1. Phantomwolf627

    Fandom Multifandom Search

    Hi, I'm Phantom or Void (She/they/he). I'm 21, I've been roleplaying since I was 12 so for about 9 years now, I started out on Quotev. I'm in the EST, but I'm up more at night. I guess I'm more of a semi lit to lit roleplayer. My reply length usually depends on how much my partner gives me...
  2. Darkish.Light

    Multiple Settings 💕 Forever oc x oc search! [original & multi-fandom] [LGBTQIA+ friendly] 💕

    Introduction: Hi! My pronouns are she/they. I'm 18 years old and I live in the PST timezone. I typically respond 5 times a week but I will respond at minimum once a week. My response time depends on my college workload and my mental health and I'll always try to let you know if I'll be absent...
  3. Damien Hughes

    Fandom The Ironheart Alchemist

    Chapter 1: Promises One Year After the Promised Day In the oppressive grip of the night, Roy Mustang found himself ensnared within the suffocating tendrils of his own subconscious, caught in a web of relentless memories from the Ishvalan War. As he lay in his bed, the twisted sheets wrapped...
  4. CeriseFern

    Multiple Settings The Raised Garden Bed

    ✿✾❁ Looking for some partners, lets grow a garden together ❁✾✿ About Me 26 | She/Her | PST | RPing Since the Mid-Late 2000s | Not a Real Plant How I RP (General) Will post weekly [will alert you if something comes up] | Mediocre Grammar [I try] | Usually post 2-3 paragraphs [quality over...
  5. Lavendear

    Fandom Anime and Games! MxM, Brotherly Love, etc. (LGBT+ friendly!)

    New thread cuz I'm looking for something slightly more specific right now. My main threat with my about me is right here. Anyway, I'm looking for a couple different fandoms right now! I have a few ideas for scenes in mind for each, but we can go over those in PMs. Below the fandoms I'm...
  6. Kaiju Cat

    Fandom Kaiju’s Chaotic Corner (Looking for a FMA and One Piece RP) Update: 10/5

    Name: Kaiju Cat or just Kaiju is fine. Age: 33+ Literacy Level: I’m Lazy Lit; I’m good with one or three paragraphs at most. Please no writing jud several lines or one liners. I won’t role play with minors it’s non negotiable, please respect my boundaries. I don’t double either I tried do...
  7. spacecadet

    Fandom spacecadet's multifandom ccxcc m// serach

    hi there! obviously, i'm looking for a few more rp partners and that's probably why you came here! about me: x i'm in my twenties, juggling between work and university, but fortunately, i'm in the middle of break from uni so i have more free time x english is not my first language, but i...
  8. Darkish.Light

    Fandom Forever Multi-Fandom Search ~ OC x OC ~ Naruto Cravings

    •◦_•◦❥•◦_• About Me ◦_•◦❥•◦_• Introduction: Hi I'm Aly or Alynthia and my pronouns are she/they. I'm 18 years old and I live in the PST timezone. I typically respond at least once a week depending on my college workload and my own mental health, I'll always try to let you know if I'll be...
  9. problems disorder

    Fandom and you've been dancing, fast as you can with a smile on your face 🌸 anime +a few others

    Hey there! You're welcome to call me Koriko if you'd like, or any permutation therein. I'm in my late twenties, pronouns are she/her, I'm queer, tired, and I live in the GMT-7 timezone. Not that that will help you, as my sleep schedule is unpredictable and fucked beyond repair <33 Welcome to my...
  10. MokeySee

    Fandom Blue Lock and FMA rp search

    Alright so I'll make this short, I'm hyperfixating on Blue Lock and Fullmetal alchemist. For Blue Lock I have a huge list of love interests for My oc Aoi, for Fullmetal I have Edward, Roy and Lust for Claudia. Just remember this is 1x1 and no doubles.