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Tillian rubbed his forehead as he made his way off the dance floor. Bast had taken the gesture of annoyance Mission gave him as exactly that, annoying. He slung a few curse words in her direction, quieting when he noticed the glances coming his way.

"Is there a problem?" Prince Corvin peered at the strange elf, his sister no longer walking beside him. He stared at the tan elf, waiting for a response from his annoyed figure.

Bast suddenly felt a hand on his head, pushing him to a bow as Tillian spoke, "No, your highness. We apologize for the disturbance."

Prince Corvin sighed, "Alright." He took another sip of wine, turning away from the two to continue greeting everyone he was expected to.

"Hm?" Cianan looked down from the painting on the wall he faced when Mission entered the area, standing next to a large potted plant. He pushed off from the wall with his hands, calmly approaching her, "Mission? Are the festivities overwhelming?" He stopped at her side, "You seem upset...I apologize if my compliment earlier took a part in that."
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Before Tillian could fully leave the Dance Floor, someone grabbed his wrist and pulled him back - spinning him into her. She placed her hand on his waste and looked up at him with a stern expression that rivalled his own. It was Valkyrie Thendrim, wife of Khora.

"Tillian." She nods her head and then leads him into a dance, "Sorry to be abrupt I just want to say how glad I am to see you and your brother out and about. How is he doing? And how is your Fae Hunting going, she's not pushing you to hard?" There seemed to be a hint of hostility in the woman's last sentence.

Meanwhile, Khora stood waiting to be greeted by Prince Corvin - being the last of one of the oldest living families in Yefadorei made it easier for her to greet him. As she wanted to. She has met the royalties many times before, just rarely the children only the odd couple of times when they were little.

"Your highness, it's a pleasure to see you again. Khorazaldana Silvé'scalos." She bows her head and flicks her hand upwards, a slight smirk on her features; her lazy looking eyes gazing at him. "You've grown into a very handsome man."

- -- - -- -

Mission looked over at Cianan and subtly nodded, "Your compliment was very sweet. You're right I'm feeling overwhelmed, I'm not used to this sort of thing. I thought I'd be okay and enjoy the environment as I sort of missed it. Realising now that I don't miss it that much haha. I've been on the road for so long that I tricked myself into thinking I was actually good at these... because I was homesick. But even back then I was pretty shit at being a decent guest."


"Lady Thendrim," Tillian responded, not bothering to try taking the lead from her, "Felan is enjoying himself, he livens in Lady Alfdorn's presence." He paused his words for a moment, "and..she," he mimicked with less hostility, "Barely pushes me anymore. I.. haven't participated in a real hunt recently, so I can not place an opinion on how it's been."

"Lady Silvé'scalos, On dhea'lam," Corvin spoke elvish in greeting, his head bowing slightly after hers. "My mother would thank you for the compliment," he calmly chuckled, "You haven't aged a day, from what I remember."


Cianan slipped a hand across the curve of Mission's back, his arm gently wrapped around her waist, "What if I told you that not decent is perfect? There's a certain freedom in being yourself, even at events such as these."


Screaming Mute
"Just be safe Tillian and call me Valkyrie... So, Lady Alfdorn is back?" Valkyrie perked up, a slight smile actually cracking on her face for a moment. "My Father would be pleased to know that the family is full again. He would love to sit and have tea with the Lord & Lady of the household, he's a jolly & curious man and has been dying to meet your brother's wife. He'll keep his excitement to himself until after the Party, I know how overwhelming these events can be... aaaand combined with my Dad's excitement. Ha. I think I shall keep him subdued for Lord Faleandal's sake... But please, do mention us. Don't be a stranger."

Khora placed a hand on her chest and looked away, her eyes fluttering slightly at the comment, "Your words to my ears are like silk to the touch, I would never doubt in your memory your highness but I'm sure I looked a little sweeter back then." As charmed as she was, he was right, she hadn't aged a day since then.

"Handsome and a Gentleman. I'm sure ladies will be killing to get their hands on you, nobility has it's perks." She shot the boy a wink, "In all seriousness though my Prince, The Silvé'scalos name has been locked away in a cellar for a long time ready to be cracked open like a finely aged wine. I would pledge our wisdom, history and knowledge to your father once again, if he ever needs my counsel - I'm there." She bows her head again, this time passing her glass to her right hand and raising it.

- -- - -- -

Mission looked down with her arms crossed under her bust, she smirked and blew air from her nostrils at his comment and attempt to uplift her. "I suppose there is yes, but I don't know if a lot of people would appreciate my freedom to punch Bast in the face with everyone watching. I promised my friend I'd behave." She then twisted her head in Cianan's direction who was standing right beside her now, "What're you doing out here? You seemed more like the type to be where the party is. Either that or I'm a terrible judge of character."


Tillian nodded, his stern expression lightening some, "I'll be sure to let them know, so Felan may have time to prepare. Lady Alfdorn should be here for some time, though I don't know all of the details of her stay. How has the Thendrim house been? I can't say I have heard much recently."

"Prince Maelan would have his pick of women before myself," Corvin smiled slightly, quieting to listen to her further. "My father would be overjoyed," The prince raised his glass as well. Though, he quickly had to catch it from spilling when a hand slammed against his back.

"Corvin!" Maelan beamed at him, his expression only changing when he noticed the company he was with. He gave a bow in greeting to the Lady before he grabbed his brother's free wrist, pulling him away from the company as he spoke, "Come, I wish to speak with you." It seemed Corvin wasn't willing to fight him on it, bowing to Khora as he was whisked away.


Cianan gave a quiet chuckle, leaving his parted lips with a small smile, "I do have a certain lust for life," He glanced away from Mission for a moment, "But, this celebration is..tame. To put it bluntly, it's boring. Sollemtis would be put to sleep."


Screaming Mute
"We'll send word in advance" A more delighted smile managing her face, though the sternness came back as she concentrated on a more flourished part of their dance. She let out a breath and responded,

"Not much news. The family has been recovering, events like these help. The Thendrim Combat school is still doing well, we purchased another large property towards the north close to the midlands border and the northern one so we can get more students, spread our reputation and welcome more races like potential Human students as well."

Khora bowed in response to the other Prince and as Corvin was whisked away she gave him a little wave. She was content she got that much of his time out of him and looked around, seeing Valkyrie dancing with Tillian she locked eyes with her for a moment and shot her a wink before moving off the floor towards her table, noticing Bast she sat beside him rather than across from the disguised Elf and sat back relaxing.

"So Bast, I have a lot more questions. May I?" Her eyes would lock with his if he were to look at her.

Guilty was eating now on the other side of Bast, it seemed she had recovered a bit and was scoffing her face full of food - various meets and fruit, cheese and breads. She stared at Bast and then to Khora, listening to them speak.

-- - -- - --​

"I guess you should pray to Sollemtis to make it more exciting for you then. Mission turned into Cianan, pressing against his side her arm wraps over the back of his shoulders as he was looking away. "I don't know how I can help you out, all I can offer is a dance or a fight to be honest."


Tillian's tone changed to one that was more pleased, "I'm glad it is expanding, it could be very beneficial for your family."

"Feel free to ask, but I may not answer every question," Bast looked to his side from leaning on his hands, coming to rest his back against the chair. He fiddled with the sleeve to his coat.


"That would be inviting madness," Cianan gave a knowing smile, his gaze shifting back to Mission when she placed her arm at the back of his shoulders, "And if I ask for both?"


Screaming Mute
"I believe so to." Valkyrie relieved her grip of Tillian and bowed her head at him, "It was nice to catch up and dance, I'm going to find my wife before she decides she prefers someone else's company." She turned and walked through the crowds.

"Fair enough." Her eyes narrow for a moment, "Why do you hate her? Well, each other. You travel together and put up with it, wouldn't it benefit to just. Get along? You're both pretty beautiful people, from what I observe anyway."

- --- -

Mission chewed the inside of her lip and her eyelids closed halfway over her eyes, "Both? I think you're asking for a lot, continuing our conniving schemes in an unoccupied room might be beneficial to hide from the impending madness?"

-- - --

Dresden approached King Mirion's side and whispered in his ear, "Sire, the entertainment is waiting outside. On your word we'll clear the floor for them, unless you wish to officially announce the heir."


Tillian bowed, a hand resting on his stomach as he did so. He looked at his surroundings, no longer having someone to focus his eyes on with the people spinning around him. His heart rate increased, his stern expression returning just as strongly as it was held before as he made his way off the dance floor, heading to the table where his brother and Esra sat.

"Tilly! Are you having fun?" Esra greeted, watching as Tillian sat and let a breath of relief escape him.

"Oh..Yes, it's a beautiful celebration. Lady Thendrim spoke to me, she wants to bring her father to speak with Felan and you soon."

Felan seemed delighted by this, "Oh, what news! Thank you for telling me." His head tilted slightly, his voice lowering to a whisper upon noticing the flush of color in Tillian's face, "Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine," Tillian nodded, "I'm just dizzy from watching the dancers."

Felan nodded, knowing not to pry further.

"Thank you for the compliment," Bast chuckled slightly, "But, that doesn't necessarily mean we are compatible. Some people you just don't like, no matter how much time you spend with them, and I'm not someone to pretend I like someone unless it wholeheartedly benefits me."


Cianan's smile widened some, his free hand rising gently touch under her chin, "You have a way with words," He set Mission's waist free only to trace across her back as he spoke, "I wonder what else you'll have to say." Cianan pulled from her, taking her hand into his before her arm could fully drop from his shoulders. He led her down the hall, stopping at one of the decorated wooden doors and opening it. It appeared to be a large guest room, a smile showing on Cianan's expression when he looked at it. He quickly turned and pulled Mission inside, the door seeming to close on its own behind them.


