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"I understand your highness." Dresden's head falls forward and he allows himself to be taken, there was no resistance and he holds his hands out for the guards as he's dragged away.

The rest of the guests bow to their king, the Thendrim's more deep than Khora's. The large man walked up to his daughter, placing his big hand on her shoulder.

"Come home tonight. Please. Your wife is invited to stay of course; I just would prefer to have everyone close. Feels safer. Just tonight. I'll have a room made for you both."

Valkyrie's hand came to her father's on her shoulder, a hesitant nod. "I will. We will. Even though this is horrible, I'm glad we lost no one... no one else." The Father embraced his daughter quickly and stroked her hair, he eventually stopped and left the room, meeting with the rest of the Family to go back to their property.

Khora left the room with Valkyrie, they stopped and the taller woman wrapped her arms around her Wife's waist - looking down at her face. The red head draped her arms around Khora's shoulders and stared back at her. "Ar lath ma."

"I love you too."
They shared a kiss and Valkyrie left. Khora's head turned to look at Corvin who she approached slowly, her hand slowly moved up his left shoulder and caresses his cheek for a moment before recoiling her hand.

"My Prince... divines ghi'la ma. I'm not going to ignorantly say that it's going to be fine and that you're going to be okay. But I will do everything in my power to bring your sister back, I am yours to command. And whatever decision your Father makes, you can come to me at anytime."

--- ---​

Mission walked over to him and punches him straight across the face. She stares at him, "Yeah I am pretty important." She then, before he could make some smart quip back at her, grabs his face and kisses him. For a while. Her hands on his cheeks as she pulls away, her eyes swollen up further - tears built up again.

"Thank you..." Her voice broke, but there was a genuine emotion to it. She didn't know what else to say, she didn't know the man very well but he had done something that she would not of expected. As strange and mysterious as he was, and what he had provided for her, how he made her feel. It was not normal.


Corvin drew still when he was touched, eyes reddened from crying moving to look at Khora as she spoke. A heavy sigh escaped him, "Thank you, lady Silve'scalos." He started to leave her side, stopping after a second thought ran through his mind, his head turning to her again, "Khora, I know my father would not allow it if I asked, but I want to come."

Cianan had embraced her when she kissed him, his grip loosening when she pulled away. "It's quite alright," he sighed, his thumbs rubbed her side as his gaze shifted to the impline. Blu had shot the two adults a disgusted grimace, moving away from them to play with a wooden toy he previously found. A quiet chuckle left the man, "You and your boy have that in common," Cianan smiled some, "He shot me with a hand bow when we got here. Feisty little one, he is- Though, he does have good aim." His green eyes lifted back to Mission, hands gently tugging her closer, "Did you like my gift?"


Screaming Mute
Khora's eyes narrowed and she couldn't help but smirk, "Then come. I won't stop you..." She approaches him, moving behind him her hands clutch his shoulders and she whispers into his ear, "Nor will I tell him, if you need help sneaking out. Come to my house and I will take you with me. After the meeting of course."

-- -- --​

Mission looked at the Impline with an amused smile with her hands now draped over the man's shoulders, she felt pride that he had shot Cianan - as dangerous as it was. It was uplifting. Her attention was brought back to Cianan when he tugged her closer, she took a moment before looking down, her hand moves to her waist as she brings up the cup into view between them.

"Loved it. It's going to be a hard story to explain to people that this Cup claimed more lives than the average soldier's career. I don't know what you did, but I want it back."


Corvin nodded, whispering, "Thank you," to Khora before he pulled away from her, continuing to walk forward towards the east of the castle.

"That would be a grand tale," Cianan said with subtle confidence, "I have reason to believe you'll be getting your own sword soon enough, but" His hands moved to wrap around her again, clasping together behind her back as he leaned closer to the cup, "This cup has its own properties." He gently blew over the rim, the glass filling with red wine from the bottom up, "Fill this with any liquid, and it will replenish itself once emptied." The man lifted his head back, the same small smile on his face, "Try it, see for yourself."

