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Nation Building Birth of Nations IC

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Turn 0, Week 1, Year 3000 BC

In a dimly lit room, a finely dressed figure sits atop a throne surrounded by books and parchments. He knows that it will soon be time once again to begin, the time of new nations is upon them, to come back from the horrors of war and destruction. Perhaps it will all end in that manner again, of fire and flames, or perhaps this time, a plan of peace and prosperity will prevail. Only time will tell based on the leaders that shall arise from the previous world's ashes. It all could end again as it has time and time before.

A bony hand extended towards one of the nearby books atop a stack of them as it scrolled down, looking at previous legacies that have come and gone. He was a knowledge keeper, and he would continue in that manner, observing with his spies and interacting with the other nations when the times require it. He would be around always as a monument to times gone by, an observer of all things to pass, trying to guide the world into a better place.

The door to the room thrust open, shouting away the darkness, revealing the figure sitting upon the throne. A skeletal man in fine clothing, a lich. He placed the book back down upon the pile as a skeleton in heavy armor came in and knelt before him. "Inziim, the scouts report the return of major civilizations."

"Good. We shall observe at first and see what they each have to offer." He waved the skeleton away as he left with a bow. "Which manner of civilization will prevail this time, I wonder?"
He sat up out of his throne and walked over to a nearby table which contained a magical parchment. It began to fill out a map based on the civilizations that they had already discovered from a distance. With still yet others that strove to be found and investigated. Inziim poured over the map.

Khanzhig Turn 0.5.png

"Hmm. Those shipwrecked Orcs, The Berry Tribe are close to Chrysmorphia. That might cause some fighting due to different ideologies and the fact that the Berry Trive is very aggressive." He used a bony finger to scratch his chin. Those orcs might have come from the other orc civilization on the continent, or drifted over from another continent. These beginnings were worth investigating.

"It's possible that Arissa and Raere might come into conflict as well. Or they ,might rejoice in shared magical might." He clasped his fingers together. "Oh, the possibilities are endless." The other major nations seemed far enough away that they won't come into conflict, at least not yet. And at least not with any of these known civilizations. Again, further investigation will be required.

With a flick of his wrist, he summoned before him, a handful of cloaked figures, his spies and informants. "I require all of you to continue to investigate these burgeoning nations. We must see how well they can develop and survive in the world to come."


Turn order will be first come, first serve. As soon as you post your actions/ RP here on this page, it'll proceed in that order for the next update.

Actions are on this page for which you can also check how much coin, population and Troops a given faction currently possesses: Nation Building - Birth Of Nations Rules/Action List

Also in your opening post, please list which 4 tier 1 troops your faction currently possesses so that I can update that.
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Unity Logo.jpg
---------------------------------------------------TURN 1---------------------------------------------------

The Unity stands as a small collection of citizens and poorly trained soldiers. These men and women have dedicated themselves to new land, and are fully prepared to protect and maintain it for generations to come. For now, they are farmers, merchants, warriors, children. In time, there will be a wonderful civilization here, but for now, there is little to be said. Some of the soldiers have gathered together under their great leader.

Hanon the Uniter, glorious in his stride, stands before four rough-looking groups of people. His voice echos to each of them.

"Men and women of these new lands, we've made some great successes by settling here. The nearby woods from which I have gathered my knowledge are unprotected, and we must do our best to make sure they are not invaded by foreign and strange warriors. You all shall make your stand there, both to investigate those lands and to make sure nobody discovers the life we have made here. Be gone now, and may you always be free from tyranny."

The Iron Guard, in a disorganized fashion, make their way to the woods. The trip takes time, but they eventually make their stand in the beautiful woods that guide their holy men. They settle down to rest, having made quite the trip. The land feels ripe with magic and wonder, and they keep their wits about them as they prepare for anything.
(4 Iron Guard move from Hanon (capital) -> South 2 -> East 1 -> [Forest]. Forest is renamed to Mystic Forest by The Unity.)


4 Iron Guard (Conscript) units.

Government is currently a Monarchy, lead by Hanon The Shamed.

Mystic Woods are currently Infested and Unexplored
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Today was the centennial anniversary of the Kingdom's founding and King Wolff, the Attolis (translated as literally the First Attolian in the Attolian language), walked back to his throne room after addressing the people with a speech. It was a new age. No longer were the people divided by petty tribal feuds that had plagued them since time immemorial. Taking his seat, King Wolff looked upon his advisers and the court. One of them spoke "Your Majesty, the First of his name, We await with bated breath for your orders." King Wolff was tempted to roll his eyes at those pretty words, yet how could he blame someone for doing their job and duty?

"As the council has recommended, I believe that we should venture beyond our walls and meet the world. I have asked my cousin, Roy of Foix, to lead an expedition to the south to the rumored forest. Securing a source of lumber will aid our future growth and prosperity. Further, in honor of the hundred years since the founding of the Kingdom, I have approved two ambitious projects. One is to begin digging a system of small channels and canals to water and irrigate our farms lands. The second is to build a temple in the name and honor of our ancestors so that they may continue to watch over us. Today's court has been adjourned. Now, go and enjoy the festivities with your families and loved ones for tomorrow... we begin our great journey."



1. 2 Light Infantry Conscripts march south from Attolia to explore/scout the North East section of the forest/woods.

1 Light Cavalry and 1 Engineers remain in the Capital.

2. Begin constructing canals/irrigation project (Engineers help with this project?)
-2 Coins

3. Construct a Temple in honor of the Attolian Ancestors and the Guardian Spirits of the People
-2 Coins

Current Conscript Units:
2 Light Infantry
1 Light Cavalry
1 Engineer


His Majesty Henry VIII
Berry Tribe

The wine flowed freely on special occasions the Berry Tribe huddled around a great communal bonfire to share warmth and light on the open plains. Chieftain Barry knew orcs strong, but he knew better than most of his brothers that orcs stronger together. It was times like these that they could, together at last, finally and literally share the fruits of their labor. Mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters, dutifully attended to their insatiable appetites for the night before the long march north began when the big sky fire rose over the horizon. Traveling to and fro from a surrounding ring of campfires, the women of the tribe baked their hearts and souls into ever sweeter pies, twisted spits of delectable meat, and ensured that the cups of their loved ones were never found empty. Every so often, they would help drag away, by request or by club, orcs that had gotten a little too carried away in their drunken merrymaking to quiet sanctuaries where they could rest until their blood and their alcohol were not effectively synonymous. Barry treasured most of all however watching from a distance the elderly storytellers bring to life the traditions of their people to a new generation of orclings through tall tales related to the dearest ones as boisterous songs. Standing up to his full height, Barry raises his cup high to make a toast. Silence fell over the gathering in respect of his leadership ever since the orc community awoke in that devastated berry bush clearing so many moons ago, although the chieftain felt at once what he had to say eating at him in guilt. How many of these familiar faces would never again have a chance to celebrate like this after their campaign against the northerner buzz buzzes? "Family! Barry know many confused why we are choosing to stomp bugs now. I received a dream vision the shamans revealed to me is a warning of tribes across the oceans that work the land, and have mastered the magic of technology. If we are to survive this changing world, we must secure this island for the coming storm!" Barry drank the contents of his cup, an action that his fellows mimicked following a jubilant cheer.

1. One unit of warriors, one unit of hunters, and two units of shamans begin to siege the Chrysmorphic hive from the south after they cross the northern border of Berryland. Tunnels are carved into the mountain with strength and magic in an attempt to create vulnerabilities in the defenses of the fortress from below, and physical and magical projectiles alike (especially incendiaries) are constantly lobbed at the defenders.
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The leader of the Nation of Itza sat atop his large palanquin, his long, slender fingers toying with the metal piercings within him lip. Tokotol was deep in thought, wondering if his decisions would lead his people to greatness or whether it would lead them to oblivion. Even with the certainty of the Old God's existence and their guidance, there were too many factors in the world that could scupper their plans. Even though he held doubt, he never showed any amongst his people. He spoke with a booming roar that could be heard from up to a mile away. When he spoke, his people listened. It was at that point one of his trusted advisors, a Kobold called TiqTaq, made his presence known to the Grand Mage.

