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  1. "I think I know how you ghost kids age.", Jim replied, a thoughtful frown on his face. "Kids who die usually don't take long before they age to adult stage, I'd say max a year. You however first stayed 8 for four years, and now you've aged to... 15?
    I think I know why. Your death was inevitable. You would've been killed by dad or either some other HACK soldier.
    Take Jas' 'adopted ghost daughter'. She died because some rival gang killed her. It was only a coincidence they were there that day. It was only a coincidence Jas wasn't there at that moment.
    So she immediately aged adult, because that's what she would've done hadn't that coincidence killed her.
    You stayed 8 for a while, because your death would have happened either way. I guess they wanted you to stay kid."
    Jim lifted his shoulders. "Just guessing, though."
    He rolled his eyes in a sarcastic way as Jack told him that else Jim wouldn't have 'bow-chicka-bow-bowed'.
    "Seriously? That's all you can think 'bout?", he chuckled, shaking his head for a moment. "You know what I mean, though. It was my fault you lost your life. Had I just... been faster..."
    He sighed silently, smirking as Jack told him to hug him. He quickly gave his brother a tight hug, before ruffling his hair and playfully hitting his shoulder.
    "Hey, Jacko, now that you're older - can I ask you a question I've had for two-three years now?"

    "Thank you, Rachel. That's extremely nice of you.", Emily replied, smiling tiredly. "So... I know some babies take longer than others, but how come that one twin also takes longer than the other? And that one baby already talks at 3 months or so - I mean, isn't that rather unusual?"

    Cole shook his head. "I know that it's usually just a bullet to the head but what that farm did..." A shiver ran down down his back. "They hung the cows up on one hindleg, their head pointing to the floor - and then they hammered a nail into their forehead... you can imagine what that was like for 6 and 7 year-olds."
    He smirked as she kissed him, gently kissing her back, his hand softly pressed against the back of her head.
    "Well, the question is: how long will you be able to sit next to me before I annoy you?"
  2. Jack giggled at Jim's reaction about bow-chicka-bow-wow and then nodded at his theory of ghosts aging.
    "That would make sense...", he mumbled thoughtfully, before smiling happily again because Jim finally hugged him.
    He sighed happily, gently shoved his brother's shoulder with his own and chuckled, then turned a bit more serious and leaned against his tombstone.
    "You did everything one could have expected you to do, and much more. You did everything to save me. That it didn't work in the end...that was only the demon's fault, not yours. You were- are the best brother I could have ever dreamed of. You protected me for all those years. I only understood that when I grew older. I was disappointed because you were always gone, but you did it so dad wouldn't be near me. You risked your life and let dad take it all out on you... to protect me. I never thanked you for that..."
    He smiled softly, giving Jim another hug. "Thank you, big bro. For everything. And of course you can ask me. Whatever you want."

    "Isn't it rather unusual that I can swim through a volcano and my husband is preparing to become a God?", Rachel asked back, winking.
    "I'm putting it on the whole anom-thing. Jim and me are both very powerful, and i suppose Raven just inherited a bit more of that energy. They're a year and a week old actually more worried because Angel literally does...nothing."

    Bailey cringed slightly at what Cole told her there. Man that was...hard.
    "Sounds horrible...", she mumbled silently, calmingly stroking over his back. "Why would someone let a kid see that? That's just cruel..."
    She softly wrapped one arm around him and hugged him for a moment. "Well, the only cows you'll ever see at our farm are happy cows chewing grass on the meadow."
    After another tender kiss, she looked into his eyes, hers sparkling. "Easy to answer: forever. I love you, how could I be annoyed by you? I'm happy about every second I get to spend with you, hot stuff."
  3. Jim just nodded when Jack thanked him, looking down to the floor.
    "Well, it's what any brother would have done.", he replied, sighing. "Though it wasn't enough."
    He closed his eyes for a moment, trying not to think back to that one very first moment where he felt as if his world was about to collapse.
    "You were so small. So young. Innocent. You had nothing to do with what was going on there. I should've been executed that day, not you. With me dead... so many people would still be alive today..."
    He swallowed up on nothing, already feeling the big lump in his throat. He just pressed his lips together for a moment before turning back to his brother.
    "Well, eh..."
    He couldn't ask that. That was too... people would worry again. Well, some people. And one would definitely get hurt. He didn't want that.
    Other question.
    "You're a ghost right? Well, can you also walk through walls then?"

    "You can swim through a volcano?", Emily repeated, raising an eyebrow. "And your husband- okay, trailing off subject here." She slightly straightened her back, smiling worriedly. "So Angel is pretty much... doing nothing? Not talking yet? Hasn't she even said one word?"

