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Screaming Mute
"Yeah of course." Mission chuckled and put her arm around the boy, hugging him closely, "Well you'll have to wait a little bit longer, you'll be eating soon." She grins down at Blu, "You did indirectly have Mircea and Esra put on a show just for you, be a shame if you didn't attend."

---- - ----​

Arbonath sat next to Mal with a lovely glass of some sort of alcohol that was provided and he didn't care specifically - he just started drinking it. He stopped a moment, looked at Mal and clinked his glass before going back to drowning his face. Mission sat next to Blu and Guilty sat on the other side of him. Mission reached for things across the table for the little'uns sitting to the side of her; though it seemed that Guilty would only ask for things AFTER Mission had put them back for Blu. So eventually the Hound just asked Guilty each time she reached for something instead of putting it back straight away, she didn't know whether the Goblin was messing with her or she was just being...terribly polite? Foxy sat next to Arbonath, it was strange to see someone so big sit at a table like this - she was very quiet and polite. Guilty sneaked some of the food to Brutus who was sitting on her lap

As stories were told there were laughs and a sense of companionship amongst the table. Arbonath chuckled and coughed, "That reminds me of when we first met Foxy, she was so eager to be helpful on the Caravan." Arbonath laughed and looked up at her with a smile, she was just glaring at him, he looked back at Felan and continued, "You see she felt like she needed to prove herself or something, so me and Bast found some really terrible looking disguises and pretended to be robbers on our own Caravan. Oh Divines! She was so on edge she didn't recognise us at all, you should've seen her face! AHAHAH"

"Arbie, I threw you by your legs into a nearby river and broke Bast's wrist... and three fingers"


The Dwarf just erupted into fits of laughter.

"Ooo, ooo! Guilty got story." The Goblin stood on her seat, it didn't make much difference. She cleared her throat and straightened her top, "Guilty met Troll one time after Guilty was kicked out of tribe. Troll was very nice to Guilty, talked and talked until AH!" Guilty jumped raising her arms into the air, "TROLL WAS ACTUALLY VERY MEAN! He Tie Guilty up." She began to exaggerated scary faces and made charade like movements, "Troll tell Guilty how Guilty was gonna be cooked. Spices, Herbs, Taters. Guilty was so scared and all hope loss." Guilty's ears dropped.

"BUT THEN QUIET CAME AND QUIET SAVE GUILTY!" She did a jump of excitement again, "AYE. Guilty was so mad of betrayal though! Guilty turned Troll into Frog as Revenge! Troll was called BRUTUS!" Guilty reached under the table and held the frog above her head, an evil grin on her face as she stared up at her trophy.

Mission just stared up at the Frog, sort of leant to the side away from the direction of Guilty with a look of 'what the fuck?' on her face. She had no idea whether to believe the Goblin or not, it was awfully confusing and sort of, hard to believe. Her eyes moved from the Frog to the rest of the table, gauging others' reactions - but her posture remained. Foxy was just smiling in wonder, believing every word of it - she got quite into it and when the Frog was relieved almost leaped out of her seat. Arbonath was squinting, his mouth open staring at the Frog - I don't think the Dwarf has ever been so speechless. Not for long though.

"Like... actually?"


Bast snickered at Arbie and Foxy. Even if he ended up injured, it was a fun prank to be a part of. Mal was too into drinking to pay much attention, though Felan was quite amused by the story. Esra stifled a giggle, her hand covering her mouth. The next person to tell a story was Guilty, the loud little goblin. She spoke of trolls, and turning one into a frog she had at this very table.

Felan looked surprised, though also bewildered. The sprite at his side coming to speak up, "That's a wonderful story, Guilty! Though, are you sure it's safe to have it here?" She didn't seem to doubt the goblin.

Blu looked up at the frog, it's awkward, bulging eyes blinking. His head tilted some, "That's a troll?"

"Not that exactly," Bast said, "She put a form of glamour on it."

"But, you said glamours can't change your size.."

"They can't change your overall size, not the type we use. That is a different type, I'm sure Guilty can explain it better than I can." Bast seemed relaxed, plopping a grape into his mouth when he finished talking. The impline looked confused.


Correll looked up from his plate. The elf had been watching him sloppily scarf down the food, a judging look on his features.

"Why are you watching me eat?" He grumbled.

"Bay told me to watch you."


"So, I'm watching you." Tillian stood to hand Correll his cup after watching the human struggle to reach it. The blond seemed physically stiff, or perhaps too tired to move much. He remained standing for a moment, his hands clasped behind his back. The room was quiet aside from the sound of his boots and muffled talking from down the hall.

Correll huffed after watching Tillian pace, "Now you're just making me nervous, would you sit down somewhere?"

Tillian paused, a sigh escaping him before he sat down at the end of the bed, "Since you seem well enough to talk now; how are you feeling?"

"Sore, tired," Correll answered, "My neck burns, but it's not much compared to forge embers."

The elf nodded softly, turning his gaze to the floor.

"So... what's up with the teeth thing?" Correll asked, not showing much hesitation.

"I have fae blood," Tillian answered, and he was going to keep it a short answer, but the blond's confused and annoyed look swayed him to continue, "My father was half fae. I.. don't know what type. Just that I have these, and other things."

"Is that why your brother is sick?"

"No," Tillian's voice was somewhat aggressive at first, dwindling as he continued, "He is my half brother, we have different fathers."

"Oh, okay.." Correll took another bite of food, giving Tillian some down time before he continued to question him, "What else can you do...you know, because of the fae blood?"

"You ask too many questions."

"I'm stuck in this bed because of you. You can at least find something to talk about if you don't want to answer questions."

Tillian's eyes rolled, his brows sewing together in agitation, "Alright, your tattoo. I saw it at the academy."


"Does it stand for the sun divine?"

Correll nodded, "Yeah, hurt like hell getting it, too."

"It looks like it did," Tillian nodded in agreement. The conversation went quiet and Correll finished eating his food. The elf stood and took his plate, leaving the room to return it to the kitchens.


Screaming Mute
Goblin felt a bit of pride when Esra complimented her story, "Oh yes. It safe, unless Guilty die." Her head flicks between Bast and Blu as they conversed, her face scrunching up.

