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Realistic or Modern ★ fantome's quarantine menu !

Sub Genres
Adventure, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life

; fantome

ᴄᴀʟɪᴄᴏ □ ᴄᴀᴛ


Advanced writer. ★ Writes as any gender. ★ GL & HT love friendly, not currently taking m x m pairings !
If you require a sample of my writing, I am more than happy to supply one. That being said, please don't be
offended if I request one myself. Aside from the information above, I am over the age of 18 and prefer that
I also write with others in my age range. I'm also looking for someone that is dedicated to keeping the pro-
gress of our role-play relatively consistent. ★ 2 - 4 paragraphs per post is all i'm really asking. If we end up
writing more, great. However... I am not currently interested in a partner that requires a novella length RP.


★ kamisama kiss ★ howl's moving castle ★ kiki's delivery service ★ paradise kiss ★ NANA ★ diabolik lovers
★ fire emblem ★ sailor moon ★ a silent voice ★ say i love you ★ samurai champloo ★ whisper of the heart


slice of life : ( older woman x younger man ) ( ballet dancer x delinquent ) ( neighbor x neighbor )
( band members ) ( amateur model x established photographer ) ( outcast x popular ) ( bestfriend x bestfriends
older brother / sister ) ( detective x victim ) ( detective x new partner ) ( artist x muse ) ( rich x poor )

old chinese dynasty era : ( infamous thief x betrothed princess ) ( prince x princess from enemy families )
( arranged marriage between fantasy kingdom x human kingdom ) ( soldier x commoner with a special gift )
( a cute romance ) ( something with fantasy elements )

victorian era : ( vampire x human from royal family ) ( poor x rich ) ( clairvoyant x royal seeking their help )
( arranged marriage ) ( courtesan x king / duke / high status ) ( first love x love that is betrothed to another )

mafia / yakuza : ( yakuza member x boss's fiance ) ( forbidden love ) ( boss x smol town muse ) ( enemy ga
ng member x enemy member ) ( assassin x victim )

futuristic / cyberpunk & potential space-esque ideas : ( bounty hunter x bounty hunter ) ( bounty hunter x
bounty ) ( criminal x criminal ) ( criminal x cop ) ( starlet x detective ) ( honestly, anything. love these ideas ! )

★ other : ( greek gods n' goddesses. that era ) ( rune factory ) ( wizard x human ) ( something like the witcher )
( howl pendragon x human ) ( post apocalyptic : bird box / last of us or zombies ) ( something like the evil within
or until dawn could be cool ) ( hit me with your own ideas if none of these suit you ) ( gangster x innocent )
( bestfriends ex x friend ) ( bad girl x good boy ) ( barista x favorite customer ) ( harley x joker dynamic but ocs )

italicized means it is of higher interest. also. a side note : i am playing a ton of boys right now so the
opportunity to play a girl or a partner open to doubling would be great but that isn't a requirement or anything.
there is an obvious plethora of users that can easily write as female and prefer to do so and while that's great,
i do appreciate a writer like myself, that can write as both.

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New Member
Hey! Your futuristic ideas sound really interesting. I can write as both genders (prefer female but we can double if you want:))


The Red One
Hi there! I'm interested in a few of your slice-of-life ideas! The ones I'm interested in are:

-Older woman x younger man

-neighbor x neighbor

-best friend x best friend's older brother/sister

Interestingly, I usually prefer to write as a male, but I can write females when necessary.

I only play MxF pairings. I'm 19 if age matters to you, and I write anywhere from 2-6 paragraphs per post, though I usually tend to mirror my partner's post lenth. Let me know if you're interested.

A Knee

"We're all trying to forget someone"
I'd be more than happy to do:
old Chinese dynasty era
Victorian era
mafia / yakuza

; fantome

ᴄᴀʟɪᴄᴏ □ ᴄᴀᴛ
@soulsparks hi ! i typically send the pms but could you send me something with any ideas or preferences you have? i'm backed up at the moment, haha.
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Hello! Sorry to bother you!

If you’re still open for roleplays, I am most definitely up for trying something for Fire Emblem or perhaps something like the Witcher would be quite entertaining (such as a small group of travelers in a fantastical world similar to that of the Witcher)

I adore doubling so I’d absolutely love to try that out for any of these plots if you do not mind


The fluffy Alpaca
hi there!
I'd be very interested in the ballet dancer x delinquent or infamous thief x bethrothed princess :)

EDIT: I also prefer to play as males so you could play females like you stated above ^^


New Member
Hey there!
I'm interested in a few of the plots you have listed and I'm open to doing male or female roles.
barista x favorite customer
arranged marriage
amateur model x established photographer


Hey, I'd be curious to hear your ideas concerning these pairings-

arranged marriage between fantasy kingdom x human kingdom (I just finished The Cruel Prince series by Holly Black so a human x faerie pairing would be cool.)

Green gods & godesses (Have you read lore Olympus???)


green finger
ok idk if you remember me from lune gobeline but it's worth a shot

ya girl is down to double for a first love x love that is betrothed to another or anything futuristic. (i'm down to double for anything tho)

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