    "I know.", Cole replied, smirking. "And little bull, Sam. How's he doing, by the way?"
    He blushed when she called him hot stuff again, and gave her a kiss on her forehead.
    "Man, I love you."
  4. "With you dead, hack would have won the war", Jack explained with a soft smile. "This world needs you, Jimmie. Everything went exactly as it had to go to end hack's regime and bring peace to all anoms. Ask Macon, he can show you what the future would have been like if you had died. He had a vision of it when you were about to sacrifice yourself for him, and from how terrified he sounded when he told Luna about it... it was everything but good."
    He looked up into Jim's eyes with a peaceful smile, his eyes sparkling. "I'm resting in peace. Maybe knowing that helps you to live in peace."
    When Jim asked him about walking through walls, he grinned proudly. "Of course! But that's not the question you actually had in mind, right?"

    "Nothing...", Rachel sighed. "She's just laying in her crib, silent as the grave. You know, when she was a few weeks old, she almost died. Like me, she was born without a soul. Luna fixed it, But..."
    She wrapped her arms around herself, slightly shaking, until she frowned.
    "Something's wrong."
    Just then, a group of twenty men approached, wearing black uniforms with a red H on their chests.
    A little girl was with them.
    Red hair.
    Shining blue eyes, filled with tears.
    A guy with wild brown hair was clutching her wrist tightly.
    "Drake...?!", Rachel coughed, but he just grinned.
    "I suggest you come with us, or you precious little girl will go back to where she had come from."
    Her breath shaking, Rachel protectively stepped in front of Emily.
    "Let her go, Drake!", she hissed, but he just laughed sarcastically... at least until Rachel shot a row of well-aimed fireballs at them.
    Rose could free herself and ran away into the house, and then a horrible crunching sound was heard when a giant ice block from Drake smashed into her head.
    She fell to the ground, unconscious, while a quickly growing puddle of blood pooled out of her battered skull.

    "I hate to interrupt you two lovebirds", Sam chuckled amusedly. "But we're at home. Since about five minutes already."
    Bailey blushed slightly as she grinned at Sam and unbuckled her seatbelt. Giving Cole a quick kiss on his cheek, she got out of the car. "Sammy's fine! He's getting bigger and bigger every day. We could visit him tomorrow, after the zoo, if you want."
  5. Just as Jim wanted to reply to his brother, his heart started to sting painfully. It felt as if someone was repeatedly stabbing a knife into it.
    His eyes wide opened, alarmed, he jumped up.
    "Something's wrong.", he muttered, looking at his brother with terrified eyes.
    Without saying a word, he used his lightnings to teleport back to Montana, into the garden. He was just about to run into the house - when a painful scream made him turn around.
    Emily, kneeling on the floor, crying out.
    A body next to hers.
    Jim dropped his gun, sprinted to his unconscious wife and let himself drop down next to her.
    "No no no no no... Rey! Rey, wake up!"
    He felt his heart stinging even harder, his eyes tearing up, his body slowly turning numb.
    "Emily, go and find my brother. Call 911. Let them come here as quickly as possible. Emergency. Quick!"
    The girl immediately nodded and stumbled to her feet, running to her boyfriend's father's brother's house, banging on the door like an idiot, screaming.
    Jim slowly got up, wiped the tears of his face and glanced to the group of people standing a few feet away from him and Rachel.
    "Drake.", he hissed, his voice gaining a rough, deep, demonic sound.
    With all the worries and fears he'd been keeping in, this was the trigger for his demon to come out. All the emotions he was feeling right now were only feeding the monster inside of him.
    "You wanna play?", he asked, his eyes turning pitch black, slightly glowing red, when his appearance suddenly changed - and Jim's devil form stood there ( That was the thing he had always been afraid of turning into. His usual demon appearance and behavior was harmless compared to this one.
    "Let's play."

    Cole blushed, smiling akwardly and unbuckled himself as well, getting out of the car.
    "That'd be great!", he replied to Bailey, grabbing her hand as he lead her into the house.
    "So this is my house. Ok, not really my house but you know what I mean."
  6. Two Macs- the actual one and an ice-version of him- came rushing out of the house, Mac eith white eyes.
    "I've seen it", he called alarmed, ran past Emily and dropped to his knees beside Rachel.
    "Goddamn no...", he mumbled silently.
    Ice-Macon picked Rachel up and just listed to the next hospital with her, while the real Macon stepped in front of demon-Jim without a hint of fear in his eyes. He cupped his face with his hands and gently pulled him down to his attitude, talking slow and calmly as he spoke to him, looking deep into his eyes.
    "Jim, what is more important now? Making Drake pay or being there for Rachel and your unborn child? Go, be there for them, they need you now."
    He turned into his archangel form, still totally calm. "I will take care of drake, I promise."
    How weird must this look for everyone? An archangel half hugging an archdemon, talking to him totally calmly as if this was an everyday thing.
    He turned his head to Emily for a moment, smiling calmingly. "Hang in there, okay?"

