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Fandom Double OC X CC: Arcane, Baldur's Gate 3, Invincible, Spider-Verse and X-Men


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Ayo, I'm the unluckiest member on the Internet. I'm looking for long term partners to roleplay double OC x CC. I prefer fandom roleplays over original ones because I love to see how our OCs would interact or even change existing worlds for better or worse. So let's explore the possibilities together! But before I list out the fandoms I'm into at the moment, let me start with a little about myself;

I am a 22F, pronouns are she/her/they/them/it and go off central daytime hours. I work part time but because of understaffed, it's moreso full time, so I try to communicate with my partner when I am free. I probably won't respond to the rp daily, but expect me to respond to you in ooc chat everyday and keep you informed on what's happening in my life. I've been roleplaying for more than ten years now and I usually write responses that are semi lit (400 words) to novella (1000 words).

Now onto preferences for myself when it comes to partners! I'm looking for the following;

- Someone who is 20+ (No offense to 18 and 19 year olds, I just have better experiences with those who are older.)

- Please be pretty active. I’m not saying you should be active 24/7, but active enough to give a reply in OOC Chat at least daily unless you inform me why you can’t. If it takes you too long to reply and you don’t give me a heads up, I will leave the rp.

- I’m looking for someone who can write semi lit to lit. I can write novella, but I highly suggest against it because it could lead to burnout.

- Someone who is OKAY with doubling! I get many don’t like doubling, but you cannot have your cake and eat it too. Everyone should be given equal amounts of attention and satisfaction.

- Be cool with LGBT+. I am a demisexual lesbian and all my characters are part of the alphabet mafia. So please be comfortable roleplaying FxF and/or MxM.

- Be open to OOC Chat. Sometimes we just don’t have the time to reply to roleplays every day and that’s okay, that’s what OOC Chats are for! I love them because I love sharing headcanons, memes, music and learning more about my partners. So please be comfortable with that.

- Respect my limits and I’ll respect yours. I do have limits outside of intimate moments I’d love to keep on my end (cheating, physical and verbal abuse, etc.). This doesn’t mean you can’t do them, but for my side, I’d like to avoid that.

Are we good? Good! Now let’s get to the fandoms;

Arcane: Looking for a - Vi, Jinx or Caitlyn
Can play as - Anyone!
Netflix Original Series Jinx GIF by League of Legends

I will never not want to roleplay Arcane. I love this series and honestly consider it to be one of my favorite shows ever made! I am looking to roleplay the following series using one of three of my OCs. It can be either an OC based on the brothel woman from episode 5, a half piltie half zaunite OC who is the secret child of Silco or the most wanted criminal and escapee of Stillwater who is Sevika's daughter. I am seeking to play against Vi, Caitlyn or Jinx and in return, I will play as whoever you'd like!

Spider-Verse: Looking for a - Gwen Stacy, Miles Morales or Lyla
Can play as - Anyone! (Though I will say now, you’re gonna have to convince me to play as Miguel)
Spider-Man GIF by Sony Pictures Animation

I have seen both Into the Spider-Verse and Across the Spider-Verse so I can rp based on any film! If you want, we can even roleplay an au or in between films if need be. For my side of things, I would love to have something a bit on the fluff side. It can still have angst and even be tragic, but I’m a sucker for cute stuff. As for yourself, I can double as anyone you would like. And I mean ANYONE. The possibilities are damn near endless. I am also open to anything when it comes to genres for your side. All is fair.

Invincible (TV Show): Looking for - Amber, Eve or Mark
Can play as - Anyone
Comic Book GIF by Amazon Prime Video

So I always loved Invincible. I read the comics up until a certain character was defeated and I really loved the first season. But when I tell you the second season had me in a chokehold? Oh boy! Season two of Invincible has been amazing and honestly makes me want to roleplay the series again! I’m definitely looking for a canon divergent story following our OCs and their interactions with the heroes, villains and the canon plot of the series. There will be fluff, angst, and a lot of action with some intense moments where the heroes or villains can win. If you’re down to explore that world with me, then feel free to hit me up!

Baldur’s Gate 3: Looking for - Shadowheart or Karlach
Can play as - Ask me
Baldurs Gate GIF by Larian Studios

I am looking to play against Shadowheart or Karlach. I have a preference for Shadowheart personally, but if there’s absolutely no reason for you to play her, I can settle for Karlach. For OCs, I have two of them to choose from; An ascended ex-vampiric master and the daughter/avatar of Mystra. When it comes to canon characters, I can play a variety of them, however there are a few that I cannot play due to being not well versed in their story/personality (i.e. Orin, Gortash, Minthara, etc.) and those I can’t play because they’ve been overplayed and will need much convincing to play as (i.e. Astarion). Feel free to ask me who you seek to play against and I'll be sure to tell you if I can or cannot.

X-Men ‘97: Looking for - Jean Grey, Jubilee, Rogue, Morph or Gambit
Can Play as - Anyone
X-Men Disney GIF by Marvel Studios

It has been a few weeks since the show came out and not only does this show have me in a chokehold, but so do all these beautiful people, like Jesus christ! How is everyone gorgeous?! Anyways, I’m looking to roleplay this series whether it be an AU or a canon divergent. When it comes to the lore, I know about some comic book storylines and have seen the original cartoon, X-Men Evolution and Wolverine and the X-Men. If you even wanted to do a spin on the films, we can do that as long as it’s following the version of these characters from X-Men ‘97. Really looking forward to roleplaying this series so if you are interested, let me know, man!

Sponge Bob Lol GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

And that's about it! If you're interested, feel free to add me on discord @ unluckiestmember or hmu in private messages. Have a good day, stay safe and hydrated!
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Craving Arcane, Invincible and X-Men!

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