"Oh? They are early," King Mirion looked surprised, though excitement also showed on his features, "Where are my sons?" He looked out into the crowd, his eyes settling on Neoma, "Neoma!" He called, gesturing her forward with his hand, "Where might your brothers be?"

Neoma looked confused for a moment, violet eyes drifted in thought, "Perhaps they are in the gardens? They go there every birthday."


Screaming Mute
"Respectable. Though If I may be so bold... Bullshit." Khora leaned closer to Bast, her eyes glanced around, Khora whispered now, glaring at Guilty for a while until the goblin got so unnerved she got off her chair to go get more Food. "You haven't tried, you're just choosing the easy route. Don't be afraid of attachment Bast just because it's hurt you before, even from living for hundreds of years I understand that attachment is everything. You and I and her have secrets that no one else wants to know as it has the potential to cause so much harm to any loved ones you have, but they're gonna get hurt anyway. I mean no disrespect, but you're being a coward. So is she."

"I've seen a lot, but I think what you and her have is the beginning of something strong. If you do kill each other before then, well - it was an interesting experiment for the divines to try and work on for the future."

-- - --

"Oh please sire, there is no rush." Dresden's expression turned to one of slight nervousness, not wanting to rush his King into anything or the guests when they were enjoying themselves. "They can admire the architecture of the castle, take your time there is much of the night ahead."


Bast was quiet as he listened to Khora attempt to lecture him, his expression losing what lightheartedness it previously held. His head tilted, his face leaning into his hand as he stared at the speaking woman. A huff escaped him when she finished, his pointed gaze still on her, "I suggest showing caution when trying to dissect people," He wasn't aware of how thin his pupils had become until his vision started to blur around Khora's image, blinking away from her view when he noticed and allowing them to return to normal, "I can't relate with an old hag, and the lack of relationship between Mission and I isn't your concern."

Mirion sighed some, "Well, they should still be present. It's Maelan's celebration, after all. Neoma?" The blonde elf looked up to her father when her name was called, "Will you bring them back for me?"

She nodded, holding her hands in front of her as her personal guard followed her out of the main room. The crowd had gotten louder, some nobles starting to stumble about.

Mircea held Blu's hand as they reached Felan's table again, pushing the boy's chair in after he sat down. The elf sighed, "it appears some people have had too much wine." He glanced over at Bast's table, having to take a second look when a dark color twitched in the corner of his eye. It was a small, twitching black light muffled by a red sleeve, and the elf probably wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for Bast's arm facing him. He stepped over to the table with a subtle rush to his movements, landing a hand down on Bast's shoulder from behind him, "How are you doing?" He said calmly, an unassuming smile on his face. The tiny light faded when Bast was touched.

Bast leaned back, head turning to nibble at the elf's wrist and cause Mircea to draw his hand back to his side. "I'm fine, just having a chat with Lady Silvé'scalos here."


Screaming Mute
"Very well." Dresden waited behind his kind, waiting for the Prince to return so that they may have their conversation and decide on whether the entertainment was allowed in right now or a little later. Though he quickly spoke to one of his men who nodded to go see if the Troupe was still being toured around the castle or if they were outside.

--- - ---

Khora leaned back in her chair, taking a very relaxed posture, elbow raised in the air as her right hand rested on her back - her other hand gently swirling her glass around and around. She felt very content about their back and forth, even if Bast did attempt to insult her.

"Like I said. I meant no disrespect. People think not caring keeps trouble away from them, but trust me it just gets you into way more and worse."

Bast was then approached by a new elf from behind. Khora looked up at him, her leg rocking back and forth. She quietened, not knowing what the man was here to bring to the table... literally. When introduced to the elf she waved back, her hand making a single delicate wave,



Neoma returned a few minutes later with the princes in tow, her guard following behind them. The queen greeted them with a welcoming smile, coming to touch the side of Neoma's face.

"Father! You wished to see us?" Prince Maelan spoke, approaching the king with a smile on his face.

"Yes, I think it is about time we proceed with tonight's events," King Mirion's hands came together as he spoke.

"Our guests may need a distraction, they seem...inebriated," The queen spoke, a slight concern on her face.

"What do you say? It's your birthday, after all," Mirion asked Maelan, gesturing to him.

Maelan chuckled, "I'd be more than happy to continue, I'm quite tired from dancing."

"Wonderful!" Mirion gently clapped, turning his attention to the well-dressed servant at his side, "Dear, will you let the priestess know it's time?" The servant bowed, leaving their presence.

"Mircea L'dheam, Pleasure to meet you," Mircea smiled, bowing his head before he sat in what was previously Guilty's seat. He glanced down at Bast who had leaned his head back and was staring at him, "Had a bit too much to drink?"

Bast waved his hand lazily, "No, no, I've only had two glasses."

Mircea looked around them gesturing to a few drunken guests with his head. Some were stumbling over themselves, laughter mingling with the music, "Perhaps the wine is simply strong tonight? They may have brought the wrong kind in for the celebration."

Bast sat up fully, turning to look at the guests, "I may be tipsy, but I'm not that deep in my drink. I could still fight or fuck if I wanted to, and the wine I tried earlier wasn't strong in the slightest."

"If you say so," Mircea's brows furrowed, exhaling a short, amused breath through his nose, "Maybe Sollemtis paid a visit."

The disguised human gave a huff, shifting uncomfortably in his seat, "You and the divines.. Someone probably just put something in the wine when everyone was distracted."

"Sounds like something a certain prankster would do." Mircea commented.

A horn sounded once again, bounding through the celebration hall and calling the attention of the guests. Mircea patted Bast's arm, "Looks like the introduction is starting." He moved from the table and back to his own as the short elf bellowed his loud voice into the room.

"ATTENTION GUESTS OF KING MIRION AND QUEEN LANELLE," as he spoke people began finding their seats, dancers stopped in their tracks and made way to the many tables, the music quieted, "PLEASE TAKE YOUR SEATS. THE KING WILL NOW PROCEED."

King Mirion stood from his seat, moving to stand at the centered balcony in the main room, "I'm glad to welcome you all here!" His voice resounded from this point, echoing into the silenced room, "This evening marks an important day for Yefadorie, and for Levan. For we've gathered here to celebrate new beginnings, and a new rule." As he spoke a line of women and men entered the hall through the open doors, some were armored, others were clothed in thin robes the color of mustard seeds, holding lit incense within golden orbs that drifted into the air. At the front of the line was a woman, a half elf, dressed in orange robes that clung to her tan form. Gold decorated her, from the intricate designs on nearly see-through material, to the painted markings on her skin and string that wrapped her hips. Even her dark brown hair was held back from her neck with gold metal in the shapes of ivy, the loose ringlets swaying with her footsteps. The line broke off into two sections, armored and robed people walking either side of the celebration hall. The woman went down the center, separating from her company, her sandals tapping against the tiles.

"Our esteemed guest, Priestess Aithne from the Summerset Isles," King Mirion introduced the woman as she made it to his side, the company having looped behind the king and queen's seats. King Mirion took her hand into his, turning to connect his other hand with Maelan's. Maelan moved to face the priestess, staring at her hazel eyes with a nervous smile.

"The emperor wishes you and your family well," The priestess spoke to Maelan, a small smile on her calm face in greeting. She took Maelan's free hand into hers, "Does the Ruling King wish to proceed?" she looked up to King Mirion.

"In the name of Vital and the light of Insolare, I wish to introduce my son, Maelan Olaphyra, to the eyes of the divines as ruling king." Mirion spoke as if he had recited these words many times, a sense of pride in his gaze. Aithne released their hands, allowing for Mirion to proceed on his own while she took a golden bowl from a robed fellow.

"Maelan, Do you follow in my footsteps willingly?" Mirrion spoke.

Maelan nodded, "I swear by the divines, I would follow in ruling to my last breath."

Mirion shifted, dipping the tips of his fingers into the bowl as Aithne held it towards him, golden paint clinging to his skin. He placed his fingers on Maelan's cheeks, rubbing the paint into quickly drying lines that lead up to the prince's forehead. Mirion then stepped aside, "Then, let the divines decide if you are worthy."

Aithne nodded, rubbing a paint soaked finger up Maelan's neck and chin, placing a dot between the two lines on his forehead as she whispered, "You will know before your coronation what the divines would make of you. Do not remove this." She the handed the bowl off to the robed man again who went back into line, her hands coming to touch either side of Maelan's neck. An incomprehensible prayer left her, light showing through her palms before she pulled away, taking his hand into hers and raising it.

"Your future king has been seen by the divines," She spoke into the crowd, "May he rule with longevity, should they favor him." She gently pushed him forward, letting go of his hand and moving away from the royals. The majority of the crowd clapped, giving drunken cheers as Maelan laughed merrily. Mirion placed his hand on the prince's shoulder with a proud smile before speaking again, "Now! I believe it's time for entertainment!"


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Dresden watched the Servant leave and followed them, he moved through the crowd and made his way up the stairs to the entrance. Standing beside the large doors as the Priestesses made their way through he began to whisper to the announcer in private.

Khora observed Mircea's and Bast's interaction, it seemed the hybrid was caring over his elvish friend. It actually was nice to see that someone was looking after the man sitting at her table. They started talking about how tipsy the guests were getting, Khora noticed too as she looked around. Though the comment Bast came out with next made her react the same way Mircea did with an amused breath out the nose.