Mircea opened the gates for his company, staying behind to close them once everyone was inside. The group seemed tired and worn from tonight's events. As much as the hybrid wanted to search the gardens, he didn't wish to push the others, instead taking it upon himself to help Felan inside and up the stairs. Bast, Tillian, and Esra separated to their own rooms with quiet farewells. It wasn't but a few minutes later when Mircea returned to the lower floors and almost everyone had gone to bed. He sighed, his hands rubbing his face before he began removing the blood stained coat from his torso, hanging it over his right arm. The loose shirt he wore kept him from feeling suffocated, despite the heavy feeling in his chest. He patted the cloak, continuing down the hall towards Correll's room.

Cianan looked passed Mission after a moment, one of his hands lifting from her back. The ivy crowns on the sleeping men's heads disappeared just before Mircea entered the room, the man's brows raising at the elf.

Mircea gave a relieved sigh at the sight of Blu, "you're safe," He glanced over to Mal and Correll who were asleep, his eyes lifting to the two adults who were awake. The exhaustion on his face was enough reason as to why he didn't begin bombarding them with questions, his brows furrowing, "I'm heading to bed, Blu should sleep soon." He smiled at the impline as the child rushed to hug him, hiding his coat behind him as he pet the boy's head, "Good night, Blu."

"Night Mircea!" The boy set him free, his tail coiling around one of his legs as the hybrid left, going to his room.


Screaming Mute
Guilty runs up to Quiet who jumps off the Caravan, jumping on him for a hug. The Kenku just kind of, stands there - though eventually he wraps his arms around her. Brutus jumps onto Guilty's head as the Kenku lets her down and she picks him up and stares at him with a grin.

"Guilty okay Brutus."

Somehow the Frog looked disappointed.

Foxy and Arbonath were holding hands all the way back, they entered the premises and Arbonath stopped looking up to Foxy. The Giantess looks down at him and crouches to get to his height, giving him a hug. The dwarf's hands embrace her and they say good night, he returns to his Wagon as was where he felt most comfortable. Foxy went to hers, taking off her bloody clothes and throwing them to the floor she gets into her large bed and snuggles up quickly, she silently cried into a bunch of cushions.

-- -- - - -- --​

Mission watched closely as the cup in her hands suddenly gained a little bit more weight in her hand. Wine now in the empty cup, she brings the cup to her lips and her eyebrow arches, her gaze kept on Cianan. She brings the cup from her lips, "Is this a sneaky ploy to get me drunk?"

She pushes him towards a bedside table and her arm reaches passed him, placing the cup on it's surface. Her hands moved back up and cup his face, beckoning it closer. "I don't need to be drunk."

It was then the door opened and someone came into the room, Mission's face went a little red and her hands shot down to her sides like she'd been caught in the act of... something? She glances over and see's Mircea, he looked exhausted. "G'night... Mircea."

As the Hybrid left the room, Guilty came in with a Frog on her head. Her eyes light up seeing Blu and she rushes over to him and gives him a hug as well. "Tall, not so Tall as Blonde Lady, Lady was really worried about Blu!" Guilty yawns, "Guilty was worried about Blu too! Oh." Guilty notices the man and Mission very close together and her eyes narrow. "Ew. Lets go Blu." She grabs his wrist and takes him to his room.

Mission shakes her head and looks back at Cianan, "So you're staying the night? I don't mind sharing a couple drinks from my cup." a smirk creeps over her expression.


Blu left with Guilty, heading to his room. He took the toy horse with them, keeping it in his hand as he crawled into bed, letting Guilty join him to sleep. He fiddled with the toy for a few minutes more before he fell asleep, holding the wooden horse against his face.

