Would You Rather?

1 but that only because the coin says so

Would you rather 

1. Become the grim reaper and oversee the mass extinction of humanity and have to continue being the grim reaper for eternity 

2, Become God and watch humanity stop believing in you slowly, causing you die slowly from the lack of faith 

i pick this one cause i am egocentic asshole

That's easy. 1. I lack empathy towards strangers, I would get over the death of my family.

Would you rather:

Repeat the same day over and over, even though nothing big happens


Forget the most important day in your live.
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The second one, I have a terrible memory anyways. 

Would you rather...

(1) Be forever stuck as a scary clown and everyone is afraid of you, even family.

(2) Be forever chased by a killer clown, never able to settle down.
number one would be like life goals da fuq


would you rather ship??

Lance + Keith = Klance

Kieth + Shiro = Khiro

number one would be like life goals da fuq


would you rather ship??

Lance + Keith = Klance

Kieth + Shiro = Khiro


I don't know either so I'll go with the second, the name sounds better.

would you rather...

1) physically become an infant (as in have the body of an infant) and have your body need to be raised all over again.

2) mentally become an infant (but your body continuing to grow normally) and needing your mind to raised all over again.
#2 Mind, Cause Im not that far from a child. Lol

Would You rather...

1) Drink a bottle of hot sauce.

2) Eat a jar of mayo
I'd rather eat a jar of mayo.  I think...

Would you rather...

  1. Eat a pickled banana.
  2. Drink a jar of pickle juice.
I'll have to go with 1 because it doesn't make much sense for a god to die just because of lack of faith. Now if he was weakened then that would be more understandable

1. Torture someone to death that had killed the closest person to you.

2. Get paid billions of dollars by the person that murdered the closest person to you but in turn you couldn't turn them into the police nor could you take any form of revenge on the killer.
I could never torture someone, so I´m going with option 2.

Would you rather...

1. Have to take care of 1 random animal for a whole month (regardless of consequences, only you are obliged to do your job to the very best of your abilities)

2.Become the pet of one person of your choice (if they don´t own a pet, you´d become one pet animal at random).
*sighs* option 1 and 2 sound so good but.....option 1.


1. Able to read minds but only clean thoughts

2. Have a tail like a dog that wags anytime your excited or happy?
Option 2 I'm way too embarassed for option 1. 

Would you rather...

1. Only be able to wear the clothes your worst enemy would pick for you (they would be aware of this and you don't get the option to not wear clothes. Also you're paying).

2. Always have to ask two random (complete) strangers before you could remove any single piece of attire or put one on (this includes when going to the bathroom and other mundane events that require the removal or adding of clothing). 

1. be able to be ressurected by a random stranger with nobody knowing about this ability (you can't ressurect yourself)

2. Not be able to speak or hear but have the ability to ressurect your mother
I'd take one 1, the other one doesn't even work on me except for the downside. Plus my parents are alive.

would you rather ... 

1. Have to attend every school level, starting from the first year of preschool all over again

2. Forget every piece of knowledge you ever learned at school.
2. I have learned more independently than in traditional school.

Would you rather...

1. Fly on a giant eagle.

2. Be the giant eagle's chick and become a giant eagle yourself.
You cheated! Obviously home school counts as knowledge from school. Even if you're self-taught. 

Anyway, I'm taking option one. An eagle's life must be really hard. But riding on one solves all my problems. 

Would you rather...

1. Be mind controlled by your crush but they turn out to be a massive sadist

2. Be mind controlled by your worst enemy
I choose 1 at least he wont kill me :))))

1. Have millions of money to travel around the world

2. Publish a hard worked novel
I don't like to travel, so, two.

would you rather...

1. Being immortal, but having absolutely zero control over your body (you'd basically be a doll).

2. Have the lifespan of a fly.
Depends on your perspective about it

Oh okay?

ig I'll choose 2

1. Become immortal but you have to watch the person you love the most die in the most gruesome way ever imagined.

2. Die with the person you love most in the most gruesome way ever imagined.
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1) Be able to live for as long as your best friend

2) Be able to live for as long as your worst enemy

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