"Guilty know not glamour, maybe Basty teach Guilty one day. No this spell from Guilty's book! it Polymorph." Guilty puts the Frog down and stands up straight with a finger raised as if to look more intelligent, "Polymorph spell change person to whole new creature entirely, they remember they self in that form, but Guilty think they lose their smartness and take on the instinct of that newcreature. Though they know they something more, they know what happening." Guilty squints at the Frog which just stares up at her blankly. "Guilty fink anyway. Brutus bite me sometimes so Guilty make guess."

"Brutus only turn back when Guilty polymorph other thing, goes at FAR distance or Die."
Her grin resurfaces and she sits back down, continuing to eat her food.

Mission shakes her head, "What if it does transform back? Not to sound like a spoilsport, but why risk the fate of him transforming back and hurting you?"

"Ah yes. If Guilty hurt frog, Brutus transform back too. So Guilty just look after him and keep away from other innocent people."

"How selfless." Foxy smiles, her comment genuine and kind. Guilty nods, a bit of a blush on her cheeks as she covers her face by drinking from a cup she has to lift with both her hands. Foxy looks at the Black Hound and tilts her head slightly.

"I'm surprised you don't have a few stories to tell us Mission."

The dark haired woman paused, looking down what she was about to take a bite of, "I was thinking, but most of my stories aren't suitable for the table. More like a run-down bar or tavern."

Arbonath chuckled, he was way too jolly. He flaps his large hand in the Impline's direction "Oh, cover yer ears Blu."

Mission looked down at Blu beside her and laughed, though it was quite serious. Most of her serious or interesting stories were when she was up north, it was hard to filter them without it tragically involving another creature that would place her in such a period of her life. Her expression hardened as her brain stirred and stewed, she placed her cutlery down, taking a drink instead.

"Another time."


"That's unfortunate, but I appreciate your manners," Felan smiled. The others didn't seem to have to much to say, they didn't feel the need to pry at dinner, Blu turning his focus on the food. More lighthearted stories were told as they continued their meal, some time passing before Felan gently placed his spoon down and cleared his throat, "Before we bring this meal to an end, I'd like to discuss the prince's celebration."

"Ooo, yes," Esra chimed, "I'm excited to see everyone in their outfits! Oh-" She calmed some when those who weren't there for the previous discussion expressed their confusion, "King Mirion is holding a party for the prince tomorrow. Felan and I are invited to attend, and we can bring any guests that we'd like."

"I don't think I'm very suited for..well, noble stuff." Mal said, finally pulling himself from his drink.

"It's entirely optional," Mircea responded, "If you'd like, you can stay here with Correll. He's not feeling well and would probably enjoy the company. Or, maybe go sight seeing in the city?"

"No offense, but I'm not going into the elf city streets alone. I'll watch the boy."

Mircea nodded, "Very well, then."

"But, the outfit I bought you looks nice on you!" Esra objected, a pouting look on her face, "You can't let a dashing man like yourself stay reclusive all the time!"

"I don-..Er, I appreciate it, Esra, but I'm not going," Mal seemed to have stopped himself from being rude, though he still held his ground on the matter.

The sprite huffed before pushing her hair from her face, "Fine, but it's still a waste. Correll, Mal...Who else isn't going?" she glanced over her companions with annoyance, as if she were prepared to be disappointed further.

"I already said I would go if Mircea did." Bast answered.

"And I'm going, of course. I've got to keep an eye on my fellows." Mircea took a sip of his drink.

"Hey, who says we need your ill-matched eyes on us?" The disguised human spoke.

"I'm afraid he does have a point," Felan answered, "Elven court may seem quite inviting at first glance, but I'm afraid it rivals Mitas' own court when it comes to..well, intrigue, I suppose it's called."

"Ay," Mircea concurred, "You may notice it seems like a fun time, but it is still a royal court. What you say or do will be remembered and possibly placed against our host's name, and it isn't something you can brawl your way out of. I'm looking at you two," He glanced at Bast and Mission, "Castle Limear is at the true heart of Yefadorei. Saying you'd have a hard time getting out of the city is putting it easy. And no, that isn't a threat or a challenge, its a warning."

Bast rolled his eyes, their gaze landing on Blu, "Since you're going, make sure you keep your crystals on you. I don't want your glamour failing if you wander off."

"Don't worry about that, I'll be with him the entire time. I do have my own magic supply, you know." Mircea nodded gently.

"You use it so rarely, I hardly remember."

Felan was watching the interactions, a slight disheartened expression on his features, "I do not want to put more weight on your shoulders..By all means, please, enjoy your time there. I trust you wont...take extreme measures unless the situation calls for it."


Screaming Mute
Guilty's expression brightens as the talk about the party commenced, she cheered when she managed to be able to get a word in, "GUILTY GOING! Guilty will behave. Promise." She looks at mircea dead in the eye, still remembering their agreement when they first met. "Quiet staying here. Quiet no do good with people interaction." Which was sort of obvious from his absence from the table.

A little voice from Foxy pipes up, "I'll be going."

Arbonath nods his head, "Not passin up the opportunity for drinks." He taps Mal's arm and looks up at him, giving him a silent nod to make sure he's okay. Though he understood the big man, he was also slightly disappointed he wouldn't be there but didn't show it like Esra did - being a hardy dwarf.

Mission raises an eyebrow at the horrendous accusation, though lets him finish speaking - she sips from her glass while muttering to herself, "Sure sounds like a challenge to me Mister Elf Boss man." She takes a big swig, letting Mircea and Bast have a little back and forth before placing the cup down with a little thud.

"I've made a number appearances at similar courts, believe it or not I know how to act in these circumstances." She gestures to Bast, "We'll get on, I've been teaching him how to keep his urges to himself in the presence of the wrong crowd."


"Remove the dagger from your own eye before placing it another's," Mircea spoke calmly as he looked at Mission, placing his cup down on the table. From his point of view, she had, and was currently, doing the same thing she claimed to ward Bast from. Bast didn't get the chance to retort because of this, knowing Mircea wouldn't allow it if he tried. He sunk into the chair for a moment before hopping onto his feet.

"Well!" The human spoke, "It's been a good meal, but I'm tired and will be excusing myself. Mircea- ah, I wouldn't drink anymore. I've been refilling your cup for you." He gave an exaggerated wave as he escaped the dining room. Mircea glanced down at his cup with a raised brow.