    Bailey looked around with big eyes. This basically was the total opposite of her home. Modern, clear, defined, tidy.
    Her family's house was rather very old, a bit chaotic and totally old-fashioned.
    "Whoa", she mumbled. "Wait is that... A glass ceiling?! Holy cow." She looked at Cole with admiration in her gaze. "This looks like one of those giant houses in films...a bit like Tony Stark's house."
    "It's from the same architect", Sam explained smiling.
  7. Jim was first blankly staring at the archangel in front of him, a big part of him just wanting to tear that thing apart.
    But then he listened to the calm voice.
    He knew that voice.
    Was that family?
    His eyes turned blue again, his appearance changed back, his height changed to his normal 6'4' ft. again, and his with rage- and bloodlust-filled eyes turned painful.
    With big, terrified eyes, he teleported to the nearest hospital, using his wolf senses to find his wife.
    "Rachel please don' dead..."

    "I really like your house too, though.", Cole chuckled, smiling proudly at his girlfriend.
    "Is that that girl you've been talking about all week?"
    A young man, about 20, came walking down the stairs, a huge grin on his face.
    "Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Mike.", he stretched out his hand to the girl, wiggling his eyebrows at his younger brother. "You lied to me, brother-dear. She's even prettier than you described her as."
  8. The docs were working like crazy, doing everything to fix Rachel up, but the awoken brain and severally cracked skull made it hard. Really hard.
    Hours passed, and lastly, a doc came out with a sad frown.
    "Mr.Davis...?", he said silently, his eyes locked to the ground.
    "Your alive. But...we had to put her in a coma to make sure she can maybe take time till we can wake her up again..."
    "If we can wake her up again", another doc added silently.

    Bailey grinned happily at Cole's big brother as she shook his hand.
    "Mike, it's so great to meet you. I've heard so much about you- only good things of course."
    She winked, chuckling softly. "Charming lies in the family, huh?", she giggled, smiling at Cole. "So you talked about me all week?"
  9. Usually Jim would have threatened to hurt the doctors wouldn't she wake up again, but he couldn't.
    This felt worse than that one time he had believed she had died.
    This felt worse than anything he had ever felt before.
    Rachel was in a coma. And she would probably never wake up again.
    Their kid...
    Jim was shivering. His eyes - empty. Dead.
    His body numb.
    His mind - empty.
    His heart - aching. He could literally feel it shattering into a billion pieces.
    Tears were rolling down his cheeks. He didn't care that this was the first time in his life that he cried in public. He didn't care. He didn't fucking care.
    Jim was only able to stare blankly at the floor, as he leaned his back against the wall and slid down to the floor.
    He saw the doctors and nurses talking, he saw their mouths moving - but he couldn't hear anything. Even his usually good eyes didn't care anymore - most was just blurry.
    And there it was again. That emptiness he hadn't felt anymore since a long time. That broken look in his eyes. The numbness of his body and heart. The thoughts which would only make him suffer even more.
    He didn't care anymore.
    Only in a matter of seconds he had fallen back into that deep hole Rachel had saved him from.
    He was even deeper than rock bottom.

    Cole shook his head, blushing to a deep red.
    "No, I didn't!"
    "Oh hell yes, you did. Day in, day out. It was awful. He didn't even shut his mouth one second!", Mike explained, laughing.
    "What?! I- I didn't!" Cole angrily hit Mike's shoulder, who was still chuckling.
    "Cute, ain't he?"
  10. Mac sighed silently. He was alone at home. His mother was taking care of the kids, and Hunter probably was in the hospital, to visit Rachel.
    Four months had passed since Drake had attacked Rachel, and an eerie darkness had settled over Aegis. It seemed as if the village's light had vanished with her.
    Maybe she had been the bright fire in the end, just as she had always tried to be.
    Well, now it was gone...
    He slowly got up from his office chair, shuffled upstairs and over to Jim's house.
    James, Jenny and rex had cared for his kids during most of this time.
    Jim...jim wasn't himself anymore. It was as if he couldn't hear nor see anyone around. He was lost in his grief and Macon had tried everything to help him...without any success.
    "Jim?", he called as he pushed the entrance door open. "You around bro?"

