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Multiple Settings X Men (Cherik included) RP Search

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cool kid
To put it bluntly, I'm not doing so well mentally. My depression has been having a blast with this whole pandemic since it's given me so much time to reflect on my biggest insecurities. All of my creativity is gone and the things I love the most, like role playing and drawing, are no longer pleasurable. That on it's own sucks, but the fact that I'm still craving those activities? Gosh, it makes it so much more frustrating!

That being said, I'm trying to make art and role playing fun again. I'm not sure if forcing myself is the right way to go, but I feel like procrastinating is only going to make it even harder to return to my normal self. I've already lost practically two years worth of self-taught drawing by moping around and I'd rather not risk the same thing for my writing. Hopefully, getting back into role playing will make me feel less like a lazy hermit.

I could easily leave all of this out and cover it with a fake happy persona (basically my entire presence on this site oops), but that's not fair to me or any potential partners. So take this as my disclaimer: I'm probably not the most ideal partner for a serious role player. If long, consistent post lengths are a necessity for you, I might cause you genuine pain from the sheer disappointment. Joking aside, please continue reading to see if I am compatible!

As I said in the beginning, this recruitment thread is specifically to get myself out of a pit. I'm not always this messy.

-I'm not going to be consistent in frequency. I might respond daily one moment, and once a month the next. Don't be surprised if I go on hiatus! Ideally I try at least once a day if not more, but I don't want to stress myself out by having a schedule. That being said, I'm almost always online.
-Surprisingly, I have no intention of ghosting you. If I haven't responded to our role play in a while, don't hesitate to check up on me! I try to warn people ahead of time if I know I'm going to take awhile, but sometimes I might not think of it.
-If I get too overwhelmed or stressed from role playing, there is a chance I will end the role play. I'll always tell you, though, and I promise it most likely has nothing to do with you specifically. Even if I end the role play, I'm totally okay with keeping in contact to talk OOC. And maybe once I get better, we can even try again.
-I'm not the best writer. Though I try my best when it comes to spelling and grammar, it's not always going to be perfect. Despite getting good grades, high school English was awful!
-Post lengths aren't going to be consistent. Though I've never been good with this, I'm going to be even worse. One response might be a freaking novel and the next post could be that dreaded one-liner. The horror! I do try to avoid those the best I can, but I'm not going to stress myself out if I can't reach a paragraph's length. I won't pretend to be someone I'm not (minus actually role playing lmao)
-I'm not just here to role play. I mean, technically I am, but I'm more than happy to simply be a friend to you! Even if the role play doesn't work out.
-My canon adaptions might not always be 100% correct. In fact, please don't expect too much! I love using canon characters, but I'm constantly scared someone is going to make fun of me for possibly being out of character. Since I really don't want stress, I'm going to try to be lenient on myself. I need you to be okay with that.
-I turn 21 in August, so heads up if that is too young or too old for you! I totally understand having age restrictions.
-Very LGBTQIA+ friendly! I'm something of a lesbian myself.
-Respectful with any triggers you may have
-Extra: my name is Cassie or Cas, I have an adorable cat, and genuinely enjoy pineapple on pizza. Fun fact, my hair is also officially belly button length!

-Any frequency/length is fine! I don't have anything against one-liners. However, if you're an incredibly descriptive writer with an IQ of God knows what, perhaps dumb it down a bit for me? I'm joking.
-Please be super patient and friendly with me. Obviously call me out if I'm being problematic, but in terms of role playing, patience might be the only thing keeping your sanity.
-Be prepared to reassure me. As someone who struggles with social anxiety and social situations in general, I'm constantly worried I'm messing things up or being bothersome. I apologize a lot too, which might annoy some people. I'm a huge people pleaser and just want to be liked.
-Doesn't ghost. I know this is a controversial subject on this site, but I promise I'm not saying this out of pettiness. Like I said, I have social anxiety and struggle talking to people in general/making friends. If someone is intentionally ghosting me, I get super hard on myself and immediately beat myself up over it. I already have a constant fear that nobody likes me, not to mention my best friend from high school has ghosted me as well and I'm still trying to recover. I understand people get anxiety when it comes to ending a role play, as I have that too. But please try to see from my point of view! (that being said, I'll have no hard feelings towards you if you do ghost me. It's my own problem I need to get over)
-To continue with the ghosting, I don't consider it to be ghosting if my partner disappears out of the blue. There are so many reasons why a person might not respond, such as a medical or family emergency, natural disaster, crappy wi-fi, etc! To me, ghosting is only if the person is intentionally avoiding me. I promise I don't hunt people down, by the way! Hopefully I'm not scaring anyone.
-Very OOC friendly. Not that you're required to talk to me, of course! I just need you to be okay with the possibility.
-This is entirely optional obviously, but you're free to vent OOC for whatever reason. I'm always here to listen!
-Not incredibly serious when it comes to role playing.
-Canon adaptions don't need to be perfect. Not only for me, but for yourself as well! Neither of us should be stressing about perfection (easier said than done, though). As long as you're not purposely writing a character incorrectly, I'm fine. (I do love parody role plays though, so that's an exception lol)
-LGBTQIA+ friendly. Though considering the type of role play I'm currently craving, I would be very surprised if a homophobe decided to join me lmao
-Between 17-24 years of age. (If we're the perfect pair other than that, though, I might be willing to go a little under/over)
-Respectful of my triggers (self harm, suicide, s. assault)

