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Fandom Nimmie's Roleplay search! (BNHA Centric Atm)

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Anime, AU, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Multiverse, Platonic, Romance, Super Powers


sick, depressed, two inches from kms
Greetings! My name is Nimbus, I'm 18, and I've been roleplaying for just about 8 years! While I may not have started out great, I like to consider myself semi-lit to advanced-lit now-a-days. I generally write between 1-5 paragraphs, though you'll usually receive three from me on average.

•I'm looking for some people to do long term roleplays with! While I do take on a huge load of roleplays, I usually respond to all of them at least once a week, though lately it may take a while. Muse is hard to come by--

•While I have been roleplaying for a long time, I don't expect you to be perfect! Everyone makes mistakes, but please try to keep your thought process at least coherent! I have to be able to read it and understand it to respond.

•Please keep your responses to at least a well thought out paragraph! I find it hard to carry on the roleplay if I get little effort in a response when I put time into mine!

•Be willing to do ooc with me! My best roleplays are the ones I can just gush to my partner about our characters, send memes to them, throw out spit ball ideas of future plans.

•Romances are a must for me, they give me something to work towards something! Gives a reason to pin the characters together!

•I'm ghost friendly! After a while, of no response, I'll leave the pm unless you've stated that you won't be responding for a while!

•I always love soulmate aus! All of them are my jam!! I'll most likely ask to throw one in, as I love them, but they aren't a requirement!

•A/B/O dynamics!! Love them!!

•I can do all gender pairings!

•Unless specified that I don't play canons for a fandom, ask me if you'd like to do a ship!

•Fine with doubling!

•NSFW content can be discussed, but will be written OFF SITE. I won't be roleplay onsite smut. Its a rule violation. If a story moves that way, and NSFW will be written on discord :0

•Boku No Hero Academia (Anime)

>I'm vaguely professional at writing for Bakugou Katsuki, and I'm more than willing to write him for a Canon/Oc match up! As long as we plot out something good, I can write him for you! I prefer a third year Bakugou--

>Oc/Oc! I have two ocs Im looking to write for!

>I have an interest in an A/B/O soulmate au, either with a canon/canon pairing or a canon/oc pairing (with myself as Bakugou of course!)


•Undertale (And Au's!)

>I can play most skeletons I believe, given that we have a solid plot and idea for them! I excel at writing for Horrortale Sans, along with Underswap Papyrus!

>I also have ocs! I have mages and monster ocs to use! I'd love you to death if you'd play a more mean skeleton for one of my mages!


>I could probably play Natsu or Gray!

>I have an oc I can use! She is a dragon slayer!

>Most likely different than the anime/manga!


>I have several troll ocs I'd like to try out! I'd love a makara romance of any kind--

•Monster Girl Encyclopedia

>Now, given the material, this will be a strictly SOFT roleplay on site. About ignoring base instincts to find natural love
>More explained in dms uwu

>I'll be playing the girl! I have a bunyip, but if you have a certain type, ill see what i can do uwu

>NSFW is strictly offsite

•Shy x Bad

•Vampire x Human

•Werewolf x Human

•Angel x Human

•Angel x Demon

•Demon x Human

•Merhuman x Human

•Shifter x Human

•Furry things .?

•Ghost/Human romance!
>song plot! Angst!

My pms are open! Send me a snippet of yourself (name, ect) and what youre interested in writing with me!
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sick, depressed, two inches from kms
New Section!
Currently Closed​

An emotional support demon. You didn't know that they exhausted, but here you were, on your bed, sitting across from one of the most demure and modest demon you have ever seen. Not that you had actually /seen/ many demons in your life time. You weren't complaining, if this was your time, this was your time.

They explained why they were at your home. "Lucifer is actually pretty nice," They say, a gentle blush on their cheeks, "He really only wants the ones who are truly evil. And with the rise of self harm, He wanted to help. Angels are kinda dicks, and didn't want the job, so emotional support demons, ESDs, were created. Were here to help you onto a better path.

Think of us like succubi," They wink, leaning on their crossed legs, tapping their plush lips, "We eat away the bad thoughts, leaving you with a true personality! Well, we don't really /eat/ it, but we do help."

They wait for you to respond to them, smiling friendly like.

Papyrus no longer dances. The rich latin that once held his SOUL captive no longer felt the same. So...he didn't dance. The music died as his hope did.

One night in the early winter, during the first snow storm, on the seventh year that the monsters had been on the surface, the Royal Dreemers invited the entire populous to a gala in celebration.

Sans forced him, shoving his filthy bones into the shower, scrubbing him clean, and then thrusting him into his old performance outfit. It felt odd to be into it again, but it felt just a perfect fitting since the last time he wore it.

It was boring, before Undyne dared him to dance with a human a cross the floor and....he never backs down from a dare.

He never expected the human to be his soulmate
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sick, depressed, two inches from kms

•Omegaverse || Bakugou/Oc or Bakugou/Canon
with me as bakugou as either an alpha or omega
with the canon being kirishima or midoriya
soulmate au
second or third year

•Hanahaki au || Bakugou/Oc or Bakugou/Canon
with me as bakugou
with the canon being kirishima or midoriya
soulmate au
second or third year

• Miraculous Ladybug!!
18+, last uewr of highschool
Prereveal, written to the reveal itself
Heavy ooc,
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