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Fantasy With Child

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The Unseen Blade is the Deadliest
Hello all! I've been bitten by the baby bug, and I am now looking for someone who is willing to RP pregnancies/ pregnant characters with me. I have a Plethora of ideas, and I'm open to suggestions.
As far as post length is concerned, I am very adaptable. I can do longer post, or shorter posts, depending on what you prefer. Romance is a must for me!

I'm open to M x F and F x F, i dont do M x M, sorry!

Some pregnancy pairings I'd love to try:
Princess X knight/commoner
Princess x Prince/princess
girlfriend x girlfriend
girlfriend x boyfriend
mermaid x human

Kingdom Hearts

as far as genre's , I'll do about anything medieval or modern. I'm not opposed to sci-fi, but its just my least played genre.
I'm super easy to get along with, so feel free to message me if you've got something in mind you'd like to try! I look forward to hearing from you all!
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bby doll, you need some rock ‘n roll
I’d be interested in the Princess x Knight/Commoner. I’d prefer to play the Princess, if that’s alright. I may have an idea for some drama to be included.

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