Cianan's head tilted slightly, "Are you trying to get me drunk?" He smiled, slipping away from her as he spoke, gracefully yet quickly heading towards the door, "I must admit, doing so is a hard feat." The curls on his head bounced as he spun on his heels to face Mission at the door, revealing her golden cup in his hands with a smirk on his face. He knocked the wine in it back into his throat, the red liquid refilling itself in the cup seconds after he emptied it and raised it in her direction.


Screaming Mute
The Goblin fell asleep pretty quickly, cuddling up to Blu - her face rubbed against his chest as she let out light snores. Brutus was sat on the bedside, just staring - it's eyes blinking and staring off into the distance.

--- - ---

"I've got a feeling I don't need to get you drunk either." Her brow rose as he had ever so slyly managed to swipe her cup from the side. She approaches the door, her hand taking the handle, pulling it closed pushing Cianan out of the room. Her hand moves from the handle to the cup and she takes it into her grasp, the other slowly moves up the man's chest.

"I have many questions for you. I doubt you'll want to answer all, you refuse to answer who you really are. So I'll try to keep it simple and short... after we fuck, will I ever see you again?" She also necks the wine, her head tipping back for a moment and she blinks back the sudden intake of alcohol - she offers back the cup.


Cianan's brows rose due to her choice of words, amusement showing itself in a stifled laugh as she drank. He glanced to the side, a hand coming to fiddle with his necklace, "As you implied, you don't know me well." His gaze moved to squint at her, taking the cup as he took a few steps back, "Would you want to see me again? I must warn you, growing attached to...people like me often ends in disappointment," He took a sip from the cup, his expression relaxing, and his hand raising the wine slightly as he continued, "Or mortal death, whichever is less pleasing to think of."
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"People's attachment to me often ends the exact same way." As she moves passed Cianan her hand traces along his waist, parting as she moved away towards the room she had chosen to reside in. She opens the door and leans against the doorframe, her hand stretching out as if to beckon him in - though really she was asking for her turn to sip from the cup.

"But yes. Seeing you every once in a while, I wouldn't mind. Though, only if you're consistent." She bit her lip, a wide grin taking form. It was like some deal was being made.


"Oh?" Cianan drank from the cup, moving to follow her when she held her hand towards him. He placed the cup into her fingers, his head tilting slightly. "But my spontaneity is one of the things I'm known for," The man spoke with a mock pouting tone, his smile widening. However, the smile fell to a small one after a moment, green eyes looking her over as he closed in on her. His hands rose to trail up her arms, a golden light illuminating from his fingertips and washing over Mission in waves of warmth. He cradled her neck, his thumbs gently rubbing the sides of her face as he kissed her, the light ending when he pulled away.


Screaming Mute
As she felt the warmth rush over her body Mission's eyes closed and mouth slightly parted as a sigh of relief a breath of pleasure left her. The feeling was brand new, but also very similar. The kiss that followed, took her back but she accepted it. Her eyes slowly opened as he parted, she blinked silent for a moment. "That's not fair... fuck it." She jumps onto him, her legs coiling around his waist and her arms clutching around his neck, pushing him in the room further.

"Get the door" not giving him much time to reply her lips met his, she paid no mind to how much wine she was spilling on the floor, but she kept a hold of the cup behind him. She had faith in his ability to keep their affairs private as they had an eventful night that spilled into the early hours of the morning.


Blu woke up the next morning with the sun shining on his face from the window. He squinted, holding a hand up to shield his eyes from the light. His crown of ivy had fallen from his head, the toy horse lying on the ground as well. He sat up, turning his back towards the sun and rubbing his eyes. A yawn escaped him as he stood to his feet, padding around the room to pick up his things and place them on the nightstand. The boy looked around drowsily before leaving the room and walking down the corridor, his hands fiddling with one another. He didn't stop until he noticed a familiar figure through one of the large windows. Mircea sat in the garden, Esra resting on his lap. The two looked to be talking, the sprite leaning against him with her head held low. Blu hesitated thinking of joining them.