"Sollemtis would sure know how to make it interesting. The night has only just begun." The horn sounded and Mircea left their table, Khora watched as everyone scattered back to their seats. She saw Valkyrie making her way over quickly and began speaking in hushed annoyance.

"I only just found you, now I've got to go back."

"You can sit on my lap."
Khora was calm and smiling.

Valkyrie's face went red, but she didn't decline and quickly sat on her Wife's knee as the king began to speak.

They both brought their attention to the royal highness' announcement. As the priestess made her entrance, walking down the steps with a beauty and light about her; Khorazaldana leaned further into her chair, her eyes widened only slightly from their already half-closed look, her hand clutched Valkyrie's leg a little tighter. The Thendrim looked down at her Wife with a pout and gave her hair a bit of a tug, Khora just smiled as her head jerked to the side not really reacting to the pain.

- --"Now! I believe it's time for entertainment!"-- -

Dresden bowed as spoke over the crowd, the announcer beside him stepped forward and his voice bellowed into the room, "Introducing the Seeking Moon Troupe!"

The Doors opened again, and a group of what looked like men and women, dwan elves and humans walked through down the stairs. There were eleven of them altogether as they walked onto the dance floor and moved around forming a circle, the single human man stood in the center with his arms raised into the air. The troupe was dressed in tight leotards for both male and female, their patterns partially see through wrapping up their body - on the Dwan Elves you'd be able to see their bodies covered in rune tattoos. The outfits were a dark sky blue with stars adorning the fabric, shining and reflecting. The man in the center was dressed differently than the rest of a troupe - more like a noble in black and navy, though he had the same stars adorning the fabric.

"It is our greatest honour to be in the presence of the great rulers and nobles of Levan!"

The women in the circle raised their left arms and held up batons which suddenly set alight. Some of them pass the batons to the males, some of the women keep them. A Mixture of flame dancers now around the circumference of the parameter they have made on the dance floor. The troupe members with no flaming batons moved into the center, circling the troupe leader closely now. The Flame dancers begun to spin their fire in sync with each other and then performed their dance, moving around in this circle not moving out of formation as they flipped over each other and spun the fire around their bodies getting awfully close to burning themselves and each other with perfect precision.

A gap was made that allowed a couple of women of the troupe to step through the circle of fire dancers and moved into view of everyone up the steps towards the royals. They held thing swords, moving them across their tongues as they halted and placed the tip of the blades on the edges of their tongue, raising their heads and straightening their backs the blades dropped into their throats as the crowd erupted into shock. The two troupe sword swallowers bowed to one another and twisted to bow to the royals before suddenly a dwan male leaps forward from the circle, his hands planting on their back gently and with what seemed like little force, performing a handstand on their backs with the swords still tucked into their throats.

"And now a couple of volunteers! The future king and his beautiful sister perhaps!"

The man performing the handstand on the two women lands between them as they rise, pulling the swords from their mouth they move away from each other creating a gap between them. The dwan male moved towards Maelan and bowed extending his hand to both him and his sister Neoma, taking their hands into his he leads them between the sword swallowers who follow behind them clapping their hands for the crowd to cheer. They were anyway. The personal guards of Neoma followed her onto the stage.

As they moved into the circle the flame dancers were finishing up their performance. As they did they planted symbols of magic around the circle when they landed with their hands, mid-flip and crouch and they lit up with a blue aura where they sat. The troupe flame dancers all landed, taking a stance at once and blew fire up into the air creating streams of flame that seemed to stop before getting too far away from them. As the flames died down they all crouched down, allowing the crowd to see the Prince, Princess, the troupe leader, the two sword swallowers, the one Dwanish Elf and Neoma's guard stood in the middle. The rest of the troupe that weren't flame dancers or the others were stood around in a half circle behind the troupe leader, creating a magic aura that swirled around the room - magic taking the form of fairies that lead a trail of sparks and swirls behind it.

"Now! Princess Neoma will you please stand here and Prince Maelan stand oooover here. Thank you!"

The Dwan Male standing beside the leader claps his hands together and then suddenly parts them a short bow forming between his palms. He hands it to his leader and moves to Maelan on the other side, the troupe leader hands the bow and an arrow to the Princess helping her Knock and Draw it aiming it down for now. The Dwan male does the same with Maelan's side. Beside Maelan and Neoma stood one of the women sword swallowers, holding the blades down to their side and beside each of the sword swallowers one of Neoma's guards.

"Our Swords-women here with their incredible reflexes shall deflect an Arrow straight out of the air! Of course I would never put the royals in real danger so please, Princess, Prince. Loose your arrows at my girls! Don't worry!"

There was a moment of hesitation before they let go and the arrows flew to opposite ends of the circle, the women both whipped their swords up and a clash of metal rings through the silence. The arrows spin into the air behind them and the Troupe Leader catches the one on Neoma's side and the Dwan catches the one Maelan's side. Claps erupt into the room,

"Aha! Thank you! But how about upping the intensity!"

The Troupe leader hands the arrow to Neoma and helps her draw and aim at his brother. He comforts her and make sure she's ok. The same is done with the other side, though the Dwan doesn't really give that pep talk to Maelan.

"Now please! Loose those arrows!!"

Neoma doesn't fire, but Maelan does as the arrow shoots to her she screams and the swordswoman on Neoma's side whips the blade out. The ringing of metal on metal erupts again as the arrow spins over the Princess' head, the Troupe leader catching it. A Barrage of claps filling the room.

"Aha! Well done, I'll let you in on a secret princess and the rest of you! The arrows aren't real!" The Troupe leader thrusts the arrow he had caught into his palm, he doesn't react and continues smiling and then pulls it back out, there is a slight delay but the arrow head retracts out of the shaft. "The King was too stubborn to let us use real arrows on his kids. Respectable. Caring. He loves you both dearly. Now! Loose that arrow Princess!"

There was still a slight delay, but it was eventually loosed and shot across the room. Towards Maelan's smiling face and hit him right between the eyes. The swordswoman didn't move at all as the Prince fell backwards, his head rocking backwards as his eyes roll into the back of his skull, his smile fading. The body slammed onto the performance floor and lay there, it took a moment for the room to realise. The swordswomen drove their blades into Neoma's guards' necks, finding the gaps in their helmet and armour they gargled blood and collapsed. Everything proceeding happened at once as soon as the arrow hit the Prince:

The Troupe leader leans over Neoma's shoulder from behind and shrugs, his hand flicking upwards as a disturbing grin moved over his face, "Oops. You killed your Brother." He brought a small dagger to her throat and brought her close to his body.

Meanwhile the Flame Dancers move off the sigils as they light up, jumping into the crowds of seated guests with their batons which when twisted they unsheathe a hidden blade and begin to cut down guests close to the performance floor.

The Guards that Dresden had brought in to back up the others, turned around and thrust their spears into their colleagues around the edges of the room - killing and dropping them. Some managed to block or see this coming, fighting off their attacker and getting into a duel. Dresden's Guards move through the crowd, they're not interested in killing innocent people and go to the Entrance to storm the castle and fight of any oncoming guards or help finish the ones in the room.

The Fairies created from energy dancing around the room fly to the middle, not actually being created from energy and are actual fairies become still, floating in the air. Their bodies twitching as across them they had cracks of energy in their skin, their eyes pitch black and their mouths opened and screaming as they lit up and lit up, growing bright an then exploding all over the dance floor - their bodies bursting from the inside out as smoke swept the middle of the room.

The Doors to the main entrance slam open, two rows of archers standing in it as the first row crouches down they all fire a barrage of arrows into the room. Three sets. The First flies towards the Royals still left sitting, through the smoke screen created by the exploding fairies. The arrows fly out of the smoke, the King's guard stepping forward and covering him - the arrows deflecting off their armour. The guard in front of Corvin gets killed and falls back almost onto him. Another hits Bay's mother in the knee causing her to drop to it and another finds it's place embedded in the Queen's chest, blood trickles from the wound and her mouth and she falls limp in her seat.

Another barrage of arrows fly at the Thendrim table, though warned from the first barrage they had already gotten up from their seats and turned the table up, blocking the majority of the Family from the arrows, a muscly female with tied up orange hair - patterns painted on her nose bridge and forehead she thrusts her open palm forward and catches an arrow between her middle and ring finger. Another Thendrim standing beside her, male with long plaited orange hair waves his hand and the rest of the arrows that don't hit the table get thrown off trajectory uselessly against the wall. The Lady standing in front who had caught the arrow, sternly speaks with fury threaded in her words. "Protect the King."

As the smoke subsides, it reveals more figures populating the Dance floor entirely. Humans in armour and blades, axes and even larger figures, about four Minotaurs stood with Giant Axes - roaring at the crowd as they were revealed to the Party. Though where the Troupe Leader stood with Neoma in his grasp, now stood the Tyrant King Artemis.

"King Mirion! Do not act. Or your Daughter befalls the same fate as your son, watch as your subjects squirm and run around dying." King Artemis pressed the blade further into her throat, drawing slight blood. "This is the day that changes Yefadorei forever! You think this man can protect you from the inevitable as you all sit around getting drunk whilst people out there suffer. High Elves, you think of nothing but yourselves, you're worse than the Implines."

Valkyrie stood up off Khora's lap, as the third barrage of Arrows flew to their side of the room she got into a stance ready to punch them. Khora however got up after Valkyrie did and breathed out, cold originated from her breath as the arrows approached were covered in a heavy layer of frost and ice - they lose their momentum and drop to the ground smashing against it. A Troupe member approaches Valkyrie with sword drawn, she dodges the first slash and quickly inputs a flurry of blows into Dwan's pressure points and he crumples paralysed to the ground.