"I believe I agree with Bast," Felan smiled gently, "I will also turn in for the night." He stood, taking his cane in hand and using it as support to lift himself from the chair. "I hope you all rest well, may Nytngal guide you to sleep," the sickly elf waved off Mal when he offered to help him, giving the others a gentle nod before he left their presence.

Mircea sighed, standing to his feet and beginning to collect the dishes that weren't being used. Tillian entered the room just as Felan left, watching Mircea for a moment before joining in to help as Mircea seemed somewhat wobbly.


Screaming Mute
"Thank you so much for the meal." Foxy bows and stands, "I'm tired too, I have an excellent date with my bed waiting for me." She quickly strolls out, leaving the room in silence - there was a strange excited look on her face leaving just after Felan did.

"Go to bed Mircea." Mission took over from collecting the Dishes as Tillian came to help as well. She'd been knocked down a few pegs, though she was always fine with helping out clear the table - especially in circumstances like this where she could at least do her part. As she piled them up and placed them down she ran her hand through Blu's curls and looked down at him, "Tired?"

Guilty stretched and yawned, "Yes thank you."

"N-not... hmm, go to sleep Guilty, we've got it."

"Guilty believe you do."
She hops out of her chair, Brutus cradled in her arms as she walks off quickly - her little legs carrying her out of the room.

Arbonath didn't stand up, he sat there with his drink in hand. He looked down into it, there was a building froth in his beard and his eyes were tired. He grinned suddenly and continued to drink again, he watched them clear the dishes, no real attempt to help. He just chuckled and talked nonsense about his tinkering and things his Dad told him about where he was from.


Mircea nodded, placing the dishes he had on hand down. "hamin son, len," he mumbled as he left, patting Blu's head as he passed. The impline yawned, watching Mission and Tillian work. Mal patted the back of Arbie's chair, wishing the jolly dwarf a good night before he grabbed all the dishes he could carry. Tillian looked moderately surprised by this, his stony expression faltering as he added the last dish to the pile. The elf whistled at him to draw his attention, leading him out of the dinning room.

"Ya'," Blu nodded his head to Mission, a hand coming to rub his eyes, "I'm so full I'm sleepy."


Screaming Mute
Lil Heart Melt. Mission stacked the plates and piled the cutlery - leaving them on the table for the others, doing what she can to keep it all compiled and neat so it was easier for them to clear up. She pulled Blu's chair out slightly and scooped him up into her chest, holding him close - her hand rested on the back of his head. She turned to look at Arbonath.

"Just tell the others I've taken Blu to bed."

All she got in response from his rocked forward head was a loud snore.

"okay then." She turns on her heal and walks out, taking Blu up to his room. She scoots through the door and leans over his bed, placing him down on it - she pries his hands from around her and tucks him in. Sitting beside him for a moment,

"Got a lot more to look forward to tomorrow, good night & sweet dreams."


The night eventually laid everyone to rest, the next morning and afternoon flying by as the travelers prepared for the evening festivities. They arrived at a grand castle, it's open windows and white stone walls engraved with various designs hiding the sturdiness of the structure. Two sets of gates opened into a courtyard that resembled a garden. Large threes stood, winding along the stone paths where glowing flowers bloomed at the edges in the slowly setting sun. Others arrived along side them, nobles and other guests alike dressed in an array of colors and designs, intricate yet simple at a first glance. It was mostly high elves they passed, though there were also other species among them, the least common being human. Music was being played, echoing through a candle and magic lit corridor as they entered the castle, passing through two other large rooms filled with people. It wasn't until they got to the end of the last room that they were brought to a pause.

"One more thing," Felan said, drawing their attention with a nervous smile. He stood in front of two large, closed doors, blocking their way forward as he softly spoke, "They will place us at tables which may not be all together..The seating isn't visibly named, but try to remember where they sat you. It will be needed once they begin the prince's official introduction. Do not be standing when he is at that time, it's extremely disrespectful. Ah- also, never offer to shake in greeting with your left hand. Also, tell the armored man behind me what you wish to be called. Alright...Let us proceed." He turned and spoke to the three armored fellows at the entrance, two of them opening the doors while the other went ahead of them inside.

"INTRODUCING," The small armored elf bellowed into the chattering room, "Feleandal Naevyre, First son of Maelandre. Tillian Naevyre, Second son of Maelandre. Esra Alfdorn, Daughter of Nimp and Gealwin Alfdorn," He took a deep breath, Felan gesturing for the others to follow after him down the steps and across the floor as their names were called, "AND guests: Mission of House Allura, Mircea of House L'dheam, Baelblu of the Midlands, Evangeline Fox, Bast of Sethis, Arbonath, and Guilty the powerful, intelligent, troll hunter." He elf seemed displeased with the amount of names he uttered in one setting, he had to quietly take a moment to catch his breath before leaving back through the doors.

The others were met by more guards as they reached the end of the main dance floor who lead them up a different set of stairs and back to tables that were lined close to the wall. Some people already sat at the tables sporadically, but there was plenty of room for the travelers as well. There was even a cushioned seat built into the wall behind one table that was just big enough for Foxy to be able to fit with moderate comfort, compared to the smaller seats at least. Mircea and Blu sat with Felan, Tillian, and Esra at one table. Bast took a seat at the table next to theirs, though it was some distance off, leaving room for people to move about. One person already sat there, what looked to be a female half orc in loose clothing that didn't quite suit her took up one of the seats, the other four seats being empty though one seat showed signs of having been previously occupied.

Blu was mesmerized by everything. Everyone was dressed nicely, the music was lively yet relaxing, food and drink was provided at tables near the walls where people gathered and chattered among each other. The setting sun brought warmth into the room and set an atmosphere that Blu couldn't quite place. Esra was quite happy to see everyone in their outfits, giving the girls giddy smiles the most as Felan watched the room with hidden exhaustion. Tillian didn't seem phased by any of it, taking a sip of wine from the gold colored cups provided. Bast was impressed as well, though his focus was more on the attendants than the castle. There were a lot of beautiful people here today, some easily catching eyes via their clothing or others who attracted attention due to their presence. One such person approached the table, golden cup of wine in hand. His skin was an olive tone, his hair curly and brown, and his eyes a mossy green. The clothing he wore wasn't as extravagant as most attending, the long embroidered cloak hanging from his body barely covering the revealing, loose wrapped shirt below it and dark trousers. He wore subtle jewelry, an appealing contrast to the decoration on his head that covered his ears with gold and small plants. He sat down and crossed his legs, the chair finding its previous occupant as he drank from his cup. Bast looked away before the man's gaze shifted towards the new people sitting at the tables, his right brow slightly raising.