"Blu?" Tillian spoke from behind the boy as he started to pass, startling the impline into a jump. He looked as though he just came from the bath, his hair only partially dried and completely held back from his face. "Apologies.."

Blu shook his head, looking up at the high elf, "Hello, Tillian."

"Ah, so it is you," Tillian leaned over, resting his palms against his knees. "As I thought," His expression was gentle compared to usual, a hand coming to touch the boy's nose with the knuckle of his index finger, "I like you better without that glamour."

Blu laughed some, covering his nose with his hands.

"Are you hungry?" Tillian asked, straightening himself. Blu took note of the scar on Tillian's head that was usually covered by his hair, becoming distracted.

The impline nodded when Tillian repeated the question with a look of concern, the expression relaxing from his response.

"Well then, I'll start making breakfast," Tillian nodded gently to himself, his gaze shifting back to Blu, "Why don't you get a bath while you wait? It will help you wake up."

"Um," Blu looked down the hall, "I don't know where that is.."

"Ah, right," Tillian followed his gaze down the hall, "Do you see the white door with gold paint?" He pointed to the very end of the hall where a large door was cracked open, "That is where the bath is, and I've already drawn clean water for the next person."

Blu nodded walking away from Tillian.

"Don't forget clothing," Tillian spoke after him before turning and heading towards the kitchen. The feathered lither on the stairs followed him.

Blu quickened his pace some, going back to his room to gather the clothing Esra had picked for the day and heading to get a bath.

Esra sighed, her eyes pink and swollen from a night spent crying, "Felan..I don't know how he is dealing with this. He refuses to speak of yesterday."

Mircea gently pet her head, "Perhaps that is how he must deal with it for now, Es. People get through these things in their own ways."

"Is that how you deal with it?" Esra asked, looking up to him, "You're always so calm.."

Mircea hesitated, though he spoke some moments later, "I suppose....A lot of lives were lost yesterday, I know this and I feel for their families. But, death is a part of life I've long since accepted, as much as it may pain me."

Esra nodded, a saddened laugh coming from her chest, "Well, I can't mourn that way. I turn into a bawling mess- my eyes hurt and are probably swollen! I'll look a mess today."

Mircea chuckled, "there's not a thing wrong with expressing your pain, Esra, and no one will blame you today. I'm sure many will be sporting the same little red nose and eyes. Though, none as cute as you, of course."

Esra chuckled this time, her eyes rolling.

Bast had been awake since sunrise, along with Correll and Mal. They were outside near the caravans, Bast helping Correll with arm stretches to ease the stiffness from laying in a bed for two days. The blond didn't seem amused, as if Bast had forced him to do it. Mal was watching them, his brows scrunched together.
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Screaming Mute
Guilty was up too, her formal clothes now swapped out for her loose attire. She was standing near Correll, joining in the stretch exercises, more for her own fun and entertainment. She didn't need any help with them, performing them with half-assed ease. She was dealing with everything in her own, happy way.

Quiet was sitting on the roof of the caravan again, just watching them. He was chewing on something in his hand through the side of his beak close to his head. He mimicked Correll's strained noises every now and then to hopefully amuse someone.

-- --- --​

In the living room there was the sound of a tune being sung by a strangely soft deep voice almost lullaby like, Arbonath was sitting on one side of the settee, the center table pulled close with various pieces of his tinkered inventions lying on there as he was repairing on in his hands with a screwdriver. Foxy was curled up on the settee, her long form still taking up most of the space and her head resting on Arbie's lap; her eyes were swollen and her cheeks were still wet, but she was fast asleep from his singing which he continued to do.