    Bailey was sitting on the terrace of the Anderson's house, watching the clouds.
    She had heard about the thing with Sam's sister, and though he kept going, she could feel he was grieving.
    She silently looked at Cole, wondering how much the whole incident affected him. "How...are you?", she asked silently. "Worried for Sam?"
  11. Jim hadn't even noticed that four months had already passed. How would he?
    He hadn't slept, hadn't eaten... hadn't left the house if it wasn't for buying some more alcohol or whatever he needed to numb the pain. He hadn't even taken care anymore of his car...
    He'd locked himself in the basement. Sitting on the cold floor, his back against the wall, a bottle pressed to his lips. A cigarette in his right hand.
    Infected, deep cuts on his arms.
    Bloodshot eyes, no life left in them.
    A tired, numb body.
    A broken soul.
    On the floor, either empty bottles or burned cigarettes, a few empty bags with a distinctive scent. Weed.
    Everyone had slowly picked up their lives again, he thought.
    How was he supposed to go on? How was he supposed to raise six kids on his own? How was he supposed to live?
    He blamed himself for Rachel. Hadn't he left, this all wouldn't have happened and she'd still be with him.
    Jim missed her voice. Her scent. Her eyes. Her body. Her beautiful smile. Her cute giggle. Her presence. Her hugs... everything about her.
    No, he couldn't take this pain anymore. He hadn't even felt this terrible during those twenty years of physical and mental abuse by his father.
    His gaze turned down to his holster, with his Pewter slightly sticking out.
    >>I'm sorry, brother. I'm sorry, kids.<<
    With a slow movement, his body weak, he drew his gun and checked if it was loaded.
    One bullet left.
    >>Just enough.<<
    He put it up to his face, into his mouth, so he'd be sure he wouldn't survive, and closed his eyes.
    >>Ready to pull that trigger?<<

    Cole nodded slowly. "Worried as hell." He sighed. "I know Sam is trying to keep strong, but he's worrying sick about his sister. Maybe also about her husband and kids... and then I'm also worrying about my sister. Her boyfriend's mother is in a coma, she's pregnant - so much stress. Maybe too much. What if something will happen to her?"
  12. Just in Time, a vision had kicked in.
    Macon darted down the stairs, in a speed that was inhuman, even for an archangel.
    What he had seen there, NO!
    Cold sweat was running down his forehead as he ran down those damn stairs, awaiting a shot that told him he was too late.
    >>stop thinking like that!<<
    He crashed through the door without even touching the knob. It flew through thw half room, crashed against the opposite wall and shattered into two.
    And it was a metal door.
    >>no time to think!<<
    The panic, pain and desperate will woke his ancient powers, causing a snow white Dragon to jump at Jim and shatter the gun into an unsolvable jigsaw.
    Shifting back, he clung to his brother's shoulders, sobbing.
    "Don't you dare!", he cried, shouted, gasped... something between that.
    "Jim please... not you too... don't leave me... don't leave me...!"
    His whole body was shaking as he buried his face at his shoulder. "Please...i...please..."
    Before he could even stop himself, he grabbed him by collar, pulled him upstairs and made a straitjacket appear on him. After turning the bedroom into a padded cell, he pushed him in and locked the door, sobbing even harder.
    Asy least he could prevent Jim from killing himself that way... he'd just have to find a solution, he'd just...
    He misted home and broke down on the spot.

    Bailey sighed silently, nodded, and gently stroked over his back. "Maybe... Maybe my ability can help? I bring luck. If I'd just... get close enough to Rachel, I could try. Isn't it worth a try?"
  13. While Jim was just sitting down in that strange room, sobbing, Misha had seen everything what had happened.
    He hadn't told anyone yet - but he was having visions too, just like his dad.
    He walked into the room his father was in, putting his hand on his dad's shoulder.
    "", he whispered, looking at his father with big, terrified eyes.
    "Don't cry, please..."

    Cole sighed. "I don't know. I don't want you to ger hurt.", he leaned his head against her shoulder, frowning painfully. "I really don't know what to do..."
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    Mac quickly wiped his tears away, sighing powerlessly, and pulled his son into a gentle hug.
    Once because it at least made him feel a tiny little bit better, but also because Misha wouldn't see the tears that were still running down his cheeks that way.
    "I'm sorry, little one...", he mumbled silently. "I just..." He shook his head, dried his tears and slapped a smile into his face. "It's okay, I'm... im okay..."