"My lord the building of Isca is almost complete. With the increased focus of our manpower it will be ready for the next birthing." TiqTaq spoke quickly and in a high pitched voice often associated with the Kobold. Even if somewhat comic in appearance and voice, TiqTaq was far from a joke. Outside of the Kroakun he was the most intelligent Itzan and had caught the eye of Tokotol after many great ideas came from the smaller creature. In a hushed voice the Grand Mage turned his bulbous head towards TiqTaq, the corner of his mouth curving upwards at the sight of the Kobold.

"That is excellent news TiqTaq. Arrange a festival for the people and spare no expense, I want them to fill their bellies for their work. Their hard work now will ensure the future of our people until the end time." The Kroakun paused for a moment, turning his gaze across the canopy of the rainforest beneath. "How goes the...planting?" The pause was purposeful to get his point across. The planting as it was often referred to, was the attempted growth of the jungle. With each new settlement Tokotol intended to grow the size of the jungle, hoping to one day completely cover Sage Eye Island.

"All appears to be well with the plan. The jungle seems to relish the fresh and untouched soil." TiqTaq sounded hopeful and honest. One thing he never did was to lie or set false expectations. He was always direct and to the point, something that Tokotol admired. He and his subordinates had been tasked with seeing how viable it was to get the rainforest growing and initial signs were positive.

"That is excellent news. Even though my Kobold brothers pale in comparison to my power, they will create formidable opponents for anyone who dares step foot on our land." Returning his glance to TikTaq, Tokotol spoke in hushed words once more. "Now TIkTaq, please go set around preparing for the festival...I have much to think about." The small Kobold nodded with a slight bow at the command, before turning and leaving the Grand Mage alone atop the largest pyramid in Itza. Interlocking his fingers Tokotol spoke in a whisper as the thoughts in his mind flashed from one to the next, the words of the Old Gods barraging his senses. Any other creature would crumble beneath the onslaught, but not the Kroakun, their minds were steeled and unbreakable. Soon enough he was presented with images of bloodshed and war, but not at the hands of his people nor were they the victims. A battlefield lay soaked with the bodies of large insects and greenskinned humanoids, no clear winner presented itself. "And so it begins..."



⦿ Create New Settlement | Using two of the three turns to complete and finish the settlement of Isca. It is located to the south west of Itza at the edge of the Jungle. The long term aim of the new settlement, as with all future settlements, is to expand the jungle across the entirety of Sage Eye Island.

⦿ Add a Policy | With his 'planting' strategy and the utility of native fauna in their military, the Itzan's have added a new policy Natural Connection.


⦿ New Settlement Location


Starting Units:

⦿ x2 Kobold Skirmishers
⦿ x1 Salamander Handlers
⦿ x1 Chameleonic Kobold



shining silver sweet sad souls

Deep within the mountain of Chrysmorphia , through a crack in the mountain laid the city of Cerebrim . Better known by it's insect like race as The Hive . Though their origin was human , they long discarded that terrible history of their existence . They saw what power and war did and tended to stay away from it when ever possible but like their smaller variant of bugs . Those who threaten the hive , it's residents and it's royalty ......they will feel the sting of the Insecmorph race . It's soldiers and citizens alike with nature as their guardian , the protection of their land their conviction and the soul , unity and every beating heart of every Insecmorph , their inspiration and passion to destroy anything that threatens Chrysmorphia , Cerebrim and it's people

At the far end of the hollow mountain stood a seemingly , extremely large dead tree , but this tree was the palace , interior decorated with emeralds and the exterior decorated in lovely rubies . Inside this palace resided the queen . Lady Lia Chrysalis . She was standing at the exit of the Palace , looking down at the dimly lit city below . The mountain had a few holes on top that had drider webbing over them so they they can still light up the hollow mountain and keep things out at the same time . Her gaze shifted to a drider who is her avatar of War , a scorpion-taur who is her financial and cultural advisor and a humansect (human+insect , the 80% human Insecmorphs) who is her relations and construction advisor climbing the stairs to the palace . She walked back to her throne as they made their way to their places as well.

"My queen" they all said as they bowed their head and she bowed in return. The drider stepped forward first to report "my queen , i am proud to report that 4 new units were successfully release from the Spawning pod (where their units come from , will be later upgraded for tier 2 and 3 troops). 1 Dragonfly Scout and 3 bee workers , i have turned the workers over to our relations advisor and i have sent the scout on it's first patrol routes" the advisor said before stepping back .

The Scorpion-taur stepped forward " my queen , i am delighted to announce a growth in our treasury and we have gained enough to start production yet again " he said before waving a had and the humansect stepped forward " yes my queen , we have gain the sufficient amount of currency to construct once again " Lia weighed her thoughts a bit before looking at her advisors "avatar of war , i see that it would be very sufficient to have a scout as well as three new workers but i dare say that the bee workers do take a while to go from work mode to war mode so my suggestion is , could you return to the spawn pods and have the nature whisperers start creating a new batch of bee workers , 4 should be enough , that way we can divide it , 3 bee workers acting as workers and the new batch of 4 acting as guards once they are done " she said as the avatar of war bowed and waited for the session to com e to an end . "As for the use of our other currency as we will be offering to nature to help with the process of the new bee worker batch , i would like the two of you to make 1 more offering to nature for the construction of a gate for the mountain " she said as the 2 advisors bowed all three left to carry out the orders of their queen

Actions :

Task 1 : 2 actions taken /train 4 extra bee workers (Cost 2 coin/-1 coin per turn, 2 turns to finish)
Task 2 : Construction of a gate at mountain entrance (-1 coin/ 1 turn to finish)

Staring units :
1x Dragonfly Scout
3x Bee Workers​
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Here comes the Machine!
In Raere, lies a giant spire that transcends even the greatests trees in the blessed holt. The morning was ripe and the trees of this dense was still. All that could be heard was the sound of hammers against wood resonates through-out the woods. At it's center lies a large structure being made out of neatly-carved wood. Several men and women, physically faultless and wearing clothing made from fine cloth and leather; put the structure together by levitating the wood into it's designated places using some blueish energy, while others attach them to one another. Two older men in white and cold robes walk with each other and converse among themselves.

"The framing is coming along well, Ascendancy. We will have our next scholarium up in a matter of weeks." This man was Streinuard, Master Superior of Raere and all of its educational foundations in the mystic arts.

This man was known as Gagiel Ade. The Ascendant, the divine leader of this forested nation "That is swell to hear. Then that means we're in good supply of stone to complete the outer structure, yes?"
"Not quite. We're just about to run out on the stone needed to from the exterior and interior of the scholarium."

"Hmmm. Then it is clear what we do next. Send 2 unit of our gatherers out to the mountains westward and have them take two weeks of food with them. Have them minre for more of the mountain's stone and bring them back here. With that, have the workers continue with the wooden structurefor the scholarium. By the time the miners get back with the stone, it should be cleared for full construction."

Streinuard bows to Gagiel Ade "Yes, Ascendancy."He then departs and makes the preperations to send their gatherers to the Araklah Mountains
2x units of gathers/miners to the Araklah Mountains to gather stones. 1x unit stays to begin construction of another city while the other unit delivers the stones
2x units of builders finish the scholarium structure​
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Akata, Akata Valley, Arrisia
James walked around the small square in the center of the large group of tents. The mountains seemed to surround them and keep them safe with the exception of the opening to the west where the valley emptied towards the sea. A cool breeze hit his face as he watched the young man in front of him. The boy was trying to create a sculpture made of ice, just a simple rose. It was not very useful in combat but it was the first step towards his journey.

