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hello and welcome to my slightly edited partner search!

my nameโ€™s evelyn, iโ€™m 19 and iโ€™m from europe (gmt+2). i am back from my hiatus and looking for 1-3 partners to write with over pm. i work full-time but can reply atleast every two days, possibly more. please be able to do the same.

currently only looking for partners who write atleast three paragraphs on average. on average my reply lenght is anything from three to eight paragraphs.

currently only interested in fxm and for now, i am looking to play a female main. i do play a wide cast of side characters of all genders.

please put effort into our roleplay โ€” itโ€™s supposed to be fun for the both of us. ooc is also super welcome, i love making friends with my writing partners. i also love to make moodboards and gush over our characters.

all of my roleplays are somewhat angsty. pure fluff or slice of life might be someoneโ€™s cup of tea but it sure ainโ€™t mine. i do like to have fluff and cutesy moments, but i need angst.

theme bank.
organized crime / italian mafia / yakuza / troubled youth / cults / romance / police interrogations / ruthless street gangs / best friends to lovers / forbidden romance / drug addiction / enemies to lovers / soulmates / drunk dials and texts / wrong place wrong time scenarios / reluctant soulmates / power struggles / on-and-off relationships / arranged marriages / fake dating turned into actual feelings / so wrong but feels so right
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