"What do we do now?" Blu asked Mircea, his disguised red hair coiling as he looked up at the elf.

"Well, now we mingle, little one," Mircea stood, letting Blu grab his hand as he left the table to talk to a few nobles who he'd met before. Blu watched and listened beside him, answering questions when he was asked them.

A different noble came by to greet Felan and Esra, His red hair slicked back from his elven face, "Felan! It's a pleasure to see you attend."

"Nimur, how lovely to see you," Felan smiled, holding his right hand out for the other elf to gently shake, "It's been far too long. Did you bring any guests? I've brought a lively bunch with me."

Nimur nodded, "I can see that, such beautiful people you surround yourself with. I've brought only my wife and a guest, though I don't know where- Ah," He raised a long hand to point at the table where Bast sat, "This fellow. I haven't known him long, but he is a joy."

"You never change," Felan chuckled lightheartedly, "So inviting, yet you've failed to remember his name."

"I'm afraid my kind heart gets the better of me," Nimur chuckled with Felan before nodding, "I must find my wife- This is a dangerous atmosphere for her to be out and about."

"Triss was never one to be tame," Felan nodded, "Good luck, my friend."

Nimur nodded back, some amusement on his features.


Screaming Mute
Mission's dress clung to her body, a confident stride in her step as they approached and entered the castle. Her hair was tied up into a neat bun, having Foxy help braid and keep it up there were the odd blue flowers tied into her roots; her twin thin blades slotted into the threads to keep them in place. The Garden they entered was a beautiful sight and much better looking than the one kept in Mitas' court, Mission observed the glowing flowers from afar - she didn't know if she saw these before, but their properties were interesting to her. The building was large as she expected, they were taken through two large rooms with lots of occupants before reaching what seemed to be their destination.

She took note of the rules that Felaendal had warned them about, she kept them in her mind. She kind of wanted to make a good impression, especially as a Human (also to pick up hot elves). She thought about what to tell the Guard, she was hesitant about giving her name - but the Allura name was one of Honour and Greatness, so it was in her best interest to use it. She gave it willingly and proceeded.

As the group was spoken into the room, Mission remained stoic but she looked out for a certain someone with red hair and a fae hunting background, Foxy looked visibly excited to walk in - her head scanning the room with curiosity. Arbonath... was looking at his own posh clothes, straightening and fiddling with it every five seconds - he looked uncomfortable. Guilty however. When the multitude of titles that had been read out as she walked in, she waved with a very lazy "royal" like wave at anyone who seemed to be looking at her - strutting in with her back straightened, her eyes half closed and a noble pretentious smile plastered on her face. The Goblin was wearing a white tailcoat which stretched down her back and dragged along the floor, a red inner threading - her pants were also tailored white and turned up at the ankles; no shoes. A scarf tied as an ascot sticking out from the v-neck section of her tailcoat.

Arbonath made his way straight to the bar. Foxy sat in the built in seat, it was best for her rather than trying to cope on a small seat with everyone else - she didn't want to be rude, but she also didn't want to be uncomfortable. She was at Felan's table also, overlooking everyone. Mission was, typically placed on Bast's table - she rolled her eyes, the only saving grace was Guilty sat between them. If that was a saving grace. The Goblin was already messing with things on the table, observing the silverware closely and grabbing a piece of bread and chomping it on - she grabbed what she thought was a free glass of wine and took a quick swig. Mission pinched the tip of her ear and whispered.

"Oi. Chill out."

"Aw. Let the Goblin Indulge, I'm certainly curious to see how she ticks, not like I get to see a Goblin much especially in a hall like this."

A Female High Elf approached the seat next to Mission, her skin tanned - her outfit was lovely. A dark navy kimono like top gown with a crimson sash, a deep V cutting through that exposed the top of her belly button - it was opened so you could see her skin and what looked like abs; also the very cropped black top that wrapped around her breasts (i have no idea what their proper name is). She wore black loose baggy pants with decorated golden dragon pattern that wrapped up the left leg and spread across the waist with the wings, the head of the dragon coming down the right leg consuming the head of another dragon that was half way up wrapping around her right leg. She had two golden bands wrapped around her neck and a fine golden piece of jewellery draped over her collar hanging over her chest. The Elf also had a ring piercing looped around the centre of her bottom lip and many decorated her ears. Her dark brown auburn hair was long and started to ripple as it went passed her ear. Everything she wore was very suitable, though what stood opposite to her whole neat appearance was the two messy scars that originated under the ear spread across the cheek and ended under her eye just beside her nose. Her expression was hard with a slight curve at the end of her lips, even though as she spoke it was filled with a jovial attitude.

Mission nodded in response to the lady as she pulled herself closer to the table with a passive grace that most High Elves carried. Guilty was staring at the lady, a mouth full of bread - she then chugged from the wine glass, the bread soaking it up in her mouth.

"How's the wine little fellow? I found it quite good - the fruity aroma and strawberry finish helps hide the full-bodied liquid hitting you straight away. Delays the inevitable."

The Goblin just nodded at the Elf, not really understanding or caring to pay much attention to what she was drinking Mission places her hand over the Glass Guilty was drinking from and lowers it to the table, "Maybe take it easy on the wine from now on."

The Elf chuckled and winked at Guilty, "Small in constitution, but I have faith in you Girl. If you don't mind I'll be observing how you take it from now on."

Mission raised an eyebrow, her attention turned to the lady at the table. She didn't know how to start a greeting, remembering that a handshake of a certain hand was rude but she didn't remember which and so abandoned the idea, sort of stumbling over her words.

"Uh, My Name's Mission. Pleasure to meet you."

"Ah yes, nice to meet you Mission."
She went to grab her glass of wine and realised that the Goblin had it. Her hand delicately clasped shut and she brought it around, holding it out to the Human. Mission took it in hers and shook once, "Khorazaldana Silvé'scalos, if it's easier Zaldana or Khora is fine and to be honest with you I noticed Mission of House Allura enter when the speaker read out your name, how could I not when you're looking like that? Though, don't tell my wife I said that or else my night may not be how I plan it to end."