“Again,” James spoke coldly watching the boy try to focus his frustration clear on his face, “Calm yourself, Mith’rawn you were blessed with ice not fire, your anger and frustration will only make it harder for you to achieve your task.”

The boy gave a valiant attempt but he was young and foolish, he failed again the water in front of him remaining liquid. James frowned and walked away, “Continue practice, I have other matters to see to.”

They boy nodded and could be seen breathing heavily from trying to exert himself. James walked away only for the large muscled human standing silently by to follow him, “What do you think of Mith’rawn?” James asked as they walked towards the mountainous end of the valley.

“I think he may cause another Horseshire,” the man’s voice was deep and clearly concerned.

“That is why he, and all mages must be taught. If they aren’t more hardship will surely follow. That is besides the point, there are rumors?” James’ clean shaven face dropped to a serious disposition as he continued between the tents.

“Rumors from those that live outside our boundaries claim someone is taking stone from the mountains to the East. Many fear that this could be the same group that threatened us before.”

“But what do you think Alex?” James stopped and looked up at the man.

“I think they aren’t even aware we exist. They don’t send troops with the gatherers, foolish if they had threatened us previously,” Alex spoke calmly, “War will come to us again, but I hope this is not how it starts. Our fledgeling nation has already seen enough innocent people killed.”

“I couldn’t agree more old friend. Let us stand by, and keep a close eye on them, should they overstep their bounds we will attempt to contact them. It is not the people I distrust, but their leader, or leaders. One never knows what others true intentions are,” James turned back towards the east, “Just in case, let’s stop living in tents. But that will take time, for now, send out some people to gather wood and stone, and keep them guarded. I may not be worried about these other groups but the bears and wolves may cause problems. I also want to begin work on a Communal house, the other mages are content for now but that may not always be the case.”

“And what of my people? Those without magic?” Alex asked raising and eyebrow.

“We will begin work on housing for them as well, but I will need some of them to join our small militia in return,” James said as he began to walk again.

Alex seemed slightly disgruntled by this but he bit his tongue, “Of course, I will gather more men.”
1x Unit of workers sent to gather wood and stone
1x Structure built
2x Units of Conscripts trained​
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Turn 1 ,Week 2, Year 3000 BC

Time begins to turn as another week draws near. There have been many developments in the burgeoning nations that have been under foot. It is most pleasing to see how these nations grow in such a short time.

Unity Logo.jpg

10 Coin, 12 Population, 4 Iron Guards

Khanzhig Turn 1.png

As the 4 Iron Guards did their duty to guard the forest from all intruders on the words of Hanon, they were approached by a figure coming from deeper within the Mystic Forest. He seemed as though he were made from the darkness and shadows that existed from around them. He had a dashing white smile and piercing Blue eyes.

He spoke to the soldiers gathered around. "I have a proposition for your leader, Hanon, if he would hear it. I will give your people a great boon if they would build me a statue in your Capital City."

The Kingdom of Attolia

3 Coin, 12 Population, 2 Light Infantry, 1 Light Cavalry, 1 Engineer

Khanzhig Turn 1.2.png

Construction was completed on the irrigation network which helped increase food production within the Kingdom (+1 Coin gain next turn)

Construction was completed on Temple increasing the people worship of the ancestors and guardian spirits (+1influence with like minded nations)

The infantry began their journey towards the forests of the south in preparation for acquiring more resources to grow their kingdom. They come across a stray, but lone wolf in their journey. It looks as though it might be starving.


The Berry Tribe

7 Coin, 12 Population, 1 Warrior, 1 Hunter, 2 Shamans

Khanzhig Turn 1.3.png

The Berry Tribe begins their assault on Crysmorphia, lobbying attacks and keeping the nation under siege to prevent them from getting outside help or resources.


4 coin, 12 Population,
⦿ x2 Kobold Skirmishers
⦿ x1 Salamander Handlers
⦿ x1 Chameleonic Kobold
Khanzhig Turn 1.4.png

The new city of Isca is well under way and will be finished during the next week.
The effects of Natural Connection will begin to be felt by the beginning of the next turn. (turn and cost decrease by 1 to Build New Settlements and Structures)


5 Coin, Population 7, 1 Dragonfly Scout, 5 Bee Workers

Khanzhig Turn 1.5.png

Chrysmorphia births 2 Bee workers with 2 more on the way during the next turn.

A gate is erected within the opening of the mountain but due to the aggressive nature of the siege there were some casualties. (-1 Population, already in effect up top)


4 Coin, 12 Population, 2 Builders, 2 Miners

Khanzhig Turn 1.6.png

The scholarium structure is completed adding to the training of magics for the people.

The miners set up shop in the mountains to gain resources and begin constructing a full time settlement for ease of goods.



6 Coin, Population 10, 6 Conscripts

Khanzhig Turn 1.7.png

Basic Housing Unit completed (+1 Population next turn)

Workers sent to the northern forest to secure lumber and stone for resources

2 Conscript forces have been trained and are ready for combat.

While the resources are being gathered in the forest, the men hear a feminine call from the nearby lake. When they approach, there is a woman standing there in fine clothes standing near an axe that is embedded within a stump. "If one of you can pull this axe out of it's home, it can be yours." She smiled.

Mirir Barakzad, The kingdom beneath The Mountain
8 Coin, 12 Population, 4 Tier 1 Troops


One Thousand Club
With the irrigation system set and the temple established, the Attolians were showing promise. It was clear that they focused on building and mastering the clay and stone to create magnificent structures for the benefit of the people. This tradition would not end any time soon as King Wolff swiftly ordered for the construction of a port to support future maritime ambitions. The King's Council soon began to shift it's focus to focus on building the Attolian civilization. No longer would the Attolians sleep on dirt. No, they would build houses, settlements and cities.

To the west, a strange sight met du Foix, the King's cousin. A lone, starving wolf approached the small army. Amused and amazed, du Foix couldn't help but wonder if this was a sign from the gods. He ordered one unit of light infantry to set camp and to offer some rations to the wolf, perhaps even befriend it. He had his orders and would carry them out, so he continued to lead the other unit of light infantry to continue south to the edge of the forest and to claim it for the Kingdom.



1. Engineer Unit begin working on building a port to allow for better access to the sea and it's bounties like fish
-2 Coins

2. Adoption of a new policy: Industrious Infrastructure

3. 1 Unit of Light Infantry continues the journey to the southern forest.

Event: 1 Unit of Light Infantry sets up camp, and shares some of its rations with the starving wolf/tries to befriend it.


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Unity Logo.jpg

---------------------------------------------------TURN 1---------------------------------------------------

With four platoons of Iron Guard standing ready to defend the Mystic Forest, the work of the current Holy Men can begin. A young mystic, trained in the ways of magical skills, makes his way deep into the woods to begin a spiritual journey into himself. He sets up a small area in which to conduct his great work. It takes time, but he finds it worth the effort. In time, a great circle of faith will emerge here, but for now, the shrine is simple.
(Bridge of the Soul constructed inside Mystic forest, 1 Turn, -2 coins.)

Back home, Hanon begins to train another platoon of Iron Guard. His hopes are high. The days begin with exercise, the evenings with combat practice. This group is particularly promising. By the weeks end, another set of Iron Guard is prepped and ready to defend their home. Their weapons are crude, but their hearts would be given to their pride.
(2 Iron Guard trained, 1 turn -1 coin)

The guards are taken by surprise at the strange creature emerging from the forest. They'd heard that the Mystic Forest was infested with oddities of all sorts, but they hadn't expected to be approached by one. It made its offer; a boon in response to the construction of a statue in its image. The soldiers were perplexed. It was a strange request, especially from a creature such as this. None of them felt particularly capable of making this decision on their own, so they did what was smart. One man from the platoon raced home, far faster than if he had returned with his fellow conscripts. He asked Hanon for his assistance, and Hanon was happy to oblige. Together, they returned, and where the soldiers were paralyzed with fear, Hanon stood tall. He approached the creature and spoke proudly;

"My people are wary of those with great strength. It is often used as a threat, and even offers made by those of higher caste are laden with false promises. We must be wary, as we always are," he stopped and relaxed somewhat,"But you are no human. You are not government, king, council, or anything of the sort. You are one of the many strange beasts from the forest, one which I have not seen before, and as such, I am willing to listen to this 'offer' you present to us."