Foxy Pulverises a Troupe member into the ground with her fist as it's blade bounces off her skin. Though one of the summoned armoured Humans cuts down the man she was dancing with as he stands in between her and him, a noble act that he did not need to perform - the sword was whipped across his neck as it spilled with blood and he fell clutching it. Foxy screams and grabs his killer by the head, crushing it in his helmet. Her eyes lock on to Artemis and she bolts, runs into the circle of sigils, they light up and her body freezes tensing up as she falls to her knees and slides across the floor near to Artemis. Her eyes filled with anger as she looks up at him unable to move, trying to shuffle and break free of this incantation.

Khora spins around to Mircea's table - she stands in front of it getting ready to protect it. Her face was no longer than lazy looking content expression, she was frowning for the first time and her nose was twitching in rage, her lips slightly curled down at the edges instead of up, "Run."

The guests were screaming and scared, running around, glasses and plates smashed tables were flipped and hidden behind as arrows flew across the room from the entrance in different direction hitting anyone just through collateral. It was Chaos as Troupe Members were cutting down who they could, the large amount of invaders on the dance floor moved up the stairs to the main entrance, spreading into the Castle. A few helped back up the Troupe Members and so did a couple of the Massive Minotaurs standing about 12 feet tall.

--- - - ---​

Mission's hand clutched and covered Cianan's mouth suddenly, stopping her body moving, "ah~ can you hear that?" She listens for a moment, half of her hair that was tied up into a bun was now messily covering one side of her face, she moved it behind her ear and listened. She could hear faint screaming which got a little louder, slamming and other loud noises. She looked down at the man lying below her, biting her lip a moment as her legs trembled.

"Fuck. Help me get dressed." She got off, a little gasp escaping her lips as her legs shivered again when her feet found the floor. She scurried around for her dress, her thin hair blades embedded in the wall and her sheathed dagger which she had thrown off in different parts of the room.


Screams filled the halls, the sound of metal cutting flesh and footsteps pounding against the floor mingling together in a bloody haze. Cianan gave an amused exhale, watching Mission scrounge about in a messy rush for her things. He stood, becoming clothed before she could turn her head to him. "Mission," He approached and called her attention, placing his hands on her shoulders, the door opening behind her, "Go." He gave her a gentle push backwards, a force wrapping around the woman and pulling her into the hall in an instant, the door slamming behind her. When she appeared on the other side she was clothed in armor that resembled her own; covered, but easy to move in. Weapons were also attached to her, only one not originally belonging to the human, a sword that looked to be made of gold stone, and a few potions that could easily be pulled from her belt and used.

"Mircea!" Bast yelled when Khora told them to run. The disguised human had already made it to their table when Maelan was shot down, Mircea having flipped it to avoid any arrows that might come their way after the first barrage was set loose. The hybrid held Blu protectively, Felan sheltering Esra. They both looked at Bast when he yelled, noticing weapons being held towards them. Mircea grabbed the sword, Felan hesitantly doing the same with the one given to him. A small, wooden hand crossbows appeared in his palms, quickly handing them to Esra and Blu, "Protect yourselves if you must. Mircea," He looked back to the hybrid, "Take Blu and find somewhere safe." The elf hesitated, glancing at Esra. "I SAID GO, DAMMIT!" Bast yelled at him, Mircea pulling Blu to his feet immediately.

Mircea kept his arm on Blu, not letting him trip or stray as he wormed through towards the entrance. He was met by the same man who once sat at Bast's table, his eye sockets a glowing gold. "You," he said, though Mircea couldn't tell if it was directed at himself or someone behind him. A couple of arrows shot passed them, barely missing both the man and Mircea and drawing the man's attention towards the archers. An annoyed sigh escaped the man, the floor below the archers erupting in massive roots and vines that coiled around them forcefully. The largest vine began squeezing the archers together, crushing them along with their armor as the man turned to look at Mircea once again. He looked down towards Blu, being met with the tip of a sword. "Stay back," Mircea said defensively, the man giving a chuckle in response before he disappeared from his vision. He reappeared beside Blu, taking him into his grasp, "You're coming with me, little one."

"Blu!" Mircea called, looking around him frantically when both he and the man disappeared. He quickly brought his sword up when someone lunged a sword at him, parrying the incoming attack and knocking his hand into the gap of their armor, his finger tips encased in silver as they sliced through the woman's neck, gurgling escaping her before she fell to the ground.


Screaming Mute
Mission sort of trips from how sudden it all was, falling on her backside. Though her hands immediately go to her torso, feeling over as she looks down to notice she is fully prepared to fight. It was all a shock, though there was no time to question it. She spun on the ground, scanning the area as people had flooded into this part of the Castle away from the main room, running from the door she noticed two guards fighting each other - the one in the dark attire had the other pinned with his spear against the wall. She whipped her hand towards him releasing one of the thin blade that were in her hair - it found purchase in his neck and his head jerked to the side, spear loosened from his grip and fell against the wall. The man he pinned in his shoulder with the spear gasped and let out a breath of relief; he nodded at Mission and picked up his weapon and began to defend and lead the oncoming guests away.

Mission stood up as a member of the Troupe she didn't recognise run towards him with a sword coming down from above, she raised her arm - the gauntlet blocking the strike as she moves into the enemy. Her other hand driving the thin blade into the troupe members gut and slamming him against the wall. She punched him a couple of times in the face which broke his nose and rocked his head back. When she let go of him, he slid down the wall out cold.

"Hide in the rooms! Barricade them!"

She shouted to the fleeing people that filtered through the corridor and the ones already crowded. She drew the sword and as she took it into her hand, the blade was. Curious to her. It felt new, a blade in her hand usually didn't draw her attention like this. She'd only ever seen a Gold stone weapon once and it was fleeting. She was distracted for a moment as an armoured man came through the door from the main room, his gaze turned to her as she was closest - he ran at her and she flinched.

"Oh shit!"

She manages to just about raise her blade and block the attack, though she is forced to her back-heel. There is a moment, the sword seems to react and she tilts her head curiously at it. Her opponent gets confused also, especially as vines grow from the sword around his and continue down his arms pulling them together and binding him. Mission couldn't help but smile as she pulled the blade back and kicked the inside of her enemy's knee making him fall to it she hits him in the temple with the butt of the blade and it reacts again a crown of leaves and vines forming around his head as it puts him under some kind of drugged haze and he falls to the ground muttering incoherent words.

-- --​

The Dwan Troupe Mages that summoned the Fairies stand around Artemis now, they perform hand gestures and summon more Fae. A bunch more Fairies that fly towards the balconies and out into the city, about eight shoot out into Yefadorei proper.

Artemis gives Neoma to one of his Swords-women and she holds the blade to her throat. He strolls over to a paralysed Foxy who was laying near him, his foot standing on her head he looked down with it cocked to the side.

"Evangeline Fox? I could've sworn I had you killed. Haha, this is a day indeed."

A Minotaur stood beside Artemis as he removed his boot from her head, the bull reaches down with it's massive hand and grips her hair, lifting her by it so that she was dragged and dangled up from it. There was pain on her features, her eyes started to tear up as the old King of the midlands stood in front of her.

"Guess if you want something done you do it yourself."

He drives his blade into her heart. Well. He tried. His blade hit her skin with some force and it halted, cracked and shattered. He almost trips into her, a look of shock on his face. He shakes his head, his shocked expression curling up into a smirk.

"House Fox was always stubborn. Fine." He moves away from her and two of the Dwan Mages move to either side of the Giantess, placing their palms against her temple and whispering incantations. Foxy loosened and began to scream, the minotaur dropped her but she seemed to still remain floating there with the Dwan elves on eitherside of her.

- ---- -​

Dresden's vision slowly came back to him, he felt groggy and sore. His body was laid out halfway down the stairs, as he tried to move he felt a surge of pain in the back of his left shoulder and he grit his teeth - the arrow sticking out of his back was making it hard for him to move his arm though he managed to peel himself up, his head scanning the area.

"M-my king!?"

The man lifted himself up into a crouch, he watched his own men march up the stairs passed him and his face scrunched up into an anger that he had not felt in a long time. A betrayal. His right hand's fingers curled into a fist, though he extended his index and middle finger muttering an incantation to him as he stood and the tips of those fingers sparked, lighting up his features.


He extended his arm with a grunt and a bolt of lightning exploded through one of his men, tearing a hole straight through the right side of his torso. He turns to face a line of archers which a couple of are about to fire into him are then suddenly engulfed in vines and plant life which crush them slowly, a wail of elvish screams come from them.

"This insolence??..."

-- -- --​

Mission moved into the main room, looking around she saw a mess. It was horrifying, though she didn't really know what had happened to everyone. She tried to get a view on what she could, though acted as she did - her blade finding the torso of a couple more troupe members.

She saw Ginger short haired lady dispatching armoured humans with some skill, just using her fists as she hit them with flurries and dodged and redirected their attacks away from her. Khora was in front of Mircea's table, shooting small orbs of fire at enemies fighting beside Bast. Though one of Dresden's men managed to flank Valkyrie who was managing to take on multiple coming at her at once, the spear in the elf's hand finding her thigh. She manages to slap it away and retreat back before she's cut down by numerous swords - but it was the reaction of her lover that would fell the men.