Mission didn't now what to say, she was taken aback by the sudden compliment that was shot her way. It was delayed but the blush finally surfaced on her face as she looked away. The Elf's subtle smile became a mischievous smirk though it subsided as she turned her attention back to Guilty who was looking around now, trying to blink off the fuzzy feeling in her brain.

"What's your name little one?"

The goblin's attention homed in on the elf, her head wobbled, "Guilty is me."

"What a peculiar name. And what are you Guilty of?"

"HAHA! Funny Elf. A lot of fings"
The two of them chuckled at each other.


"Have you ever tried wine from the vineyards of Valmon?" A smooth voice chimed into the conversation before silence could settle over the table's inhabitants again. The curly haired man settled his gaze on Khora for a moment, a small, unassuming smile on his lips, "They make the most delicious wine anyone could ask for. It's aged in caramelized oak and goes down finely, the flavor not holding too much sweetness or bitterness, a perfect brew."

Bast's attention returned to the table when the man started speaking, "Are you sure you're not exaggerating? And, I've never heard of Valmonian vineyards."

"That is because they are new, but they're growing," The man seemed unbothered by Bast's jabbing question, his half-closed eyes turning to him with shaded confidence, "I might be exaggerating, but I also may not be. Would you like to try some and see for yourself?" He gracefully leaned and plucked a glass bottle from a dark bag that was kept under the table, holding to where the others could see, "Anyone want a taste?" It was a subtle challenge, the disguised human's brows becoming uneven as he stared at the man.

"Of course I want to try it after that," Bast said with a slightly annoyed tone, lifting his empty cup outwards towards the man. The male obliged, pulling the top from the bottle before pouring a small amount of gleaming, red liquid into the golden glass. "That's not a lot of wine," Bast commented.

The man gave a short, gentle chuckle, "It's quite strong. And, as you suggested earlier, it would be a waste if you didn't like it."


Screaming Mute
Khora's finger ran down her philtrum daintily, resting it on her bottom lip piercing as she fiddled with it subtly moving it side-to-side. Eventually she spoke out when Bast said his piece, "I have not heard of such a vineyard either - I will have to visit. I always like to visit up and coming businesses if they can brew art. I shall accept." Her hand flicked in the air and she reached forward while standing, scooping up Guilty's empty cup as the Goblin had stolen her previously full one and reached forward across the table accepting the offer from the gentleman. "Thank you."

Guilty gulped the rest of her cup and stood up on her chair, leaning over the table one hand stretched out with her golden cup pointing towards the man. Her other hand rested on the edge of the table as she needed to support herself because she was leaning quite far over to get a good range towards the bottle. When the wine was poured into her cup, Mission grabbed her by the collar before she could start drinking it in the same position she was in and pulled her back to the seat, Guilty's bottom lip was an inch from the cup as she jerked back and was plonked on the seat.

She took her own empty cup and reached outwards, quite curious herself. Though she sort of, waited for Bast, Guilty and the Elf next to her to try theirs first. Guilty had already brought the cup to her mouth and was tipping it into her mouth. Mission rolled her eyes and put her cup down, putting her finger on the bottom of the glass and tipping it back away from her mouth. The Goblin's eyes shot towards her and narrowed.


"Guilty. You've sat down for no more than 5 minutes and you're going to be dead in 10 if you keep this up."

The Goblin pulled her cup away from Mission quite aggressively and her face scrunched up, then her eyes closed tightly and she put the cup back down on the table, but she misses the edge of the table properly misjudging the closeness and it almost falls back onto her but the Black Hound catches it and puts it on the table proper. Tutting. The Goblin sits back in her chair and repeatedly claps her lips together like she's got a lingering taste on the tip of her tongue.

"Ah hells."

As this happened, Khora had sat back down and brought the cup to her nose - swirling the goblet in her hand as the liquid swirled around within. She glanced over at the Goblin, her mouth twitching into a quick smirk. The bouquet was nice, a pleasant aroma and she took a sip from it holding it in her mouth for a moment before swallowing it and placing her cup back down on the table.

"Mmmm my that is good. I will definitely request to take a look at this Vineyard, if I may be bold. Heh, enough of that might even get me tipsy."

Mission sort of mimicked the Elf beside her, sniffing for some reason and then sipping - it was indeed pleasant, though she wasn't as much as a wine taster or connoisseur as these two seemed to be and just enjoyed the taste but thought little of it. She drank from it again and this time it sort of hit her how strong this wine was, noticing it finally as she blinked it back and looked at the Elf; she must have a hardy constitution to be able to confidently say that she'd only maybe get tipsy.

"Quite good yes."

Khora chuckled as she'd watched the reaction on Mission's face and turned to look back at the male who had presented them with the alcohol. "May I ask you your name, I believe we have not been acquainted before?"


The man had held the glass bottle towards the half orc as well, but she rejected the offer, raising her large hand to stop him, "No drink." He nodded gently, pulling the glass back from her. His green eyes flitted back to Khora when she addressed him, his smile widening some, "Call me Cianan, and I don't think we have. Though, it is always a pleasure to meet beautiful creatures." A golden cup was placed on the table with a light thud, Bast giving a sigh with a smile on his face. "Should I take that as you being pleased with the taste?"

"Ay, that's good," Bast tittered.

"I'm glad everyone enjoys it," Cianan responded with a lightheartedness to his voice.

"Can I have more?" Bast spoke up again.

"Mm," Cianan looked the man over in thought, "If you want more I'll oblige, but you don't look to hold a strong constitution." He gently reached out and plucked the cup from Bast's hand, pouring more of the wine into it than before. "Last chance to change your mind?" He spoke, one of his brows raised as he looked over the rim of the glass at the disguised human.

Bast shook his head, "I'll take that." He took the cup from Cianan quickly, placing it down in his own hand.

Cianan gave a sigh of mock defeat, a quiet chuckle escaping his parted lips as Bast proceeded to chug the alcohol, "Anyone else?" After a few minutes he took his own cup and drank from it, "So, what brings you to Yefadorei?" He asked the table, glancing over their faces. Bast started looking mildly uncomfortable, or just tipsy to those who knew him, the tan skin of his face faintly tinted a darker red as he leaned onto his hand. The orc huffed and walked away from the table, seeming annoyed with their drinking.

"Well, someone doesn't like parties," Bast commented, watching her leave.