Hanon sat quietly and crossed his legs, ready to negotiate.

"Speak then. What is it you offer?"
(Diplomacy Opened with Strange Creature)

In this time, one of the platoons separated from the group, and made their way further Eastward. The nearby hills were bound to be ripe with resources, and they fully planned to set up a small camp there. These young men and women were excited to see parts of the new world, even more so under new names.
(1 Iron guard moves East from Mystic Forest)


1 Structure (Religious, Magical) built in Mystic Forest

2 Conscripts trained (Iron Guard)

Diplomacy opened with Strange Beast

1 Iron Guard moves East from Mystic Forest 1 square

Mystic Woods are currently Infested but Explored



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"I hope we can return to Tokotol with something good," said one of the Kobold. His voice was a mixture of excitement, amplified by his naturally high pitched voice. The others of the unit all nodded in agreement as they made their way through the thick undergrowth. The other Itzan sub-species would have had a nightmare trying to make their way through such thick foliage, but fortunately for the Kobold they were small enough to worm their way through. With each step and touch of a tree or outreaching leaf, the Kobold's flesh would change to a matching hue in an instant. Even with talking and moving, they were still very difficult to pin point in the jungle environment. Soon the canopy became so thick that only stray beams of light penetrated, quickly making it turn to night. "We should probably keep quiet now." The group moved on, now in total silence.


"Grand Mage Tokotol wants this settlement complete as soon as you can. This will be a great new city for our coming brothers and it is important that we have everything in place for them." TikTaq called out to the workers. Work on Isca was nearing completion but already the Kroakun leader of the Itzan was pushing on development of a third settlement. This one, to be called Itotia, was located to the north west of the jungle, on the coastline of the island. The town was to be built with a port, acting as a fishery to provide food for the population, but also as a potential trade port. In fact, scouts had been sent out with a sampling of goods to the furthest reaches of the world, all in the hope that someone had something that could be of use to the Itzan.

[Anyone interested in setting up a trade route next turn, PM me so we can chat.]



⦿ Explore The Great Jungle | Grand Mage Tokotol has ordered a unit of Chameleonic Kobold to explore some of the deepest, darkest recesses of their territory after the Old Gods told him on hidden treasures.

⦿ Build a New Settlement | Wanting to extend the Itzan reach over the entire island, Grand Mage Tokotol pushed for another new city, this time on the coastline, to be built. [Uses 2 actions rather than 1 to reduce build time]



shining silver sweet sad souls

Lady Lia sat silently in her throne , head leaning back against it as she felt the live of some of her workers vanish and their mental connection closing for good . Her council watched her in silence , knowing the feeling that she is feeling . This race fully connected and everyone in it can feel the loss of a soul , no matter who it was. She took a deep breath before looking at her council assembled before . "report " she said as the Avatar of War stepped forward " 2 new bee workers have been birthed with 2 more well on the way my Queen .......but the green skin creatures still continue their siege on the mountain " the avatar said as the queen gave a loud sigh " no matter avatar , the mountain will hold ........but if they keep on poking this hive , they will feel the sting of it's soldiers " Lia said as the avatar of war fell back into place. The scorpion-taur , her advisor of finance and culture stepped forward with a troubled look on his face "my queen , it has come to my attention that the war brought on by these green skinned creatures , have blocked us off completely from our makeshift port , we can't secure the port without losing most of our forces " the advisor said as the humansect stepped forward with a smile . Her advisor of construction and relations bowed , ready to present his reason for smiling at this time.

"my queen , i have a plan , it involves a bit of tunneling and building but it would be quite worth it " he said as lia sat forward , elbows on her throne and hands under her chin " continue " she said and he obliged and pulled out a map and respectfully approached and opened the map in front of her as he continued his explanation " you see my queen , given what our dear taur said , i started going over maps and here lays the perfect spot of a new , more secure port . We dig a tunnel through here and it would lead to this exact spot , 2 way to it and 2 ways from it , you either reach this port via ocean or the tunnel my queen " he said before he slowly stepped back to his spot and awaited the queens decision

Lady Lia thought on it but her thoughts were still a bit drawn to the fighting beyond the wall . shaking her head and looking at the door of the room for a brief moment before turning to her advisor " Do it , if we want other races to know of our existence , it would be best if we give them a safe route into our city " she said as she nodded to her advisors and they left . She sighed as she looked at the door closing behind them . She whispered in a strange language , it was a prayer to nature for good luck.

Task 1 : continued production of the 2nd batch of bee workers

Task 2 : construction of a tunnel system to open spot (1 turn , -1 coin)

Task 3 : construction of a settlement (not New Dock , it's Hornets Rest) (1 turn , -2 coins)​


Warlord of the pilgrims

Thrazir was sitting on his throne when three servants came in. My lord "We have gathered the men, the great expansion can begin!".

Thrazir Aerenion began his reign at the age of 120 (pretty young for a dwarf). He was always far more ambitious then he’s father, while he’s father saw in everything problems and tried to remain passive, he was looking for wealth and glory. And so he’s plan to expand the mines was easily taken. And of course to lead the troops out of Mirir Barakzad to gain supplies like wood. Any other civilization that would be encountered would face the hunger for glory and wealth of Thrazir. But he wasn’t alone, many young nobles supported him. Because they had the same foolish ambitions that only young dwarven leaders could have.

And so Thrazir pushed he’s plans, to gain control of the area and secure the mountains wealth. He would subjugate every civilization that he would encounter. Because he became paranoid, he got the Golden sickness.
The Golden sickness, is a horrible disease that makes dwarves paranoid of everyone and everything. They become very protective of their wealth and their family. Thrazir was the first dwarven King to become aggressive and push for further wealth. And so it began, the construction of a deep mine that would bring even more wealth into the dwarven hands.

"very good, now tell the troops that we are leaving immediately, we shall not wait any longer. The dangers of the unknown lay ahead, and it just needs to be awakened"

"but my lord, what troops do you want to take with you.
We have the three dwarven guards and the single crossbow army."

"I shall lead one legion of guards to the wilderness."

1. Build structure
2. Move troops 1 space


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James Shiro’s Personal Chambers, Akata, Akata Valley, Arrisia

James sat in the room walls adorned by dozens of images and decor from each of the individual tribes that had united into the young nation. He looked down at the map of the valley eyeing the eastern mountains. “How treacherous are those mountains Alex?” he asked as he sat in his chair his bodyguard and advisor standing on the other side of the table.

“Sire there are parts that you will not be able to travel through except by foot however, they are passable,” Alex face never betrayed any emotions as he gazed down at the pale skinned leader.

“Hmm… Then we best travel through it first. Send… I’d like you to lead a diplomatic party, take no more than two of your best soldiers, take them from any unit you like. Carry only minor weapons. Don’t want them getting the wrong idea now.”

Alex nodded and turned to leave before James stopped him with one more request, “And Alex, you know how much I love art.”

Alex glanced up at the painted hide hanging on the wall beside the door and his eyes narrowed, it had belonged to his clan, before they were defeated. Now they lived among the others convinced that together was the only way to survive. Without a word, Alex walked out the door and picked out two soldiers, “Alyssa, Jaufrey, you’re coming with me.”

The two conscripts were young but Alex had seen them training and they were eager to contribute. They were the first of the next generation that didn’t have to live with constant war, or so they hoped.

