so weak..." He shook his head sadly.

"I'm not the type of person who can handle weapons like this," Luffy said. "I'm more of a brawler type of guy if you know what I mean." He said as he wants to remind Lucky about his advantages and disadvantages. "Hopefully, you can teach me how to use it properly!" He said happily.


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Snake didn’t have much on him he could so damage with, so he just stole a few things like ammo and stuff, normal supplies, and then decided to go ahead and get out before the heat got to much. He walked out of the base and quickly got into a prone position, blending in with the ground before crawling again towards the red base.


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"Do you mean...?" On one hand, the mystery was finally solved. On the other hand, JESUS CHRIST, LUFFY. Scared the poor rabbit half to death, he did. "Laddie! Don't DO that!" He shouted, his lips bared. "You made me panic into givin' up me position, because I thought someone was bleeding out! Imagine if it happened outside the base! We ALL would be dead! I would be more competent at firing a gun than you, and I don't even hav-"

''It was a mistake, Lucky."
The rabbit's eyes went wide. There was the gentle, motherly, Doc-induced voice again. "He didn't know any better...and it seems he wants you to teach him."

"Now breathe."

Lucky was helpless against its command.

He took a deep breath in...deep breath out.

"Look, laddie. I'm just not meself. Suddenly, I don't want to hurt anyone at all, just because I got to know them. Ridiculous, isn't it?" Fortunately, his fur concealed his blushing. "And so, it's just that...well, I guess you guys just somehow managed to find your ways inside me heart. I don't want to see you dead...Ridiculous, isn't it..." He rubbed at his cheeks. "The truth is, I have a hard time usin' guns without me fingers. But I can show you how to aim, at least." He shut his eyes tight. "So I'll help you, sure. I'll help all of you, while I'm turned all buttery like this. I just...I hate this spell, I want it to be over, I don't even know what to do after this whole war bullshit...We should probably be lookin' for Lealan, too..."

@GeorgeTownRaja @Everyone else in Lucky's newfound little squad of friends
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"Oh, don't say things like that, Laddie. You'll just make me heart warm-and-fuzzier. A warm-and-fuzzy heart doesn't win wars." Lucky scoffed mildly. "Honestly, I don't know how any of you are maintaining hard shells, with all this caring going around in the air...Okay, so most importantly, you need to take it slow, laddie. I know it's exciting, and it's tempting to go wild, but you risk shootin' yourself."

"Like this?" Luffy tries to follow Lucky's instructions on how to use a gun properly. "This sure is difficult to understand..." He said curiously as he is having trouble understanding it.



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captain price.jpg
Blue Team, Fireteam Charlie
@thatguyinthestore @FactionGuerrilla @StaidFoal @CharlieTeam @BlueManGroup​

Price listened to the others speak, later focusing on Kassandra's criticisms. "I know how to do things quietly. Thing is, I doubt everyone else," he gestures vaguely, "does. I'll toss a grenade only if they have reinforced the top floor and know we're up there." She was right, though, the plan is half-baked, flawed. Civilians in the way, as the others mentioned, and we don't know what we're doing, no official team to guard the base. Tex then said they were after intel, not eliminating the Reds. There isn't much intel to gather. They know the location of all Red outposts, as well as an accurate estimate to their forces and their armory. Judging by how both bases look the same, they might have a good idea of the layouts too, if Tex or any of the older Blues cared to mention. So far, they know the general idea of the plan, but no specifics. Tex seems to be putting a stupid amount of trust in these inexperienced civilians, even in Price and the other experienced combatants here, to figure out what they are supposed to do once inside. He didn't seem to much care, either, wanting to send the teams out immediately. John's additions can only go so far, since he doubts others will care for what he says; as well as operating under the assumption that things will go loud very quickly. He doesn't have time, Tex urges them out of the base, starting the mission.

He sneaks with the rest of Charlie over to the base, climbing up the ladder. His experience with stealth should allow him to be quiet, but the ceiling must be thinner than most. As him and Charlie Team walked along the roof, getting ready to infiltrate, they heard voices from inside. His hand drifted towards a grenade. It sounded like... a kid? "Shit..." he whispered to himself. He wasn't about to kill a kid. Not if he can do this without it. Corvo suggested someone distract the kid, but Price waits on that. Right now, he's expecting Bravo to mess something up. Meanwhile, it looks like the Reds have decided to attack Blue Base. A few stayed behind to guard, thankfully, and it sounds like firefights have already begun. At the same time, explosions, gunshots, and yelling can be heard from inside the base, below the top floor. Although this is bad for them, and the op, it does take the kid away from the roof, as his footsteps can be heard running towards the source of the noise.

"Alright, sounds clear, but stay vigilant. Check your corners, don't fire unless you have to," he whispered to Charlie Team, which may or may not just be him and Corvo. John forgoes the frag, and begins to head down into the seemingly empty top floor of the Red Base, keeping watch for any Reds. And doing it as SILENTLY as possible. Not exactly how he imagined this going, but no plan survives first contact with the enemy. And, it's one of those times he's glad to be wrong. Somewhat wrong.


