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Fandom attack on titan cc x cc

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New Member

• i'm 18, so keep that in mind if requesting to roleplay
• be at least semi-lit! i usually roll with responses that clock at around 2000 characters, give or take, so i'll consistently hit at least 3 solid paragraphs in each reply. if you write less, though, i'm absolutely open to matching more to ur length! please do your best with spelling/grammar; it doesn't have to be perfect, and i especially understand if english isn't your first language, but please do put in effort!
• don't spam me for replies please 😵‍💫
• i don't do OC roleplays, only canons!
• i don't have any major triggers, but i'll let u know if something comes up and i happen to be uncomfortable with it. please do the same for me if needed!


⚡️ - main muses
☀️ - practicing/would like to play more
💫 - solid maybe. haven't played much/at all, but willing to give it a go!

• eren ⚡
• armin ⚡
• mikasa ☀️
• jean ☀️
• marco 💫
• reiner ☀️
• levi ☀️
• erwin ☀️
• hange 💫
• falco 💫
• porco 💫
• pieck 💫
• zeke 💫

pairs (+ character i'd play)

i am currently refreshing on the series after a long time, so my pool may be a bit limited, but feel free to suggest other pairs, rarepairs included! worst case scenario, i decline and suggest we consider other options. atm, i'm trucking through season 4, and it won't take me long to finish. i do know the general gist of the plot all the way through the end of the manga!

current favorites

• eren/armin (either)
• levi/zeke (levi)
• eren/mikasa (either)
• armin/jean (either, slight pref for armin)
• eren/reiner (either)

other ships (still open to these as well, but i'm likely less experienced with most of those in this category!)

• eren/jean (either, pref for eren)
• eren/historia (eren)
• mikasa/historia (mikasa)
• jean/marco (either)
• levi/hange (either)
• levi/erwin (either, slight pref for levi)
• levi/farlan (levi)
• reiner/porco (either, pref for reiner)
• porco/pieck (either)
• mikasa/pieck (either)


i really do not mind offering up ideas for plot, so no worries if you don't have any! however, you do need to be willing to contribute some things to the plot once we pick something we want to build upon, or i'll lose interest being forced to do it all myself. of course, surely share your plot ideas if you have ones you're interested in! as said earlier, i'm in the process of refreshing on canon atm. i'm open to canon plots so long as you're patient with potential mistakes lol, and AUs/canon divergent things are absolutely on the table!

feel free to pm me or comment here! make sure to specify a little about what you're looking for, whether it be a pair, a plot, a character you want to play, etc.

i'm also open to roleplaying on discord if preferred!

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