Shortly after Alex left James stood and walked outside to oversee the construction of the housing for the non-mages, “This will be a great nation, and the world will look to us for guidance one day. I will build a legacy.”

James turned toward the lead builder and spoke gently, “Do you have anyone here you would trust leading another project, a much… larger project?”

The man thought quickly before whistling and waving one of his men over, “Sire, this is Arick, he is a talented builder and planner I’ve been training him for several years and he wishes to be given charge of a project.”

James smiles and puts his hand on the man's shoulder gently, “Arick, I believe you may be getting your wish, however it will not be easy. I wish to build us into something far more unified than we were, but, to do that we need a city. And you will plan it, starting with the center of the city, the market.”


Coastal Forest, Northern Border of Arissia

The young workers and soldiers all gazed upon the axe, intricate patterns covered the blade, one man nearly ran in fright while several others started scrambling over each other to get to the blade first.

“Wait!” one yelled causing them to stop. He looked at them all and thought of a proposal, “If this is really a test like it seems to be we need to think about this!”

The men nodded in agreement and began bickering while several of the other men and workers watched. However, one person a young girl seemed entranced with the allure of the ax. She wasn’t particularly strong and seemed to be rather young no more than thirteen or fourteen years of age. Calmly and steadily she grabbed the ax causing the men to snap out of their fight...
Eastern Slopes of the Aralakh Mountains

Alex, Alyssa, and Jaufrey watched the miners below them as they calmly walked down the slopes. They walked down into the area the miners were working and made sure to present themselves as no threat. While they walked Alyssa’s voice spoke up, “Alex, why would we want to make contact after what the last group tried to do to us?”

Alex kept his eyes peeled as he answered, “I believe that’s why we should make contact, if we can avoid a war that would be best for both sides no?”

Jaufrey chimed in, “Well let’s hope these people are more civilized than our previous encounters.”

Alex approached with the man and woman on either flank, “Excuse me, may I ask why you’re mining out of the mountains?” he tried to be careful to avoid upsetting the people. They did not seem hostile but he wished to be assertive.
Diplomacy Opened with Raere

One Basic Housing Unit Complete

Market built
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Here comes the Machine!
A man sits in his in a cave with a slip of paper and a bird seated next to him. He grabs the bird, plucks a feather from it and dips the tip of it in a jar of ink on the other side of him. He begins to write "The mining had gone well, as usual. The many times we've come here for stones have given us an unexpected skill that has been more than useful to our blessed providence. I have decided to send one unit of the miners back with all the stone we've accumulated. This should be more than enough to finish the scholarium. I, on the other hand, am keeping the other unit of miners and builders to begin construction of a trading post so to speak. My apologies for not consulting you on these matters before doing so, but we cannot rely on ourselves forever. I know your stances on interacting with those tha aren't of Raere but the land is littered with other who will no doubt stretch across the firmament however they see fit. It's best we try not to stray behind the rest, less we die quicker than we intend. It'll be awhile before I consider returning but I will be reporting in every once or twice a month on my progress on this endeavor. -Jelich."

The man known as Jelich, a fellow Master Superior and overseer of this independent project, blows on to the paper lightly before rolling it, tying it up, and placing it into the bird's talons. He gets up and walks towards the caves entrance and tosses the bird as it flies over the departing caravan of minors heading back to Rare.
Some of the miners were shuffling rocks down the paths they carved out on the side of the mountains to get to-and-from the caves easier, until they hear someone beckoning them. As they turn to the voices that call them, they are met with faces unfamiliar to them. Their minds instantly conclude that these were the inhabitants of the other side of the mountains. They freeze up as they know now to interect with others that aren't Raerean. They look to each other before one of the miners turn back to the rest of the mining site. "Contact!". The other miners are alerted and they stop everything to look to the miners who made the call. Jelich hears this and quickly exits his own cave to see where the contact has been called. He catches a glimpse of unfamiliar figures and quickly heads over. "Hello! Hello! Welcome! Um..We-we were not expecting you to come this far beyond the mountain. But ofcourse, it was only a matter of time before you did." He tries explaining to the Arrisians.
Streinuard examines the wooden frame of the soon to be scholarium as the builders around them are taking a break. A firm foundation for a school of the arts suddenly he hears a 'boo!' and Streinuard jumps from the sudden break in his thought as a female walks up besides him while giggling.
"You still scare too easily, Master." The female remarks. This woman is Sheran, apprentice under Streinuard and an adept Diviner.

"And you are still childish..." Streinuard rebuttals in aggravation as he recomposes himself

"Well, ofcourse. Children go to school, don't they?" She responds looking at the progress made so far on the structure "So this will be our new school? My won't it be grand. I can't wait to embarrass everyone."

"For the sake of everyone's integrity, don't.We are to build each other up, not tear each other down.

"I jest, Master. I jest. But soon, my lessons will come to an end and I too, will be called 'master'." She chimes as she dottles around the wooden constructs

"You're confident you'll pass your trials?" Streinuard asks

"Why wouldn't I be confident when I have the 2nd greatest diviner in Raere as my master?" Sheran gives Streinuard a smile

"You know you aren't my only student, Sheran."

"No but I am your finest. In more ways in one I might add." Sheran winks at Streinuard much to his disapproval


"Please, everyone in Raere acknowledges this truth. No need in pretending it is not so." She muses

Streinuard shakes his head "You will always be a handful, Sheran..."

"You know I make your life interesting, Master."

"Not the type of interesting I would've wanted..." Streinuard rubs his forhead before a bird flies over head and drops the scroll to his feet. Streinuard bends over and picks it up. He unties it and begins to read the letter.Streinuard shakes his head "Jelich, you fool..." He rolls it up and marches away

Sheran takes notice of Streinuard's body language as he walks away "Master? Where are you going?"

"A certain matter must be brought to the Ascendancy's attention! Once the party arrives, be sure to send them straight to work!" He responds hastily. Streinuard makes his way to the capital of of Raere: Thaveca, The City That Transcends The Trees. A chariot comes for him and takes him the rest of the way to the city. He finally makes it to the throne room of Gagiel Ade. The entire room could fit 1/3 of everyone who resided in the capital. It pristine stone and emaculant architecture was to beheld by all who witnessed such artistry. There on the throne itself was Gagiel Ade. Sitting there with his eyes closed. Meditating
"Your Ascendancy, a report on the recent mining." Streinuard starts

"Proceed, Streinuard. Even though I know they were successful." Gagiel Ade muses with a small smirk

"They were and they're on their way. No doubt arriving in a few hours, but....Only one of the parties we've sent are returning....The rest are staying with Jelich...He's proceeding with his "Trading Expansion" endeavor he's discussed with us before."

Gagiel Ade sighs through his nostrils "That Jelich...We risk our privacy and our integrity by doing this... Though it's not to say I don't understand his sentiment."

"Shall I gather some of our mages and mysticars to retrieve him?" Streinuard asks

"No. Instead, send him food and wood to build."

"Your Ascendancy! He has disobeyed your words and has proceeded to carry out a project that has not be sanctioned by you or anyone else! And you respond by caving in to his vain endeavor that you've denied several ties over?"

"Indeed, Steinuard. His disobedience will not be forgotten and in time will be punished, but there are merits to his thinking. There are others across this firmament. Many vastly different from us. We cannot close ourselves off from them forever. And who's to say they have to walk among us? Certainly a friendly compromise can be made with the other inhabitants of the firmament."

Streinuard sighs in defeat "Yes, your Ascendancy. I understand..."

"Put yourself at ease, Streinuard. At the very least, Jelich is over there and we're still here. No harm can come to us here."

Streinuard nods in agreement
1x unit of miners return with stone and metal ores
1x unit of miners and builders stay behind and begins construction of a city-wide trading hub
2x builders begin finishing the other half of the scholarium​
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Turn 2, Week 3, Year 3000 B.C.