If you're still here and agree to all of these terms (that sounds so controlling I'm sorry omfg) and okay that I might need a little more help and patience than other people, thank you so much! If not, and you're about to leave, thank you for stopping by regardless! I wish you a great day or night. Anyway, with all of my boring disclaimers and rambling out of the way, let's discuss the potential role plays themselves!

Recently I've been watching the X Men movies with my dad (for the first time, too) and I've found that after every movie involving Charles and Erik, I suddenly have to desire to role play Cherik. Nobody told me First Class was a love story! I'm also pretty sure my dad ships them too, or a least ships himself with Michael Fassbender. Specifically I'd like the role of Charles Xavier! For settings, I think it might just be easier sticking to an AU? Usually with something like the X Men, I prefer to use the entire universe and those characters, but I find myself slightly confused after each movie. To make it easier on me (and possibly you), I'd like to just focus on Erik and Charles at first and then add on some other characters as we go on!

In terms of AUs, I'm going more for an ALTERED universe rather than an ALTERNATE universe. Meaning, or at least I think it does, that the overall X Men plot line is still canon, but stuff like some events/relationships/lore is changed or ignored. I don't want anything too complimented, you know? Just some wholesome Cherik bonding. It's actually funny because I usually try to stay away from role plays centered around romance.

However, if Cherik isn't your thing, that's cool too! Though I'd like to still use Charles, you can use another character, like Mystique or Logan. I'd also be down if you use an OC! Can be romantic or platonic, I don't care which. I don't particularly care for the whole "I play this character for you and you play this character for me" mindset because in my opinion, it makes the RP seem more like a business deal than an actual RP both parties are enjoying together. EDIT: If Charles isn't a character you're interested in interacting with, I would be more than happy to switch him with Peter! Sadly, like the majority of the fandom, I too fell in love with Evan Peter's portrayal of Quicksilver lmao (in my defense I haven't yet seen Age of Ultron yet, so this could change)

My Charles adaption:
Straight up? I'm kind of stupid (I'm joking! I'm just not super smart). My vocabulary isn't anything advanced and my IQ is far from whatever the heck a posh British Oxford graduate's would be. I know next to nothing about mutations and genetics. I'm also American, so my British slang isn't going to be super accurate either (I promise I won't do the whole 'pip pip cheerio' stuff lmao).
If you're expecting a perfect movie adaption, I'm sadly not going to be able to give that to you.
What I am going to give you? My best damn attempt at Charles Xavier! It won't be perfect, there might be times you question it, but overall I'm doing the best I can do without stressing myself out. Don't get me wrong, I'll still put effort in! Chances are I'll be average? I'm not sure.
I love comics and graphic novels, and despite owning several classic X:Men issues, I am not too familiar with the comics. Other than the movies, the only other thing I've seen with Xavier is his role in the cartoon XMen:Evolution. I tend to do extra research on comic characters when I'm role playing them, though, but I'm nowhere near an expert on Marvel. For our role play, I'm going to be basing the character off of James McAvoy's portrayal.

Your canon character adaption:
Like I keep saying-- just do the best you can. Don't feel like you have to pressure yourself! The cool thing with role playing canon characters is how you're allowed to add your own quirks. For example, every Tony Stark role player I've come across has portrayed the character differently, yet they were all brilliant and accurate in their own ways!

Other characters:
There's a crap ton of mutants. Though my main priority is Cherik or something Charles based, there's bound to be random interactions with other characters. The more I think about it, the more fun that actually sounds! If you're up for this, let me know and we can discuss what side characters you'd be interested in. Or maybe bring in an OC? Student or adult, I don't care. Off the top of my head, other characters I'd be fine using as a side are: Scott, Hank, Kurt, Peter, Jean, and probably some more characters. (That's not set in stone by the way-- if you were wanting one of those characters, take them!)

