1. Darkish.Light

    Multiple Settings 💕 Forever oc x oc search! [original & multi-fandom] [LGBTQIA+ friendly] 💕

    Introduction: Hi! My pronouns are she/they. I'm 18 years old and I live in the PST timezone. I typically respond 5 times a week but I will respond at minimum once a week. My response time depends on my college workload and my mental health and I'll always try to let you know if I'll be absent...
  2. Lavendear

    Fandom Anime and Games! MxM, Brotherly Love, etc. (LGBT+ friendly!)

    New thread cuz I'm looking for something slightly more specific right now. My main threat with my about me is right here. Anyway, I'm looking for a couple different fandoms right now! I have a few ideas for scenes in mind for each, but we can go over those in PMs. Below the fandoms I'm...