- - - - -​

Mission's eyes slowly part, the first thing she sees as the blur fades was a Golden Cup on the bedside. She spun over, onto her back doing a half stretch with her arms and back before rolling over completely - seeing the man beside her eyes closed in her direction. She couldn't help but smirk, though it was a surprise as she expected to be alone in the morning; just the vibe she had. Her eyes closed as she contently snuggled closer to the man. Her head nested in his neck, her nose poking at his collarbone area. Mission's arm dug deep under the covers, her thigh moving up the outside of Cianan's body. "Good morning~"


Bast had to keep himself from chuckling at the kenku, pushing down on Correll's arm as the blond stretched it. "How's that?" the disguised human asked, releasing Correll and watching him move the arm around freely.

"Better," Correll commented, giving a begrudged, "thank you."

One of Cianan's eyes peeked open when Mission moved closer to him, a hand moving to pull her face upwards into a kiss. He pulled away when he groaned, propping his head up into his hand, "For a moment I thought you'd never wake." The man didn't seem tired, the small smile on his face widening some before he gently lifted her hand into his, kissing the back of it. "As much as I'd love to continue," Cianan spoke, sitting up on the bed in his trousers, "I believe I should be leaving." He stood, grabbing his robe from the floor and pulling it on before he turned back to Mission. His light expression shifted to slight concern, or well, as much concern as his lazy lidded eyes could show, "Before I go- as boring as it is, I should warn you." His moved around the bed as he spoke, coming closer to her, "You may experience some new things for the next day or so....Strange, but harmless things. If anything, most are quite beneficial."


Screaming Mute
"There something relaxing about this." Guilty does yoga poses, pressing her body against the floor and then raising her arm into the air, legs apart as the other hand remains touching the ground.

-- -- --​

"En Alagndag himmseg invades de min ♪
rar nudeg de verdag
rinskenag med rahdjihet ♪
manajadverag trykkan meinog~ ♫

boulvai av sin, manajadverag belhon allt."

--- ---​

Mission pouted slightly when Cianan moved from her clutches, though she spread out across the bed, pulling the covers to cling to her body. She let out a hum of relief - the words he spoke just kind of going in one ear and out the other. Until they finally registered moments later. Her eyes crack open and she sits up, her hair a mess - a glare from between narrowed, tired eyes.

"Wait. What do you mean?"


"Well," Cianan's expression was relieved of concern, though he seemed a bit alert, one of his brows risen with his smile, "People may be easier to influence, your magic supply will increase for a time, animals usually end up liking you more. Things that, as I said, can be beneficial. Ah-" His hand came to touch his chin for a second, "There's also the glowing, but that will leave on its own soon enough." His gaze shifted to the side in thought for a moment before he gave a small hum, "mm. When you have prolonged contact with a divine you become what mortals call 'god touched'. It's essentially a drop of our power staying with you for a time." His gaze shot back to Mission, "I'd say we had more than enough contact for it to affect you."


Screaming Mute
Mission nods lazily listening to everything he's saying like she expected and understood it, "Alright, makes sense..."


Took her a moment to click. "If you keep talking like that you won't be able to get through the door let alone leave..."


An amused exhale left his nose, Cianan distancing himself from her,"Suit yourself, but know this: You've gained the favor of Sollemtis... for now. Farewell~" the man disappeared to nothing when he spun on his heel, leaving Mission in the room alone.

Esra stood to her feet and hugged Mircea, leaving him to go check on Felan yet again. Mircea stood and stretched his arms towards the sky, letting them fall to his sides as he went back inside. Tillian was carrying food to the dinning room, his expression as stern as ever. When asked if he wanted help, Tillian denied the offer, leaving Mircea to instead look for something else to do. The elf sighed, glancing at Arbie and Foxy as he passed, careful not to wake the giantess. He was stopped in his tracks when he ran into Blu who had an odd, guilty expression on his face.

Mircea leaned down to whisper to him, "What's wrong?"

