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Fandom Advanced Roleplay Search! (bls love me)

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Anime, Harry Potter, Romance


I'm not ignoring u, just obsessed w/ Minecraft rn
Greetings! My name is Nimbus, I'm 17, and I've been roleplaying for over 8 years! While I may not have started out great, I like to consider myself semi-lit to advanced-lit now-a-days. I generally write between 1-5 paragraphs, though you'll usually receive three from me on average.

•I'm looking for some people to do long term roleplays with! While I do take on a huge load of roleplays, I usually respond to all of them at least once a day. I hope to receive the same from you, unless you tell me up front your reply schedule! I huge plus is letting me know if you're going to disappear for a while, that way I don't just abandon the pm!

•While I have been roleplaying for a long time, I don't expect you to be perfect! Everyone makes mistakes, but please try to keep your thought process at least coherent! I have to be able to read it and understand it to respond.

•Please keep your responses to at least a well thought out paragraph! I find it hard to carry on the roleplay if I get little effort in a response when I put time into mine!

•Be willing to do ooc with me! My best roleplays are the ones I can just gush to my partner about our characters, send memes to them, throw out spit ball ideas of future plans.

•Romances are a must for me, they give me something to work towards something! Gives a reason to pin the characters together!

•I'm ghost friendly! After a week, of no response, I'll leave the pm unless you've stated that you won't be responding for a while! I'll bump you every few days, just in case!

•I always love soulmate aus! All of them are my jam!! I'll most likely ask to throw one in, as I love them, but they aren't a requirement!

•I can do all gender pairings!

•Unless specified that I don't play canons for a fandom, ask me if you'd like to do a ship!

•Fine with doubling!

•Boku No Hero Academia (Anime)

>I'm vaguely professional at writing for Bakugou Katsuki, and I'm more than willing to write him for a Canon/Oc match up! As long as we plot out something good, I can write him for you! I prefer a third year Bakugou, but writing him as a first year isn't that bug of a deal to me! Doable!

>Oc/Oc! I have an oc that I can use as a female or a male! We'll most likely go different than the anime or manga line!

•Undertale (And Au's!)

>I can play most skeletons I believe, given that we have a solid plot and idea for them! I excel at writing for Horrortale Sans, along with Underswap Papyrus!

>I also have ocs! I have mages and monster ocs to use! I'd love you to death if you'd play a more mean skeleton for one of my mages!

•Percy Jackson!

>I only write ocs for this fandom! I have a few generic plot starters!

>Open to your ideas!

•Harry Potter

>Again, only ocs!

>open to your ideas!!

>very very tentative to wolfstar ships! You have to convince me


>I could probably play Natsu or Gray!

>I have an oc I can use! She is a dragon slayer!

>Most likely different than the anime/manga!

•Seven Deadly Sins

>I would only be looking to use an oc here! I'd like some one to play Ban/Greed for me


>I have several troll ocs I'd like to try out! I'd love a makara romance of any kind--

•Shy x Bad

•Vampire x Human

•Werewolf x Human

•Angel x Human

•Angel x Demon

•Demon x Human

•Merhuman x Human

•Shifter x Human

•Furry things .?

My pms are open! Send me a snippet of yourself (name, ect) and what youre interested in writing with me!
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//I love you, don’t you mind?//
Hi! I am interested in a werewolf x human, I prefer the female role as it is what I am most comfortable with, but if absolutely needed I can play males, and I am also completely down for doubling! PM me if you’re interested. :-)

Tempests Song

Hey! New here to RPN. Very new. I have prior RP experience, though, and consider myself to be semi-literate to literate. I can do pretty much anything (I love soulmate RPs as well!) and can do all gender pairings. I am quite forgetful, and scatterbrained, and probably dying inside, but I love rping and will try and get on as much as possible.

If I do end up having to leave, or go o a break, I'll try and tell you (and give updates) unless it's something really sudden that I couldn't plan for.

Hit me up!


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Howdy, I am super interested in RPing with you. I do pretty much anything and you are actually the first I have found that seems interested in geeking out about characters ooc. I have a skeleton oc in mind for undertale or we could do something different. I love soulmate stuff, but not the best at romance so bear with me ^^;


I'm not ignoring u, just obsessed w/ Minecraft rn
Heya! I'd be super down for that! Pm me your oc details and we can come up with something!

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