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Fandom A Fandom Search!


c'est la vie
Hey! I'm Echo. I'm a gamer/writer who's been rediscovering love for older fandoms and is now looking for a partner to write with!

Please read this post thoroughly.


  • 21+ only! This is purely a comfort thing, as I am in my twenties and not comfortable with rping with minors. Please respect my request.

  • I'd prefer to rp in DMs or threads on the site. Please don't ask for us to move our rp to discord, email, tumblr, or any other site.

  • Give as much as you get! Help me push the story forward. I like plotting things out in a good amount of detail before we write.

  • OOC chat is a great help. It helps me feel more comfortable, allows us to get to know one another, and it's fun.

  • Ghosting is fine. If we aren't vibing, or if you're not interested anymore, you're free to go, no questions asked.

  • You're free to let me know if I need to reply. Sometimes stuff happens in real life and I get sidetracked.

  • Third person, multiple paragraphs. No one liners. Novella sized posts aren't necessary either, unless we agree to do them together! I try to mirror the length of my partner's posts.

  • Good grammar! I'm not saying you're not allowed to make mistakes at all, since we all do it from time to time. Just good grammar in general helps!

  • For shipping, I can do m/m, m/f, or f/f. However, this doesn't mean I'm open for any and all ships. If I'm not into a particular ship, I'll let you know. I am open to rping male or female, depending on the character.


Now we're getting into the fun stuff! I have several fandoms I'd love to write in. In some, I'd prefer only canon characters, in others I prefer ocs, and in some I'll do both. As for dynamics, romance/shipping is not necessary in all of them. We can do friendships! Rivalries! Siblings! A strained partnership, even! Anything we feel like doing, we can do it. (Please keep in mind that I love romance!)

Now, let's get to it.

* = fandom I'm really craving (I'd appreciate it if you took a look at these ones first!)

(Please feel free to ask for clarification!)


DARK SOULS (cc or oc)

BLOODBORNE (oc preferred but cc possible)

RESIDENT EVIL (cc only) - I have a good amount of experience playing all the "main four" characters and a variety of side characters and villains. Ask! (Not interested in RE8/9)

*HALO (oc or cc) - oc Spartans or ODSTs would be a blast. Alternatively, Noble or Blue Team might be fun to portray! A Covenant plotline might be fun.

DEAD SPACE (cc or oc)

DRAGON AGE (cc preferred but oc possible) - I can write plenty of characters in this setting, or ocs if preferable. (Fenris, Alistair, Varric, or Cass would be fun!)

LAST OF US (cc preferred) - I actually played the games recently and have been thinking hardcore about them and would love to write in this world.

*LEGEND OF ZELDA (cc only) - Any game! I have a special soft spot for OoT and TP but I am open to anything! I've been on a Zelda kick lately and am especially interested in plots in this universe.


WALKING DEAD (cc preferred but oc possible) - Would like to try my hand at a variety of characters, please ask!

STAR WARS THE CLONE WARS (cc or oc) - A show I have a lot of love for, and that has a ton of wiggle room.


(oc preferred)

AVATAR - JAMES CAMERON (oc preferred)

Genres I am not interested in:


There may be fandoms I'm not remembering right now, but would be happy to play, so please feel free to ask! I may add onto this but this is what I have so far. Please DM me with a fandom and whatever characters you'd be interested in playing/having played or whatever dynamic you'd like to explore, as well as any plot ideas you may want to pursue! Don't reply to this thread.

I look forward to hearing from you!
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c'est la vie
Made some minor updates! Feeling more open to ocs now, so feel free to inquire!
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Um what other fandoms are you currently into besides the ones you're listing in this post, if I might ask?

Are you also into any toons and/or animated movies?


c'est la vie
Um what other fandoms are you currently into besides the ones you're listing in this post, if I might ask?

Are you also into any toons and/or animated movies?
Hey, just a reminder to please PM instead of messaging here, thank you! I am not currently interested in any animated movies.

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