Blu shrugged, his hands fiddling nervously with one another. Mircea's brow rose, looking in the direction the child came from. The impline noticed this, his tail coiling around his leg, "Come," he whispered, taking Mircea's hand and leading him towards the bathroom. Mircea opened the door, his brows scrunching at what he saw. Soap, water, ointments, broken glass, and rags were all over the floor, a shelf above the tub of bubbled water barely hanging to the wall. A strong floral smell filled the room, seeping from the liquids on the floor.

"What happened?" Mircea questioned, his gaze turning on the boy when he didn't answer. "Blu, what happened?" he repeated, the boy still fiddling with his hands.

"I tried to reach the soap," Blu said hesitantly, "I grabbed the shelf and it fell, I didn't do it on purpose.."

Mircea sighed, "It's alright. Lets get this cleaned up before Tillian sees, his head may explode." The hybrid kept the door open as he went inside, making Blu stay outside so he could clean the glass from the floor first.


Screaming Mute
Mission just blankly stared into the now empty room, her eyes widened for a moment before she fell back - her head finding the soft cushioning of the pillow, her hair covering most of her face she lets out a huff and it all waves into the air. She was tired, but her mind was racing with thoughts. She had her arms spread up and then curled up, turning to her side as she brought the covers over herself again.

"...Sollemtis?" Her thoughts eventually put her back to sleep, she needed to catch up on it she hadn't been asleep for a good enough amount of time.

-- - - --​


The red head shifted in her sleep, her arm dangled off the side of the bed and her mouth open a small bit of drool wetting the pillow. A face leaned down and planted a kiss on her cheek. "I have to return to our home, tell your father it was a pleasure."

"Yeah..mmm...whatever." The half asleep thendrim lips smacked together lazily as she just waved Khora away. The Silve'scalos rolled her eyes and left the room.

The streets were quiet. A morbid morning for Yefadorei which was no surprise, the day of a festival should not look like this. She let out a slight sigh of disappointment, it was truly a shame what had happened and anyone else would feel a lot worse than she; Khora wasn't an ordinary High Elf though, her thoughts had more interesting aspirations that kept her busy. Like the Prince. She returned to her Family home, a large building with a couple of smaller properties on the estate. It was walled off, she did not have guards but she did have defences.

She approached her gate, a circular pattern embedded in the metal bars, made of bent metal bards itself. She placed her hand against it and the Rune lit up and released. The Gate opened on it's own and she walked through, they closed behind her when her open palm closed into a fist. She reaches her door and does a similar thing with it, though nothing lights up this time, her left eye twitches closed like she felt a pain on the brain.

"Hmm. Well well." She opens the door and enters the dark room, her hands lightning on fire as she walks in - her eyes moving around the home, searching for something. Or one.


Mircea and Blu worked together to clean the liquids from the floor after Mircea had picked up all the glass. They put all the rags into the basket left near the door on the inside, Mircea leading Blu out of the room with his hand. The child huffed, looking at corridor in front of him, his tail hovering just above the floor as they walked.

"You look adorable, Blu," Mircea said, shaking the boy's hand in his, "Esra never fails to impress."

Blu nodded, "Why aren't you wearing your festival outfit?"

"Oh, I simply forgot," Mircea said, his attention being pulled when Blu yanked his arm, "What is it?"

"You can't forget! Esra is already sad," Blu spoke with aggressive worry to his tone, "Go change! Don't make her sad more!" The impline pushed the elf's leg, Mircea's brows raising. The elf couldn't stop himself from chuckling as Blu pushed him further, edging him towards the rooms.

"Fine, fine," Mircea waved his hand at the boy with amusement, "I'll change, you can stop now." Blu stopped, a pout on his face as he watched the elf enter his room. His gaze shifted to the lounge, quickly scampering down the hall to see Arbonath and Foxy. He slammed his hands against the seats with a loud POP, his eyes flicking around over the back of the seat. This sudden burst of energy left him wanting to run, and he did. He bolted away from the lounge, his feet pounding against the floor and then the ground as he slammed through the cracked door of the entryway. Blu skid to a stop, looking at his companions that stood outside before he ran at them. His hands lifted, smacking Bast and Correll on their backs. Bast turned and caught him before he could flee, holding the impline beneath his arms and lifting him from the ground.