Screaming Mute
Khora observed Bast for a while, her fingers intertwined into one another with her elbows on the table. As he offered the wine around the table once more her hands parted, palms facing up as her shoulders quickly shrugged, "I won't say no to some more wine." She got her cup filled up this time, she knew she could handle it. She also did enjoy it quite a bit, though she craved a bit of spice to it as was her favourite in wines.

Mission raised her hand this time, just from the first couple of sips she knew she'd keep sipping from it and probably end up in a bad position. She still wanted to make a decent impression and she did say she'd behave. Her gaze fell on Bast, a quizzing expression on her face as she noticed his slightly red face. Guilty stirred on her seat and let out a groan. Cianan asked a question which allowed her to distract herself from worrying about her... acquaintances. Though the orc across from them made a little bit of an exit in response. What was her deal?

Khora just watched her leave, her expression concerned but for something else entirely, her eyes scanning across to the other side of the room, "I wonder if she'll swap seats with my wife? Then again her table is worse than ours." She chuckled and turned her attention back to Cianan.

"Ah well lovey, I'm from here and the last of my blood the Silvé'scalos line. I left Yefadorei leaving my estate & wealth in the hands of my servants and travelled a long way for a long time. Of course I checked in and eventually fell in love visiting more often to see her and decided to stay. I don't mean to brag but my Wife is absolutely exquisite, The Phoenix Fist of Yefadorei of House Thendrim. She's sitting with the rest of her family, I'm sure as the evening progresses you'll get to meet her."

Mission listened to the quick history of the lady sitting next to her, she seemed quite devoted and proud of what she had to say. After she'd finished there was a moment of silence as Khora turned her gaze to the Black Hound, the look was curiously intimidating even for a lady that was completely calm and content.

"Oh right. I'm travelling with Lady Esra Alfdorn and a bunch of quite... interesting fellows. These two are also travelling with her, Bast longer than I, Guilty relatively new. A few of us had business to settle here so we stopped off the other day, now we're here."

"These two?"
Khora's finger was fiddling with her lip piercing again, "Hmm I thought you two were closer, you're not a couple then?" She gestures to Bast, but remained looking at Mission who was currently taking a sip of her drink, the question caused her to almost choke on the alcohol, she tried to cough quietly but to no avail and covered her red expression with her cup as she coughed to the side. Khora chuckled quite calmly, finding the whole situation quite amusing to her.


Bast couldn't stop the harsh laughter that escaped him at the question, his arms coming to hold his stomach. Mission coughed along side this, the silk haired man coming to calm enough to let out, "With HER?"

Cianan let an amused, puzzled look form over his previous calm expression, "Are you implying she's not attractive? If so, I'd have to say you're blind. "

Bast shook his head, his hand waving outwards as he started recollecting himself, "No, no, Mission is quite beautiful, but we'd try to kill each other- No, we'd definitely kill each other before any romance could happen."


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"You say that now, but the amount of times I got punched before my lady said yes to me was...hmmm about 14 times. I remember each one." Khora wasn't just subtly smiling anymore, it was a clear grin which didn't falter.

Mission placed her cup down, her face still red and strangely she could not really say anything. She was in a strange spot, receiving a numerous amount of compliments which usually she'd be fine with and it'd boost her confidence. However she felt uncomfortable right now and kind of just sat there not knowing what to do.

"I admire your honesty, Bast was it? She is quite beautiful, if she's not yours then I'm completely okay with that."

Mission raised an eyebrow at Khora, a puzzled expression, "You mention your wife a lot."

"Oh yes, I love her very very much. But I also love and appreciate women, I won't say more - it's not the place for it."

The Black hound stood up from her seat, she glared at Bast for a moment and then her expression just softened in defeat and she left the table. She made her way towards the exit and just told the guards she needed a bit of air, they let her out no problem as she exited from the door and stood outside against the wall beside the door rubbing her hand against her head, closing her eyes. "Mircea said to behave." She was slightly flustered, frustrated and irritated - though all things considered she was getting compliments.

Khorazaldana stroked her hair and looked at Bast as Mission left, pouting slightly and then winking, "Look at me, I'm misbehaving." She looked at Cianan, "And so what's your story my friend?"


Bast snickered at Khora's wink. He leaned back into the seat, his head rolling back to see Esra giving him a scolding glare only for him to straighten himself and huff. Cianan gave a half smile as Mission left, his eyes settled on her distancing figure before Khora spoke to him again. "I'm simply a seeker of the fine and pleasurable," he responded with somewhat cryptic lightheartedness, "I was invited by an acquaintance," he looked over the crowd, his eyes stopping at a raven haired female elf, dressed in a dark blue satin gown that hung loosely from her sonsy form. His hand gestured towards her, "Triss Levenine. We met briefly at a private celebration, I'm merely an accessory for her and her husband tonight."

Bast's gaze followed Cianan's hand, his head tilting to see the woman before he reverted his attention back to Cianan, "I'd say she doesn't need an accessory." The man calmly chuckled at Bast's words.


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Khora turns on her chair and looks back, her arm resting on the back of it until her eyes lay on who she assumed was Triss Levenine. She observes for a moment before turning back on her chair towards the table. "I feel as though the divines will sat us at the same table, you have an eye for the fine and pleasurable and I'd say I do too. I suppose our orcish friend didn't reciprocate however. You're very mysterious and sharp, maybe I'll get more out of you as the night passes."

Khora drank from her cup, enjoying the wine a lot. "Bast, Mission mentioned you travelled and I'm curious as travellers if you've heard of a place hidden between the Midlands and the Westlands. Lythrope?"


Mission spent a few minutes outside before she regained her composure and was about to head inside, however walking towards the room down the middle of the corridor was a High Elvish Man, his dark black hair long, slick and straight and as it got to his lower back it was tied into a short plait. His face was gaunt and his eyes were blue, his robes fitted and form fitted to his thin body, his hands were held behind his body and he walked with an importance. Behind him was a lot of activity, two rows of guards holding spears wearing armour slightly different only in colour. She assumed it was a different regiment of soldiers either under this man or another similar. The thin elf approached the door guard,

"Lord Dresden?"

"The Prince will be here soon and I have been informed by King Mirion to double the guard."

"Very well."
The Guard nods to his colleagues and they open the door for him, he walks through with Lord Dresden and announces him to the room.


