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Fandom Anime and Games! MxM, Brotherly Love, etc. (LGBT+ friendly!)


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New thread cuz I'm looking for something slightly more specific right now. My main threat with my about me is right here.

Anyway, I'm looking for a couple different fandoms right now! I have a few ideas for scenes in mind for each, but we can go over those in PMs. Below the fandoms I'm currently interested in I also have a list of tags/themes/concepts I'm interested in, so when you PM, lemme know which of them interest you!

Only real requirements I can think of for this is to be okay with writing male characters. I can also double up just fine and play whoever you want for you, including MxF and FxF pairings, but most characters I'll want you to play will be male! We can also just stick to one set of characters if you really like any of my ideas though. Also, can do Canon x Canon or OC x Canon stuff.

Anyway here's the fandoms:

Hunter x Hunter

Vocaloid (or Story of Evil)

Fullmetal Alchemist/FMA Brotherhood

MegaMan (Classic Series)

Tales of Symphonia

Cave Story

Guardians of the Galaxy

Aaaand general themes I'm looking for (not necessarily all at once):

gay awakenings, romance, adventure, fantasy, magic, mystery, fluff, friendship, young/first love, crushing, pining, little brother big brother dynamics (or lil bro big sis), found family, sibling bonds, robot x human (robot x Mimiga if Cave Story), angst, hurt/comfort, some drama, action, and possibly small group RPs for a couple of these.

PMs are preferred but you can also reply here if you need me to send you one!
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