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"Um...heheh..." Lucky chuckled nervously. "I should be teachin' outside, methinks...I could use some air, anyways. But wait..." Shit, right. This was the portion of the program where both teams were supposed to raid each other. And Blues were a-tricklin' in already. "...On second thought, outdoor lessons will have to wait until our next downtime. Fuck it. We just have to pretend that this isn't claustrophobic, and a complete defying of gun safety laws...All right, Laddie. Line your eye up with the muzzle. It's basically the body of the-Wait."

There went his ears again, picking up more footsteps. "Everyone, hush!" His ears picked up towards the ceiling.

@GeorgeTownRaja @The rest of the squad

Oh boy, I wonder if I'll ever get a hit.


Wow, I missed. What a big surprise.

My hands aren't helping because they keep shivering and twitching after every shot and my pent up rage grew even worse as I tried to keep my focus and to make matters worse, whenever I have my sights deadset on a person's head or torso. I panic and instinctively jerk my hands away from the target. I am this close to shooting myself out of embarrassment but nobody has pointed my failure of being a sniper out yet. I doubt anybody knows that I haven't shot a single person yet which is a relief though it does not make me any feel better.​


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  • Kassandra quickly realized the future soldier had a point- With this sheer amount of people that weren’t remotely able to be called soldiers, there was absolutely no way the Blue Team could possibly do this “quietly”. There really was no other option than be prepared to go out loud. She merely sighed in response, folding her arms before letting Tex explain they were getting information from the Red Base. Exactly what it was, she wasn’t able to ask- Tex had already started heading out without warning, leaving everyone else to follow the soldier.

    The group reached the base without a single hiccup, which had apparently been left without anyone to at least watch for intruders. How amateur-like, the Spartan thought to herself. An ambush at this point in time would give Blue team the upper hand, since the Reds didn’t know they were comin-

    A war cry- something about ancestors- pierced the sky and interrupted her thoughts as an army’s worth of what could only be Red members flooded out of the base, stampeding towards the Blue base. It was at this point that Kassandra realized just how hypocritical she sounded earlier. There was barely anyone on the Blue Team holding the base down, and it was absolutely exposed!

    Malaka!” The brunette cursed, turning towards the door she was supposed to infiltrate. People were already going in, off to find these plans the Reds were supposed to have. But what about the other people at Blue Base? She couldn’t just leave them all to fend against an entire army. At least, not without support.

    She immediately turned to the base’s exterior walls, feeling for even the tiniest of cracks on it. The moment she felt a foothold, she grabbed hold of it and leapt up to another, then another, and finally reached the roof. She passed the Roof team (including Price) as she unshouldered the sniper rifle she possessed, planting the bipod on the balcony as taught.

    “Okay... Let’s see how you do against real targets.” The huntress murmured, placing her eye against the scope. Many enemies were merely loitering around, easy pickings for someone used to shooting people from afar. If she could wield a bow and track moving targets, she definitely could use one of these seemingly-magical “guns”.

    Her first three targets were an easy choice- the three Red “leaders” were on top of some metal contraption that had transported them quickly from end to end, like a ship on land but much more nimble. But the fourth? She used the scope to look around, but didn’t really find any targets of her liking. There was one idiot in black armor and helmet that seemed to be hacking away at the base with a throwing knife, so Kassandra supposed she could take him out while she was at it. She focused the Sniper Rifle on Sarge first, pointing the scope’s reticule directly on the “Spartan”’s noggin.

    Inhale... Kassandra’s finger gripped the trigger tightly.

    Exhale. The Ancient Greek fired off a round, first at Sarge, before physically using her left arm to mitigate the recoil despite what Price warned about. She cared more about firing off her shots before people could scream “ARCHER” like people usually did when the huntress stalked her prey.

    Her next target was Simmons, and though she aimed for the head again her movement was a bit too fast and ended up shooting towards his shoulder. Whilst her loud weapon still echoed in the area, Kassandra repeated her speed-firing technique on Grif. Again, this wasn’t very accurate and she ended up shooting at the orange-clad man’s torso instead of the brains.

    Finally, still pulling against the recoil, Kassandra aimed her sniper at Kylo Ren. Unfortunately, the Spartan couldn’t confirm she was aiming right for a body part before firing. She swore she was on target, but couldn’t tell. Was the bullet going to meet its mark, or would it whiff altogether?

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Lealan forces herself away from Caboose and All Might as they roll away from Lobo's gunfire. She makes her way next to Lopez and the assault rifle, choosing the head over the gun, and makes her way out while everyone is focused on The Main Man. When she gets out she moves as fast as she can back to Red Base, the Direct Sunlight helping to soothe her wounds.
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