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Fandom A Reptilian Doomsday: Rampaging Survival (A Multifandom Crossover RP)

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Welcome fellow user to A Reptilian Doomsday: Rampaging Survival! This is a crossover Roleplay that takes place in a Earth that has been made from many universes such as Ultraman and One Piece!
Before I explain the lore, This is pretty much like a prologue to the main series, which has a fandom wiki:

Also, there is some important pages in the main page. Now, let’s begin with the lore.

After the discrimination of many Kaiju and carnivorous dinosaurs, Godzilla and other Kaiju eventually started a event known as the “Kaiju Rampage”. The Kaiju went across the globe, destroying cities and ruining world peace. While the governments build Domes in the middle of the ocean, many people are trying to survive the chaos. Will you be a fellow survivor, someone who wants to stop this madness, or a Kaiju who may or may not be on Godzilla‘s side. It’s your choice…

rather than a template, you can pretty much send a wiki link to the character, but you can also submit a character whatever way you want.

No NFSW characters.
You can submit any character, as long as they aren’t very powerful gods or something.


These are species that pretty much anyone can play.

Plus, you can RP as any dinosaur too, and even NPCs such as civilians, the military and more!

MAIN RP: Fandom - A Reptilian Doomsday: Rampaging Survival (Roleplay)

OOC: Fandom - A Reptilian Doomsday: Rampaging Survival OOC
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“Hey Nate. How’s life?”
Hm.. I think I might be interested. Just give me a moment to read the Wiki page and I will submit a character :)


Reptile Enjoyer
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“Hey Nate. How’s life?”
Quick question, do I have to submit a picture of the character? I have a description of him typed out, but I’m unsure if I need to attach a picture with it too. ‘^^

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