As the discovered nation deal with various discoveries and begin to interact with each other, others are coming out of the woodwork in order to expand and build. This is a time of great renovation and crafting of alliances and trade agreements. Only time will tell how it all plays out.

The Kingdom of Attolia

5 Coin, 14 Population, 2 Light Infantry, 1 Light Cavalry, 1 Engineer, 1 Wolf Unit

Khanzhig Turn 0.5.png
With the irrigation system in place, the people were finally able to rejoice at the ease at which farming was becoming. And now that a port was built at the Capital city, fishing was always an option as well. Things were looking up for the Kingdom. (Gain access to building boats and water trade routes)

The People were invigorated by the new policy of Industrious Infrastructure. They worked harder and most of all, they worked smarter. (Decrease cost to build and upgrade by 2 to a minimum of 1. Time remains the same.)

The infantry fed to wolf, and in gratitude, it called others that were nearby to also be fed. They would be loyal until the end. (Gained 1 Conscript, Wolf Unit and the ability to train more Wolf Units)

The Kingdom gains access to the bounty of the forest.


Unity Logo.jpg

11 Coin, 10 Population, 6 Iron Guards

Khanzhig Turn 2.1.png

The Bridge of Soul is completed and brings hope to the people. (+1 Faith, +1 Magical Defense).

An accord was reached with an inhabitant of the forest. Hanon received power and visions of the future. His people will gain a tangible effect as soon as the Statue and Alter near the ocean are built.

The LI Unit arrived at the footholds of the hills.


7 coin, 18 Population,
⦿ x2 Kobold Skirmishers
⦿ x1 Salamander Handlers
⦿ x1 Chameleonic Kobold
Khanzhig Turn 2.2.png

With great speed, the first fantastical city was finished and quickly followed by another one closer to the coastline to be a mighty port city, eager to take in trade and create boats for the high seas. The Nation of Itza was quickly expanding towards the entirety of the island and would be under their sole dominion.

The Explorers came across something far unusual. As they traveled carefully and quietly through the brush, they came across the ruins of an decrepit and ancient pyramid type structure. Similar to their building at home, but of a different style. Traveling within a hole in the structure, they could see fallen and broken stone figures surrounding what could only be a damaged wooden boat of some sort. As they would get closer, they could feel it still brimming with magical energies. What would they do?


5 Coin, Population 11, 1 Dragonfly Scout, 7 Bee Workers

Khanzhig Turn 2.3.png

The next batch of soldiers emerged from the birthing chambers at the same time that the tunnels to the outside were finished.

The Port City of Hornet's Rest was built allowing access to the ocean and the ability to build boats for multiple purposes.

Outside the newly created door to the mountains, the sound of magical and physical attacks became silence. The only possible conclusion was that the forces had realized the futility of their rushed plan and pulled back until they could breach the walls and get at the bugs within.



11 Coin, 14 Population, 4 Tier 1 Troops

Khanzhig Turn 2.4.png

The Dwarves built a Deep Mine (+1 Coin) to give them greater access to the wealth of their great mountain.

The Troop that had ventured out into the wilderness saw things that they had never seen before including the vast ocean that lay before them and the plaisn that surrounded their mountain from the outside. Across the vast ocean, there was a twinkle of some sort from the land just across some water, on the mainland. Would they travel to that spot to investigate?



7 Coin, Population 13, 6 Conscripts, 1 Wood Golem

Khanzhig Turn 2.5.png

The woman laughed as the young girl reached for the axe. As the young girl pulled the axe from it's place, she began to transform into a creature made of wood. Still in her normal form, but now completely made of wood, a wood golem. "You should be wary to take gifts from strangers." She laughed so much that she was almost hunched over.
The young girl lashed out at the magical woman, downing her in one hit with the magical axe. And began to weep. (+1 Basic Unit, Wood Golem)

The housing unit was completed allowing safe comfort for the people. (+1 Population)

The Market was built and the people rejoiced. (+1 Coin this turn and the ability to form Land Trade)

Positive relations formed with Raere. The exchange of artwork and blueprints will benefit both nations in the long run if these relations can continue.



2 Coin, 16 Population, 2 Builders, 2 Miners

Khanzhig Turn 2.6.png

A second Scholeriarium was built for an additional bonus to magical training

The new settlement was finished and with it, a wonderful center of trade (+1 coin and the ability to conduct land trades)

Favorable diplomacy with Arrisa will allow the opening of trade now that they have a market place for conducting trade.


5 Coin, 10 Population, 4 Tier 1 Troops

The forest of this great nation is burgeoning with life and ready to give supplies as needed. The possibilities are endless for the cause of your people. Will you do great things? Or be whisked away by the words of history, only time will tell.


Ludia Maroza (The people of Frost)
5 Coin, 10 Population, 4 Tier 1 Troops

The Mountains give you and your people a great boon and access to the ocean can give a wealth of possibilities. How will you react to all the nations around every corner, will you support or attack them? Only time will tell where your nation will end up.


5 Coin, 10 Population, 4 Tier 1 Troops

The people on the water. They have all the waters to explore and nations nearby to interact with. Will it be peaceful interaction? Or will it bring war from the backs of those crewing massive naval fleets?
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Heralds in the City of Attolia all call out:

"The Forest! The Forest! With its bounties, the Kingdom will prosper! By the will of his Majesty, a new settlement is to be established at the forest and named in honor of his Majesty's cousin. The settlement of Foix, brave people, calls upon you! Set out and seek your fortune and build the future of the Kingdom!"

There was a clear fervor in the young Kingdom to establish this new settlement and better utilize the bounties of the Forest. Many wagons were leaving the capital towards this new found land every day.

Yet, the Attolis would not be found confined only at his throne room. Rather, these days, he was found at the temple, offering his thanks to the forefathers. The wolves were a clear sign to the King that his ancestors were watching over him. There was no limit to their generosity and kindness, yet the temple was largely barren except for the occasional visitor. There was no one to receive the ancestors and their blessings. This would not stand as King Wolff began to call for the families of well known shamans of the distant past. The decades of civilization and building had left their traditions to wither as of late, but King Wolff would be damned to let the situation deteriorate even further. He pledged to these families, resources to bring the shamans back to the people, mystical and spiritual mentors who tended to the matters of the ancestors and of nature, through which the forefathers acted through, like the Wolves.



Actions 1 & 2: Build the settlement of Foix at the Forest
(-3 Gold + 2 Gold from Industrious Policy) = -1 Gold

Action 3: Expand the Temple to build a Shaman's quarter to serve as our mystical/spiritual/magical guides/links to our Ancestors and the Animals/Nature crucial to our people.
-1 Gold
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Illia sat on the cold stone step outside his large stone and wicker Chieftain hall. He smoothed his long blonde and braided hair over the top of his head carefully avoiding his yak horns and sighed. Gazing over the now bustling village of carved stone bricks and thick log roofs that had grown from their few months of peace. He was proud of what his people could accomplish and was grateful for the blessing from their Father. He was also worried the people seemed to lack spark the same spark that drove him now to stare at the mountains and the seaside. With longing for what lay there, what undiscovered bounties, blessings, and challenges to overcome.

His people had that time to rest his two parties of Bitki practice war with one another. The single group of kinusi had begun to join the groups of village hunters adding their skills to collecting food. Only the small group of Pohen seemed completely dedicated to the art of mastering The Warmth.
"I suppose I must be my peoples ambition." Illia though ruefully. He stood walked down the small hill his home was built on into the village center.

As he walked his people noticed and gleefully pause for a moment channel The Warmth from their palms causing the cold wet ocean air to steam. This was a sign of great respect only given to a person who you loved or admired. Of course Illia returned the gesture. Eventually he came upon a small Mal Woman. There the giant paused after she had given her greeting of Warmth. The Visk Illia stared at the Mal woman her horns tall and form of a branch in the wind. Thin, flexible but never snapping and full of life.