    Bailey sighed silently, wrapped her arm around his shoulders and leaned her cheek against his head.
    "I bet Rachel will c... Cole what is that bright light right over the hospital there?"

    "There's no other way to save you all", the goddess sighed. "I was supposed to give my powers to my son, but you need them more. And he as a demigod will find a solution. You can help him, okay...?"
    She gently stroked over Rachel's cheek, leaving white trails on her skin.
    The light grew brighter and brighter, and the unconscious Rachel was lifted high into the sky. When the light vanished, she opened her eyes, finding herself healed and fine, and wearing Luna's dress ((
    Though it sat a bit weird because of her six-months-baby-belly.
    "wha..." her eyes gained a bright silver color for a moment, as the sixth sense kicked in- omnipresence.
    A kid was running over a street somewhere in Bangladesh, overlooking a flick of her hand and the truck stopped just in time.
    "Holy...! Luna...?"
    "No, that's you", Eleanor chuckled, now entirely human. "Go home Rachel, your family needs you more than ever."
    Rachel nodded slowly and appeared in front of her house.
    She silently entered. A look at the calendar told her that she had been comatose for over four months.
    >>oh God... where's jim? And the kids?!<<
    Jim is in the bedroom, the kids are with Jenny and James.
    She silently entered the bedroom, actually not too surprised to find it as a padded cell.
    With a blink of an eye, she returned everything to normal and freed Jim from his jacket, before squatting down in front of him and gently stroking through his hair. "My lone wolf...", she whispered softly. "Open your eyes, I'm here. I'm here with you."
  15. Misha shook his head, frowning sadly.
    "You're not okay, daddy. I saw what happened.", he mumbled, hugging his father tightly. "Uncle Jim wanted to... shoot. And you saved him." He looked into his father's eyes with a sad expression in his. "I don't want you to be sad."

    Cole looked up, frowning confused as he saw the bright light disappear again.
    "What the hell was that?", he asked, raising an eyebrow. "It came from the South Wing. Rachel was in the South Wing... do you think...?"

    "No, you're not.", Jim replied, not even looking up from the floor, his voice not even showing a hint of any emotions.
    Just another hallucination. Probably the drugs kicking in. Or the alcohol.
    Why did Macon have to save him? He'd be better off without him. Everyone would sooner or later die because of him.
    Everyone died because of him...
    He looked at his arms for a moment, wishing there were more, deeper cuts, so he could slowly bleed to death. Feel the pain. Just like all his past victims.
    "You ain't comin' back... you're gone... it's all my fault...", he whimpered, tears slowly starting to stream down his face again. "You're not real..."
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    "You know...everyone is sad sometimes" Mac explained, forcing a soft smile.
    "Sadness is important too; if there was no sadness, we wouldn't be able to be happy as well. If there was no night, we couldn't appreciate the day, and the other way round."
    He gently stroked some hair out of his son's face and smiled softly, tilting his head to the side. "Have I ever told you the story of the two brothers Light and Dark?", he asked, while picking Misha up and sitting down on the couch with the boy on his lap.

    Just as Bailey wanted to answer, a scream of joy that sounded like a mix of surprise, relief, happiness and pride came out of the living room.
    A few seconds later, Sam rushed through the terrace door, his eyes glowing. "She's back! ", he cheered, while a single little happy tear sneaked out of his eye. "She's back!" Bailey grinned softly, looking after Sam as he disappeared into the living room again. "I guess that was the answer", she chuckled, looked at Cole for a moment and lastly pulled him into a deep kiss. "God I'm so relieved...!"

    Rachel frowned sadly, cupped his face and tilted his head up, looking deep into his eyes. She kissed him gently, stroking over his cheeks with her thumbs. "I'm here, honey", she said softly. "I'm as real as I could be, lone wolf." With a blink of an eye she changed into some comfy maternity joggers and top, and then cuddled against Jim again, until she giggled after a while.
    She gently took his hand and pushed it against her belly, her eyes sparkling. "Feel that? The little one has a hiccup.", she chuckled, her fingers gently stroking over his hand as she held it. He looked weak, as if he wasn't able to do a thing anymore, and the way he smelled, he had broken down again. "I'll be back", she promised, teleported to the next store, got some apple pie and orange juice and teleported back to Jim. "Honey you need top eat something...", she whispered softly. "Look i got you apple pie..."
  17. Misha tilted his head. "No, you never told me that story.", he replied. "What's that about?", he asked, cuddling his head against his father's chest, listening to his heartbeat for a moment. "Will you tell me?"