Possible Ideas/Musings/Random Thoughts:

-An AU that takes place while Charles is still in college (because floppy haired James McAvoy is adorable), and stumbles upon Erik earlier than canon. Both would still be mutants, of course. Anyway, maybe the two meet at a party? Like perhaps Charles is trying to impress some girls and instead impresses Erik by accident. I think it would be fun to bring in Raven as well! Imagine her and Charles talking about Erik the day after the party. ((also imagine if this takes place in the 80s ?? yes I have watched too many rom coms))
-Still in the college AU state of mind,
-AU set after Days of Future Past where instead of Erik going MIA, he instead stays at the mansion for whatever reason. There'd still be tension between Charles and Erik from that entire incident, as well as some potential Mystique angst as well.
-AU where Peter discovers the truth about his father earlier than in canon, and actually confronts Erik (or maybe Mystique knows and makes him confess). Also maybe something happens to Peter's mom (and most likely his sisters as well) where he now has to live at the mansion. Here, we get some awkward attempts at parenting and Charles also acting like a dad. Dads AU, anyone? (It's lame I'm sorry)
-Your ideas!

-Basically the same thing as the Cherik college AU, except your character (OC or canon) replaces Erik's role.
-(For Mystique role players) Another college based AU, except we explore the platonic friendship of Charles and Mystique. I love me some sibling bickering, with stubborn Mystique and a slightly drunk and immature Charles. Maybe Mystique is finally calling him out? Or just some wholesome adventures with the two! (We could make this romantic as well I suppose, though I personally see them more as brother and sister)
-Your ideas!

PETER BASED RPS (we can change his age to what fits the idea if needed lmao)
-The somewhat of a Dad AU mentioned above in the Cherik category
-(For Mystique role players) I really liked the slight bonding they did in Apocolypse, so maybe we explore that a bit further? I'd like to see Mystique try to convince Peter to tell Erik, or maybe she accidently lets it slip (or Peter just finds out on his own, the bastard) that Kurt is her son and now it's like some mutual black mail or something. Or even more wholesome, they both make a plan to tell Kurt and Erik. Not even that, we can just make them unlikely BFFs where Mystique secretly wants to slap Peter. (Strictly platonic, by the way!)
-(For Kurt roleplayers) Some great, iconic, and totally not breaking any rules adventures with Kurt and Peter. Also, Mystique (or Logan) totally not getting suspicious. (Platonic or romantic, I don't care either way.)
-(If you use an OC) We can use the previous idea and replace Kurt with your OC (or keep him in and have a chaotic trio)! I also like the idea of Peter being good with younger students, so he plays games with them outside. Perhaps your character joins in? (Platonic or romantic, up to you!)
-Your ideas!
. . . .
Interested? (i sure hope so lol) Please send me either a PM or comment stating what idea(s) you'd be interested in! (Optional: your response length, your response frequency, little about yourself, triggers, etc) (or save those for PM)
If you have any questions that determine whether or not you want to role play with me, feel free to comment below as well! (I will probably delete comments that are over one month old gradually as I bump this thread, though)
Forewarning: I've probably said this, but I do get overwhelmed very easily. So if you send me a PM, there is a chance I'll turn you down due to multiple role plays going on. However, I do still keep PMs in case an empty spot opens up, so it's not necessarily a permanent turn down. But, I always will respond to PMs regardless of whether or not I can role play with you.

My name is Cassie or Cas, I'm a cis woman, lesbian, 20 years old, and adore my cat Misty. My hair is also down to my belly button, so fun fact there!
Though I'm not interested in roleplaying these at the moment (or ever), some other fandoms I enjoy are The X-Files, Supernatural (mainly seasons 1-5), Doctor Who (9th and 10th), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Boys, Umbrella Academy (season 1), Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, the MCU, Spider-man in general, X Men: Evolution, Teen Titans, Legend of Zelda, Hollow Knight, X Men, Stranger Things, Freaks N Geeks, Lord of the Rings, the Alien franchise, Friends, Disney princess movies, Avatar: The Last Airbender

Also, in OOC communication, I do write in lowercase and sometimes use abbreviated words! In the actual RP, I use proper capitalization and punctuation.
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persistently inconsistent, probably a cryptid
hey i'd be interested in a TASM plot. Andrew Garfield is my favorite Peter too lol. one little question though: would the Harry focused plots be romantic eventually or purely platonic? i'm a big sucker for parksborn, but if not, i'm still interested.


cool kid
hey i'd be interested in a TASM plot. Andrew Garfield is my favorite Peter too lol. one little question though: would the Harry focused plots be romantic eventually or purely platonic? i'm a big sucker for parksborn, but if not, i'm still interested.

yay! it’s really hard to find people who like andrew’s portrayal lol

and honestly im fine with whatever! i have no problems with a romantic plot eventually.


No retreat, no surrender
Hey there, friend! I’d definitely love to do a role where Tony ends up taking Peter in with a bit of Loki content :) I do have an OC for the trickster and the Avengers (side romance plots for the win, woo!) But I’d gladly take Tony and/or Steve for ya :) let me know


Hi there! I absolutely love the original roleplay ideas you have, such as demon and angel one annnd the superheroes one!

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