"You little imp," Bast said in amusement as Blu struggled for a moment, his feet looking for the ground.

"What hell has gotten into you?" Correll grumbled, rubbing his back in annoyance.

"Hmm," Bast smiled, tickling the impline and causing him to giggle, "I think this one hasn't been getting enough energy out," He paused, his eyes focused on Blu's head where small, pointed horns stood, "Hey, look, his horns!"

Mal leaned to see, his brows scrunching, "Weren't they still filed yesterday?"

"Ay, they were," Bast looked puzzled, dropping Blu to his feet. The boy decided to fall to his butt instead, then flopping onto his back. "Did someone give him something?" Bast whispered to himself, an amused snort escaping Correll from his words.


Screaming Mute
Foxy stirred as her eyes peeled open, "Wha...? What's that noise? Is Mission still up???"

Arbonath chuckled heartily as he tightened the screw of one of his creations, "No no, just the kid relieving some energy."

"Mmm, tell her to shut up."
Foxy dozed off on Arbonath's lap again. The Dwarf laughed quietly, shaking his head. He placed his tools down and ran his hand through the Giantess' hair.

- --- -​

Guilty stopped stretching as Blu ran over, getting caught by Bast she observes the creature and his horns that were pointed out to be less. Filed down. It was a curious sight, something like that wouldn't heal overnight. As Blu was dropped Guilty walked over him and observed the boy on his back, staring into his eyes.

"Magic? Healing Magic?" She booped his nose and looked up to Bast, "Healer we know?" Guilty need to learn healing magic."

Quiet talons for hands came out of no where, attacking Blu on the ground little body - tickling all over his body and under is arms. Even though they looked quite sharp, the Kenku knew how to be gentle enough not to hurt the Impline.

--- ---​

Khora had looked around for a while now, it was as eerily quiet as usual. She had swiped her hand over a few candle wicks on her way through her home, adding some light to the place - she let out a sigh, the building was huge and it'd take her all day to find any intruder if there even was one. It'd been years since they'd been broken so maybe she was just starting to forget to set up security as usual. As she was starting to doubt herself she heard a crash from the kitchen. Her head turned around quickly,


She slowly walked towards the Kitchen through the dining area, her hands weren't lit up anymore. Her hand delicately took a hold of the door handle as she twisted and slowly opened it, her eye peaking through the crack as... SMASH! A Metal pot smacked against the door. Khora cursed and threw the door open firing her hand through the frame, a fireball shooting forth. It crashed into something in the darkness which was forced back into a few hanging pans causing a loud assortment of clanging noises as it fell out of sight behind a counter. Khora quickly moved into the kitchen, her fingers clicking as the lanterns hanging from the ceiling all lit up. She leaped over a counter, her side sliding over it as she her hand snatched up the creature that was in her home. A Fairy, it's skin cracked and it's eyes black, it writhed and thrashed in her hand, screeching and it's wings panicking.

"That explains it." She tilted her head at the curious creature, the unatural magical veins cracked through it were pulsing with energy. "Poor thing is suffering."

The Silve'scalos' eyes changed again, black pupils becoming long slits and her irises changing into a flaming blue colour as she stared at the Fairy and started talking, incantations in a language that wasn't elvish or common, something more guttural and old. The Fairy's dark aura changed from black to a bright light that completely enveloped her erupting from Khora's hand as it screamed it's tiny scream, the light so bright it covered the creature completely and then silence. The Light disappeared, seemingly recoiling back into the fairy as was it's origin, the creature limp in Khora hand but it lacked all the cracks and corrupted features it carried before. She placed it down on the side, her hands leaned against the counter tops staring down at it with those new eyes. Waiting for something.