"NO!" Khora screamed in the direction of her wife as her breath exhaled a cloud of cold which enveloped the group of bad guys near her. His armour tightened, his movement halting as he just stared at her trying to break free. Her hand were tense and her fingers curled up viciously as the cold that was wrapped around them now became super heated and turned to boiling steam which coiled their bodies and slowly tortured them until their brains couldn't handle it anymore.

"How Dare you touch her."

"ZAL! Concentrate! I'm fine."

It took her a moment her fingers flexing as the steam coiled her prey, her eyes' pupils slits wrapped in an icy blue which shifted back to her amber normal eyes and then men were let go, all their bodies dropping to the ground.

Mission managed to find herself near Mircea, she barges straight into a Troupe woman who almost got him from behind, barrelling her into a table and then clutching her neck with her gauntlet. She slowly drives the blade through her, watching her die. She turns to the hybrid, clutching her blade

"Mircea! Where is Blu?? Are you hurt?"

--- ---

Guilty crawls over to Esra and Falen, whilst all this was happening she was muttering to herself in Goblin and using the blue crystal dust she got from the Pegawin to draw symbols and sigils on the ground around them behind the table. She was in deep concentration as she tried her best to makeshift the dust into a component circle.

Meanwhile, behind the Bar. Arbonath was taking cover behind it, the barmaid he was flirting with crying sitting beside him as he had a punch of alcohol he was mixing together and stuff her pulled from his pockets being thrown together to make some liquid concoction. He launches it over the bar and it hits an armoured man in the face, there seems to be some kind of steam rising from his armour as it leaks through the cracks and the now acidic creation begins to erode through the man. He begins to work on more alchemy.

- - -- - -​

"Mirion!" Artemis walks away from Foxy now as she was being worked on. Addressing loudly to the King, who was surrounded by the Thendrim family who were protecting him from the oncoming insurgence "It has been a pleasure to be in your presence and take things dear to you. I'm glad I could entertain such a...night to remember."

He turned to his mages who now had moved around Foxy, one behind her, pulled her hair back and forced her mouth Open. The other Dwan mage held her hand out towards the kneeling Giantess and from her palm a black Fae creature slithered into her mouth, forcing it's way into her body. The mages move away from her with Artemis spinning his finger. Foxy slammed against the floor. They move to the edges of the sigil circle and began to chant out loud and it glowed bright;

"Good night Yefadorei!" Artemis raised his hand as it flashed brightly. A silence breaking for a moment as the light subsided, leaving just Foxy and the Minotaurs left in the middle. Artemis, his mages and his sword swallowers were gone. And so was Princess Neoma. All that was left of the sigils was a faint dust of magic essence with Fae origins.


"I don't know where he is," Mircea scowled in frustration, his blade turning in his hand, "That curly haired bastard who sat at your table? He appeared out of no where and took him!" The elf was quick to act when a troupe member attacked Tillian from behind, who was running his sword into the ribs of another. He pulled the dagger from his boot, tossing it into the eye of Tillian's attacker and causing them to scream. "Just like that! They disappeared into thin air!," he said as he returned his attention to Mission. Tillian swiftly kicked off from his victim, leaving them on the ground and turning to pull the dagger from the troupe member's eye, pulling the eyeball along with the jagged blade. He slung it off as they covered the empty socket in pain, plunging the blade into the neck of a separate member, breathing heavily as he ripped it out. Red veins showed over the troupe members' skins- poison from the dagger that took a speedy effect on the riled troupes and caused their flesh to swell, their hearts rupturing as it reached the organs.

Tillian glanced at Mircea with a curious expression before his attention was pulled to the center of the room. His bones tingled at the energy within the hall, his focus being pulled when Artemis continued speaking. "Foxy!" Tillian yelled in annoyed surprise when he could see what they were doing to her, nearly jumping over the railing before a hand pulled him back by his collar. "No jump," The half orc spoke, "Minotaur strong." Tillian's eyes rose to the massive creatures, an annoyed huff escaping him, "Unhand me." He pulled from the orc woman.

Mirion looked to his side where his queen sat, an arrow stuck into her chest and keeping her captive to the chair. She reached a weak hand out for him, her skin cold to touch as he took it into his own. Though she bled, visibly and internally, she smiled up at him, "Boe i 'waen...Novaer ." Tears fell from his eyes, leaning to kiss her forehead. Her grip loosened, Mirion placing her hand back onto the seat as ivy grew from her crown, encasing her in leaves where flowers soon bloomed. The king turned on his heel, stepping towards the center balcony to see Artemis had gone and taken his daughter with him. Corvin was yelling for his siblings behind him, being held back by people in an attempt to protect him.

"Enough," King Mirion said with a harshness to his voice he'd rarely shown before, leaning his palms onto the railing. Magic began to pour from him, his obvious pain getting the better of the king. The center floor began to glow a bright purple.

"FATHER, NO!" Corvin headbutted one of the people holding him back, managing to push his way through them. He tried stopping the king, trying to gather his attention away from the sight of Maelan, to no avail. He dodged another man who tried to get him back, pulling a weapon from the ground and stabbing it into the back of an troupe member. He held his breathe long enough to muster a yell to the guests who still fought, his voice rising over the clashing of metal, "GET AWAY FROM THE CENTER!"

Tillian's adrenaline took over when he saw the floor begin to glow and shake. He glanced at Foxy and then to the nearest Minotaur, taking a few steps back before running, grabbing hold of the rails, and jumping over. The orc, though she tried to catch him again, failed due the elf's form taking a sudden shape she couldn't quite reach. The black, beastly animal jumped and landed over Foxy. It quickly bit her shoulder, not bothering to care if it punctured as it dragged her out of the center of the room towards the entrance. A low growl emitted from its throat as enemies tried to attack the two, the beast letting go of the giantess and bouncing between their bodies, swiftly biting their heads from their shoulders.

The center of the room became closed off, stones and dark vines growing around the stairs and rails. The ground cracked and shook, purple light shining on the king's face from below. The ground there seemed to crumble, becoming a suction for the minotaurs and whoever else was stuck in the middle, hundreds of hands reaching up from the glowing cracks in the ground and pulling them inside. Vines whipped around the rails at the center of the room, pulling the enemies inside that got too close.

"What the fuck," Mircea said in surprise at the beast and the magic. It's oddly canine head reared back and growled in their direction before it headed their way, as if it were going to attack. A figure quickly ran ahead of it, holding her hands out as she stood in its way, "HEY!"

Bay stood, armored and giving the beast more than a stern look as it came to a stop. It fidgeted, a whine escaping it like a dog would cry when it wanted something. A sword bounced off of its side, the beast turning and biting through the armor of the man who tried to attack him and slinging him into the center of the room. The man was caught by a vine that twisted around him and slung him inside the border. Bay turned, still holding one of her hands up in the beast's direction as she looked at the others, "Stay away from the rails. The King may not be able to tell the difference in his state...Someone needs to stop him. He'll destroy everything at this rate." She turned back to the beast, moving towards him with caution, "Tilly, I know this is a lot of energy for you.." the beast fidgeted again, his snout forming a snarl. "Hey, hey," Bay lowered herself some, "focus, Tillian. Focus. We aren't the enemies here." The beast gave a groan, a short, low howl emitted from his throat as he turned on his paws, plowing through a group of Dresden's traitorous guards and forcing them against the wall, smothering some while the others hopelessly tried to penetrate his skin with their blades.

Bay's mother grabbed the king by the shoulder, forcing him from his trance as she pulled him away from the balcony, "My King, You must stop! You might kill more of the guests.." She winced from her injury, the king lifting her as she faltered for a moment. His serious expression shifted to pained concern, the magic he had been using soon dispersing. The cracks melded back together, crushing one of the minotaurs as the stone an vines slowly dropped back into the floor.


Screaming Mute
Mission recognised who he described pretty quickly, her face going slightly red though it could easily be mistaken for anger in this situation. She sort of wanted to be angry, but was kind of - relieved? Blu was with Cianan, and that could mean a barrage of things - and they all raced through her mind bad and good. But it was in the now that she needed to remain. A Man screamed towards her and she, barely looked at him, stepping out of his way as he stumbled behind her. Her wrist flicked back and her sword cut the inside of his leg smoothly parting his artery - daining him of his life essence.

Guilty smacked her hand in the center of the circle and it glowed for a moment before POOF, her Tome of Spells lay there before Esra, Felan and her. She looked at them and grinned, "It Gone be Okay now." She started flicking through the pages and found the one she was looking for. Guilty began to read out the spell in her Language;

"Dekar't Daguukaan rhaaluulkaan ghekaan duun ghakekhol'dakhaan ac shuukuuch duuc daan dhaken or kaal'dekhec ac ogeraakaan"

Guilty's eyes glowed with energy as she read. On the other side of the table they were taking cover behind two men were making their way forward with the weapons at the ready; and as they got right up to the table Guilty's coat tails whipped and grew, extending unnaturally and impossibly reaching over the other side of the table and wrapping around their necks slamming the two's heads together and then throwing them into the tear in the middle of the room, their screams ringing out as they are engulfed by the King's Gambit.

"Shit." Mission cursed as the magic erupted in the centre of the room, her blade handy as she moved from the centre. Her attention turned to Tillian in his form and Bay keeping him calm.

As the room erupted into magical chaos a lot of bad was being engulfed by the middle. There was a certain stubborn Minotaur however, using it's axe as an anchor as it dragged itself over towards the Caravan as they were fighting what remnants of people they could. The Minotaur managed to get it's footing and stood above Khora, roaring and bringing it's Axe down upon her she managed to push away an armoured Man and raising her arms just in time to create a shield of ice that hits the axe and anchors it in place. Khora is brought to her knees, her teeth gritted, eyes glance to the side and then she grins.