    Cole sighed deeply. "Man, me too. I was worried sick about dad.", he explained, looking at Bailey with big eyes. "We're already almost five months together. Feels like forever.", he smiled happily, putting his hand on the back of her neck, pulling her into a tender kiss. "I love you."

    Jim's eyes shifted to the apple pie for a moment, and then back to the floor.
    "I'm not hungry, Macon.", he mumbled, looking at Rachel. "Oh... it's you again...", he whispered, another tear rolling down his cheek. "Stop hurting me... please...", his voice cracked.
    Rachel was gone. The only reason he was alive was gone. Their baby... gone.
    More tears.
    He couldn't do this anymore.
    >>It's all your fault she's gone.<<
    He painfully pressed his hands against his temples.
    >>You can't get rid of me.<<
    "Please stop..."
    His breath had fastened, his pulse too - panic.
    "She's gone... she's gone she's gone she's gone and she's never coming back! It's all because of me - had she just let me stay dead when I was executed this all wouldn't have happened and they'd all live in peace!"
    He didn't even know he was capable of shedding so many tears.
    "...she ain't comin' back..."
  18. Mac smiled softly and filled the entire room with thick mist, that created blurry pictures to his story.
    "You ready?", he asked with a smirk, leaned back on the couch and looked up into the mist.
    "There once were two brothers. The older brother was brash, bold. He was the dark, the night, and the father of all its creatures.
    The younger brother was very different. He was considerate, gentle, and brought the light and day, and everything that lived in it.
    Their father kept them separated, because he thought they were too different to care for the world together, but the older brother loved his little brother more than anything, and he was afraid to lose him. So the little brother gifted him the stars and moon, so he could always think of him.
    The older brother was so happy and thankful for the beautiful light in his pitch black sky, that he gifted his little brother shadows, so the animals on his side could rest in it when it was getting too hot for them.
    And when their father saw how beautiful and good they cared for his world together, he finally allowed them to see eachother.
    When they finally could see eachother, hug eachother, for the first time in so many years, the borders of their kingdoms melted into another and brought dusk and dawn.and till today they remind us that day and night, light and darkness, never come without eachother, because they just belong together."
    He gently kissed his son's forehead and smiled softly. "That's what I'm trying to reach uncle Jim. I hope he will understand one day."

    "I love you more", Bailey said with a soft grin, yawning silently as she looked up into the sky. "I think I'll go to bed...big day! Graduation daaaay~!" She squealed excitedly, kissed his cheek and stood up. "Good night."
    She went into Cole's room, more or less their room by now, and was just about to put on her pyjama when she changed her mind. It was warm as heck in here, and that thing was warm. And what should be the problem of her boyfriend seeing her in underwear.
    She lifted one shoulder and went into the bathroom that was connected to this room.

    The old, painful desperation rushed through Rachel's veins again as she heard him talking like that.
    "Jim! Stop it!", she said loudly, slapping his cheek with maybe a bit too much force. "Does that feel like a hallucination?! Stop talking like that! You should have stayed dead?! Goddamn if you had stayed dead this all wouldn't exist! Macon would be dead! Hunter would be dead! I would be dead! All our kids wouldn't even exist, and ash would have been killed in that lab! When will you finally understand that you are a fucking hero, you jerk?! ...and that I love you..."
    A tear ran down her cheek. "We all need you. Our kids need you, your brother, me, even the gods! Just as the person you are, honey. Could you just see yourself how I see you..."
  19. Misha smiled softly at his father. "I like that story.", he replied, slightly tilting his head. "If you want to make uncle Jim understand, why don't you just tell him that story?", he suggested. "That way he would understand what you meant, right?"

    Cole had stayed outside for another few minutes, but now decided to go to sleep as well.
    He went up into his room, taking off his shirt and pants, walking up to his closet in his boxershorts.
    Honestly, he didn't want to put on his pjs - which were actually just a shirt and some shorts. It was freaking hot here.
    Bailey wouldn't mind if he slept in his underwear, right? It was just as if he'd go swimming.

    Jim slowly turned his head towards Rachel, his left hand touching his hurting cheek, while his eyes widened and his jaw dropped.
    "It's really you...", he whispered, immediately trying to get up on his feet - only stumbling and dropping to the floor again. He gave up trying and just sat down again, looking at her with big, sad puppy eyes, tears rolling down his cheeks.
    "Y-you're back...", he muttered under his breath, his voice clearly indicating that he was hurt - and not really believing what he was seeing there.
    "I thought you were dead... you were gone... the baby... I-"
  20. "Its not that easy with uncle jim", Mac explained with a sad smile, gently stroking over Misha head. "He grew up very different than you, you know? Mommy and I always try to encourage you, and let you know that we love you and you are a great boy, but uncle Jim never learned that. He learned the exact opposite, and that's why it's not easy to believe for him when I tell him about the good things now, you know?"
    Smiling softly, he wrapped one arm around his son and gave him a mischievous smirk. "I love you, my angel. ...shouldnt You be sleeping?"