"Hail Sister how do the people call you?" He asked voice breaking what had become an alkward silence.

"I am called Zalia. What is it you wish of me great Flame Palm?" She answered without a moment's hesitation.

"I need someone who can deliver my command to the people. My warriors listen to my every word hanging to it like frost on a roof's edge. Now that war is over I am in need of an advisor. Tell me how would you fulfill that role?" He asked a feeling of heat surging in his chest. Yes she is the one the Father confirms it.

There was a gentle pause as Zalia place a delicate finger to her lip and thought.

"I suppose I would pass word among the women of our people. Speak to them at market and while creating our clothes and food for the winter. That way each woman would surely tell her husband that their chief expects something of them." She said nodding her head in finality.

Illia slapped his thigh and laughed. She was indeed chosen to be the his Mouth amount the people.

"Perfect! Follow me Zalia now Mouth of the People. I have many great plans that I wish to begin."

Actions that will be taken
1 send a party to explore the mountains to the west
2 begin building a port so transport ships can be made for troops.
3 dedicate a house of religious training for magic casters.


shining silver sweet sad souls

Lia stood stood on the stairs of her tree like palace , staring at the tunnel that was created for the purpose of a new trade port. She then gazed around the city , her eyes landing on an open spot to the side of the buildings . She never really knew what to build there and frankly nor did her advisor of construction and relation. Her mind was completely taken by this fact . She didn't even notice her advisors scrambling to get to the top " My Queen ! " they said together , causing her to jump "what , what happened " she asked concerned as she looked at them , waiting for the bad news " No my queen , don't worry , it's nothing bad , the green skin creatures ceaced their siege of the mountain , though are still nearby , they have at least stopped " the avatar of war said and Lia looked visibly relieved " That....that is great news " she said as an idea his her . She prayed to nature for good luck and it seems that nature give more then what she prayed for " Advisor Coreln (Construction + relation) , i think i know what we can do there " she pointed to the open spot she was looking at . "Get the those best connected to nature and have them gather there ......nature answered my prayers and provided more then asked for " she said as she provided him with a book and opened the page on a specific spot . it was a picture of a slender white tree with golden leaves " this is a harmony tree , they aren't found much anymore because not a lot of being practice nature magic anymore , that is what we are using that spot for . We are growing the magical Harmony tree there .......and i want you to personally pass a new policy , after years of being connected to nature , i want to be the one to finally making it a religion , The Natural Harmony religion " she said as their eyes , even that of the Avatar of war seemed to fill with hope , joy and a bit of tears .

Past leaders of Cerebrim loved nature but never though it possible to serve nature in more ways then they already are .....until she realized that nature listened to her prayer while giving more then asked . The Harmony trees were gifts to this world but were destroyed by the corruption of previous generations . It is a great honor to give back to nature that , which was so horribly taken away from it in the past . this will be the biggest harmony tree of the world . She stopped Coreln before he left " please , once you are done with your previous jobs , could you do me a favor and also design and build a small market in Hornets rest , so that visitors could have a sample of what Cerebrim has to offer .

Task 1 : Declare new religion to citizens
Task 2 : Grow (construct) a tree of harmony for the respect of nature
Task 3 : Construct a market in Hornets rest​


Maginificent murderous mayhem.
Unity Logo.jpg

---------------------------------------------------TURN 2---------------------------------------------------

Hanon and his people gathered together in the city center. He regaled them with his meeting of the strange creature, and spoke of their diplomatic conversation. He explained to them the great knowledge which had been passed to them, and told his people what they must do. He quickly lead the construction of two alters; both of which monuments to the knowledgeable beast which spoke to Hanon. Though confused, the people began their construction. By the end of the week, they would have two wonderful structures ready to offer. One just south of the city center and one by the Heaven Sea.

Both pieces of architecture were beautiful things. The one by the edge of the capital was a powerful piece depicting the mysterious beast and its wisdom in the form of impressionable magicks. The second stared thoughtfully into the ocean, as though reading its secrets. The people remained confused by the notion, but Hanon was pleased. He could feel the boon provided to him stretch to his people and soldiers. He knew, from beneath the weight of his responsibilities, that this was the start of a long and prosperous relationship with the strange creatures of the Mystic Forest.
(2 Alters Built, -4 coin, 2 turns)

Meanwhile, the wandering soldiers in the East made their way south to the hills. They were uncertain just how they would profit from the decision, but it mattered not; they would go there. The hills themselves seemed to breathe with the wind. As soon as they were settled into a small, makeshift camp, they decided to search the area, to see what wonderful things they might discover.
(1 Iron Guard heads South and searches Hills, 1 turn)


2 Structures built (Alter to the Strange Beast, diplomatic) Names of Alters: Southern Alter [The Beast and its Wisdom], Northern Alter [The Beast Ponders the Sea]

1 Iron Guard moves South into the unnamed Hills. Exploration.

Mystic Woods are currently Infested but Explored


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James Shiro’s Personal Chambers, Akata, Akata Valley, Arrisia

James looked down at the drawing laid out on the desk, “So they’re taking stone to build something? They have no other source?”

Alex shrugged, “It’s not clear if they do or not, but this doesn’t seem to be large enough to warrant several mines. They come from the East somewhere clearly how far east and if this is the first time they’ve expanded is unclear.”

James nodded and stood from his desk walking outside while Alex followed, “The gatherers have returned with everything we need to expand, however there was a… situation, the people came across an ax imbedded in a tree stump. A young girl grabbed the ax and she was turned into a wood golem. A valuable asset yet a tragic situation. Apparently the witch that did this to her was felled in a single hit.”

Alex followed as they quickly walked through the market towards the outskirts of the city. Eventually they arrived at a cave entrance where the girl was sitting crying. James held his hand out silently telling Alex to wait as he approached the girl.

He sat down next to the girl but she turned her face away from him, “Don’t look at me!” she sobbed. The cave extended deeper but James was focused on helping the girl.

“Do you know me young one?” James asked softly, his voice becoming very gentle and almost fatherly. The girl nodded, “What’s your name?” James asked.

“Golem,” she said clutching her knees together.

“Golem? What a strange name who are your parents I must have a conversation with-”

“That’s what all the others started calling me, after…. I changed,” She tried to pull herself tighter as she spoke.

James smiled and a faint chuckle escaped his lips, “Well I didn’t ask what they called you, I asked what your name was.”

The girl stayed silent for a moment before she whispered softly, “Rica, my parents call me Rica.”

James smiled, “That’s quite a pretty name, why don’t you use it instead of Golem?”

“Because I’m not normal-”

“Pshh, no one likes normal, why if I was normal instead of having a beautiful nation we would still be fighting each other.” James said looking at Rica.

Rica nodded and a faint smile appeared on her wooded face, “Sire, will I be able to be trained now? Since I’m magic?

James nodded and stood up extending a hand, “Of course you will and once you’re a master mage I have plans for you, how would you like to help Alex keep me safe? When he goes on trips I need someone that can protect me, would you like to do that?”

Rica took his hand and stood up nodding as she grabbed James and gave him an uncomfortable hug. James still smiled knowing that this may be a blessing rather than a curse.

Several Days Later

Alex and James stood at the mouth of the valley looking out towards the ocean, “Alex, this world is all we have. I applaud you for striving for peace and cooperation. War is old news but I fear we may one day have to fight again, we should begin preparing now.”

“You wish to train more troops sire?” Alex asked.

