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Multiple Settings Advanced, Well-written Partners [Fandom and Original]

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The Professor
Morning, all. I decided to wipe the slate clean and start over here to revive my search for great partners. I'm focusing on fandom settings, but I also have ideas and preferences for original settings and genre stories below. Hopefully you'll find something here that piques your interest and we'll hit it off. That said, please read all of my notes and information before contacting me!

Let me lay out what I'm looking for in a partner before I get ahead of myself:

  1. First off, the all-important literacy expectations we all hate to talk about. I am a writer at heart. I have been a writer for longer than I can even remember. When I write, I take it very seriously. Now, that doesn't mean I'm not silly and chatty OOC, because I totally am when I hit it off with someone. What it does mean is that I need a partner with as much love of the language as I have: someone who will use correct capitalization, punctuation and grammar; who can write posts that have both quality and a modicum of quantity (don't need constant novellas, but I need more than two tiny paragraphs); who knows the difference between possessives and plurals, "your" and "you're," etc. I am anal, and when I got my useless English degree, I didn't get it because I love the literary canon. Because...I don't. I got it because I love words (no kidding, eh?), and I love all the fascinating rules and nuances around them. Typos? Not a problem. Occasional mistakes? We all make them. Stylistic rule-bending? I'm doing it right now. Just...respect the language. Realize that it's just as important as the story it's trying to tell. (If I receive a message entitled, "Harry potter rp," chances are pretty good that I won't reply at all. First impressions mean a lot to me, and the editor in me immediately pounces on misplaced/missing commas, incorrectly capitalized words, etc. That being said, I'll also be able to tell if you're trying too hard to sound ridiculously sophisticated. Don't type me a novel-length resume and cover letter, please; I don't need your life story. :p)
  2. I only write hetero couples. I have nothing against non-straight people or relationships, but it's outside my wheelhouse. I would like romance in the story, because I'm such a chick-flick-loving, hopeless romantic, but if that's not what floats your boat, maybe we'll find something that does.
  3. Along similar lines, I'm not into kinky NSFW things. I love romance, and I love conflict and action in my fantasy and sci-fi adventures, but I'm more PG-13 than R-rated when it comes to my writing. Plenty of very good stories don't have gratuitous raunch, sex, and violence, and - quite frankly - we're not here for TV ratings; we're here to create compelling stories that make us laugh and cry and think.
  4. Despite number 3, I prefer my partners to be over 18. I just feel better writing with other adults at this stage of my life.
  5. Have you read this far? Kudos to you. Prove it by telling me your favorite animal when you contact me! <3
  6. Come prepared to double for fandoms. Most of the time, the characters I choose to play are female; however, I'm just as adept at males (and frequently enjoy them as much), and I'm perfectly willing to double for you, provided you do the same. Then again, if the character you want to play is the one I have listed as "looking for", then peachy. But I don't expect that, so best you come prepared. Also, for original/genre settings, I will be playing a female character as my main. Just so you know.
  7. I do have a full-time job, and it is very draining work (editing social work case notes). I also struggle with depression, and I just had a death in my immediate family. All of this means that I won't be around all day, every day. I'll try to keep up activity and ask the same of you, but if you're looking for rapid-fire responses, look elsewhere. It's difficult for me to do much on weekdays beyond plotting and finding partners; much of my posting will be weekends. (Also, if I'm not super into a role-play, I find it extraordinarily difficult to stay active in it. Therefore, if I find myself lagging behind, I'll try to let you know I can't continue, but occasionally I do drop the ball. Feel free to bug me.)

And finally, having moved this statement here to hopefully catch more people's attention...

~ ~ I DO NOT respond to comment replies under any circumstances. If you have questions or wish to express interest, please use PMs. ^_^ All comments will be deleted after a short time at my discretion. ~ ~

All right, list time.


These are the only fandoms in which I have interest right now. My character is in parentheses. A "%" means that I don't like OCs. When OCs are used in the others, I REQUIRE that a canon be played, as well. In addition, please note that I do not do fandom crossovers. I don't like them. Nothing wrong with them if they're your cup of tea, but they ain't mine, so please don't ask.