    When Bailey came back from the bathroom, she raised one eyebrow upon seeing Cole in his boxershorts.
    "You accompanying me in bed?"
    Gently running her fingers down his chest and belly, she smirked slightly. "Looking good, hot stuff."

    Rachel sighed sadly, softly stroking over his cheek. "I'm sorry I slapped you, honey", she mumbled, cuddling against him. "Of course I'm back! I'd never leave you all alone, my lone wolf. I..." She looked up into his eyes and kissed him gently, for a long time. "I love you, Jim. And the baby is fine. We're both fine...Luna saved us. She...she gave her powers to me..."
    Smirking slightly, she kissed his nosetip. "You're married to a goddess now."
    Rachel stroked over his cheek again, kissing his forehead. "Take a deep breath, honey. I'm here..."
  21. "It's worth a try, though. Right?", Misha asked, raising his eyebrows. He smirked akwardly when his father said that he should actually be sleeping. "I know... but I had another-" He silenced for a moment. "This is a secret. Don't tell.", he climbed up on his dad's shoulder and whispered, "I have visions, like you. I had a vision about uncle Jim and I woke up to tell you but you were already gone to help him."

    Cole smirked as her fingers touched his skin, and even more when he finally realized she was only wearing her underwear. "I hope you don't mind.", he gestured down to his boxershorts. "Too warm to put on more. Guess you felt the same way.", he winked, stretching his arms for a moment until he sat down in bed.

    "The doctors said they were going to... they were going to shut the stuff down which was keeping you alive because they thought you'd never wake up again.", Jim explained, taking a deep breath, happy that he had finally stopped crying.
    He painfully closed his eyes, inhaling the too well-known scent of alcohol, cigarettes and weed.
    "I'm so sorry...", he whispered. "...I fell back again, didn't I?"
    As he noticed the deep cuts on his arms, he just bit his lip and looked away, shaking his head.
    "I'm a wreck."
    Sighing, he turned back to Rachel, staring at her for a moment - until his eyes widened in shock.
    "Oh god... Mac must be traumatized..."
  22. Mac smiled softly as he wrapped his wings around Misha. "I think you're right. That's why I never stop trying. That, and because I love my brother."
    Smirking, he ruffled Misha's hair.
    "Visions, hmm? You know what? Only very powerful angels have those. Hmmmh, my little one."
    He sighed softly, cuddling with Misha for a while. "Come, I'll bring you back to bed."

    Bailey grinned slightly and just dropped down on his lap, kneeling on the mattress. "Of course i don't mind", she chuckled, kissing his shoulder and neck. "And I hope you don't mind that you are about to be cuddled."
    Winking, she gently pushed him down and grinned at him. "I actually can't believe we're about to graduate! And the university of Montana accepted me! I got the letter this morning. I'm gonna study Medicine!"

    Rachel gently petted his back, and meanwhile cleaned the room, the basement, and made Jim's cuts disappear.
    "I'm here for you honey, and I sure as hell won't die...ever."
    She chuckled softly.
    "The perks of being a goddess- immortality."
    After trying to calm him down for a while, she sighed silently.
    "You should talk to him about whatever tried to kill yourself, didn't you? And Mac saved you? Talk to him honey. He needs you now." She softly kissed his cheek. "But you should shower at first." With a soft smirk, Rey got up and held her hand out to him. "Come, let's have a shower."
  23. "I love my brother too.", Misha replied, smiling happily. "And my sister!"
    As his father said that only strong angels had visions, his eyes widened. "They do? So I'm a strong angel?", he asked, pouting as his dad said he should get back to bed.
    "But I don't want to!"
    Just in that moment, Hunter came walking down the stairs, wearing her comfy sleeping shorts and top, yawning.
    "Honey?" She rubbed her eye for a moment, smiling softly as she saw her youngest son cuddling with her husband.
    "Why are you two up at an hour like this?"

    Cole's eyes widened. "You did?", he asked, a proud grin on his face. "Me too! Medicine and Psychology!" His eyes were sparkling softly as he wrapped his arms around the beautiful girl laying on top of him right now, and hugged her tightly.
    "I love you, baby."