The Elf walks in with guards in tow, the guards spread out around the edges of the room and double up with the other guards dotted in the area. Some of his guard stay outside with the others too, making conversation with their kin. Mission watches them talk to each other for a bit, laughter coming from the soldiers of two different regiments. It reminded her of home. She felt a little more comfortable watching this and goes in after them.

The Black Hound walks passed Dresden who was observing the room, they lock eyes for a moment and the Elf tilts his head. He then goes back scanning the room, but he had a curious look on his face, like he had recognised her. He moved on and mingled with the guests, wearing a content look on his face.

Mission found the bar and leaned against it, she ordered a drink not paying much attention until she heard a familiar laugh and turned her head. Arbonath was sitting on a stool, flirting with one of the barmaids, drinking to his heart's content. She'd step in to save her, but the Barmaid actually looked okay and smiling. He was pulling the moves, and working? She was slightly baffled.


Cianan gently waved his cup at Khora's words, "Perhaps." He changed positions, switching the legs that were crossed. Bast gave a slightly surprised look before smiling at Khora, a partial haze over his eyes, "Of course I've heard of it," he paused, glancing at the table in thought for a moment, his lively tone faltering some, "I don't know a traveler who hasn't. The traveler's Paradise, it is after all. Why do you ask?" He seemed somewhat intoxicated, swapping part of his sentence around.

Tillian looked uncomfortable. Felan had encouraged him to mingle, the guests around him more interested in talking about their clothing than anything worthwhile.

Esra and Felan sat talking to one another, greeting other nobles who stopped by their table with surprise that Felan attended.

Mircea and Blu were out near the left balcony now, the elf pointing out certain buildings to the boy that held relevance to Yefadorei's history.


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"I had a feeling, I just didn't want to assume. I haven't been there in a loooong while." Her eyes exaggerated and rolled around in her sockets as she said the word. "Is it thriving? Doing as well as it usually does? I think I recall a time when it was only a few buildings and tents."

Mission got her drink, it was fizzy clear with a tint of red to its liquid and was provided in a chute glass. She moved through the crowds of guests and found her way back to her table. Sitting down quietly.

Khora bowed her head at Mission, "I apologise for being naughty."

Mission didnt look at Khora and just watched her glass, "It's okay, I'm usually okay I'm just on edge."

Khora wanted to respond, but she just apologised for being bad and instead smirk with mischief and sipped her wine.


Foxy loomed over the table, though she was getting slightly fidgety and started to look around. Seeing mission move her way through the crowd to her table she stood up. Her form towered over most of the crowd as she made her way to mingle also.

A couple of nearby guards just sort of looked at each other as she stood and then watched her part the crowd with ease.


Bast shrugged lazily, sticking the tip of his tongue out at Khora. His expression shifted to slight annoyance when Mission returned, his attention shifting to the crowds.

Cianan stood with a small smile on his face, his gaze elsewhere, "I'll return." He sauntered into the crowd with ease, winding through the people until he reached the other side of the room where Triss and Nimur stood. Bast sighed when watching him leave, his posture failing some. Music played over the mingling guests, though it was relatively silent for a moment at the table. Only for a moment.

"Mission?" A familiar voice chimed as Tillian approached, one of his gloved hands held behind his back, "May I speak with you for a moment?" A horn bellowed throughout the room when he finished speaking, causing the elf's expression to shift to slight concern as his attention was pulled towards the entrance.

"INTRODUCING," the small elf yelled, "HIS MAJESTY, KING MIRION," The crowd silenced, the music becoming lighter as a tall, svelte man stepped into the room accompanied by two armored figures who stayed two steps behind him. His skin was light but held a pinkish life to it, contrast to the black hair that draped down his back like ink. Robes made of fine silk and cotton clung to and draped from his body, reaching the floor in a gradient of greenish blue. The clothes he wore and the refined posture he held himself with showed that a man of importance, if his mere presence wasn't enough to give that impression. A crown shaped like small tree branches that had been sharpened held his head, small flowers blooming from the points, light pulsating from the cracks in the surface. Despite the weight of his title and presence, he held a happy, welcoming smile on his face, violet eyes looking around the room whilst he gracefully walked along the tiled floor. Another figure soon followed him.

"HER MAJESTY, QUEEN LANELLE," A woman of slightly tan skin followed the king inside. She seemed solemn compared to the king's liveliness, the muscles of her face relaxed into a slight frown as she kept her amber eyes forward. Her white-blonde curls cascaded down the curve of her back in a loose yet put together braid, covering the skin that showed from the open-back dress she wore. It was a lighter material than the king's, the purple gown lightly flowing as she walked forward. The crown she wore was smaller than the kings, holding decorations of berries and green leaves. She stopped at his side when they reached the end of the main floor, turning with him to face the entrance.

"PRINCESS NEOMA, SECOND BORN OF KING MIRION, AND PRINCE CORVIN, THIRD BORN OF KING MIRION," The two shorter figures entered the room. One was a young woman with soft features, her waves of white-blonde hair pulled back and intricately braided around a dainty silver circlet. The light, flowy material of her dress was nearly see-through at the ends, the periwinkle and white colors gradually fading into one another where small, clear gemstones decorated the subtle white embroidery at her shoulders and hips. At her side, escorting her down the stairs, was a male who contrasted her almost entirely. His short hair was the same inky black as their father's, styled in what looked like a feeble attempt at taming the unruly bedhead. The dark purple of this formal clothing was nearly black and decorated with faded silver embroidery, a slight v neck showing part of his chest. The two had two things obviously in common, they both held the same violet eyes as their father, and a nervous seriousness about their expressions. They joined their parents at the end of the main floor, separating to stand at either side of them.

"PRINCE Mealan, FIRST BORN OF KING MIRION AND HEIR TO LEVAN." The blonde prince walked down the steps, his wavy hair swept back from his face. His skin was slightly tan, his eyes the same amber as his mother's own. A nervous but proud smile was worn on his face, robes of red and intricate golden embroidery holding his form. The small circlet on his head was also gold, two white gemstones embedded on either side. It took him a moment to focus on the figures of his family ahead, glancing up at the guests as he passed them in greeting. When he did finally reach the end, his father placed his hands onto the prince's shoulders, giving him a proud smile.

