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Fantasy Blessing of the Moon(Werewolf RP)

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The Cutest of the Damned
Sheena Vant

Sheena just looked at Kelly" okay I'll let you help me" she said as she just looked at the ginger" ew" she said" well I am hungry I eat anything" she said as she chews on the ginger she hated the way it tasted but at the same time it helped her to not feel hungry" thank you kelly for helping me your kind" she says she just looked at her. Sheena just looked at her scar as she sighed" it's okay it's no big deal you didn't know the dartin Alpha bit me for getting food I was hungry at the time I got caught and that was the punishment" she says tears falling down her face" A Rabbit that sounds good I can eat anything i don't know the last time I ate anything I don't know how long I been on the run" she say as she looked at kelly's human form" wow your your very pretty i wish i can be pretty like you but i'm always on the run" she say. RacingBloodWolf RacingBloodWolf
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Whispers of the North Call Me

Violet Harrington

PACK: Welbriar
RANK Elder
Violet's dark eyebrows were pulled together thought when she felt a hand on her back, the soft touch made the light hairs on her arms stand up, a reaction only intensified when she turned her head to see Astrid stooping into a crouch beside her. Busying herself with the bits of the plate that had managed to scuttle underneath the base of the cabinet, she almost didn't hear Astrid speak. "....aren't the maid, what would we do without you?" The last bit of her friend's comment filtered into her ears louder than the rest, bringing her wandering mind back to the kitchen. Violet looked over to meet Astrid's eyes, daring a small smile amid the tension hanging in the room. "I'm sure nobody wants the Alpha any more aggravated than he already is, I was just the one to move first," Violet's rebuttal was accompanied by a small shrug. Despite all effort to mask the worry, Violet could hear it tinging around the edges of Astrid's words.

Turning to empty the dustpan in the wastebasket, avoiding a collision while Astrid disposed of the larger pieces, she met the girl's eyes again as she spoke...softer this time. Having only heard a collective few words Violet fought with herself to disclose what little information she had. Pursing her lips slightly as her teeth tugged at her bottom lip, she decided not to start a rumoring frenzy. "I-I don't know," she began her answer as honestly as she could. "Something is definitely up, but...." she paused for a moment, choosing her next words carefully. "But I shut myself out too quick to get any real indication. I'm sure Seth'll tell us when he knows more, or maybe even know's what." Violet's amber eyes locked with Astrids, hoping that she accepted Vi's truth. As Violet's eyes searched hers, the quiet natured she-wolf couldn't help the magnetic pull she always felt around Astrid. Her warm eyes and soft features, not to confuse her attractiveness with her actions. While her features denoted beauty, Astrid was hardly a girl to be on the wrong side of.

It was that blend of soft aggression that pulled Violet so strongly. Astrid had always been kind to her, took care of her for a time even, but Vi had seen what Astrid was capable of. Capable of protecting Violet, protecting the pack. Vi caught herself as she began to trail away from reality again, getting lost in memories. She blinked a few times and regained her focus on the bridge of Astrid's nose in an attempt to avoid the labyrinth of memories that her eyes held.

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Sgt Gomez

Four Thousand Club
Anastasia yawns as the morning sun creeps in through the bedroom window. Her chest hurt and she began to have a coughing fit, but that was just standard at this point. She sits up and looks down at her swollen middle and frowns slightly. Guilt wracked her heart as always. She shouldn't have gone out that night. Seth told her not to go because it was dangerous, but she rebuffed him and left. It was that night that she ran into a Daretin pack member. Probably one of the most murderous ones. He had kidnapped her and beat her nearly to death before using her body for pleasure.

She doesn't remember how long she was in the Daretin pack camp, but she was rescued and taken home. Eventually finding out she was with child...that murderous Daretin pack wolf's child. How could Seth accept her after that? She was broken...barely able to breath anymore...and pregnant with another wolf's pup...how....why would he love her?

The pregnant wolf slid slowly out of bed and began to slowly make her way to the door to head downstairs. In her groggy mental state, she opened the door and left in only her ill fitting white t-shirt and black panties. After closing the door and turning around, she was surprised to see Seth coming up with food. "S-Seth!?" she blushes and looks away quickly to try and hide her embarrassment. She ruined something else for him. He wanted to surprise her...why couldn't she just have stayed in there for a bit longer.
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Whispers of the North Call Me

Kane Ryland

Rank Beta

Pack Daretin

Mentions/Interactions RacingBloodWolf RacingBloodWolf (Kallen & Darren) Cosmos Cosmos (Jacob)

Kane couldn't stop the coy smirk that spread across his face as Kallen sauntered over to the omega and himself. "Glad to hear Kallen, we could use your experience. Plus, Darren here was just saying how you're one of our top hunters," the thought of having Kallen mentor Darren had passed through his mind in a flutter, seeing as Kallen mentioned he didn't want anyone botching the hunt. It would've been a clear show of force and rank, but that was hardly Kane's style. His rank was known, his force was known, he didn't need to pull some dumb stunt to prove it. Kallen was right in any case, having Darren actually hunt would more than likely put him in the way and ruin the pack's chance at a decent meal.