Bast shrugged at Guilty, not knowing more than her in this situation. Blu was cackling and giggling on the ground, squirming from the tickles.

"Blu," Bast looked back to him, "Did someone heal your horns? Who was it?"

The child started to speak when he could catch his breath, "Aha- The..man who bled gold did it!" His hands came to gently push at Quiet, "He said he would restore them if I was nice."

Bast glanced at Mal while he spoke to Blu, his brows uneven, "Bled gold?"

"Yeah!" Blu sat up quickly, looking up at him, "I shot him with the bow and his blood was gold!"

Mal had some disbelief on his face, "Are you sure?"

Blu nodded, his curls bouncing with the movement, "Yes!"


Screaming Mute
Quiet gave Blu some room to speak as he interacted with the others, crouching beside him. The Bird looking up at Bast then towards the Impline when he spoke of a man who bled gold.

Guilty chuckled, her hands covering her stomach, "Very creative imagination. Blu did disappear for bit, maybe then?"

-- - - --​

The wings of the fairy fluttered slightly, adjusting. She opened her big eyes slowly and turned her face up to look at Khora, staring down at her. It shot up quickly, but winced, weak she still remained sitting, scooching away further.

"Don't be afraid little creature."

A little bit of a whimper came from the petite female figure as she looked around scared. Khora's strange eyes got closer as she leaned down,

"You serve me now. Wux re sia katima"

The Fairy's aura became a blue similar to Khora's eyes, the being nodded with a slight tremble and flew up onto Khora's shoulder, snuggling up to the side of her neck. The High Elf made her way to her room to get ready to meet the King, though she still had an interrogation to do on the creature a small smirk curling upwards.


"Maybe," Bast shrugged, "Mission must have some idea, she didn't seem worried about him last night." He gave a half smile, his arms crossing along his chest. Blu moved to poke Quiet on the belly as he looked at Guilty, "I didn't imagine it."

Mircea left his room with his festival attire on, heading towards the lounge where Tillian soon joined.

"I've made breakfast, if anyone would like to eat," Tillian spoke, his hands held behind his back. He glanced over to Mircea, "I believe you will want to discuss the king's request? I don't think Felan will be joining us, he's quite tired."

"That's alright, let him rest," Mircea smiled, "I would like to discuss it, yes, but I'd rather do so with everyone from my company."

Tillian nodded, "I will let Esra know." He walked away from them, heading up the stairs.

Mircea parted as well, going outside towards the caravans, "Breakfast is ready!" He called out to them, "Also, there's something important we need to discuss, so please come inside."


Screaming Mute
Arbonath tapped gently onto Foxy, enough to wake up up again. "C'mon lass we got some food to consume, I know yer tired but ya need some food in yer stomach."

She groans, looking up at him, "I think I'll...throw up if I eat."

"You gotta try beautiful, you need your strength."

Foxy nodded, Arbonath beckoned her up and she sat up properly on the settee. The Dwarf moved the table back in the middle of the room and left his items on it, pretty certain no one would touch them he lead the Giantess to the Dining room. She was still waking up, her movements lazy as she bonks her head on the top of the doorframe leading out but it doesn't phase her one bit as she rubs her eyes. The Dwarf smirks and covers his mouth trying not to laugh.

-- - - --​

"Okay okay. Guilty no accuse." She raises her hand as Blu got a little defensive, the Kenku got poked in the belly and just looked down, looking up. It's beak parts and the laughing and giggling Blu had done earlier repeated exactly as he sounded but from quiet's maw raising his hands as if about to attack the boy in tickles.

Mircea interrupted though, mentioning breakfast and Guilty's eyes lit up, "Oooo!" She hops and walks quickly passed the Hybrid towards the dining room. Arbonath and Foxy were already sitting there and the Goblin took a seat next to the Giantess. Quiet would also go in, but he'd follow in last after everyone.

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