    Jim sighed silently, nodding. "He saw me with the barrel of my gun in my mouth.", he explained, shaking his head. "He destroyed my gun, though."
    Jim smiled painfully as Rachel stretched her hand out to him.
    "I can't walk when I'm like this, honey... I can barely keep my eyes open. 4 months no food, no sleep and only alc, cigarettes and all sorts of... you know what I mean - well, that all ain't the best for you."
    He closed his eyes for a moment, trying to shift into his wolf form - but he was too weak.
    "What if I first talk to Mac? Ask him to come over for a moment?"
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    Mac looked up when he saw Hunter nearby, and smiled slightly. "I had a nightmare and Misha came to comfort me", he explained, secretly winking at Hunter without Misha seeing it.
    He turned to his son, smirking softly, and kissed his forehead.
    "Mish...mommy and me tired. C'mon, we'll have a great breakfast together when it's morning, okay? I'll make my famous apple pancakes." Smiling softly, he picked Misha up and carried him into his room. After covering him with his tiny blanket and planting another kiss on his forehead, he smiled softly. "Do you want me to tell you a bedtime story, buddy?"

    Bailey smiled softly as she kissed her Boyfriend.
    She stroked over his chest thoughtfully, and planted a kiss on his cheek.
    "Since we're accepted at the same university, we have two possibilities...", she explained slowly. "Either we live in separated dorms...or..." A slight smirk crossed her face. "Or we move into an own little flat...together."
    She shrugged. "Just give it a thought."
    She kissed him deeply, her fingers gently stroking up and down his body again. "I love you too, hot stuff."

    Rachel smiled sadly. "I'll fix you up", she said softly, wrapped his arm around her shoulders, her arm around his waist and more or less carried him into the bed that way.
    After taking off his blood- and dirt stained clothes, she went into the bathroom, grabbed a brush, a sponge, a towel, and shampoo and went back into the bedroom.
    As gently as she could, she cleaned him with the sponge and shampoo, dried him with the towel, brushed his hair and even his teeth.
    After putting some joggers and a t-shirt on him, she gently kissed his forehead, went into the kitchen and got something to eat for him, and cuddled against him when she came back. "Take your time till tomorrow", she whispered softly. "You should get some rest at first, honey. Get fixed a bit. Here, you gotta eat."
    >>And you will have to regain our kids trust... Jim you left them alone. I understand you were broken, but... what were you thinking? Especially Jack. He is so afraid of being left again. And ash. He is already so worried for Emily and me, he would have needed your support. Jim you need to get help. It can't go on that you stop caring for your own kids and drown yourself in drugs. Go to a psychiatrist, goddamn...<<
    But she just couldn't speak out her thoughts. Not now. Not when he was so fragile aft the moment.
    She sighed sadly, took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a Moment.
    A soft smile crossed her face as she stroked over her belly.
    "William is having hiccups ever since we came here", she chuckled amusedly. "And he's kicking. That feels so weird."
    She cuddled against Jim, sighing silently, gently stroked through his hair and kissed him. "You're surprisingly calm though. I remember you almost blacked out back when i was back after exploding. I'm officially offended- I didn't even get a hug this time." She smirked softly. "Gimme a hug you jerk!"
  25. Misha grabbed his favorite stuffed animal, a white teddy bear ( and cuddled against it, looking up at his daddy, letting out a yawn.
    "Yes, tell me a story, please.", he whispered, a soft smile on his face as he stretched out his hand to grab his father's.
    Hunter was standing at the door opening, a loving smile on her face. Misha was practically addicted to his father. He wanted to be with him 24/7. The little boy had said to her that he wanted to be just like daddy when he'd grow up.

    Cole smirked happily when Bailey kept running her soft fingers up and down his body. It felt so good.
    "Do you really think I want to move into a flat with you?", he asked, frowning - until he grinned and pulled her into a deep kiss. "Hell yeah."

    Jim closed his eyes for a moment, taking some deep breaths. He wasn't hungry. He did feel empty on the inside, but not because he was practically starving.
    "It's a boy?", he asked, after Rachel had told him that William had been having hiccups ever since she'd been back. A soft smile formed on his face. "...a boy..." He sighed happily, even though it sounded more like a defeated sigh.
    He slowly lifted his arms and wrapped them around Rachel, giving her a hug while burying his face into her neck.
    "I'm not calm - at all...", he replied, a shiver running down his back. "I thought I had lost you... I thought you were gone..."
    He took a deep breath upon feeling the lump in his throat again.
    He just decided to stop talking, to stop annoying her. He took another deep breath, inhaling her familiar scent.
    " you still have that apple pie?"

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