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Multiple Settings A Hero's Journey: Marvelous Compilation (Open)


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A Hero's Journey : A Marvelous Compilation

Hello everyone, welcome to my marvelous interest check. Please read entire thread before messaging.

  • Preference
    -I can write a few sentences or more per post.
    -I would like a partner who can help plan the roleplay
    -I also want us both to play side characters in the roleplay
    -I prefer MxF or FxF pairings
    -I am looking for someone to play canon for my OC. I can double as canon for you.
    -I have no triggers but will respect yours
    -No spoilers for TV series.

    what elements i would like in a roleplay:
    Romance or platonic
    Drama, music, pain
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If you're interested in role playing with me, feel free to message me

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