"Now, my son," The music began to play once again as Mirion spoke to the prince, "We shouldn't keep our guests waiting. It's time to dance." Maelan nodded, stepping over to his sister as Mirion released him. Mirion held his hand out for Lanelle to take, the two have the first dance. It was a short, slow paced dance, the lovers flowing together quite naturally. Maelan took Neoma's hand into his own, leading her in a well-practiced dance on the tiles, meeting his mother. They swiftly switched partners, Maelan gracefully being lead by the hand to his brother, Corvin, who seemed reluctant to join the tradition. The heir yanked his brother from where he stood with a smile on his face, his brother giving an annoyed looked before taking the lead for a moment and spinning the heir away from him towards the center of the floor. Maelan had to catch his footing beside his father who was clapping with the music. Others came to join them, mostly those who knew that their heir reaching the center meant it was okay to join.

The king and Queen exited the main floor, heading to the two seats at the center of the top floor. Mirion was chuckling some at his children's performance. Neoma was stuck rejecting a few requests for dances on her way out, Corvin being her saving grace as he pushed passed them and took her along with him by the arm. The youngest prince grabbed an untouched cup of wine from a mostly empty table they passed, mumbling to Neoma, "That was embarrassing."

Neoma giggled calmly, "At least Maelan enjoyed it."


Screaming Mute
Mission turned to face Tillian, and as she was about to respond a horn bellowed into the room. This caught the attention of Khora too who spun in her seat, resting her arm on the back of it as she watched. Guilty's lazy head wobbled in the direction of the door as they all watched the Royal Family of Yefadorei finally be introduced.

Dresden meanwhile turned his attention to the door, his form calm and arms behind his back. He begun to move around, giving whispered orders as he had his guard clear an area for the Royals to stands, beckoning the crowd to part for them as it gave them the dance floor to perform the traditional ceremony. It was nice, and well done and cute when it came to the kids and as the prince joined in others started to move in.

Khora being quite confident got up on her chair and moved to the dance floor, she looked back at Mission biting the edge of her lip and spun away - her wife approaching from the other side of the room and they met in the middle. Zaldana's lady was a bit shorter than her and quite athletic looking, her arms clearly buff as she wore a sleeveless tunic that was quite smart, it was crimson with yellow markings over the seems and edges of it. She had wristbands that matched her armbands, similar in colour and pattern to her tunic. Her face was round, she was slightly tan and had golden eyes - her hair is what made her and her Family stand out the most, orange & fiery, growing light as it reached the tips. Her hair in particular was quite short but messy and unkempt. Khora's hand clasped her partners and they danced closely, the shorter of the couple seemed quite serious in her expression not really smiling as Khora had a loving & content smile staring down at her partner.

Mission looked back up to Tillian and stood, taking his hand into hers. "How about we dance and talk?" Not really giving him long to answer, she took him onto the dance floor and spun to face him, her other hand resting on his shoulder. "What's the matter?"

Dresden bowed to the King as he passed him to the seating arrangements and then when he rose, spun his finger in the air - the guards moving to sift back into the crowd and guard the edges of the room. He moved out of the way of the dancing and stood near the main entrance of the room.

-- - --

"Excuse me ma'am? May I take this dance?"

Foxy turned around after watching the royal family entrance, she was looking down at a smiling confident looking man. He was a smart looking High Elf, average in height but bold - his eyes blue and his hair short, styled up blonde. His face was soft and had light freckles, on his left ear and he wore a smart black outfit lined with a light blue that matched his eyes. He had a gold chain which was tucked into his right chest pocket and draped over his chest and hung from his looped left earring. The giantess nodded shyly and allowed him to take her hands as she moved hers towards him.

"I'm sorry if it seemed, out of the blue. But I could not pass up the opportunity to dance with such an amazing, fascinating looking creature like you."

Foxy blushed and moved her head to look away, keeping up in the dancing with him and not overstepping, but still embarrassed; "I'm...I'm just a Human."

"I doubt that is all you are, can I invite you to my table after? So that we may talk? I have so many questions, but I want to savour this moment with you by not prodding right now."

She didn't say anything and nodded, mouthing the word, "Okay."


Tillian was taken to the dance floor before he could respond to Mission, having to take a moment to recollect himself when he was sudden surrounded by a lot of dancing people. He took hold of her when she placed her hand on his shoulder, leading her to dance as he spoke just loud enough that Mission could hear, "Well, I'm not sure how to explain this," he glanced to his side, taking note of how close the other dancers were to them, "However, my master issued a message to me she wanted me to tell you. She said she most likely wont make it tonight. She's currently tracking a large amount of fae energy in Yefadorei," He spun them both, prodding her expression for a reaction, "I don't know the real reason why she went out of her way to tell you, but I have a warning, if you'll take it." The elf then gracefully dipped Mission, "Bay is not someone who will put relationships before her work, romantic or otherwise. I wouldn't..suggest getting involved with her unless that is something you can handle."

"Annnnd Kiss!" Bast called out towards Mission and Tillian, leaning over the railing of the top floor to snicker at them. Tillian lifted Mission, an annoyed expression on his face when he recognized the voice.


Screaming Mute
Mission listened to the boy, it was slightly disheartening news and to be fair, expected it being slightly pessimistic already. Though it sounded quite serious, she couldn't help wonder if she was going to be okay. A warning came next, a disheartening one - she looked angry, but again the second time of the night it immediately softened and she just looked a little sad.

"Alright." her eyes looked down, finding the floor - distracting herself with footwork. She understood, and felt a slight twang in her chest. Her brows furrowed and a hint of anger surfaced on her face for a moment but she knew she couldn't blame Tillian, if anything he was being sweet and warning her about someone he knew way more than she did. However the fact that Bay went out of her way to tell Tillian she wasn't going to make it was a nice thought and stuck in the back of her mind. She was lifted, giving Bast a quick look before being placed back down - she let go of Till and nodded at him. "Appreciated, just so you know I can handle a lot. Watch."

The Black Hound struts her way off the dance floor, up the stairs in the direction towards their table but seemingly passed Bast. She stopped in her stride and stared at him, it looked like she was keeping back the urge to smack him and start a fight.

"As you wish." Mission grabs Bast's top with her hand and pulls him to her, planting a fat kiss on his lips before throwing her arm out, letting him go. She didn't acknowledge him after that and left the room again but through one of the little side doors, it wasn't really her night.

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