Valkyrie leaps up, planting her foot on the Axe as she passed over it performing a punch straight across the Minotaur's face. It's head jerking to the side as she lands on the other side of it. Khora gets the upper hand, standing up straighter lifting the Axe stuck in her ice defence up and pushing the Mino back slightly. Mircea drives his blade into the Minotaur's side, though it retaliates and backhands him. Mission preoccupied with a couple armoured humans screams out, "Mircea!" She pushes one's attack off her and tries to rush over, but another steps right in front and stops her.

The Minotaur lifts it's fist about to punch forward into the hybrid, Valkyrie slides in front of him with her arms crossed in front of her protectively. The Punch hitting her small form, looking as though it would launch her but she stands her ground - a Good Thendrim does. Guilty levitates up from behind the table her arms stretched out as her tailcoat grabs one of Mission's attackers around the neck and throws it at the Minotaur who just bats it away with a growl.

"BAST!" A Dwarvish voice called out from behind the bar. A glass spherical vial filled with liquid was lobbed into the air and was coming down towards the disguised Elf. He extended his arm straight and high and his stance got low, the vial gently rolling down the arm like a path, guided across the back of his shoulders and across the other arm into his hand which in one quick movement flicked it up and threw it towards the Mino. The Glass shattered in it's face and exploded in flames, covering him in liquid flame sticking to it's fur. The Minotaur finally let go of his axe with Khora underneath it and tried to pat at the flames engulfing the side of it's face and shoulder.

Khora stood up throwing the axe back at the Mino, the axe smacking into it and causing it to stumble back. Mission carved a pattern in her confident opponent, his confidence fading as he fell dead to the ground, she turned and ran towards the Mino. Valkyrie slides behind the beast hitting a few of it's pressure points in it's lower back causing it to roar in pain and arch it's back; chest out. Guilty scoops Mission up with her tailcoats and launches her through the air Her feet plant against the beast's torso as she drives her blade into it's heart. The Mino stumbled back towards the tear in the ground with Mission still stuck on it, she grits her teeth and leans back extending her body to counterbalance the falling Beast to delay it's descent. She yanks the blade out and jumps off the chest, landing on the ground as the body tumbles into the hole as it closes up.

Mission lets out a deep breath, looking around. The last remnants of enemies in this room were being finished off. Dresden had gone to support Tillian and Bay, using his lightning to chain off the armoured human individuals and causing them to crumple to the floor scorched and defeated.

"There are still more throughout the Castle!" The betrayed general ran up the stairs through the door to check on the state of things outside, but also to distribute justice to the traitors.

Mission ran over to Mircea, taking a potion from her belt - using her ring to heat it up and activate it she pours it into the Elf's mouth. "Get up. No nappin on my watch L'dheam."

Khora piped up, "Could I get one of them?" Mission spun around and threw one at the Elf, she caught it and held it over her other hand, heating it up over and open flame. She walks over to Valkyrie who was sitting on a seat, cradling her side wound which had stained a good portion of her clothing now. Khora stood above her Wife and leaned down, holding the potion gently against Valkyrie's lips who just took it from her and drank it herself.

"I have hands." Khora smirked and planted a long kiss on her lips. Guilty floated passed them all and made her way to the main entrance acting as sentry, out of view her tailcoats whipped out striking what one could assume to be more enemies in the room outside, there was also the flash of lightning assisting too.

Mission ran up to Foxy, crouching next to her. She noticed her eyes were partially open and pitch black, a black ink like liquid also leaking from her mouth. She looks at Bay, a bit of panic in her voice as she observed the state of her friend. "Can you fix her?"


Mircea coughed roughly as he shot up, nearly choking on the potion as it went down. He took a moment to gather himself while the others did the same, soon moving to check on Esra and Felan.

Tillian had changed positions to the center of the hall, his beastial form loudly sniffing at the ground where the fairies had died. Bay rushed to Foxy's side when Mission called her, crouching next to the giantess's head. Her hand drifted over the woman's face, throat, and stomach, light illuminating her fingers. A frown showed on her face, moving to sit on her rear and sigh, "I can...maybe.. it's not in an easy place. In fact, it's extremely unusual and dangerous to try by normal methods." Her gaze lifted to Tillian, the beast having quietly made his way over to Foxy and sniffing her neck. A short growl emitted from the creature's throat, his ears falling back against his head.

"What?" Bay seemed cautious despite her light tone, not taking her eyes from the beast, "I know you can see it, but can you get it out without killing her?"

Tillian fidgeted on his large paws, his lowered head raising with his ears.

"Don't do anything if you're not sure, Tillian." Bay commented, her voice finally showing sternness with him. She moved her hand as if she were about to try something herself, but the beast gave a warning snap of his jaws. She huffed, "Then get on with it! She doesn't have all night."

A snort of breath escaped the creature's nose and he lowered himself, taking in a deep breath as fire light shown from his throat. What looked like a glowing third eye formed on his head, embers drifting from his jaws. He exhaled a burning smoke over Foxy, the orange cloud forcing its way into her throat and around. Bay prepared herself. It took a moment of this, the creature pressing his weight against Foxy as the Sithe struggled. It shot from her throat, Tillian catching it between his teeth and pulling it from the woman's body by it's head. It dispersed into ash in his mouth, the beast getting up from the woman with a groan.

Bay immediately began healing Foxy, her hands placed on either side of the woman's head.

Prince Corvin was going to join the others in fighting off the troops that were left, but Mirion quickly called him back, embracing Corvin before speaking to him. Bast did leave to help the others fight, not yet tired.

Felan was quite calm despite the situation, Esra holding a smile to her friend on her tear stained cheeks. Mircea helped with bringing Felan to his feet, finding his cane for him to take. Esra sniffled, coming to hold Mircea's leg and press her face against his knee. The hybrid gently pet her head, a frown on his face.


Screaming Mute
Mission got up and took a step back, giving the Fae Hunters some room as they worked on Foxy. She got slightly worried at what was happening and for her friend. The tension was cut when the creature was removed from her throat, Foxy's eyes returned to normal and she started coughing and spluttering. Mission let out a sigh of relief and quickly got to a knee, giving Bay a kiss on the cheek as she healed her friend. "Thank you."

Despite the circumstances, Mission felt Good. She moved up the stairs leaving the main room. The adrenaline pumping through her, the feeling she felt during and after Cianan was surfing her through this conflict. And she was ready to finish it. She moved passed Guilty and ran into the large corridor, passed elvish guard on their side and Dresden who was electrically torturing one of his men, barking at him in elvish. There was still a number of enemies and one Minotaur towering over them all in the room.

Two of Dresden's men turned to face Mission with Spears pointed as she moved into the open, her speed picked up and they charged at her closing the Gap. With her Golden blade she slaps the spear out of the way and to make sure it didn't come back to bite her she moved passed it grinding her blade along it's handle and swiping as she got within distance slicing open his neck. She brings her blade up and blocks the second spear, a close call clash she pushes the spear up with her sword and brings it across the chestplate of the guard, it doesn't do much but allows her momentum to be shifted down and low getting beneath him, her sword now tucked in she thrusts it up into the gap under his chestplate and impales his torso. Usually a blade would be tough to pull from the dead meat, but this one glided out like it was nothing - Mission was appreciating the Blade more and more.

She ran over to a troupe member who tried to do a fancy spinning move at her. She parried the blade and strafed right passed the troupe member, she tried to do a sneaky back attack but it was blocked by quite a skilled response. She had to ignore that one for now as an armoured human had closed in on her, she had a quick exchange of blades with him and then with the troupe member and him at the same time. As the Troupe member performs a thrust at Mission's back she dodges to the side and twists her body, she takes the hand clean off - again the blade just passes through her wrist like bone didn't exist in it. She lets the Dwan clutch it's arm screaming on the floor and fights the Armoured Man, who tries to go low and take out her legs which was his mistake. She drives the blade into his arm and pins him to the ground, pivoting around the sword she gets her leg high and kicks him straight across the jaw, lights out. Her body straddles his arm, for a short time as he crumbles to the ground - she pulls the blade from it and moves across the room. This was Cathartic.

Her eyes on the Minotaur, but another armoured Human stood in her path wielding a Shield. She took in her surroundings, noticing that Dresden and the King's guards were pushing forward through the resistance. Guilty's coat tails reached around someone and snapped their neck, she tried throwing the corpse at the Minotaur's head and it hit - but he shrugged it off and just looked angrily in her direction. The Mino grabs a helmet from one the guards he slew and throws it in Guilty's direction, striking her in the head as she tries to avoid it, she falls to the floor clutching her head in pain. Mission grits her teeth.

As she clashed with the Armoured Human's shield she pushes against it, this is where the blade acted on it's own and a punch of vines grew from it and enveloped the shield, reaching for the Human's head and then suddenly pulling it forward, cracking it against the edge of the shield, and again and again, bashing the man's head against his own shield. Mission stepped around him and drove the blade across his back. She ran at the Minotaur who was eyeballing her as she just made short work of most of the men here, gaining his attention.