  • Tales of Symphonia% (Raine)
    Huge craving. Post-game, ignoring Dawn. Looking for someone to take/double as Regal.
  • Harry Potter Trio Era (OC teacher)
    Feeling this, too. Defined as the period between Harry's birth and the end of the final book. Looking for someone to take/double as Remus Lupin.
  • Harry Potter Marauders' Era (Same OC in her school days)
    Again, Remus.
  • Star Trek: Voyager (Janeway)
    So much <3. Looking for someone to double as/take Chakotay. OR, set 20 or so years later, and I'll be playing J/C's spitfire rebel of a daughter.
  • World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (TBD)
    Could use one of these, too. Also willing to do anything up through Cataclysm; just no pandas, if you please, and I have zero interest in WoD or Legion.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist% (Riza)
    Looking for someone to double as/take Roy.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist, post-series (Roy&Riza's OC daughter)
  • Once Upon a Time (Regina)
    I...honestly don't know if I care what character you'd like to play. I'm willing to consider OCs, but of course if you've seen the entire show, you know the one person I might specifically ask for wouldn't work. XD Also, Regina. Not Evil Queen version.
  • BBC's Sherlock (Sherlock and probably an OC)
    Convince me. Play John and your OC?
  • NCIS(Abby? Gibbs?)
    Convince me - seriously.
  • Something .hack related [or similar concept]
    Convince me.
  • Final Fantasy X (Yuna)
    Convince me. I don't mind either during the game or set after. During the game, perhaps we could split the guardian team between us; after, I don't mind OCs or canons.
  • Avatar (Neytiri/Grace), depending)
    Convince me.


  • Medieval Fantasy

    I have several concepts for this:
    1. The Wyv

    There are beings called Wyverns in the world. They have a form that looks like normal humans on the surface, and they were once a thriving, powerful race. They have formidable magic, live extraordinarily long lives, are even purported to have prophetic capabilities, and their other forms are similar to dragons - hence the name. Derp. They lived largely in peace with the other races of the world, even somewhat deified by mortals.

    A long time ago, the other races of the world started hunting them like animals, sometimes for the hide of their beast forms, sometimes to harness their magic. They were largely wiped out over the years and are now all but gone. A lot of people actually think they're extinct, and some don't believe they were ever anything more than legends and fairy tales. The discovery of one would be a big deal, and among nations that are in conflict, having something like that in their arsenal would give the holder quite an edge.

    I would like to play a young Wyv - one of the last, if not the last, of her kind - either in captivity by one such nation, or on the run from it, and I'm looking for someone to build his/her own non-Wyv character and collaborate on the world and story with me. I only ask that there be no anthro (human-animal hybrid) races, and no other Wyv. That defeats the purpose.
    2. Demon Seed

    So, the idea is that there's this one kind of magic that is seem as unholy and evil. It's also an exceedingly rare gift; someone is born with it only once every (insert large amount of time here). There is a legend and superstition surrounding them that says they're the descendants of a demon who in ancient times came and bred with mortal races to corrupt them and steal them away from their benevolent gods. These people are referred to as demon seeds and are both hated and feared. They're seen as bringers of death and misfortune. And over the eons, this view has been supported by the seeds - because being hated and mistreated will ruin people, and many of them became the villains everyone said they were.

    My girl will be the current seed, shrouded in superstition, trying to make sense of what she actually is and how the world sees her. I'd like to discuss more world- and story-building with my partner and leave the other character up to you entirely.
    3. Inseparable

    This one is actually the only one in which I'm not looking for romance. Rather, I'm looking for a deep platonic bond between my character, a sentient creature type, and yours, some sort of humanoid creation (the only races I'd like to avoid are the ones considered anthro, or half creature/half human).

    Now, bear with me, here. My character is a half-demon (apparently I'm in a demonic mood?) tigress. There are two "clans," for lack of a better word, of feline creatures that are more than just wild animals. They're bigger, they're sentient, they can "speak"; think of them as more spirit creatures than animals. I gave them ridiculously corny names eight years ago when I came up with this, so I'm not going to embarrass myself by putting them here - but essentially, the panthers are bad, and the tigers are...considerably more benevolent. You do not want to run into a panther at the best of times; you only have to worry about a tiger if you've wronged them or the lands they protect. Panthers are demon-cats, like one of my tabbies would be if she had supernatural abilities. If it helps, I'll call the tigers the angels. Guardian spirits, more like.

    So. My character is the product of mixed parentage. Her mother was a tiger; her father was a panther. Don't ask how that happened. The world is not black and white. She lost her mother as a cub, however, when poachers raided the glen her kind called home and pretty much wiped them out (my guess is they had some help, if you know what I mean). I would like to find someone to play a character who finds this little mystical fuzzball, "raises her," probably without either of them really knowing what she is, and thus creates such a sweet, timeless bond of friendship.