“No, I wish to build a navy. But first we will need a city on the coast. In addition to the one we are constructing with the Raereans. We are expanding rapidly. But I think it is important to do so.”
Troops returned home.
Contribute to the construction of the eastern City (2 Gold)
Begin construction on coastal City (3 Gold)


i'd sell u to satan for a cornchip

Avalynne could mostly be found out in the small courtyard that the castle had safely within it's walls. She was currently sitting at the fountain, messing with some flyfish, they were beautiful creatures - native to most of Avaleon's fresh water springs but the Avalynne managed to get some and put them in the fountain that she adored. "I know you're there, Dhovan." She called to her hand, who was lingering in the shadows. She turned slightly, allowing her red hair to drape back over her back as she left the flyfish to run away from her. "What is it that requires my attention?" She didn't stand up, but allowed the taller individual to approach her. In her eyes, Dhovan always looked angry and it always made the younger girl laugh from how hateful he appeared. "You should really stop scowling - it doesn't suit your good looks."

Dhovan rolled his eyes, before addressing the reason why he had approached. "One of the southern ports needs repairs, my lady." He answered her question as he sat down in front of her, his hands folding neatly on his lap. "We also have to establish an official religion, train some Navy ships and send some explorers out into the world to see what else we can find. I know there are other nations that we can unify with, we just have to find a friendly one." Avalynne wanted to sigh, though she couldn't. When she declared herself ruler after overthrowing her father, she didn't really put much thought into the thought of actually running Avaleon, she thought that it would all come naturally but it has proven to be more difficult that she had originally though.

"You only want me to make new acquaintances so that I can give birth to an heir, Dhovan. I'm still young - I have plenty of time for that." Avalynne said with a smile to which Dhovan made a noise of displeasure. "You are my hand, Dhovan - before that you were a general, I wonder if you miss it." Avalynne said. The two had become fast friends when they united to bring the nation together, wanting the same thing. At the time it was peace within their own country, which Avalynne's father was not bringing, but rather disrupting. "Perhaps one day, you will be able to join the troops on the battlefield again." She looked off to the side - wondering what to do. "I suppose, the southern port is the most important object on the list, therefore it shall be taken care of first. It holds the better part of our battle ships, and it would be better that it also has some protection against storms or worse, Nymphs." The two shared a chuckle, as Avalynne was part Nymph, standing they continued their discussion. "Religion, I suppose, would do better for morale. Everyone has their own beliefs, but it seems that we all pray to the same goddesses, we just give them different names."

"Yes, my lady." Dhovan said before disappearing to who-knows-what, leaving Avalynne alone to her thoughts once more. Perhaps I should pray for mercy from the goddesses, just in case. Avalynne thought as she turned towards the castle, heading towards her chamber where she would then proceed to pour over some documents that she knew Dhovan had left there for her.

1) Build structure, -2 coin
2) Change Major Religion​

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The expansion was going as planned and with three settlements already in place, another two were now under construction. Tokotol cast a look over the canopy of the rainforest that the Itzan were slowly taking ownership of and for a moment a smile appeared across his mouth. There would be issues along the way, nothing would ever be one hundred percent perfect. That said, he was glad to see his people working so efficiently. He was proud to be Itzan.

"Grand Mage Tokotol!" The excited voice of TikTaq broke Tokotol's concentration as he scurried towards the grand mage. "One of the smiths was trialling a new way to create our next batch of macuahuitl, utilising metal over wood. However, that isn't the exciting part. Utilising Salamanders he has managed to improve the melting time of metals twice over. This could be applied to anything we use metals for. I suggest we look to create a purpose built building for this, it could make a great difference." Tokotol's smile remained on his face as he looked down towards his advisor, for a moment a snigger escaping his mouth.

"TikTaq you continue to bring me such good news. Never change." TiqTak was ever the professional, bowing before his leader with a straight face. Inside however the Kobold was on the verge of exploding with joy, he was much like a human child wanting acceptance from their father. "Start construction on this building as soon as you can. The sooner we can utilise it, the better.".

"As you wish." TikTaq returned to his upright position before turning and setting out on his assigned task.


"What is that? Is it a boat?" The Chameleonic Kobold units leader stopped in his tracks, surveying what was in front of him. He looked around for a few moments before deciding to make his way closer to the mysterious boat. "You two follow me. The rest of you take a look around and see if you can find anything that can tell us what this place is." All the other Kobold complied with the order and set about their duties.

With every cautious step forward the unit leader felt a strange sensation within himself, the strength of it increasing with every movement closer to the boat. 'Magic?!' the lead thought to himself. He had felt it before when witnessing one of the Kroakun displaying their power for the people. It was unmistakeable, whether it was the boat or something else in the room, there was magic in that area. Thinking about Tokotol and his grand plans, the unit leader decided to carry on. 'Even if I can't work out what this is...maybe we can get it back some one of the Kroakun can look at it.' He continued to keep his thoughts to himself as the boat closed to within reaching distance. He slowly moved his hand towards the construct, not knowing what to expect.



⦿ Mysterious Boat | A small number of the unit attempt to get close to the boat while the rest look around the room to see if there is anything to explain what the boat is or who its owners are/were.


⦿ Build a Structure | Tokotol commissions the creation of a refinery in Itza to assist in the creation of coin and weaponry. [Uses 1 action and costs 2 coin.]

⦿ Build a New Settlement | Tokotol calls for one more new settlement to be built in the north east corner of Itzan territory. It will be called Atapec. [Uses 1 action and costs 2 coin due to Natural Connection]

⦿ Build a New Settlement | Not content with only one new settlement, Tokotol ordered a second be constructed. This was to be to the north of Atapec and be another Port city with a strong focus on shipbuilding over everything else. This was to be known as Huaca. [Uses 1 action and costs 2 coin due to Natural Connection]

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  • Aloiss was not the name of the first Elemental in the world. Aloiss was not the name of the leader of the Elementals. Aloiss, in fact, was no name that existed in the world previously. Aloiss was a name the Elementals came up with... through a vote. The other two candidates for names were Elemental Nomads and Nature Elemental. Something that made Ravus doubted the naming sense of his kins.

    For the last few sunrises and sunset, the Water, Earth, and Cold Elementals worked together to make a bridge from ice and earth between the island they resided and the main continent. The passage was meant for the weaker and less stable Spirits to cross over. Even with the passage, a number of the spirits lost their comprehension when they became disoriented by the tidal flow of the ocean. It was something unavoidable when moving weak Spirits born from the earth over the ocean.


    Ravus tore his gaze away from the bridge. Though he was the de facto leader of the Elementals, he held no titles to his name. What he had was a second name, something only owned by the ancient and seasoned elementals. For instance, Valerie Iceveil, who had called for his attention.

    Valerie Iceveil was the Primordial Cold Elemental, just like how Ravus was the Primordial Darkness Elemental. Different from Ravus who was born with the wisdom of warfare and knowhow of leading a community, Valerie possessed the wisdom of culture and art, making her one of Ravus' trusted aide.

    "You are wondering why we are creating a forest here and not moving further inland."

    The Cold Elemental closed her mouth. Ravus' statement had hit the heart of the matter. He hovered toward the peninsula. A group of Earth Elementals and Spirits in the form of Dryads stood with their eyes closed, channelling their energy toward a small green spot on the ground. It was the Nurture of Nature. A ritual to prepare a forest for the infants Spirits and future grooming of Elementals.

    "The world is vast. It's impossible for us to sweep through every piece of land. It is best for us to prepare a base early, for future Elementals we met on the way to return."

    "Is that why you are leaving a part of the Elementals and Spirit Troops here?"

    Ravus nodded.

    Although he agreed to his kins' dream of roaming the world, to have nothing prepared was akin to committing suicide. Apart from preparing a base to return to, he ordered the Earth Elementals to prepare cultivation wagon for the Spirits. Unlike their Elemental counterpart, the Spirits still required food, water, and increase in comprehension.

    "Let's move," Ravus said suddenly. He unsheathed his sword and raised it to the sky. A dark pillar drew the attention of the moving Elementals. Once he had gathered their attention, Ravus raised his voice.

    "Prepare to move Northward."

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