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quick info

hiya! gloss here, back with another thread but the same cravings oops. name’s evelyn, i’m over 18 and i’m from europe (gmt+2 if time zones matter). female mains, mainly fxm but fxf isn’t off the table either. no doubling but will have side characters of all genders.


1. post length.
my posts are usually around four to six paragraphs, but sometimes even more than that, depending on what i’m given. i try to mirror my partner’s post length. no pressure though! i’m happy with three to four paragraphs, too.

2. activity
i do work part-time and study, but despite that i’m very active. i do all my courses online so i’m almost always lurking here. i’m a sucker for rapid-fire and multiple daily replies, but if that’s not your thing, no worries! a couple of replies a week is enough. i’m ditch-friendly, but a heads up is always appreciated. real life always goes before roleplays, but i might bump you after a few days of silence.

3. miscellaneous.
at the moment, i’m looking to play female mains. mainly interested in fxm but open to fxf pairings too. ooc is super welcome! i’m the type to make moodboards and love to gush about the characters. let’s be friends! i type lowercase ooc and if that bothers you, we might not be the best match. won’t do so in the actual roleplay though. prefer realistic face claims over anime. pms and email over threads. i’m always on my phone so will probably not go for bbcode but won’t mind if you do!

what i dig

— cravings. would d i e for a mafia related plot or anything organized crime related really. troubled youth & (best) friends to lovers. messy yet passionate relationship drama. characters on the run. wrong place & wrong time type of scenarios. reluctant soulmates. corrupt cops & lawyers. addiction. unrequited love & obsession. a kidnapping gone wrong.

— mix ’n match. messy love triangles. drug addiction. police interrogations. prison, rehab and mental hospital settings. the shift from good to bad. urban crime. ruthless street gangs. police drama. childhood friends. actual psychopaths & fucked up minds. power struggles. characters on the run from a cult. assassins and serial killers. harley & joker vibes. on-and-off relationships. underground fight clubs. mafia family drama. arranged marriages. fake dating turned into actual feelings. toxic relationships. love at first sight. passionate love-hates. enemies to lovers & lovers to enemies.​

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