    We could either start with their meeting and then time-skip to adulthood a few years later, or start with adulthood. Beyond that, the challenges they face, the rest of the story, any baggage of your character's own to bring into play - that's all open and up for discussion. It's just the relationship and my own character I have figured out.
    4. Wishes & Whims

    So I had a dream the other night, and it led me to doing some plotting and musing. I'd like to do something involving a genie, of sorts - only not exactly the typical "three wishes" deal. I envision a young female spirit sort of being, trapped by some great power and freed by a young man, who then becomes her "master." Now, I'm not talking about that kind of master, so kindly get your mind out of the gutter. She would attach to him; want to do things for him and make him happy; protect him at all cost. It may be that once, these beings were in partnership with humanity (and/or other mortal races); a soul link would be created between two individuals who were compatible, and they would fight together, with the human(oid) channeling the spirit's energy. I'm thinking that there could be certain people who are born with the innate ability to link with them. Perhaps humanity began taking advantage of this partnership/pact system, however, and began using the links to conquer instead of just protect. So, most of them abandoned humanity and refuse to pact now - but she didn't. She still believes, and she is patiently waiting for her soulmate.

    Or maybe she's just extremely grateful to be freed. Who knows - I kind of like pact systems, and a bond growing out of that, but I'm totally open to discussion and brainstorming, too! It's just a rough idea I pulled out of the air, anyway.
    5. Fish Out of Water

    {Please note that, at this time, this is my least preferred original plot. I'm still open to it with the right partner and a lot of good brainstorming, but I'm much more likely to bite for one of the others. Thanks!}

    This is kind of a mix of modern realistic and medieval fantasy settings. It involves a young man from the "real" world (our world), and a girl from another world entirely; a world with magic and knights and medieval kingdoms. However, unlike your typical, patriarchal systems, her homeland recognizes equal female authority, as well as female knights and warriors. The world from which she hails is currently under threat of cataclysm, and the girl in question is one of those warriors. Though young, she was tracking down some magical doo-dad to help her country turn the tide of impending doom, but she was intercepted by a powerful sorcerer on the other side. There was a fight, and in the commotion, the artifact was destabilized, and there was an accident. She (along with the object) got dumped into another realm. Boom. Earth. She has no idea where she is, or how to navigate this odd place and its even odder customs.

    Enter your character. Whether he's some plain 9-to-5-er, or something more interesting - that's up to you. It may even turn out he's some special, prophesied hero in her world and doesn't know it. The point is the comedy, frustration, and emotion of the fish out of water situation. If you've seen the movie, Enchanted, you can see an example of that - though I'm not intending to play a giddy, stereotypical Disney princess. She's fiery and determined. I do want a bond to form between them, though. And eventually, I think it would even be cool to take the RP back into her world, where he's the one floundering,
    6. Moon Dancers

    This is another medieval setting, and a brand new idea that sounds appealing.

    Most of life as humanity knows it is lived during the day. The world awakens at dawn and retires at dusk, unfailingly. There are nocturnal beasts, of course, but those are just animals. And what traveler or criminal hasn’t stayed up to walk by the moonlight many a time himself? Even still, night is meant for sleep and silence, and daytime for work and play. But that’s not true of every sentient race in the world.

    There is a race of people, called the Aventine (AH-ven-teen), who not only live their lives at night, but are physically incapable of retaining consciousness in the daytime. Think of them as the “elves” of the world – magical, fairly mysterious, largely peaceful, in tune with nature. Not a lot has been known about them over the centuries. They keep to themselves most of the time.

    In old days, they would even play harmless, good-natured tricks on their human counterparts, or leave playful messages, or sit and soothe a child who had awakened in the night while his parents slept on. There was goodwill between the two peoples. They were seen as anything from myth and folklore, to guardian angels, to fairies, to spirits of good fortune and blessing. But just as with anything people don’t understand, mystery eventually turned to wariness. A wedge was driven between them as mutual suspicion and fear began to take root, and the “Moon Dancers” (humanity’s nickname for them) withdrew into themselves. They have to be the more proactive in protecting themselves, after all, because of their very nature.

    Like I said, the Aventine are only active at night. When the morning comes, they immediately fall into a deep slumber, like flowers that only bloom in the evening. Nothing can break that sleep, and it’s not possible to “stay up late.” They’re completely vulnerable if this happens out in the world – not something you really want when the other race finds you unnerving at best and downright malicious at worst. What usually happens, and is supposed to happen, is that they retreat into the Vale, a magical place kind of existing outside the normal realm. There, they’re free to sleep and dream away the whole day.