The Beast tried to swipe her, but she slid under the attack, dragging her blade tips across the floor as she passes under the Minotaur's legs. She leaves a trail of flowers, leaves and vines growing from the scratch she makes in the floor with her blade. She swipes it up as she gains some height, pushing up with her hand coming to a stand behind the Minotaur. The vines shoot up and wrap around his right leg, tightly creeping up it and pinning him. Though the Mino reacted quickly as Mission took stand behind him, trying to grab her with his big hand - it coming around to scoop her up but she leans back acrobatically, pushing the sword against the arm as it passes over her. The Minotaur essentially cutting it's own wrist open as he unintentionally drags it across it sharp edge. She straightens herself and quickly sweeps her sword in a circular motion to cut his left tendon forcing the Minotaur's leg to wobble and bend, creating a platform with it's upper thigh for her to leap up onto and step up, jumping passed the Minotaur and swiping the blade out, dragging it across it's eye-line she completely eviscerates it's eyeballs. The Mino roars in pain as it is engulfed by the vines and grappled completely, but alive.

Mission breathes heavily after she lands, taking a guarded stance as more men approach her after she made quick work of the Minotaur. She grins. She couldn't help it, and as much as she fucking adored this blade she missed the Fire. She clenches her ringed fist and punches forward releasing a fireball from it like it was easy, usually it required way more concentration and a charge of fire, but it was as if she was using her own fighting spirit to fuel the ring. The Ball hits and engulfs the man quickly, burning vines tightly wrapping around him as his other four allies overtake and get closer to the Black Hound. Mission was ready for them all, though a bolt of lightning tore through another. Leaving three to approach, she widened her stance and was confident.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHRGGH!" The tearing and cracking of wood shattered behind her, she glanced back quickly but before she could react Mission was pushed forward towards the approaching men. She felt a sharp, pulsing pain in her lower torso - she glanced down and coughed blood, it spilled from her mouth caused by the Horn protruding from her side. Swords pointed towards her she manages to: even gored by this Minotaur and bleeding her instinct and skill taking over as she blocked the blades should have ended her on this Mino's horn. She was kept at their height due to the creature behind her not being able to stand, it also gave her a slight edge over the guards. She kicks out after blocking, ringing the helmet with her boot and causing him to be dazed. She takes the fingers off another man who overcompensated with his strike, rushing to get her and instead meeting his hand with her blade instead of parrying properly. The man who was kicked earlier gets crushed by a Giant Arcane hand, Guilty angrily approached and backhanded the other away from Mission. This allowed her to spin the blade into a reverse grip and drive it behind her, piercing straight into the skull of the Minotaur. She felt the floor on her feet again and stepped out from the horn, clutching her side and falling to her knees hair falling over her face. She breathes heavily, looking around first as it seemed she and Guilty dealt with the last of them. The Goblin ran up to her and took another couple potions from her belt, she gave one to Mission after activating it and also drank one herself to heal her head wound. Mission drank the Potion and let out a sigh, she was lucky the Mino was blinded as the horn only pierced through her side - though it still did a lot. She was knackered now.

Dresden approached her, his glare on this Human who had just helped dispatch half this resistance on her self. It looked like he carried a hate in his eyes which she completely understood considering the circumstances, though it seemed directed and she was slightly uncomfortable.

"You are formidable." He extends his hand, which she just looks at for a moment before grabbing it. She gets pulled and groans - her body sore. And as sore, hurting and exhausted she was - Mission still felt amazing. She nods at Dresden who returns it, it also looked as though his expression calmed some as he walks away with his hands behind his back.

Mission pulls her blood hand from her wound, it was no longer bleeding but still looked like shit and she let out a sigh of relief. The Black Hound limped towards a Column and leaned against it. "Guilty... Thank you."

The Goblin had followed her over and looked exhausted too, "Ah. It Guilty Pleasure"

Foxy's eyes blink open as she sees this red head looking down at her. She lets out a breath and squints, "What happened? Where am I?" She looks around at the Chaos and sits up, She got up quickly, frantic, looking around - her eyes wide and full of dread as she runs over to Mircea. "Oh My God. Mircea? Are you okay? WHAT HAPPENED? ESRA? CORRELL!? WHERE IS ARBONATH??"

"Aye Lass I'm okay."
Arbonath had come out of hiding now and was comforting the Barmaid he had protected and took cover with behind the Bar. Foxy ran over to him and lifted the Dwarf into a hug, crying her eyes out.


Under normal circumstances, Mircea would've gently laughed at Foxy's energy even after being injured. But, these weren't normal circumstances. The celebration hall was nearly destroyed, blood and debris mingled together with a rotten, metallic smell. The fallen lie on the ground, many slain before their time. Including the prince, the once lively heir was as still as stone on the warped floor, a golden crown lying next to him. Blood had dried along the paint that should've symbolized his rise to rule, the cracked gold shimmering against cold, lifeless skin. Vines of green and black remained around the corpse, cradling it. Mircea looked disheartened, looking up to the king who was speaking to Prince Corvin and an injured knight. Armored men, the kings' guard, began filling the halls. A loud bell rang some seconds later, the deep sound it made vibrating through the castle and echoing over the city. It was a solemn, heart-shaking sound that seemed to last for minutes, and all of Yefadorei knew what it meant: Royalty had died, and they rang for every one of them lost. The armored men plowed through the remaining enemies, taking stragglers and prisoners.

"And so the bells toll," Mircea spoke to himself, Esra's grip on his leg loosening as he moved to look around. Night had met them, silver beams shining through drifting dust over the broken tiles. The hybrid gave a sad sigh, watching as the king made his way down the steps. Bay had ran up the other side of the room, meeting the knight and the priestess with a worried look on her face. It looked as though the priestess was healing the knight, and the Prince's gaze was focused on the queen. The beast, Tillian, froze in place near the king as Mirion had made it to the center of the room next to Maelan, an audible sadness to his voice as he spoke to the body of his son in elvish Mircea couldn't place. The king turned to the survivors in the room, "If you need healing, please, allow us to help." His gaze paused on Tillian, his words hesitant as he spoke to everyone, "And.... thank you, for your help."

"Your majesty," Bay said as she sprinted down the steps, "I-..I can explain," She paused in surprise at the second set of steps as the king lifted a hand to the beast, running a hand over the fur on the side of its face as its ears fell back against its head.

"Do not worry, young Lady Frevold," Mirion spoke, "I know what brings a wolf of dread to events such as these." Tillian whined, slowly lying on his stomach as the king removed his hand. The elf looked to Bay, and then to the others. A heavy sigh escaped him as his guard entered the room. He was obviously hurting, most would be in a situation like this, but he held his composer well compared to the pain he felt, "I apologize...for my outburst before. I only put my guests in more danger."

"My king," The red haired knight joined her daughter on the stairs after speaking with the guards, "What would you have us do with the prisoners?"

"Take them to the cold rooms," Mirion spoke after thinking for a moment, moving to walk with the knight towards the entrance as he spoke, "Their judgment will be dealt. For now, have some of our men help look for survivors. Bring any injured to the castle's temple where they can be healed and cared for, but make sure they are safely guarded. Have the Volcri begin an inspection, find out who let this happen."

Bay had a disheartened look on her face, staring at the floor. She quickly readjusted herself, moving to crouch in front of the beast, "Tillian, I'm going to be leaving for a while. There are still corrupted fae in the city and I have to stop them before the spread more madness. Please, stay with the others, they may need you." She pet his head, ruffling the fur there as the beast laid still, a harsh exhale escaping his snout. Bay leaned in and whispered to him, "And remember, Tilly, you can't stay in this form for much longer." They both stood, the beast jumping onto the higher floors and into one of the halls connecting to the celebration room. Bay left them, giving weak waves to those she knew.

"WHAT ABOUT NEOMA?" Corvin yelled across the hall, holding onto the rails, stopping the king in his tracks. The prince held an angry expression, meeting his father's solemn one from a distance, "WE CAN'T JUST LEAVE HER WITH HIM!"

"Corvin," Mirion spoke sternly, his voice traveling over the walls, "I will not discuss plans for your sister's retrieval here." He turned his attention to the guests as his men had set free a few people who barricaded themselves into the rooms, gently guiding them from the hall and helping those who couldn't walk on their own. Some cried for the people they lost as they passed. Mirion touched the shoulder of one, a familiar raven haired elf who looked as if she'd seen a ghost, her eyes swollen from crying, "Lady Triss?"

"Mirion-..Your majesty," Triss placed her hand over the king's, "Do not fear, I'm not much injured...." She gently removed Mirion's hand, her head sinking, "..But, they've taken my light."

"Nimur..." Mirion whispered, letting the woman pass him as she wished, her arms hugging her chest as her head was held low. The knight beside him frowned deeply, knowing Lord Nimur was an old friend of the king. She bowed to him, "I'll begin with your instructions immediately," Leaving him with his own guard standing beside him.

Meanwhile, Corvin had made a fuss when the priestess tried to comfort him, shouting her away from him. Mircea looked at his companions that were present, Tillian soon joining them in clothing that looked borrowed. The king waited for the remaining survivors to be lead out before he spoke to the room. A group of oddly armored men and women entering the celebration hall from behind him.

"Everyone will leave this part of the castle immediately," The King spoke to those who remained, "An investigation is now beginning, and the dead must be collected for their families." His gaze shifted to his son, "Corvin." The prince glared at him, but made his way to the entrance, standing next to his father. The king looked to the others, "If you will, please come with me."

The priestess and her company left the celebration hall, the Priestess staying near the King. Mircea, Bast, Esra, and Felan followed, not wanting to defy the king. Once everyone had left the celebration hall, King Mirion led them through the castle to a large room that was closed off from prying eyes and ears aside from his personal guards. It wasn't exactly a war room, though at the moment it could've been seen as one due to the tension coming from the king, his son standing beside him with anger in his eyes. The king turned to them, concern riddling his expression, "My men will be stretched thin with this investigation and the upcoming festival....I would not ask this if I had any other choice." His hands clasped together at his stomach, "My daughter, Princess Neoma, is in grave danger- I fear she may meet the same fate as many have this evening. I know it may be too much to ask of you, especially after tonight's events, but will you fight for her?"