Turning to Darren he forced his eyes to darken, not that poor Darren needed any intimidation. "Omega, you'll come on this hunt. But I want you silent and observant, focused. If you want to survive here I suggest you learn quickly." Kane allowed himself a soft growl, nearly inaudible but he knew Darren undoubtedly understood. "Kallen," he addressed his amber-eyed packmate, "as much as I believe we can accomplish a decent hunt with the two...er...three of us, I'd be pleased to have Jacob join us. I'm sure he's been itching for a hunt. Any idea where we can find him?" Before the question was finished Kane's eyes, now settled back to a mild russet color, scanned the property. 'It should be Julia arranging this hunt, does she not realize we have no food. Useless Alpha...greedy, power hungry, useless, useless Alpha.' His strong jaw was set in aggravation as his thoughts ran more rampant than they should. With a mildly calming breath, not having spotted Jacob, he looked back to Kallen awaiting an indication as to their Lead Enforcers whereabouts.

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w i ck e r b e a s t
Jacob Russel - 21 - Lead Enforcer // Daretin Pack

As if on cue the large wolf form of Jacob strolled out from a small break in the dense tree line, muzzle still freshly painted in blood from his breakfast post guard patrol, ears flickering slightly in attention to his name being spoken by the Beta. Shifting as he walked over the tall and pale young man gave a soft smirk as he stretched out his not overly large yet muscular human form, joints cracking in a satisfying release of tension before he stood next to them, one eyebrow raised. "I believe I was spoken about? what's it now?...." he mused, seeming incredibly casual about his attire- or rather lack there of. A small gleam lit up in his eyes, "Does someone need to be taught a lesson?~" The words rolled off his tongue in an eerily eager manner, a strange energy the man tended to only carry when bloodshed was involved.

Not to say he was half as out there as the alpha, for the most part he was well behaved within reason for his role and had a good ear to lend should a higher rank need a late night chat. Though his treatment towards the omega's was less than savory, he was born into the pack and although never outright stated, it was evident his half sister being in such a rank added to that affect. His attitude about her was unpredictable, cold and cruel in his own means but punishing others harshly if they were to do the same and under his ranking. Of course he'd never stray above his permissions though, that would be stupid.

As though coming back from a brief pause in thought his brows scowled as his ice cold stare reinforced by crimson red eyes landed on the small and beaten omega beside Kallen and Kane, as though dropping in an instant. "What's this pipsqueak doing? Isn't he that pussy of an glacier al- omega." It was unsure if it was completely intentional, but his flicker from almost stating the males previous high rank before dropping to a cruel smile at the new low position seemed to bring him some sense of joy.

The white haired male gave a final threatening glance to Darren before shifting back to the other pair, as though he was nothing more than a nuisance as he awaited either an explanation, or a command.

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w i ck e r b e a s t
Ren - 18 - Daretin Pack // Omega

Ren cheerfully assisted in the sandwhich making process as quickly as possible, on the note of blankets she blinked and looked over shaking her head quickly, "Y-You really shouldn't- I mean what you already do is more than kind enough!" she let out in a clearly startled but well trained to be quiet voice. Though the small smile curving onto her lips as she finished up the final few slices of bread made even herself realize the thought of being warm under a blanket or two sounded wonderful. As Helen went on to talk about the omega's mistreatment she looked around nervously in case that someone could've heard before blushing.

"W-We're fine really, those of us before the new pack joined are used to this sort of things, I'd be worried for the newcomers more than anything... T-Though please promise me you won't talk like that anywhere near the a-alpha? She'd- It'd be bad...." You could see the girl visibly shaking a little at the thought, she'd seen punishments around here enough, and experienced more than a handful herself. She didn't want to imagine someone as nice as Helen going through that type of thing.

Focusing back with a small nod on the instructions to take the sandwhiches back and keep two for herself along with one stashed for Amelia she gave a determined expression somewhat like that of a young child given a task before smiling eagerly, "Take care, okay? I hope we can meet up again later!" she let out as optimistically as possible before sneaking back down the hall to their room, making sure to be extra careful as to not alert any higher ups that she was carrying food. Once back in the room she let out a loud sigh of relief and placed down the small platter of sandwiches behind one of the storage boxes kept in the room, a place most of the low ranks had learnt the food was put out of sight for safety, and so they could snack on it gradually.

Quickly stuffing her own two into her mouth more out of reflex than anything else, "Smo Gwuud~" she let out muffled by the mouthfuls before taking a moment to regain composure, slowly standing before going over to the doorway once more, sitting just outside to keep watch for the others until they woke up, Amelia's sandwhich tucked away in the breads plastic bag in her pocket.

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