    Now, I have in mind to play a young Aventine woman with your typical failings of curiosity, rebelliousness, wanderlust, and inquisitiveness. She’s restless with this careful life of secrecy, always watching the sleepy human towns and villages, wondering if they’re really so bad. I’d like the other role to be left up to you: do you want to play a human? Someone who encounters her, with ensuing potential for adventure as they learn about each other and have to protect each other from their respective peoples? Or do you want to play another Aventine who is either tasked with keeping her out of trouble or is trying to convince her because he actually cares for her, with that potential for adventure as they’re discovered and cut off from the Vale and have to navigate this terrifying world ruled by humans? There are lots of possibilities here, and I’d really like to brainstorm with you more about the world, the story, etc. The only thing I ask is to play against a male character, because…hopeless romantic.
7. Frozen

This one is also not romantic, but I'm still looking for a male character. It involves twins, a young man and woman, and a massive secret kept by the sister from her brother at all cost. Historically, she had always been a happy, friendly, open girl. Suddenly, after the invasion of sorcerers and their demon familiars leads to the death of their parents, she becomes hard and closed off, but extremely protective of her brother. The exact reason remains unknown (though I'll happily tell you if you want spoilers), but the two are nearly inseparable as she tries to protect him and he tries to find his old sister once more.

It's based on the song, "Frozen," by Within Temptation. If you listen to it, it will give you a good idea of what's going on. This is an old idea I had while playing WoW, so it's totally up for world-building and fleshing out.
8. Hand of Sorrow
As you might be able to tell, this story uses Within Temptation's "Hand of Sorrow" as its sort of theme song. Basically, there's a guy who's more or less a champion of his people. He's a knight or something, and he has to travel to some holy site to receive his calling. He has a lover, more of a clerical type; sweet and quiet and fully supportive. She accompanies him on the trek. However, once there, they both receive a calling of different sorts. They learn that a great evil will rise and that either the man will die or the evil will. The kicker? She's supposedly the one who will bring this evil to pass and be the greatest enemy. This freaks her out, and she hides herself away in fear for the man she loves and the world. He doesn't believe it and thinks there's another way, and they set out on some adventure in search of a different answer.

There's room for building and fleshing out on this one, too. Fun fact: I was also inspired by Nickelback's "Lullaby" when I came up with this one.
  • Modern/Realistic
    This involves a cult of of people who believe in "mercy killings." The primary doctrine, or mission, surrounds providing “merciful deaths to the irredeemably suffering.” Fittingly, they call themselves “Heaven’s Host,” and the individuals responsible the actual murders are specially-trained assassins called “Angels.” Terminology such as “mercy,” “release,” and “freedom” are used liberally while there is not a single mention of words like “murder,” showing it to be a psychological state of delusion rather than a self-acknowledged band of hit men. The members of the Host truly believe that they are doing the work of angels and profess to value peace and compassion above all else, yet outside the walls of their weekly meeting place, every person appears absolutely normal, with normal lives and responsibilities. We can play this several ways: a "suffering" victim and their would-be "savior," two members of the cult, or a member and a former member now marked as a target because they've fled and are deemed to be suffering. I d'know. We can talk.
  • Open to world-building and hearing other ideas you bring!
  • Science Fiction
    I prefer futuristic AU settings that are more about technology than space travel and aliens. AI is a huge passion of mine. I met someone once with a neat underground, caste system, rebellion sort of idea here. Something like that would be fun to discuss.
  • Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic
    I'm not talking zombies, here. Something more dystopian; more sci-fi than fantasy, and probably futuristic AU.
  • Reverse Phantom of the Opera
    I'd like to use inspiration from the original story as a basis for a role-reversed thing (i.e. a female "haunting" the theatre). Whether she's a real person like in the original story, or actually a phantom. I d'know; let's talk.
  • Something paranormal
    Talking visible ghosts, not just things flying off shelves a la shows like "Ghost Hunters," etc. I'd love to play a ghost/spirit against a human.
  • "Song Writing"
    Had this idea a while ago, and I'm sure it's been done before, but it's relatively novel for me. The idea is to base a story, plot, and characters off of the lyrics to a song or two. Maybe it's the first thing that comes up on Pandora; maybe it's the first song on a Google search. Who knows? The point is to capture the feel, the mood, of the song and create a story/characters that could easily have that as the theme. This could be pretty much any genre, really. Let's talk. (Within Temptation has killer fantasy songs. Just sayin'.)

I don't do horror. I'm willing to discuss other modern/realistic ideas, but I find that things like that tend to get dull very quickly. If there's some unusual element, I'm much more likely to find interest.

So... I think that pretty much covers it for now. If you're still with me, by some chance, feel free to toss me a PM with any ideas/cravings/whatever you might have. (: Thank you!
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