"Your majesty.." Felan began to speak, but Mirion gently raised his hand slightly to stop him.

"I understand that some of you are unable to fight," King Mirion said, "I do not hold that against you, nor will I bare a grudge should you not be willing. I understand that what I am asking is dangerous, and no simple task. I do ask that, if you are unable or unwilling, that you step back from those who are or leave this room." He watched as Esra led Felan back from the group, stopping some distance away from them and nearer to the door.

"Those of you who are willing to undergo this task, I can provide provisions should you need them. Armor, weapons, potions, food- And they will be yours to keep. Please, return to the castle tomorrow at noon if you wish to take part in this. I would discuss this now, but more information, and rest, is needed before a plan can be formed."

"May we..?" Mircea spoke, gesturing towards the door.

"Yes, you may leave," King Mirion spoke, watching as the hybrid bowed and led his company from the room.

"A quest to save the princess," Bast said with amusement to his tone when they made it out of the room, "Sounds like fun!"

"Now really isn't the time to discuss things with such lightheartedness, Bast," Mircea huffed, his hands placed on his hips, "We need to find Blu."

Mission would notice a thin, hand-sized vial clink onto her belt, a piece of parchment rolled up inside. Written on the note were two simple words, 'Dragon Ivy', with a scribbled drawing of a smiling, horned face next to it.


Screaming Mute
Mission took the vial into her hands, popped it open and slipped the parchment into her hand. She unravelled it and read the message, looking at the picture tilting her head. She repeated the words 'Dragon Ivy' and looked around, she looked down at Guilty who just stared up at her. Though her thought process was interrupted by the sword, it seemed to lose form leaned against the pillar and slopped to the ground, though it didn't stay like that- taking a new form, that of a Golden cup which she quickly scooped up and stared at it thining to herself, 'Fuck I already miss the sword'. Then suddenly it was like someone flicked a switch in her head, her eyes widened and she dropped the vial and message running off through the corridor with this new burst of energy, she almost fell over as her side shot up in pain but she gritted through it and ran.

Guilty was going to say something, but she was too exhausted and bent down to pick up the parchment and vial- looking at it confused.

Foxy, Arbonath, Khora & Valkyrie and a couple members of the Thendrim family joined the King; the rest of the red heads convened outside of the Event room to help gather the dead or recover. In the War Room type situation the King addressed the group about the matters at hand, about Neoma. Khora stood with her arms folded next to her wife listening to Mirion speak even with the thoughts racing through her head.

As Mircea, Bast and the rest left. Lord Thendrim stepped forward, his large hulking form towering over most of the others - his head was down as two streams of tears fell from his eyes. His fist slams his chest as he gets to one knee, "Your Highness, It will be House Thendrim's Honour to provide extra defences and personal guards for you - our Students are some of the most capable fighters there are and my Eldest shall be here tomorrow to fight for your Daughter, the Princess."

Valkyrie almost rolled her eyes, but it was usual for her Father to get emotional and considering the circumstances she allowed it. She closed the distance between her and Khora and whispered in the Silve'scalos' ear. Khora shook her head in response. "Sire, i'm so sorry that this befell Yefadorei, that this befell you. And I understand your first priority is your Daughter, but if I may be cold. The country is going to need you more than ever, and I suggest reaching out to King Ballard, Artemis slipped through the Midland's fingers yes but as we've seen tonight he is cunning - we need their help to bring him down, they know him best."

Valkyrie punched Khora in the gut, she barely reacted except with a flinch.

Guilty noticed the company return and quickly ran over to them, up to the Elf specifically holding up the Vial and note, "Soldier Lady Ran off."

Mission managed to weasel her way out of the Castle, there were Guards everywhere and they only really glared at her through their helmets, some giving nods of respect. She made it back to Felan's, getting through the Gate, she walked a little further in and noticed in her peripheral something off about the wall. She turned her head to get a good look and saw it, a Fairy - it's skin cracked with fading energy and it's eyes black and wide; though it was completely un-moving, probably because there was a dagger pinning it through it's torso into the wall - it was massive compared to the Fairy. On one of the Caravan's wagons nearby, sitting on the roof was the Kenku; one leg dangling and one knee raised, playing with it's other Dagger. It nodded at Mission and she returned the nod. She ran into the house after.

"MAL! CORRELL! THE CASTLE WAS ATTACKED!" She didn't stop to chat though, running to the Garden she slid open the Glass door and stepped in, "Blu??" Her eyes immediately scanned around before glancing towards the Ivy.


Mirion gave a weak smile, closing in on Lord Thendrim enough to touch his shoulder, "Your kindness will not be forgotten, Lord Thendrim." He gently removed his hand, his attention turning to the Ladies. His expression shifted as she spoke, his eyes coming to close for a moment in exhaustion. A small sigh escaped him as they opened again and he spoke, "Unfortunately, Lady Silve'scalos, there is a system I must follow before contacting a fellow king for such matters. It's to be discussed with my royal council."

"Ran off?" Mircea took the parchment into his hand, his brows becoming uneven with confusion. He turned to look at the others, "It says...Dragon ivy?"

"For a potion?" Bast suggested, his arms crossed along his chest.

"Why would Mission run for a burn potion?" Mircea questioned.

Felan cleared his throat, "If I may...It may be in reference to my garden?" Mircea and Bast looked at him, their confusion still visible. "Well, I do have the oldest growing dragon ivy," Felan seemed nervous, "it is only an idea."

Mircea sighed, "The man that took Blu, he used nature magic. A strong version of it."

"That's not much to go off of," Bast said, "Nature magic is common."

"Ay, there isn't much correlation between things..." Mircea looked at the note again, the sloppy smiling face on it causing something to click in his head, "But, Maybe Felan is right."

"What?" Bast sounded.

"Felan," Mircea turned his gaze to the high elf, "Do you also grow ambrosia?"

"Yes, I have a ragweed section of the herb gardens," Felan answered, confusion showing on his features, "Why?"

"I'll explain later," Mircea sighed, "We need to get back to your home." He gestured for the others to follow as he lead them back the way they came. The knight from before, Bay's mother, gave them access to leave without trouble.

The garden appeared untouched to the untrained eye, but those who had seen it before may notice much of the verdure had grown and flourished. Windows opened near Mission with a metal screech, a familiar face poking out to look at her. "Mission!" Blu beamed at her, his hands pressed against the window frame from Correll's room. A crown of ivy and flowers held his white curls, though magic didn't come from the green leaves.

"Be careful, that glass is broken," A slightly familiar, calm voice spoke from behind him. Cianan stood leaning his back against the wall next to the impline, his gaze fixated on the two sleeping figures in the room. Correll and Mal were still, Mal snoring in his seat while Correll was silent in his bed. The two had crowns of ivy similar to ones the gold stone sword made before, inducing sleep upon them. Blu dropped down to his feet in the room, his tail calmly waving behind him.


Screaming Mute
"I understand that, but remember you can only trust yourself." She was about to continue, but the doors opened in the room behind them and she glanced back. Everyone did.

Dresden walked through, approaching the group quite calmly. Though Lord Thendrim acted, spinning around and gripping the slender man's neck with his large hand - slamming him against a wall. HE was strong, the room shook and the wall cracked slightly. Dresden clutched the meaty hand with his and gritted his teeth.

"I am turning myself in, put me down!"

Valkyrie spoke, "Father. If he tries anything, we'll kill him."

There was hesitation but his hand released the man and he slid down the wall clutching his neck. He coughed and took a moment to regain his composure.

"Sire, I know what this looks like and I can assure you I have NO idea why ALL of my men turned on you. I do not understand, I am hurt, betrayed, baffled but I still remain loyal to you..."

-- - --

Mission's face softened immediately and lit up, she didn't really heed the man's warning and ran back inside, into Correll's room and straight up to Blu as he dropped to his feet and scooped him into her arms as she slid to her nears. She was crying, tears of joy as she clutched the boy.

"You're okay. Blu, I'm so glad." She parts the hug after a while, looking at his face like she had to make sure it was him. Her hand runs through his hair. She had noticed the men sleeping, but paid no mind to it at the moment. Mission stood up, her hands against the sides of Blu's face - her smile lingered before she turned her gaze to Cianan and it dropped.

"Cianan... Who're you?" There was a hint of aggression in her voice, but confusion on her face.


"Dresden.." The king tensed some, his hands clasping together as he listened to the other high elf speak. His lips formed a thin line before he sighed, "You will be held like the others who took part in this attack against our kingdom. There are ways to find out if what you say is true, and if someone has tampered with your mind. I will personally see to you soon." He turned to two of the guards who stood near the walls, "Take him." They moved, grabbing Dresden by the arms and leading him from the room. Mirion's tension didn't seem to falter, his gaze shifting to the guests left in his presence, "You are free to leave the castle if you wish, but I must warn you not to leave the city for now. If you need a place to stay, we have guest rooms available- the head servant will show you the way; However, I must gather what is left of my council now. I ask that you do not disturb me." The king then left the room, his guard following him along with Prince Corvin. The prince split from his father's side after exiting, heading outside.


Cianan's lazy lidded eyes trailed to Mission when she questioned him, his small smile lengthening on one side in a coy expression, "There's no need for aggression." His fingers lazily waved in the air from his crossed arms, "I took the child because someone very important wanted him removed from the situation, wanted him safe. Which he is."

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