1. Lavendear

    Fandom Anime and Games! MxM, Brotherly Love, etc. (LGBT+ friendly!)

    New thread cuz I'm looking for something slightly more specific right now. My main threat with my about me is right here. Anyway, I'm looking for a couple different fandoms right now! I have a few ideas for scenes in mind for each, but we can go over those in PMs. Below the fandoms I'm...
  2. Bimirmir

    Fandom Guardians of the Galaxy

    Hi im very new on this site, im not sure how it works yet but ill be slowly figuring it out. (I've rp for years, just on different sites and mostly in polish) Im looking for anyone willing to do a gotg roleplay, I'll go any iteration - the game, mcu, comics (any era) or books, I'm pretty...
  3. mob_lmao

    Fandom Rocket Raccoon - MxM romance!

    > Nowhere. 202X Rocket stumbled wearily into his makeshift home on Nowhere, his muscles aching and his fur matted with sweat. "Another damn solo mission," he muttered, kicking off his boots and collapsing onto his worn-out couch. "I swear, I'm getting too old for this crap." With a tired...